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Once Upon My Heart.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by green stuff, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    *pokes head in* anyone miss me?
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Course we did! You bring us some more story?
  3. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    This story is dead!

    At least, for now, anyway. I feel like such a bum already, I should already...probably have this whole story posted by now-but things keep getting in the way. I don't want to disappoint anyone anymore, so we'll just say that for now, it's dead. I'm sorry if this upsets anyone. I'm off to finishing school next weekend, so I'll have some story up before then, but after that, I don't know when I'll be able to post. Again, I'm really sorry if on the offchance that this is offending or upsetting to anyone. So I guess, look for some between Saturday and Tuesday, roughly. Sorry everyone.
  4. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Aw... Well, I REALLY look forward to the installment between Saturday and Tuesday night, I REALLY look forward to whenever you can post after that, and... Yeah, I guess I can understand other things getting in the way... Still... Don't necessarily call the story "dead," okay? Maybe, like... "going into indefinite hibernation," instead. It sounds, and feels, more re-approachable that way. More of a chance of getting picked up again.

    As always- MORE PLEASE!
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Aw Nicee... Sorry to hear that, but I can definitely understand that there's other stuff in the way making you doubt your own efforts. Would recommend, only if you truly would want to, that you talk to some of the other author types around here like Beth or Ryan Prawny to see if they'd collaborate on the story with you. You give them the ideas as to how the story should continue, they write up the actual story text, review it among the two of you, and then when you've given it your approval they could go ahead and post the new addition to the overall fanfictional narration.

    Just a suggestion, but it's ultimately your decision and your tale to tell. Hope this helps somewhat and I do hope whatever you've got for us does get posted, should you get the chance to do so.
    *Hugs to you Nicee.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Um hi... Could we please get a new installment to this story if at all possible? Frankly, I need some good fanfic from one of the authors I love to read to take the edge of of all the quick-paced craziness over in the MopFam thread.
    Thanks and have a good night.
  7. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Si, you will get it, senor.
  8. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    As Robin stared up at the sky, for just a moment or two, he couldn’t help but want to be there-with the stars, that is. To him, the stars always seemed to represent a greater meaning for everything-like it was all just part of a greater system. Still, he continued to look up at the sky, when he felt a small drop of water fall just under his eye. He blinked, bouncing back from the drop, and a for a second, looking in the rear view mirror, it couldn’t help but look like he was crying. Without a moment’s hesitance, he wiped the drop from his eye, and looked again to realize that it was actually, raining. He watched as a single drop hit the ground, making the most miniscule drop of mud, then another, and another. After about a minute or so, the air smelled of wet cement, and the atmosphere grew increasingly colder as the rain fell in a more steady and a faster pace.

    Robin pulled once and for all out of the driveway, waved one last goodbye to Megan, and headed on his way. He had to admit, he was somewhat disappointed with tonight’s outcome, but not unhappy. After all, the effects of the glad game had yet to ware off on Robin. When he was a small frog, Kermit taught him a way of thinking disguised as the glad game. Kermit taught Robin from day one that gratitude is the key to happiness, so to help his young nephew grasp this concept, he made it into a game. Whenever Robin was feeling down and out Kermit would take each of Robin’s fingers, and on each finger, count out a reason that he should be grateful, and together, they’d send out a big, huge thank you to the universe for all the things they had. When he grew older, of course, he was able to play the game by himself, and if nothing else, it helped him to pass the time in times of deep distress. So, Robin tried it now.

    ‘’One, because Megan’s home safe and sound. Two, because I’m warm and safe from the storm. Three, because I’ve got such wonderful friends. Four, because I’m on my way to have some fun..’’ He said this last one with a devious twinkle in his eye.

