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Once Upon My Heart.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by green stuff, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    Sorry... I didn't mean to make you feel badly. It's really just a little thing that I have a quirk about. I still love your story though!
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Great fic! Keep it comin'! Please?
  3. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    I will tomorrow, guys. I absolutely promise. I went back to school and work on Monday, so needless to say, I am BUSSSSAYY! But, I still have obligations to all of you here, and I do want you to read the rest of the story, otherwise I wouldn't have post it in the first place. So--since tomorrow's the weekend, I will for sure post some more story--come penguins or high water. You have the word of GreenStuff.
  4. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I look forward to it greatly!

    And I know what you mean- I'm back in school, and Hebrew School starts soon... Life is getting busy again...
  5. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    ‘’Xia heu, Xia, ming,
    Yi ge xia wo ciao jintian.
    Wo zhu wo jiu, wo zhu wo neng,
    Yi ge xia wo cia jintian.’’
    (In English: Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, first star I see tonight.)

    Later that Night……
    You’ve got to follow, follow your star.
    You’ve got to follow, no matter how far…..’’

    Robin allowed his voice to trail off as he lowered his hand from the guitar he had been strumming. From the widow seat in his room, he stared up at the sky, not looking for anything but the answers. His answers. He wanted to know what it all meant, what it was all about. Unfortunately for him, if it was one thing that Robin had learned in life, it was that he never found the answers when he was actually looking for them. Ironic, he thought. ‘It’s always when I’m looking for something else that I find something I didn’t even know I was looking for.’ At this thought, he let a small smile creep across his face.

    ‘’Why is everything so confusing?’’ Robin wondered aloud. ‘’Just what is the meaning of it all? I sure wish somebody could tell me.’’ He strummed a few more notes absently on his guitar, when he spotted what he had been looking for all night: his one and only star. Since childhood, just talking to the star made him feel better about any issue he was addressing at the time, be it a fear of girls, or the confusion in the meaning of life. It made him feel like someone out there was listening, someone was watching, someone cared. It made him feel good, like there was a greater power that was taking care of him.

    ‘’Oh, tell me star, what should I do? I’m so lost and confused.’’ For just a minute, if Robin didn’t know better, he would say that the star actually responded. For a split second, he could’ve sworn that the star grew bigger and brighter, and vanished in the blink of an eye. Startled, Robin threw his head back, letting his guitar clang to the floor. He wondered, ’Is it even possible for a star to do that? Maybe I should have paid more attention is astronomy today.’ He rubbed his eyes, and looked up again at the sky. To his surprise, it looked as if nothing had happened. ‘Maybe it hadn’t. Maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. Maybe this is just my mind’s way of telling me to go to sleep. Maybe it was my imagination.’ Maybe…..just maybe….

    A flash of insight hit Robin like lightning, and he scooped up his guitar from the floor. Slowly, he began to play ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ until he felt a cold beam of moonshine touch his face. He looked up into the sky again, and did the only thing he knew how to:

    ‘’Star light, Star bright,
    First star I see tonight,
    I wish I may, I wish I might,
    First star I see tonight.

    Silently, he made his wish- a secret, innermost wish from deep inside his heart. It was a wish he felt would solve his problems and calm his fears; one he felt would fix everything. Naturally, Robin looked at the star one last time before climbing off the window seat. The star shined down on him like an old friend in a time of need.

    ‘’Thank you, star,’’ Robin said with a grin. ‘’I just wish you could tell me what it is I need. I wish you could tell me more.’’

    Sighing, Robin climbed off the window seat, and prepared himself for bed. Back at the window, though, something beautiful happened. If only Robin had stayed there for a minute longer, if only he had kept looking, if only if only he weren’t so distracted, he would have seen a falling star dance across the sky, right in the sight of his window. Magic right before his very eyes- if only he had been watching.

