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Once Upon My Heart.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by green stuff, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Ok, now just something else to note..for all of you out there who like to ''figure out'' things as the story goes along.... the one that Piggy was talking on the phone to- is probably not the person whom you thought it was. In fact, I can guarantee it's not. How do I know this? Well, because--well, I just kind of know, actually. You'll understand why I said that when I post more, and I will certainly post some more tomorrow. But, for tonight, enjoy everyone!
  2. Java

    Java Active Member

    I'm intrigued, can't wait for more!
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ditto, waiting for more. Like the planning on both sides of the main cast, Kermit's rully fighting a number of divided fronts... Hope it all comes together in the end.
  4. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Oh, it does Count, it does...but the way that it does come together--well, it's sort of bittersweet. It starts out happy, then gets really messy, and dare I say-sad. But--we're not there yet, so I shouldn't give too much away. I'm working on it, though!
  5. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    here's part 2 of chapter8
  6. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    It was early afternoon when Robin’s shift ended. Already he was tired, and his eyes kept threatening to close themselves at any given moment. He couldn’t let them, though. He still had homework to finish, then he was able to enjoy some down time before he had to go clean up the Muppet Theatre. There had been a concert there last night, and based on what Kermit told him, it was a mess with a capital M.

    See, Robin liked to put on a little front when he went to go clean up after concerts and such. He liked to pretend that it was a burden and a big bother to him, when really, it gave him a secret joy to him. And the reason for this façade? Well, Robin thought that if he was happy about being at the Muppet Theatre in front of his Uncle Kermit, that it would make him sad- and that was the last thing Robin ever wanted to do. So, he just decided to be happy in private. It made it more interesting that way, for him that is. He liked having a little secret to himself-having a little piece of joy that no one knew about but he.

    The mere thought of it made him jittery inside; but in a good way. Sighing wistfully, he put his jacket on slowly, and was about to make his way out the door- when something caught his eye. It was a person, or, in one way or another it was a person, moving rather rapidly. It was a certain peanut butter colored person, with warm eyes and a nervous glance. It was a someone with a lot to tell and a short time to tell it in; a someone with a coffee colored hat, and a pink polka dotted tie.

    ‘’Fozzie,’’ Robin said with a laugh in his voice. He covered his face with his left hand, half in disbelief, and half in amusement.

    ‘’Oh boy,’’ he said, letting out a real sigh. ‘’This can only end in tears,’’ He walked up behind Fozzie next to the counter and stood, setting his watch so he could see how long it was until he found where he was. Yes, Robin was getting to be a devious little creature these days.

    ‘’Oh my oh my oh my oh my….Robin? Robin? Where’s Robin? Robin? Robin, are you in here?’’ Fozzie looked in an empty carboard box full of nothing but torn off plastic. He then noticed a stack of boxes( all of which were also empty, he would come to find out) Behind those boxes was a streak of a lime green.
    ‘’Robin! Oh there you are! Kermit sent me here to tell you something important! He sent me to tell you tha-’’
    ‘’Uh Fozzie? I’m over here.’’

    ‘’Where? Dah!’’ He jumped to find a giggling Robin right behind him, turning off the timer.
    ‘’Oh there you are! Heh, I knew that!’’
    Robin gave him an incredulous look as he looked at his watched and stopped the timer.
    ‘’Wow, 53 seconds, that’s a new record. Now Fozzie, what’s going on? What did Uncle Kermit send you here to tell me?….Gosh, it must be really important if he sent someone out.’’
    ‘’Yeah,’’ Fozzie agreed, still trying to recover from his shock. ‘’What is?’’
    ‘’The thing you were going to tell me.’’
    ‘’What thing?’’
    ‘’I don’t know. You said Uncle Kermit sent you over to tell me something- I’m waiting for you to tell me.’’
    ‘’Because you know what the message is, and I don’t silly!’’ Robin chuckled lightly at this.

    ‘’Oh yeah, I knew that,’’ he said, blushing slightly. A small silence ensued then. Robin stared at Fozzie, and Fozzie stared back. Suddenly, Robin thought, this isn’t starting to be so funny. This is starting to get annoying.
    ‘’So…uh…the thing?’’

    ‘’The thing?’’ asked Fozzie, obviously perplexed.
    ‘’Yeah, the thing, the thing you wanted to tell me? The thing Uncle Kermit made you rush over here to tell me? You know, the thing?’’
    ‘’Oh the thing!’’
    ‘’Yes, the thing!’’ Robin said, clasping his hands together. Now we’re getting somewhere.