    Before he could get to five though, Robin pulled up at his spot. His secret, special pit-stop, the one he made nearly every day on his way home. He came to a complete and gentle stop just in front of the Muppet Theatre, the one place where he truly felt at peace with the world. He stared at it wistfully, heaving a gentle and wishful sigh. He had always had such big dreams of this place when he got older. In his wildest and biggest dreams, he even dreamed of owning it one day when he got older; maybe even watch his own children tread that stage. But, after all the Muppets dispersed, those dreams of success and happiness slowly but surely died, one by one. The best and biggest one though, was the dream that Robin kept in his heart, the one that would never die. This dream was one where he and his uncle and all their friends got the theatre back , and did it together, just like when he was young. If only everybody hadn’t moved on, and started doing other things, he thought. This dream, Robin’s heart dream was the strongest of all in that this was the one that he wanted the most. Wanted. He wanted to be on that stage again, performing for hundreds of people at a time, and seeing everyone’s smiling faces when he was finished again. This was probably Robin’s happiest memory, doing what he loved and making people happy while doing it. To Robin, it was the happiest feeling in the world. It made him feel so good, so pure, so…well, happy. For a brief shining moment, he thought about his dream, and the dark-haired girl. What she stood for. But after a few seconds on it, he quickly pushed the thought from his mind.

    ‘’And five? Five because…I have hope.’’ Robin stepped out of his car for just a moment, laughing at the feel of the rain on his soft head. He stretched out his hands palms up, trying to catch little puddles of rain in his hands. He watched in mesmerized awe as each drop fell into his hands, with a small tidal wave of ripples emerging with each rapid drop. Robin smiled at the irony that lay before him- the world he was accustomed to, held literally, in his hands. Once his hands were full of rain water, he laughed like a little boy and splashed the rain water in his face, running through the street and over to the theatre.
    He giggled and twirled around in circles as he cried, ‘’And six, because it’s raining, and I love the rain!’’ He continued running, like a rabbit from a cheetah, when he ran smack dab into Lee’s chest. Robin looked up at Lee with a highly embarrassed half smirk on his face.

    ‘’Oh uh, hi Lee,’’ he said with a nervous giggle. ‘’Sorry, I guess I didn’t see you there.’’

    ‘’Aw, think nothing of it, dude,’’ Lee chuckled. ‘’Just watch where you do that river dancing next time.’’ Robin’s cheeks turned pink, and placed a nervous hand behind his neck. ‘’Oh um, yeah, yeah,’’ he muttered. Robin now stood back and looked up at Lee, who looked a little distressed, to say the least. Uh oh, Robin thought. Not good.

    ‘’What’s wrong, Lee? You look, well, sad.’’
    ‘’Huh? Oh, nothing,’’ Lee said dismissively. ‘’It’s just that, tonight’s our last concert here.’’
    Robin gulped hard at that last sentence. Last concert? How could that be? As long as he and his band paid the rent, the space was theirs- well, theirs and the city’s. Lee was joking, he had to be joking--right?
    ‘’Last concert?’’ this was all Robin could manage to get out. ‘’What do you mean?’’

    ‘’Yeah, your uncle bought the theatre back dude, I thought you knew.’’
    ‘’No, I didn’t know,’’ Robin said, shaking his head. Things were getting more and more curious by the second here.

    ‘’Yeah, that’s why he had you and your friends clean it up real good this time. He said he’s got other plans for it now. He even had a big meeting with me and the band about it, er, about six months ago.’’

    ‘’Six months ago!’’ exclaimed Robin. Oh no, this can’t be good. What could Kermit possibly have in mind for it now? Oh yes, no question about it- his uncle was keeping something from him, something big-and now, he was going to find out what! Prank time…

    ‘’Did my uncle say what he was using it for?’
    ‘’No, ‘’ Lee said, placing his hood on his already drenched head. ‘’All he said was that he had some new ideas for it. But hey, why don’t you come in and have a listen for a minute?’’