    ‘’Good night, star,’’ Robin mumbled as he turned off the light. Just then, high, high up in the sky, came a voice, the voice of the star. It had been quiet all this time, and now was the time for it to make itself known in the world.
    ‘’So you have wished it Robin, and so it shall be. And so it shall be.’’
  6. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Ok, yeah, I just wanted to point out something here. I know you guys are smart, and have probably already figured this out here, but something cool had just happened right out from under Robin's nose---in a way. Remember how Robin had to find something that he wanted in order to find out what to do about his dream? Well--Robin just wished for it, and he doesn't even know it!! All right, that's all for now, just wanted to say that. Chapter 5 coming up soon, guys!!
  7. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member


    Oh the star! Oh, "And so it shall be!" OHHHH!

    Oh it's such a perfect, such a lovely scene! Oh I can't wait! OH it's lovely! Oh I adore it! OHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh I love how he isn't sure if the star did what it did, how maybe it was his eyes, maybe he needed to sleep... OHHHH!

  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Agree with most of Lisa's thoughts.

    Liked the nod to The Impossible Dream, the snatch of verses Robin was singing in his room.
    And if only he had stayed at the window seat, or is that a widow seat, a little longer to see the dancing shooting star.

    Something else... Liked the translation of Starlight, Starbright at the beginning in Chinese. Gives me hope of seeing Penny Panda and her daughter come back into this story at some point down the road.
  9. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    Yay! More story!

    Star stuff is always lovely in the Muppets. The beginning was very interesting. What language is that, by the way?

    I'm going through this teenage Robin thing at the moment, and so teenage Robin hits me particularly hard. Lovely bit of introspection here with him. Growing up is not easy, and there's something sweet, touching, and heartrending about watching as the little guy struggles through all these issues.

    I'm dying of curiosity about the specifics of Robin's secret wish and I enjoyed him playing the guitar. Kermit and his banjo, Robin and his guitar... nice parallels.

    Keep up the good work!
  10. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Hey, thanks for your compliments, everyone! Leyla--The language at the beginning of the chapter is in Mandarin Chinese, my natural language. What I was actually going for...well, I'm trying to say this without giving too much away here...well someone in that part is saying starlight, slar bright in chinese, and then robin says it later in english. When I reveal later in the story who says it, you'll understand. The next chapter is coming up soon!
  11. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Chapter 5

    (About noon in China, the next day. I ask readers to keep in mind that, on the average, China is about 14 hours ahead of the United States. So, where we left Robin, it’s about 10 p.m. there.)

    It had been a long day already when Penny finally turned to key to the door of the palace-style house she shared with her daughter. It was a Saturday afternoon, so knowing her daughter, Penny concluded that she was probably upstairs listening to music, or looking at American magazines. Before she went anywhere, however, she removed her shoes, and tossed her things on the kitchen counter. For hours now, Penny had tossed around possibilities in her head, and now she could bare them no longer. To say that Penny REALLY didn’t want to have this talk with her daughter--was an understatement. As long as she’d been thinking about it herself, she tried at all costs to avoid mentioning it to her. Penny just knew that she was going to be disappointed. She could just hear now how she would cry, and tell her how unfair she was being, how she was a horrible mother, and worst of all, how she hated her. These were words that Penny just couldn’t handle hearing; she just wasn’t ready to hear that. Still, she thought to herself, no mother ever wants or is ready to hear that, but just about every mother does hear it from their child at one point or another in their life. Naturally, that thought didn’t make her feel any better.

    All the same, butterflies in her stomach and all, Penny summoned all her courage and strength, and began trying to locate her daughter. Better get it over with, she thought.

    ‘’Zhen-Yi?’’ she called. No answer. Normally when she received no reply, she knew just where to find her: upstairs. Slowly and apprehensively, Penny made her way up the spiral staircase, brushing a hand through her wild black hair. Once again, she went over what she was absolutely certain what she was going to say, and what her daughter’s response was going to be--which made her feel even worse. As she got closer to Zhen-Yi’s room, she stopped right on one of the steps. Is it just me, or are these steps getting taller? she wondered. She conjured her courage once again, stopping this time right in front of her daughter’s bedroom door. She knew exactly what she was doing: listening to (American) music on her personal CD player. Monkeys in a zoo, Penny liked to call them. Of course, teenagers and adults normally have different tastes in music, and what music is, for that matter, so Penny and her daughter in this case decided to agree to disagree. This is what Penny would normally catch Zhen-Yi doing on a fine Saturday afternoon, and so this Saturday afternoon was no different at all.

