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Muppet Babies reference on Garfield and Friends

Discussion in 'Muppet Babies' started by Klonoa, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    *giving you the hook...Don't quit your day job !*:-P
    J/K Zack! :D I remember seeing that episode of Garfield & Friends :)
    Kathy aka PrairiethejokesterDawn
  2. Zack the Dog Active Member

    LOL! That post just made my day! Thanks Kathy!

    The song will forever be suck in my head! I love it in the cartoons when Jon Arbuckle or Orson pig or even Odie among other characters are wisilng or humming it! One time Bo the sheep was singing it saying it was a catchy song and he wondered where he had hear it from? LOL!

    Zach) Rowlf the, I drive people crazy at work singing it! "Friends are someone you can open up to, when you feel like your ready to flip!" I will never grow up....... :excited: Dog.
  3. Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    I got Here Comes Garfield on DVD for Christmas from my parents.I swore to myself that I wouldn't sit there & cry when the song where they were in the pound ("So Long Old Friend") came on. But wimpy-butt me had tears streaming down her cheeks when the song came on :cry:
    I got Garfield On The Town & Garfield Gets A Life too as well as the live movie Garfield that came out last year
  4. Zack the Dog Active Member

    Hi Kathy, You have all three on one DVD right? Here Comes Garfield, Garfield On The Town & Garfield Gets A Life are on one disk called Garfield as himself, there is also a Hoilday set with Halloween,Thanksgiving and the Chirstmas speacials! Along with season's 1 and 2 on DVD. I hope for more Garfield on dvd!!

    I personaly didn't care much for the new movie, it was "cute" but i don't really want to own it. Just the classic stuff! but i'm happy that the movie gave a nice the push for all this classic Garfield stuff! this is happing pretty fast too! It took time but it worked for Rocky and Bullwinkle yet it looks like the fat ablert movie is quickly doing the same! I heard about a Aviln and the chimpmunks CGI/live action movie which kinda disgusts me but if it gets the Chimpmunk Adventure movie on DVD i'll be happy!!! It's also cool about Opus the penguin "Bloom Country" movie which would be sweet if the Opus Christmas speacil "A Wish for Wings That Work" came to DVD!

    Bring it back to Garfield my favortie line in Garfield gets a life is when Jon says "I was so shy, once i almost starved to death because i didn't tell my father i was hunger!" it a great quote to say amongs meeting people for the first time as well as friends.:D
  5. Erine81981 Active Member

    Zack there will be more coming in February. Just cheak out Amazon and type Garfield in the DVD section and you will get another DVD of speicals coming out soon.
  6. Zack the Dog Active Member

    oooo! cool! thanks! i knew there would be more on the way, as each dvd has a slip saying so. ;) This is really soon though! Garfield Travel Adventures! with Garfield in the rough, Garfield in Paradise, and Garfield Goes Hollywood!!!!
  7. bobhopesite Active Member

  8. MustangRockstar New Member

    Volume 3 is coming on 4/19/05.

    At that rate {every 4 months} it would seem we could expect V.4 in August and the 5th and final volume in December of 2005, just in time for Christmas.
  9. bobhopesite Active Member

  10. Zack the Dog Active Member

    Oh goodie! i've finshed watching volume 2 last week and I started watch volume 1 again. Now i've gotta track down "The Raccoons" box set volume 2!
  11. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Where can you find "The Raccoons" volume one? I am assuming you are referring to the Raccoons cartoon that ran on the Disney Channel for a few years in the 80'S? :excited:
  12. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    WOW! Another Garfield special trilogy on DVD. All they need is one more, with Garfield's Feline fantasies, Garfield's 9 Lives and babes and Bulletts (the only one I haven't seen). I gotta start getting some money to pick these up.... I have a bunch on tape, but they are all old and worn.
  13. Zack the Dog Active Member

    Yes the one and only! The Raccoons, which aird on other Canadain stations and i think fox before that, it was on the disney channle in the early 90's as well. I heard a rumor that the ABC family channle might pick up the show, but that's not a fact. I hope it does though. ut i do own every ep and the 4 sp's, plus these new DVD's. I think Amizon.com has them, but i got mine of ebay and i just got the second set a few weeks ago off ebay as well, i should be expecting that sometime this week.

    Yes i'm also loving all this Garfield! some day you'll be able to own every Garfield Special and cartoon ep!!! :) AND it would be very nice if cartoon all stars to the rescue came to dvd as well!
  14. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Yea for the Raccoons! I thought I was the only one who liked that show! I will look on Amazon for it!

    Garfield also rocks.

    I think Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue would be great on DVD. I remember getting it from the video store in the 80's when I was like 6. I thought it was so cool that all the cartoon characters were together.

    I wish there was an All 80's channel that played nothing but all the good old cartoons and Muppet stuff from the 80's. It would be awesome! I actually wrote a college paper on why there needs to be one and my professor said I put forth a very convincing argument! Oh well. Someday. :)
  15. MustangRockstar New Member

    Well as the last generation that grew up with Saturday and afternoon cartoons it probably won't be till our generation starts becoming full-fledged parents.
  16. Erine81981 Active Member

    I had forgot the Raccoons show. I watched it everytime on Disney every day it came on. My favorite character was the Dog and the leader Raccoon. I can't rememeber it very well but I do remember watching it. I'll have to look on Ebay to get them too. YEAAAAAA!!!!
  17. Zack the Dog Active Member

    Yes that would be Bert Raccoon and Shafer the sheep dog. :)
  18. Erine81981 Active Member

    Bert thats his name. I knew that his name was some SS characters name. And Shafer. Yes! Thanks Zack.
  19. Erine81981 Active Member

    Well I finally got the new Garfield speical DVD this last tuesday. I love it. Glad to have it. If your a big G-fan you need to get this if you remember theses speicals. Thats my two cents about watching them and having the time of my life seeing them once again. But buy it NOW!!!
  20. Zack the Dog Active Member

    Yeah I bought Garfield's Travle Adventures the other day too. It's great! the slip inside didn't advertise more Garfield dvd's on the way like the past ones have, but rather for other dvd's instead. I'm hopeing for another Garfield speical dvd with the last 3 ones on it.

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