    ‘’Oh no no, I can’t,’’ Robin said hurriedly. ‘’I’ve got to get home right away! Uh, break a leg on your concert though! Make it count!’’ He shouted this as he scurried back into the car and drove off like a madman, by not without rolling down the window and shouting, ‘’Thanks, Lee!’’ first.

    ‘’I don’t know what you’re up to, Uncle Kermit, but boy, am I gonna find out!’’
    Robin drove off at a steady pace at the sound of a thunderclap, and just above, a sky full of beautiful shining stars; and the biggest and brightest? His star.
    He said he had to see one more, and see one more Kermit did. This picture he had always saved for last, for well, his own reasons. Some obvious, some not so much. In front of the picture though, was a much more extensive and dare he say, impressive resume. Fluent in French and Spanish, well versed and noted model, accomplished actress, fashion guru, martial arts expert…
    ‘’Yes, and I’ve got the marks to prove it,’’ Kermit laughed to himself.

    Of course it was Piggy’s, and even now, looking back on these things gave him a certain joy. It was a certain joy only known to a husband, a certain joy a man gets when he has a certain pride in his wife, a certain joy that says, ‘back off world, she’s mine.’ It was this kind of joy Kermit would get when he saw this picture of Piggy in a lovely violet sundress, her sun-kissed curls tossed over her shoulder, and an expression on her face that looked as if it were only meant for him. Kermit had taken it what seemed like eons ago when they were in college. He took it for his photography class as a part of his final exam. The objective of this particular assignment was to capture happiness in one picture; just one shot. As Kermit loved his girlfriend (at that time) so deeply then, he saw her as all of his happiness, and he took the picture of her as a personification of happiness itself as well as his personally.
    It was a good picture, he had to admit. Kermit had a good eye for detail and story. But he loved the bright look in her eye, how it danced at the flash on the camera. To him, Piggy was one of those kinds of people who smile with their whole face, especially with their eyes. And Piggy’s eyes took him back to a time where he was young again, and they made him remember when he was outside of his dorm with Braden and spied her for the first time. How dry his throat was, and how his knees buckled together! He felt like his heart was literally in his throat, though what he felt now was that it jumped out of his chest and into Piggy’s hands. It had always been there, really. Yes, seeing this picture made him feel young and in love again, it made him feel like a young college lad again. Over the years, a lot of things had changed between him and Piggy, but never the way he felt about her.

    ‘’My Piggy,’’ he sighed with pleasure. He smiled at the photographed and touched his fingers to his lips. Gently, he placed his fingers on top of her lips on the photograph, laughing afterwards at how ridiculous it made him feel. He then reached into the bottom drawer of his desk, and pulled out a lovely diamond necklace, just for her. The light that reflected off of this thing could nearly blind a person, but it was all worth it in Kermit’s eyes. This was going to help him (he hoped) soften the blow when he told her about the plan about the theatre. Little did he know that he would need that necklace a lot sooner than he planned.

    “’I’m doing this all for you sweetheart,’’ he whispered before giving the picture one last glance and closing the binder for good. He placed it back in his desk, and met up with Fozzie as he made his way out of his office.

    ‘’Are you ready to tell them now, Kermit?’’

    Kermit stared out at all his friends, some of whom were oblivious to the fact that he was even standing there. He looked at their bright faces and their curiosity as to their presence here. They all looked so happy-just like they always used. Though he often complained of their presence and having to constantly solve their problems, he missed them dearly; he missed them all. Most of all, he missed the two who were not present at the time. Oh well, he thought. Robin’ll be along soon, and Piggy will be home later. Right now, it’s time to live my dream. Step 1.

    ‘’Yeah, I think I am,’’ Kermit said, nodding towards his furry friend. ‘’I think I am.

  9. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    ;_; I was choked up. I love this chapter. Kermit's feelings towards her were so sentimentally strong. You are romantic dude. XD <3 mooorrre
  10. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member





    ...I'll come back and give you a detailed review... When I don't feel so... light headed... <faints again>
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    PS: Actually, greenstuff's a girl.

