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Muppet Show DVD's on clearance until June 30

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Phillip, May 14, 2004.

  1. Muppet Crypts

    Muppet Crypts Well-Known Member

    With Disney buying the Muppets, recently all DVD projects have been put on hold... so hopefully 2005 Muppets Tonight was on ABC a partner of disney so there is hope :)
  2. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    At this point in time, if you want the 15 Time-Life DVD's, it's best to buy vol. 1-10 seperately, get 11-15 as a set, then use the 15% off coupon on everything. The 15 set was $150 until a couple months ago, so it's still a discount.

    Keep in mind Time-Life will only be selling their stock on-line through June 30. After that it's all gone, and eBay will be the only game in town.
  3. jediX

    jediX Well-Known Member

    Oh, and for anyone who is getting the volumes they're missing (like myself), the Liza Minelli/Mummenchanz/Madeline Kahn volume appears not to be available by itself. Kinda strange since you can get the set with it (which is on backorder, so who knows)...

    Depressing... :sympathy:
  4. Fozzie54

    Fozzie54 Well-Known Member

    I ordered my 15 DVD set on June 4th when it said they were available, then got an email that they were backordered. I haven't heard from them since, but my account on the Timelife site says they're still on backorder. Do you think I ordered early enough that they're still going to try to fill mine, or I should try to order them separately at this point? :confused:
  5. maurakl

    maurakl Member

    I did the same thing, ordered on June 4.

    I emailed them yesterday and they said they would attempt to fill the DVD set orders, but that they could not sell them after June 30. I thought their answer was kind of evasive as they wouldn't give me a yes or no answer. I am certainly going to continue to believe that they will fill my order before that date. :) I don't like the waiting, though.

  6. Mayhem Groupie

    Mayhem Groupie New Member

    Muppet DVD's

    Why is it taking so long for them to just do the Season DVD's?
  7. Muppet Crypts

    Muppet Crypts Well-Known Member

    i called themm yesterday they are still covering my order
  8. Muppet Crypts

    Muppet Crypts Well-Known Member

    the link to the TIME LIFE PAGE doesn't work
  9. mountdew

    mountdew Member

    The TimeLife website is kinda flukey. Sometimes it loads fine and other times it never loads. Probally depends upon their traffic.
  10. silentdante

    silentdante Member

    The good people at Time Life

    Since my 15 DVD set still hadn't arrived more than 3 weeks after it shipped, I e-mailed Time Life to see what I might be able to do. Rather than question me to no end about whether it had actually arrived or not, they sent back a very friendly e-mail saying that they would send a replacement at no charge via UPS Next Day. And it came this morning! YAAYYYYY! :) I guess there are sill a few companies who actually care about customer satisfaction.

  11. KCJ506

    KCJ506 Well-Known Member

    Does this mean that Columbia Tri-Star won't be releasing the Best of The Muppet Show Volumes 16-20?
  12. Muppet Crypts

    Muppet Crypts Well-Known Member

    they will not make 16-20 disney wants to much in royalitys for them after july 1st
  13. FER SURE

    FER SURE Well-Known Member

    Long story short. I emailed TL and asked whether these wouild be back in stock before they stop selling them. THey didn't have an answer to that but did decide to ship me the individual DVD's. The price is different so I'm not sure if I will get the 15th DVDor not but at least I got the 14 of them. I can always buy the last one brick and mortar for full price. :D :excited:
  14. solo409

    solo409 Active Member

    These guys have totaly given me the run around....
    Now they want to charge me $20 for shipping, when I originaly placed my order (which they canceled) I was able to get free shipping....
  15. solo409

    solo409 Active Member

    This Just In!

    OK! So Time-Life e-mailed me, and you cannot place ANY orders for the Muppet DVD's or Videos after 11 AM tommorow (Wed). If you order before then, use this code


    and you will get ANY and ALL DVD's ( and I assume VHS as well) for $3.99 per volume. But you have to do it before 11 am tommorrow morning!
    Good luck, all! :eek: Remember: 399MUPPET
  16. jediX

    jediX Well-Known Member

    {smacks face} and I just paid 9.99... {grumble grumble}
  17. Muppet Crypts

    Muppet Crypts Well-Known Member

    they are really f-ing up everything
  18. maurakl

    maurakl Member

    Time Life said mine are shipping today

    I just called them and the woman looked at my order (15 DVD set) and told me that it said it was in the warehouse. It no longer said backordered. She told me that it was scheduled to be shipped today. I placed my order on June 4 when it said they were in stock. Woohoo! She said I could call back later to check on it.

  19. solo409

    solo409 Active Member

    If you call, they can place an order for the Minelli DVD. I don't know why it's not on the site. She had to add it to my order when I called. I was told that the Elton John one is now out of stock though.

    Don't go by anything based on their site. CALL, CALL, CALL! 1-800-950-7887. Thats the only way to get anything from these guys, in my experience. They are very friendly on the phone, but the email and web services are horrible nd frustrating! :smirk:
  20. maurakl

    maurakl Member

    Called again, and they said it was shipped!!

    I called to check on the status again to make sure that they were shipped today. Before I called, I looked online and they had cancelled my order. I freaked out for just a minute. Then, calmed down and called. She said that the system cancelled the order and placed a different one yesterday with a different order number. She said that it was shipped today. I was very relieved. Now, I can hardly wait for them to get here!! I agree, call rather than email or check online.

    Thanks so much for alerting us to this great deal, Phillip!

    maurakl :)

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