    Penny knocked lightly on the door. Through the door, though, she could hear some slight flustering, followed by a muffled, ‘’Come in!’’ Penny entered Zhen-Yi’s room with the biggest frown on her face imaginable, as well as the biggest subject of conversation in mind.

    There, she discovered her daughter sitting by the window, watching a tiny bluebird fly for the first time, and her earphones to her CD player were still planted firmly in her ears. When Zhen-Yi looked over and saw it was her mother who entered her room, she took the earphones out at once, throwing them over at her side.

    ‘’Nin hao, mama,’’ (Hello, Mom) she said, bowing her head ever so slightly.
    ‘’Wei. Ni zhou shenme?’’ (Hey. What are you doing?) Penny placed a hand on each hip, trying to look authoritative, but Zhen-Yi knew she was joking right away, and let out a little giggle. She came away from the window, pointing to her earphones.

    ‘’Ting yinyue.’’ (Listening to music.) Penny slightly rolled her eyes, and inched her way closer in the doorway.
    ‘’Wo zhidao,’’ (I know,) she said in a rather sarcastic way, particularly focusing on the extremely messy state of Zhen-Yi’s room. But, for the moment, Penny decided to let that ride, for today, there were much bigger fish to fry. Much, much bigger fish.

    ‘’Zhen-Yi, I need to talk to you downstairs. It’s about…something very important….It’s about- it’s about my job.’’

    A few minutes later, the two women reconvened in the family den. It was arrayed with bamboo paintings, and Chinese poems done by famous calligraphers. The culture room, Penny like to call it, the one room in the house rich with Chinese heritage. With a heavy sigh, Penny sat down on the couch, and with a look of awe and wonderment, Zhen-Yi did the same.
    ‘’Zhen-Yi,’’ Penny began, a rather large lump in her throat. ‘’I’ve been working in the movies for a long time. As long as you’ve been alive, I have done all of my work here in China, because I know that your life is here. This is all you’ve ever known. But recently-,’’ Penny swallowed again, even harder this time, finding it increasingly harder to continue with every word. ‘’Recently…I met with Frank. He advised me to consider, just to consider now, moving to America, to restart my career. He says that I can’t go any further here in China. This is a very big opportunity for me, and..well…I would very much like to take it. I have always wanted to go to America, and this could very well be my ticket there. But there are things that also must be taken into consideration. I have not decided anything yet, and I will not until I know what you think about the matter. Um…so, what do you think?’’

    Penny let out a long breath. That was easy..somewhat. Her part of the conversation was through. Now it was Zhen-Yi’s response that she was dreading. Here it comes. She’s going to scream and yell and tell me how much she hates me, oh I just know it!! Much to Penny’s surprise, however, she had a rather expressionless look on her face; almost as if she didn’t care about anything her mother had just said. Zhen-yi eyed her mother carefully to make sure that there wasn’t even a hint of a joke in her demeanor. To her liking, she found none. It was then that Zhen-Yi let out a puff of air, and slouched back in her seat next to Penny on the couch. She looked at Penny with the hardest of stares.

    ‘Here it comes…………’’
    Almost instantly, Zhen-Yi dropped her bad girl attitude, and threw her arms up in the air.
    ‘’Are you kidding me?!? Let’s do it!!’’
    ‘’What?’’ Penny said in sheer aghast and shock. ‘’You…you want to go to America? You do?’’

    ‘’Yeah!!!’’ exclaimed Zhen-Yi. She was no longer sitting on the couch now, as she was too busy jumping up on and down on Penny’s just bought Oriental carpet. At first, Penny had a freaking out moment, but then she found herself freaking out more about Zhen-Yi’s reaction.