    Wow what a chapter. Very much liked the storm scene with Robin and the gladness game. That's something that maybe more of us should do in our own lives, count our blessings you know. Heh, the reaction when Robin learned about the theater was priceless. The binder Kermit holds is a great device, it holds the history of his performing troop and photos of each cast member. Plus it holds all the frog's memories and feelings towards them. Good that Fozzie was out there waiting for him, Kermit's ready to start revealing his ulterior motives for this reunion.

    Oh, now that it's starting, we need to know what Kermit's gonna tell everybody. We need to know how Penny and Zhen-Yi come back into the story. We need to know what's going to happen between Robin and Megan, and Megan's homelife. So many branches to this story... Please post more soonerishkibbible!
  12. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Coming right up guys! First thing tomorrow morning, right now I'm taking a break from studying for my french test..lol but it'll be there! Look out for it!
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Twiddling thumbs waiting for an update to be posted... Wish you luck with your French test Nicee.
  14. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Chapter 13

    ‘’You might want to give Kermit a call, P, we’re about 10 minutes away.’’ Braden smiled genuinely at her.

    ‘’Hmm yes, I guess I should,’’ she agreed with a half smile. Quickly, Piggy wheeled around to talk to Samantha, while Braden thought about how good it would be to see Kermit again. The two hadn’t seen each other in what seemed like an eternity to him, and it would be so much more than a good time to play catch up with him for a while. And Robin-oh, how he must’ve grown since he last saw him! Not to mention their seemingly ridiculous male bonding that only he and Kermit understood; their inside jokes and such. Seeing his oldest and best friend was always a joy for Braden, it made him feel like he wasn’t alone in the new things that he was experiencing in life. Kermit was just a hair older than Braden, and was always the first to give him good sound advice when he needed it in their college days. So for that, he always saw Kermit as somewhat of a brother and friend all in one. Plus, Braden never considered himself the type to settle down and be married, that is, at least until he met Samantha. This all on its own opened up a new line of communication, as this time when they saw each other, they could compare experiences as husbands. Though to say the least, Braden had had some more….interesting experiences so far.

    ‘’Samantha dear, could you hand me my phone, s’il vous plait? It’s in my purse.’’ The feeling of nostalgia and sanctity had been broken yet again. Oh well.

    ‘’Oh of course,’’ Samantha cooed, fishing through her purse. Actually though, it was more like a treasure chest than a purse to Samantha. In the purse, there were all kinds of makeup and perfumes not even open to the public; custom designed just for her basically. She was jealous of her. She loathed her. She, for a brief moment, considered swiping a few things from her, but after about 3 seconds came to her better judgment. Besides, pastel pink wasn’t her color anyway. Almost breathlessly and with a look of great envy on her face, Samantha handed Piggy a lavender phone with red kiss marks on the side. Samantha rolled her eyes in amusement. What else would she put on it?

    ‘’Merci, cheri,’’ Piggy said with a smile.
    ‘’Je vous en prie,cheri,’’ Samantha shot back, a smug grin on her face. The two girls ahred a small smile while Piggy wheeled around in shotgun, speed dialing number one-number one for her number one.
    ‘’Oh no, honey!’’ Samantha protested softly. ‘’Use the hands free system-Braden can’t concentrate if you use hands.’’
    ‘’It’s a tick I have,’’ Braden admitted shyly.
    ‘’Oh, of course,’’ Piggy said, a hint of discomfort in her voice. She handed her phone to Braden, who plugged it into the system for her, then dialed number one.
    ‘’Now we’re getting somewhere.
    Ring ring. Kermit looked down into his jacket pocket, trying not to acknowledge the noise emanating from it. He and Fozzie glanced at each other as they came down the stairs. To answer or not the answer, that was the question. Luckily, this question was answered by a hopeful Fozzie. ‘’ Maybe you should answer it, Kermit, it could be Robin.’’ Kermit nodded excitedly. ‘’You‘re right.’’ Hopeful, he pulled the phone from his pocket, glancing at the identification of the caller. A large gasp escaped Kermit‘s lips as he did so, as this was the last person he was expecting a call from. His eyes shot up in surprise staring in disbelief at the phone.

