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Fraggle Action Figures WERE possible...

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Fozzie Bear, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. homerthegreat Member

  2. WiGgY New Member

    1. A link was already posted.

    2. That is the small picture. You are suppose to click on it to open the larger one. Have you just been looking at the small pics? You sure have missed a lot.
  3. homerthegreat Member

    Okay...sorry...I didn't read the rest of the thread, and I meant to post the big ones...
  4. beaker Well-Known Member

    Wait...Disney bought the Mupepts in feb 2004...does this mean they sculpted Gobo pre feb 2004? hmmmm. Yeah, a Gobo via palisades direct would be crazy phenomenon. However, here's where it gets murky...see, it would obviously be in the 'Muppets' line, even if it didnt say Muppets. And Disney might say 'no way' given it would be pretty much a Muppet figure. However...Kurbick has a line with both Sesame and Muppet Show figures. so who knows. I still and will always consider FR Muppets, even if not in brand name.
  5. WiGgY New Member

    If Muppet didn't appear on the figure and the packging was a fraggle design Disney can't do a **** thing.
  6. Gonzo Active Member


    He's been chillin' in Ken's office for a loooong time now.

  7. Luke Active Member

    Yeah it's a shame they couldn't have got it out quick once they heard the rumors. I also don't see why they couldn't just put it out as a generic Fraggle figure rather than as part of the Muppets ..... oh, but i guess now HIT! would have to agree to that since the distribution has passed to them. Maybe they've got their own ideas now about Fraggle toys and things, they work with a lot of the big fish in the toy industry and make some lovely stuff.
  8. Foodie Active Member

    Kubrick Fraggles would be nice too.

  9. WiGgY New Member

    Wait, HIT! has the rights to ALL Fraggle stuff? DVDs, plush, figures, all of it? WHat is Henson doing?!?!?! Do they just not like felt and foam anymore?
  10. Luke Active Member

    Yeah HIT! controls everything Fraggle (and also all leftover Henson family shows). That includes the merchandise, TV distribution, Home Entertainment Distribution etc etc. Obviously Henson still owns it but HIT! basically have the rights to make money from it on their behalf. All the existing stuff signed (Sababa etc) still stands but i'd expect it to expand after all that finishes. There was a line in Travis' "Bit" that sounded like they are negotiating with HIT! so you never know but i guess while they stand to make money they are going to want to sell Palisades the license rather than let them do things for free. Maybe a Henson license under HIT might work out cheaper than a Henson license under Henson though. The reason all this was done was so that Henson themselves wouldn't have to employ licensing, publishing and TV distribution people themselves.
  11. Foodie Active Member

    Since HIT is gonna have the DVD next year ( on top of the one from this year ) I don't see why Palisades couldn't work something out with them. It'd make for perfect promotions for both companies. I've been thinking about writing to HIT myself. Has anyone tried this yet?

    Nick :smirk:
  12. WiGgY New Member

    Again, it's the retailers that keep these from being made. If they don't want to buy them, Palisades can't make them. They don't sell to us, they sell to retailers who sell to us. It's the middle man keeping these from being made.
  13. Foodie Active Member

    Retailers shmetailers. Just say a few prayers and the fraggle figures will floweth!

    Seriously! Ask Gobo! :smirk:

  14. WiGgY New Member


    I still say Palisades should release that test figure through Palisades Direct with no connection to the muppets and take the sale figures to retailers. I just hope HIT lets them do the one figure. What do they really have to lose?
  15. Foodie Active Member

    Yup! Right on yo! :smirk:

  16. Luke Active Member

    Exactly, they might get another license sold out of it. Y'know maybe Palisades can do it, and they're just seeing our reactions and not telling us yet.
  17. WiGgY New Member

    I'm wondering about that as well. So many people were sworn to secracy for many many mothes. Then one person is shown the figure but isn't told it's a secret. Of course they talk about it on the boards and word spreads. The fans say "PLEASE!!! PLEASE MAKES THESE!!" and all of a sudden the secret figure is shown. There has to be something more to it.

    Either they showed us because there is no way in heck this will be made, or they showed us to build up a buzz..
  18. beaker Well-Known Member

    well ideally that is what *should* have been done.

    there is not one Palisades fan who would be able to seperate the two...I mean you know itd be release as a wink wink/nudge nudge 'this is not Muppet related' mention, but everyone would understand they justc ant outright say 'Muppet'.
  19. WiGgY New Member

    It doesn't matter what the fans say or think. It matters what the lawyers say and think. You can get a sesame street figure and say Muppet all you want, but it is still a separate license.
  20. Luke Active Member

    I agree, maybe its been done to show HIT! or just to build up anticipation because it IS being made. Travis really worded the article carefully i think - he didnt say it wasnt being made. We'll see. I put some questions in to Ken earlier today, didn't ask him straight out though.

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