    ‘’Oh, Mama, this is great!! I’ve always wanted to go to America! I could go to an American school, and go to American concerts, and see the Statue of Liberty, and meet cute American boys, and-’’
    ‘’What was that last one?’’ Penny asked sternly. This time, the severity in her voice was absolutely sincere.

    Catching onto that, Zhen-Yi immediately corrected herself. ‘’Uh, I mean a chance to culturally expand,’’ while saying this, she pasted a fake and quite over-exaggerated smile on her face.
    Penny lowered her gaze now, and even allowed herself to let out a small giggle.

    ‘’Yes, that’s what I thought you said. But Zhen-Yi, what about all your friends? And your school?’’
    ‘’Ah, I don’t have that many friends here, and school was getting boring anyway. I can make more friends in America. Come on, mama, can we go, please? Please?’’ Zhen-Yi now had her mother trapped in a rather tight and uncomfortable bear hug. (no pun intended) Normally, Penny would have been laughing like a school girl inside because her daughter was showing her affection. Then again, on the other hand, one can have too much of a good thing.

    ‘’Zhen-Yi, you are acting crazy! You just cannot drop the life you have here and start a new one in another country! Not without any real thought first, that is.’’
    ‘’Hm, you’re right. Let me think about this for a moment. ……Moment’s over. Let’s go!! Can we go, mama? Please?? PLEASE?????????’’
    ‘’Well,’’ Penny said with her motherly tone of voice, ‘’before we make any rash decisions, I think that I’ll have to speak with your Baba about it first.’’
    Zhen-Yi’s smile faded, and she went back to her teenage drama queen stance. ‘’Great,’’ she murmured. ‘’Like that’ll do any good. You’ll never get anywhere talking to him about it.
    Moments later, Penny found herself in the back yard of her home. In the right hand corner of the yard was the family prayer temple. This family temple, in particular, was special. Normally, when a Chinese couple marries, the husband’s ancestors become the guardians of the family. However, when Penny and Jen-Li married, they made a special choice. They combined their family temples so as not to create an unrest between their families; their first marital compromise. Today this is rarely done, but when there is a very strong desire for peace and harmony in a new marriage, it’s done.

    Penny had just finished saying a prayer in the temple, and it was further in the back yard where she found her husband. He could always be found here, and it always gave Penny great joy to come and talk to him there. She bent down to his level, placing a fresh lotus on the smooth cement. With her left hand, she swept the whirlwinds of sands of the head stone, and gave a sad smile. Before she lifted her hand from the top, she focused on one solitary figure: her wedding ring. How she had laughed at him when they picked them out together. He had insisted on having silver rings; gold rings he felt were ‘’too flashy, and too loud.’’ Penny shook her head slowly at the memory, and she composed herself calmly and began to speak to her dearly departed.
    ‘’Hello, Jen-Li,’’ she said, half choked up. Penny leaned back for a second, having second thoughts about having this talk with him. Nevertheless, it needed to be had. She puffed out a deep breath she barely even realized she was holding, a pushed a long strand of hair behind her trembling ear.

    ‘’I know it’s been a few days since I’ve come to talk to you. You must forgive me for that. So much has happened to me lately…but I know you already know that. Well I- I’m here to talk to you--I, I need your help sweetheart. See, I don’t know what to do. I have quite a problem here.’’ She shook her head slowly, with a surprising and small grin on her face.

    ‘’You remember Frank, don’t you? Oh, how silly of me, of course you do. I remember you always hated him. You always insisted that he was trying to flirt with me. He never was, Jen-Li. You were always the jealous type-but I enjoyed every minute of it. Um…well anyway, Frank has told me that if I wish to go any further with my acting career, that I must go to America. I’ve spoken to Zhen-Yi about it, and she’s very excited about it. I have to admit that I would like to go too, but it’s just not that easy. I still remember my promise to you, darling. And I- I never break a promise, not if I can help it.’’
    At this point, she seriously had to try to keep herself from crying. With as much composure and self control was practicing at this very moment, she still couldn’t stop herself from letting out a single, shining tear down her cheek. She wiped it away quickly, and pressed on into the issue.