    ‘’What? What‘s wrong, Kermit? Who is it? ‘’ There on the screen, was a beating heart icon next to the name-the name which 9 times out of 10 brought him much joy and happiness, but this was that one time.- Piggy.
    ‘’It‘s Piggy!’’ Kermit gasped.

    ‘’Oh no! ‘’ Fozzie said frantically. ‘’What are we going to do?’’
    ‘’I, I don‘t know. I, I won‘t answer it! Yeah, I - I just.. Um.. We’ve got to get rid of it!’’ the two rushed down the stairs, searching for any possible place to hide the phone so as not to create a scene. Finally, they both trampled into the kitchen, and after pushing the Swedish Chef out of the way, Kermit chucked the phone into the refrigerator-while it was still ringing, no less. Kermit panted hard, leaning with one hand on the door, and trying to regain his composure.

    ‘’You think she’ll call back?’’ Fozzie asked innocently.
    ‘’Just try and get everyone’s attention, will you?’’ Kermit said, slightly annoyed.
    ‘’Hmm, he’s not answering. Maybe he’s working late, Piggy thought. Somewhere in the back of her mind though, she knew this wasn’t so.
    ‘’Ok, now can I have everyone’s attention, please? Kermit has an announcement to make!’’
    As always, poor Fozzie’s pleas went unanswered. All around him, there was an entire swarm of Muppets, eating and laughing and talking and knocking down walls and chugging melted ice cream and assuring people that the food was only slightly burnt and hanging from chandeliers and throwing fish around, and well, muppet-like things. Then of course, there were those who were shaking their heads at it all; one particularly.

    Fozzie and Kermit stood at the bottom of the staircase, with Fozzie pleasantly surprised at the turnout, yet overwhelmed at the same time, and Kermit slightly annoyed that they all weren’t quiet yet.
    ‘’Could everyone be quiet for just a moment please? Kermit has something he wants to say!’’ Nothing. Not even a stir from the crowd. Fozzie puffed out a sigh, and looked at Kermit in defeat. Kermit looked back at him with a little smile on his face. Inwardly, this caused the frazzled bear to groan a little bit, as this small smile meant ‘’try one more time.’’

    ‘’Could I PLEASE have your attention….please?’’ This time, a few people looked up, most laughed afterwards, but at least they looked up. This was the last straw for the self-conscious bear. He covered his face in embarrassment, hiding himself just slightly behind Kermit. Kermit gave him a tender, yet amused look, and patted him on the shoulder.

    ‘’That’s ok Fozzie,’’ he mused. ‘’You gave it your best shot. Let me try.’’ Kermit stood away a little bit from Fozzie, puffed out his chest, and shouted ‘’QUIIIIIIIIET!’’
    Now this was the thing that got everyone’s attention, well, all except for one blonde valley girl..

    ‘’And I say, ‘Look Diddy, I don’t care how much you pay me, I’m not taking my clothes off for your music video, ok?’ I mean, like-oh,’’ as always, she hung her head in embarrassment.

    ‘’Wow, I guess I still got it,’’ Kermit observed with wide grin. ‘’Uh anyway, it’s lovely to see you all again, but I’m afraid I’ve got a bit of a confession to make.’’