    ‘’Now, what is this thing you need to tell me?’’ Another small silence.
    ‘’Oh! Oh, the thing Kermit said to tell you! Yes!’’ Robin smiled and let out a little giggle. He knew that if this were happening with Kermit, he would be madder than his aunt when her name and the words ‘’plus-sized’’ were mentioned in the same sentence, which was considerably upset. Robin though, had learned to be more peaceful and tranquil. He knew that Fozzie would spit it out in his due time--still, Kermit’s way was looking really good right now.

    ‘’Well, Kermit sent me here…to tell you…that…he’s..he’s starting another show.’’
    Doubletake. Robin’s eyes and face lit up. Did-did Fozzie just say what he hoped he’d said? At the mere thought that the answer was yes, a small lock inside of Robin’s heart opened up, and somehow, he felt himself be released, he felt himself-be freed.

    ‘’I’m sorry, what?’’
    ‘’Kermit is starting a new Muppet Show, and he wants you to have a special part in it!’’
    Somebody pinch me! This bear is messing with my emotions!

    Part? What special kind of part, Fozzie? And why couldn’t Uncle Kermit tell-’’
    ‘’He’s been working all day on it! He’s having a party tonight at your house to tell everyone about it.’’

    ‘’Wow,’’ Robin whispered. ‘’This is big, no, no this is huge! Ginormous, even! Oh, I can’t wait until tonight! Thanks for telling me Fozzie!’’
    ‘’Oh you’re welcome, ‘’ he said with a smile. He began to make his way out the door when…..

    ‘’But Fozzie! Why am I the last to know about this?’’
    ‘’Well, erm, uh, umm…’cause he forgot……’’ Fozzie said distantly and softly.

    ‘’Um….bye!’’ Fozzie said quickly, dashing out the door. Robin looked as Fozzie ran out, then stopped and pondered for a minute. This could be worth something, he thought. I’m gonna make sure Uncle Kermit thinks twice the next time he wants to tell me last about something big……

    Little did young Robin know- he was, indeed, not the last to know.
  7. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    More coming soon, guys!
  8. Java

    Java Active Member

    Oh, no. Robin's going to take advantage of his uncle and he's not the last to know... More please!
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Rully intrigued by where the story's going... Not sure what to say about Robin's current scheming... More please!
  10. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    This is a wonderful story! I adore it greenstuff! More please?
  11. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Absolutely, guys! Coming up soon! And Count and Java-- Robin's not scheming, so to speak. Don't worry, he's not going to do anything wrong or bad....he's going to play a practical joke on good ol' Uncle Kermit, that's all. I hope that sets your minds at ease a little bit, if not, they will be eased when I post it. Anyway, more coming soon!
  12. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    can't wait

    Please vote for me in the MC
  13. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Well, ok! I'll vote for ya!
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    No worries greenstuff... Was just expressing something based on the way the story's going. And please post more soon.

    Oh, and don't let yourself be influenced by nominees for the 3rd semi-annual MC awards. Vote for whoever you truly think deserves the nomination for said awards.
  15. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    I don't even know what I'm voting for..I'm just trying to be nice.... anyway guys, I know that I certainly owe you guys some story, but I've been feeling really really sad lately. A lot has happened to me lately that has really brought my world down in a matter of speaking- and frankly, it's a little more than even I think I can handle.
    But writing kind of helps, though. It helps me express these feelings that I'm having when there's no one else to talk to. So, I guess the reason that I'm telling you guys all this is to let you guys know that if I start posting a lot more infrequently lately, that's why. I really sorry guys, but I'm just not good at dealing with unhappy emotions. More story coming as soon as I can.
  16. Java

    Java Active Member

    Don't forget we're here for you at the forums if you need to vent. Take care and just post more as you have it ready.
  17. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Your story = beautiful. :) I especially like the parts with Penny the Panda... I've always had a fascination with Oriental cultures... at least, ever since I saw Mulan for the first time.
  18. Java

    Java Active Member

    So, Ed, how do you work this muffin cannon?
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Simple Melis... You just fill it up with muffins...
    *Fills cannon with muffins.
    Then aim at the author...
    And fire!

    Please, greenstuff, post more soon!
  20. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Ok guys, more coming up soon, ok? OH and Puppy luver! Welcome to my story, first of all, and second, I'm glad you like my characters! Obviously, they're oriental, and my specific goal in this story is to teach people all about Oriental culture. (I'm Asian, obviously.) So, I thought the best way to do that would be with Asian character. But wait, Puppy luver, there's more! In the next two or three chapters to come, I'm going to introduce yet another Asian character..yes, this story is going to be full of Asian people--erm..animals. Anyway, the story! It's coming, it's coming, got two hands only!

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