    ‘’I know you will disagree with me when I tell you this, but I really do believe that this is the best thing to do, for each of us. Zhen-Yi can have a chance at a better education than she can get here, and I can have a better chance at success. This is what I would like, but I cannot do it alone. So, what do you think? What should I do?’’

    Penny’s only response was a gentle breeze through her hair, which caused her to giggle like a little girl. She was at peace, and one with nature; one with Jen-Li.
    ‘’Jen!’’ she playfully protested. ‘’Now, this is serious. You always try to distract me while I’m trying to talk to you about something serious. No, all joking aside, I need your guidance. I need to know what you think.’’
    This time, there was no playful gust of wind, no hint of nature to give her an answer. To Penny, this could only mean one thing. He did not agree on her decision.

    ‘’That’s what I was afraid of,’’she said, lowering her head. ‘’Jen, I’m really very sorry but, I have made my decision. I have to do what is best for our daughter now. She is all I have left now.’’ She looked toward the house now at their beautiful daughter sashaying her way across the living room. She looked so pretty there, so gentle and full of grace. Penny knew what she had to do, there.

    ‘’This is what she wants, Jen. Please try to understand, dear. ---- I must leave now. Please try to find a way to forgive me.’’ She bowed to the head stone, stopping only to kiss the top of it. She stood there for a moment, marveling at her lost love, and wondered for a brief moment just how this precious creature slipped away from her.
    ‘’Wo ai ni, Jen- Li,’’ (I love you, Jen-Li.)
    ………………………………................................................................................................ ‘’Well? What did Baba say?’’
    Penny heaved a heavy sigh, placed that same strand behind her ear, and stared at Zhen-Yi quite seriously.

    ‘’Well first of all, young lady, there will be no carousing on school nights. The statue of Liberty is actually in New York, but that’s not where we are going. There will be lots of opportunities for you to meet new people, but there will be absolutely NO-’’ Zhen-Yi took a step back as she said this, as she had actually raised her voice when she said, ‘’no.’’ The young girl knew her mother well, but not well enough. Once again, she was only joking.
    She unwrinkled her face and brow, and put a small smile on her face. Before she continued, she gave a small wink to her daughter.
    ‘’Going out with young boys----unless it’s a weekend.’’

    ‘’Really? You really mean it, mama?! Oh, deal! Oh thank you, mama, thank you!’’ Zhen-Yi rushed into a hug, and squeezed her tightly. Penny reciprocated, but now, she had this feeling in the pit of her stomach. It was a feeling letting her know that there was the slightest possibility that she had made the wrong decision. Even though she was trying to be logical and not to rush into anything, she sort of felt like she had anyway. At any rate, it hadn’t been terribly long since she had lost Jen-Li, and she didn’t feel like she could just get up and leave him, either. She still considered herself a married panda, and she wouldn’t dare do anything that would make her feel unfaithful to her husband. For the time being, though, she shrugged it off as mere nervous apprehension, for now great opportunities were going to fall in both of their directions, some welcome, and some not so much.
    ‘’ I just hope I’m doing the right thing.’’
    ‘’Yeah, yeah Gonzo, Fozzie got it all mixed up. We’re doing a movie theme of the Muppet Show. I was thinking you could d- um…Gonzo? Citizen Cane is not a musical….quite sure….ok..well think about if for me in the next couple of days, ok? Ok, I’ll be in touch….Pardon? …….Gonzo if you ask me about those exploding fish one more time!!!!…….yes, yes. Goodnight Gonzo.’’
    ‘’Hey, there, Rowlf! What’s up?’’
    ‘’Heigh-ho, Janice! It’s Kermit.’’
    ‘’Scooter? How soon can you get here?’’
    ‘’Sam, I promise this show will certainly have socially redeeming value.’’
    ‘’No Lou, absolutely not on the boomerang fish. Remember that lady you poked in the eye?’’
    ‘’Rizzo! Long time no talk!’’
    ‘’Um…no Pepe you’re still not getting a ticket to Miami, and no I don’t know if any, um, sexy women are going to be on the show, but uh, I do want you to come back and be in it!’’
    ‘’Will you be there, Bobo?’’
    ‘’Yeah Johnny, tomorrow night at the house.’’
    ‘’What? Will dinner be provided? Well, uh, I don’t know about that one, but uh, I’ll sure work on it.’’
    ‘’Gonzo, I said no exploding fish, reptiles, mammals, undergarments, eating utensils, nothing! There will be nothing like that on this show! If you please, I’d like to keep my near heart attack level to just one a month……Gonzo, if you don’t hang up this phone right now………..’’
    ‘’All right, Mayhem! I’ll see you tomorrow night then! I can’t wait to see you!’’