    ‘’Jou mean, der won’t be any of de sexy ladies coming, after all, hokay?’’
    Kermit shot Pepe a disgruntled look, but looked back to everyone with that same determination.
    ‘’Ok, TWO confessions to make. As I told you before, no, there are so sexy ladies coming.’’ This ‘’confession ‘’ was made directly to Pepe, who then left the room in a huff.
    ‘’Now then, the real confession I wanted to make, was to tell you why you’re all really here.’’
    ‘’What! You mean we’re not really here for a party?’’ demanded Rizzo.
    ‘’Well yes, yes, you are here for a party, but uh, but we’re celebrating something really special. See, this isn’t a party just to have a party. It’s a welcome back party. It’s a party to welcome back all of you guys.’’
    ‘’Oh, like, how sweet! Like Kermit, you really do like us!’’

    ‘’Well yes, of course I do,’’ Kermit chuckled, but just let me finish. He ushered his way through the crowd, flanked on either side by Fozzie and Scooter. The three of them sat on the couch closest to the center of the room as possible. Once there, Kermit, asserting himself as leader, sat on the edge of his cushion, and looked up at everyone. What happened next was rather unusual, as his face went from authoritative to soft and warm. Everyone looked at each other, wondering if he was going to cry or something.

    ‘’I-I’ve missed you guys. A lot. I really have. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my hands full with work and Piggy and Robin,-’’ speaking of Robin, Kermit looked down to check his watch. 7:04. Hm..Robin should have been home by now. He got off at 6:30 today-where was he? How strange…. ‘’But since we’ve gone our separate ways, things just haven’t been the same. Well, haven’t you felt the same?’’ A sea of nodding heads replied and reassured him that he was not alone in this.

    ‘’My jokes haven’t been as funny since we parted,’’ chimed in Fozzie.
    ‘’Your jokes were never funny,’’ Rizzo commented under his breath.
    ‘’I know what you mean. All my stunts have been small potatoes compared to the ones I used to do for the show.’’
    ‘’Yeah man, and we always played our best songs for the show,’’ added Floyd.
    ‘’Not to mention I used my best boomerang fish,’’ Lou commented sadly.
    ‘’Of course,’’ Kermit interrupted. ‘’And don’t you miss the way Piggy would sing? Don’t you miss how Robin would catch every single heart in the audience with the sound of his guitar? And his sweet voice? Don’t you miss all that? I know you do- and so do I. That’s why I brought you all here tonight.’’ Kermit swallowed hard and placed a nervous hand over his arm. The point of no return, no going back now.

    ‘’We’re bringing the Muppet Show back-the rights, the deed, the theatre, everything, it’s all ours again, guys. It’s our for the taking. We have a chance to make millions of people happy once more-but more importantly, we have a chance to make ourselves happy again. What do you say, guys? You with me?’’
    ‘’Oh boy, this is going to be great! Uncle Kermit is going to be so confused! He won’t know what him..oh boy! It’s going to be so much fun! ‘’ For the most part, Robin was a very peaceable lad, but to some extent, he had a very devious side…. Robin stopped at the stop sign at the crossroads just in front of their house. While he waited for another car to pass, he tried his best to gather himself together and be sure not to give anything away. Time to put all those acting lessons into good use. He smiled at the driver passing, and accelerated his own car as fast as the speed limit would allow (which was only 15mph) until he pulled up in the driveway. He almost knocked the car door out as he got out of the car, rubbing his hands together all the way there into the house.

    ‘’So, you with me?’’
    ‘’Uncle Kermit!
    ‘’Robin?’’ said an excited Kermit. ‘’You’re just in time. C’mere, there’s something I want you to hear.’’
    This was all the prompting Robin needed. He almost ran into the living room, where the sea of other muppets were.
    ‘’Robin,’’ Kermit placed a loving hand on Robin’s shoulder. “ I want you -’’
    ‘’To pay for your ticket! Absolutely, Uncle Kermit! I owe it to you, it’s the very least I could do.’’
    ‘’Um- ticket?’’

    ‘’Well, of course! Fozzie told me all about it this morning when he came to the shop. You guys are showing a movie tonight at the theatre, I believe that’s what he said.’’ That same devious twinkle shined in Robin’s eye as Kermit slapped his forehead in frustration.

