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MopFam 4: Cacti are Not Welcome

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Beauregard, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Father Moppet: Hasn't smoking inside public buildings been illegal since 2012? *aside to camera* In accordance with the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. *back to Goat* I do seem to have accidentally acquired some James Tarts after the Jam ones went missing., though..otherwise known as Bond girls, I believe.
  2. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Goat: Aw, tents aren't inside! I mean, they're INside, like they HAVE an inside, but they're not, like... inDOORS. They CAN'T be indoors. They don't have doors! Ain't it great? Flaps, but no doors. And this is a private tent, ain't it? I mean, a nice crowded private tent, but I mean, Frosty buddy, unless you're a public... I dunno... whatever-it's-called. <Scratches head and stares at fire> What was I saying? Oh yeah. It's an awesome fire. I think that was my point, right? <continues staring at fire>
  3. Beakerfan Active Member

    Nell: *stares at the fire for a few moments* No doors.... just flaps... wouldn't that make the term "inFLAPS", rather than indoors? *realizes no one is listening* Hmm... *pulls a stick and a sausage out of her hair and begins to roast them over the fire* Anybody want a hotdog?
  4. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Goat: <still staring at fire> Aw, no thanks. Don't need a dog. Got an elephant. He likes mud. <blinks> <nibbles on steak>
  5. Aaron Active Member

    Uncle Bob: So Dog's are man's best friend ansd elephants hang with Goats? Thats not a BADD trade-off.
  6. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Father Moppet: And Cats are...well...we should probably ask you, Isabella. *to phone, to Suzan* Is a bell ringing in your memory as to where those camera reports could be stashed?
  7. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Isabella: Cats are the greatest creatures in the world. Enough said.
    The Count likes this.
  8. The Count Moderator

    Cats and gators and goats? Oh my! *Runs back down yellow bricked road.
  9. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Are we not in Kansas anymore?
  10. The Count Moderator

    Somewhere over the rainbow methinks.
    Were you there? And you? And you? And, *collapses.
  11. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Father Moppet: *to Goat* Tea?
  12. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Goat: Oh, sure. Sugar?
  13. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Father Moppet: No thanks. Milk?
  14. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Goat: Nah. Ask the cat. <blink> <looks around> Cat?
  15. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Father Moppet: I don't really understand cats...Are they cute, or mean? I men, sure, they play piano on youtube...but then they attack unsuspecting toddlers, and then they curl around your neck like a fluffly living scarf, but then they claw your knees prowling for food! *to Isabella* No offence meant.
  16. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Goat: Aw, cats are cats. They shed a lot. <Nods appreciatively> <hesitates> ...But they clean themselves. <shudders>
  17. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Father Moppet: Speaking of which, have you even SEEN a hairbrush recently?
  18. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Goat: Ahh! <clamps hands over eyes> Yes. And it was NIGHTMARISH, Frosty. NIGHTMARISH. <shudders--thus releasing some dirt>
  19. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Father Moppet: Well...I'm...sorry...to hear that. *pause* Did you see it in the tent? I't's just I've got a little...*flicks at fringe that keeps falling over his eyes*
  20. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Isabella: Mmmm milk....meow....oh shoot. I'm a cat again.

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