    After spending hours on the phone with the gang, Kermit finally took a deep breath, and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. Now, according to his list, there was just one more person who needed to be informed of the matter- and he was married to her. Still, her time to know about it had not come yet. To reveal this kind of a secret to Piggy, he needed to be more…delicate when revealing it to her. To do that, he needed to be able to commit himself to at least an entire romantic evening with her, and to be honest, he had more chance of riding on top of a Boeing 747 than spending an entire, interruption free evening with her…and this was just to get her warmed up to the idea. To get her to actually say yes, well, that would take more tact, skill, and possibly a ready and willing credit card bound for Zale’s. Still, he thought, that would be easy enough. As much as she would hate to admit it, Piggy loved doing the show, too. She loved all the attention she would get after doing her numbers, not to mention the skads of roses Kermit would leave for her each and every night after the show. He used to mess with her, and sign the card, Love, Enrique, your Latin Lover. They had come such a long way since then, and now it was time to go back.

    ‘’Excellent,’’ Kermit said, nodding satisfactorily. ‘’Excellent.’’
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, I agree with Kermit... Excellent, excellent chapter that is.

    Loved the first half with Penny and her daughter. You captured a deeper angle with Penny going to her temple to talk to her dead husband. That hit me hard, decent-sized curve ball you threw us.
    And the reactions by both female pandas...

    And also, the Muppet chatter at the end... That was very great also.
    Please post more soon!
  13. Java

    Java Active Member

    This is coming along very well, I can't wait to read more when you have it.
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So, uh... Too soon to ask for more please?
  15. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Not at all, Count! More coming up super soon!
  16. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    By the way...Java!! Good to see you back again!! Oh, I was so afraid that you didn't like my story. Good to see that that wasn't so.
  17. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    (Back in America, early Saturday morning.)
    ‘’You’re rather cheery this morning, Kermie,’’ Piggy noted. She said this with a giggle to her husband as he showered her with kisses all over her face. Normally when the two of them woke up, Piggy was fully prepared to see a groggy, cranky Kermit. This morning, though, she was seeing a completely different Kermit- she was seeing a romantic, dashing Prince Charming Kermit. She loooooved this side of him, in fact, she tried to arouse this part of him as often as she could. Unfortunately, she came to find that it was nothing to be conjured; these moods came when they came. This, of course, is not to say that Kermit wasn’t romantic with Piggy all the time, it was just the moments where he was particularly romantic that made her heart skip a beat.

    ‘’Well, I can’t help it, sweetie. I’m the luckiest frog in the world.’’ Piggy beamed at him from across the bed where he lay next to her, facing her. She covered her face halfway with the covers, half to flirt with him, and half to hide her bright red face.
    ‘’And why do you say that-dearie?’’
    ‘’Well,’’ he said, as he grabbed her closer to him. ‘’Because I have the greatest privilege of all, the greatest honor in the whole wide world. I get to love you. I get to love you for the rest of my life.’’