    ‘’Wait, no! I got it right this time! I did! I practiced it all the way to the store! I-I got it right-right?’’
    ‘’Oh for goodness sake,’’ mumbled a very grumpy Kermit. ‘’Look, Fozzie made a mistake-what’s really happening here is-’’
    ‘’What’s happening is I’m ready to go now, so come on, let’s go everybody!’’
    All the others looked around in confusion, not sure what to do, and Kermit, poor soul, was not far behind at all.

    ‘’Like, I though we were here for a party,’’ observed a confused Janice.
    ‘’I don’t know what’s going on here, but I say we blow this popsicle stand-all the good food’s gone,’’ retorted Rizzo.
    ‘’Poor planning skills-how shiftless and un-American,’’ declared Sam with a sour frown.
    ‘’No sport, you don’t understand-we’re having a party,’’ Kermit tried to explain, but to no avail.

    ‘’Well of course you are, now that I’m here. C’mon, I’ll get your coat for you.’’

    Robin playfully pushed his uncle all the way to the door, with failed attempts to explain what was really going on all the way. However, when Robin opened up the door, all plans were foiled, and a new problem stand before them. A great big, gigantic problem-in three parts, one might say. Standing in the doorway and just about to ring the doorbell, was Braden, holding an umbrella above the two ladies. Braden and Samantha both held nervous smiles on their faces, while Piggy stood with a border-line look of anger on her face. She looked to her left, and onto her right, noting that her home was full of clowns and weirdoes-ones she’s hoped she’d never have to work with again in all her born days. And the fact that her husband, of all people, had invited these ‘’people’’ here, without her say in it….. All this added up to make on very, very unhappy Mrs. The Frog.

    ‘’Kermit, you had better have a good explanation for this.’’

  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ooh ches Kermin. And ju better have a good esplanation for why there are none of the sexy womens hokay?
    Yaey! *Hugs Nicee.

    This is a great chapter. The secret's out! The gang's back, do I dare say the name of that girl, the one who's name is the very song I'm thinking of?Kermit chucked the phone into the fridge, how pragmatic of him. Better not be put on hold, it'll be an ice age before he answers.
    Wocka wocka!

    Loved Janice's line and how Kermit had to assert himself after Fozzies attempts to call the motley crew to order.
    Robin and Piggy both at the same time, that frog's gotten himself into some hot water. But I can't wait to read how he extricates his self from this sorespot. Please, post more!
  16. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Hey there, guys!

    Uh, I know this is a day late and all, but I just wanted to share something with all you readers. I just had my 20th birthday yesterday (the 14th) which is why I was not around yesterday. Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you guys. Chapter 14 will be up soon, then!
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Nicee? Rully sorry there was no birthday thread and I apologize deeply for it. You're one of my MC forum friends, and I honestly thought some of the more active members would've posted a thread for you. On that, I sincerely hope you can forgive us. Post the update when you can, we'll be awaiting it with open arms and eager interest.

    *Hugs to green stuff.
  18. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Oh no, don't feel bad, Ed. I didn't even know there WAS a birthday thread. I just wanted to share that with you all, no big deal, I assure you. :)
  19. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    anyone just about ready for some more story?
  20. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh, you know it!

    I loved the party scene and Janice's line! And I love the irony that Kermit and Fozzie barreling into the kitchen, pushing over the Swedish Chef, and throwing the phone in the fridge would not be likely to attract any attention from the muppets!
    :crazy:I'm a bit confused though... I thought Piggy and Samantha were good friends? Why then her sudden annoyance and appearent dislike?
    And I'm more than a bit disapointed at Piggy's reaction to seeing the other muppets; surely there's some sentiment in her?

    Other than that, more please!

    And the way we do things around here is that when someone has a birthday, one of us creates a thread for them. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would invite and encourage you to come and hang out with us on the boards. We have a lot of fun!

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