    Piggy blushed furiously and covered her mouth with a satiny glove. Had he really just said that? Never had Piggy felt so honored, so valued, so…loved.
    ‘’Oh, Kermie! Do you mean that?’’
    ‘’Of course,’’ he replied, giggling a little. ‘’Of all the prestigious honors I’ve had in my life, getting to be your husband is my greatest. You could’ve chosen any man in the world, but you chose me, and I will always love you for that. And in return, I get to cherish this beautiful goddess, this ravishing lady, this gorgeous angel.’’ Kermit pressed kisses from her shoulder all the way up to her mouth, and Piggy felt as if she could just melt. Kermit had just served her a little slice of heaven; he hadn’t talked to her like this since they were fist married. So, needless to say, this was quite a nice surprise for her. If only she had known that this sudden rush of happiness had everything to do with his plans on the rise..if only..

    ‘’What did I ever do to earn the privilege of having and holding an angel in my life?’’ He looked at Piggy ever so flirtatiously. If he had eyebrows, he’d be raising them at her. This was too good to be true. Piggy moved closer to Kermit, just an inch or so away from his lips and whispered, ‘’Who are you and what have you done with my husband? My Kermie doesn’t talk to me like this.’’

    ‘’Then your Kermie,’’ he said in a weird, untraceable accent, ‘’doesn’t appreciate you.’’ He pressed one last kiss on her check. ‘’I love you, Piggy.’’
    ‘’You do?’’
    ‘’Mmm, very much.’’
    ‘’Well then,’’ Piggy said, tugging on his collar, ‘’Care to confirm it for me, Mr. The Frog?’’
    ‘’Pigathius!’’ Kermit mock gasped. ‘’I can’t believe you even suggested such a thing!’’

    As he started to kiss her, the two of them heard a noise downstairs. It was a rustling noise, but somewhat muffled. It was the sound of someone trying to be quiet, but being really noisy in the process. Robin, of course. He never quite got the hang of quietly being quite. He was preparing himself for work at the local Circle K. He was a stocker there, which meant that he had to come bright and early on the weekend mornings. As Kermit called it, he was reaching in the fridge looking for a quick breakfast before heading out the door. The sound was downright unmistakable. Husband and wife groaned, and Kermit threw himself down on a nearby pillow. Every time, he thought to himself.

    ‘’Robin!’’ Kermit called. ‘’Is that you?’’
    ‘’Yeah! I mean….no! I mean…I’m not here, so I can’t answer!’’
    ‘’Yeah right,’’ said Piggy and Kermit simultaneously. Piggy groaned again, and looked at her frog in agony. Love’s labors lost. Clearly, the announcement of Robin’s presence had put her out of the mood.
    ‘’Are you going to work now, dear?’’ Piggy asked.
    ‘’Yes! I’ll see you guys later! Oh, uh… I mean…. um….Bye!’’
    Just as Robin was making his way out the door, Kermit called him back.

    ‘’FFFyes??’’ Robin had a complete mouthful of blueberry muffins, and unintentionally spit out some crumbs as he answered Kermit.
    ‘’Are you enjoying those muffins?’’ he asked slyly. See these weren’t just any muffins. These were special muffins, muffins that Piggy had bought just for Kermit. He would sit down and eat them every morning along with a steaming cup of coffee. He would especially eat them when he had a lot of paperwork and stress ahead of him for the morning. For that, Piggy called them his thinking muffins. Now, as everyone knows, kids will be kids, and they will do things that they’re not supposed to from time to time. Although Robin was in full knowledge that they were for his uncle, he ate them on the sly anyway. Kermit knew it all along- it didn’t bother him at all; in fact, he found it kind of funny. Kermit and Piggy looked at each other and shared a laugh upstairs, while Robin gulped hard and felt his heart sink downstairs.

    Busted, thought Robin. How to get out of this one….
    ‘’Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about Uncle Kermit…uh…bye!’’ and he bolted out the doorway like a bat out of the Muppet Theatre.
    ‘’Bye!’’ the two said in unison. Once the door closed, Kermit looked back at his adoring wife.
    ‘’Now then, where were we?’’
    ‘’Hm..I think you were going to ask your nephew to replace your muffins,’’ she said grumpily, getting up and putting her robe on.
    ‘’Piggy dear, that’s not what I meant,’’ he said giggling. He outstretched his arms to try to pull her back, but she would have none of it.
    ‘’Oh come on- Just because Robin- we don’t have to- we could- oh, come on, let’s just cuddle for a while, please??’’

    As much as Piggy wanted to accept, he softly declined and went downstairs. Now, even after almost five years of marriage, Piggy wanted to make Kermit work for her love. And he did. On top of that, she liked it when Kermit went chasing after her for a bit of attention every now and then. It made things seem more balanced.

    Meanwhile, back in the room, Kermit was baffled. What just happened here? One minute, I’m showering my wife in kisses and compliments, the next, I’m in this bed alone. It figures. No matter, Kermit had a few cards of his own to play. He just had to play them very carefully…..

    In a few moment’s time, Kermit joined his wife downstairs, where he helped himself to what was left of the muffins, (which, actually was somewhere around one and a third. Teenagers, right?) and a glass of orange juice. He started to read the paper that Robin had left out for him, when he noticed that his wife was looking at him adoringly. He loved it when she did that. So, he thought he’d do the same for her. Instead of eating the muffin(s?) all to himself, he broke it in half (the bigger half, at that) and fed it to Piggy. She smiled, and smoothed a hand over his back. Growing somewhat serious now, he went back to reading the paper, but his mind wasn’t completely there yet. Now, he needed to put on his poker face, and put his plan into action.

    ‘’Yes, honey?’’
    ‘’Well, I’ve noticed--you’ve been working really hard lately, and you could use a little reward. So I’ve got an idea: why don’t you go shopping this evening after you’re done with your photo shoot?’’
    An elated gasp escaped from Piggy as she arose from her chair. Pinch me! This is not the frog I married!

    ‘’Oh really, Kermie? Really?’’
    ‘’Really. Just don’t max out my card. We still need some money for Robin’s college fund, you know.’’ They both giggled at this as Piggy danced around her husband and kissed his cheek.
    ‘’Oh, I won’t do that. Oh, thank you dear!’’ and she pressed another kiss on the top of his head.
    He blushed, and yet smiled a very sneaky, devious smile at the same time. For a brief moment, a mischievous twinkle shined in his eye, but it almost instantly went back to a loving twinkle. The surprises I have in store for you….
    ‘’Oh, Piggy!’’

    ‘’And next month, we’re moving to America!……..I know, I heard it’s about the same size as China………..Of course I’ll write, what kind of friend do you take me for?……..Yeah!…..Yeah, friends for life!’’
    Zhen-Yi was excitedly chatting on the phone with a good friend from school. What she didn’t know all the while was that Penny was outside the door, listening to her enthusiasm exude from her. Her heart sank. She still couldn’t ignore that feeling that if they were to go to America, something bad might happen along that way. She pressed her back against the wall, deeply contemplating. Would something bad happen? And if so, was there any way for her to avoid it?
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmmm... Was this meant to be Chapter 5, Part 2?

    Very good addition. Liked the home scenes, laughed at Robin breaking into his uncle's stash of thinking muffins and getting busted.
    There's a lot here for the ushy-gushy (UG) clique...
    And I'm enjoying Penny and her daughter's polar opposite views regarding the move to America.
    And so the panda bear says to the polar bear... I didn't know it was a long-distance koala bear!
    Aaaaaah, wocka wocka!

    Liking this story, post more when you've got it ready.
  19. Java

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    Ahh, the games that spouses play in manipulating, um wait, coercing, um no, I didn't say that either, umm, getting each other in the best mood to tell them something. Yea, my husband and I don't do that at all. <shifty eyes> That's right, not at all.

    Good chapter, keep it coming when you can.

    I'm sorry to make you think that I had disappeared. Working twelve hour shifts with a commute can muck up a schedule. Tropical storms that alter your work hours don't help either. Such as now, I should be napping and then working on my story, but they messed up my hours and my body doesn't know what to do...

    Oh well, off to finish catching up and then finishing the finale to my story.
  20. green stuff

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    Oh, no....See..I didn't mean to confuse you count. This was supposed to be chapter 6, I just got off 'chapter 6' when i was pasting it on the thread. More coming soon, guys!

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