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Once Upon My Heart.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by green stuff, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Count, glad you like it! There's lots of good stuff to come.
    Java- I understand that you're busy and all. 12 hours shifts and tropical storms and all doesn't sound like fun. I just thought that you didn't like it. But I'm glad that you do!

    Just a side not to everyone who read this from here on out: there's a lot of stuff in this story that is autobiographical. I'll tell you what when we get there. But for now, I just wanted you guys to know. Now then, on to chapter 7!
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmmm... You think we oughta nag GreenStuff for some more story?
    Well, if you insist.

    More please!
  3. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Ok, ok, put that nagging stick away, Mr. The Count! Here comes more story right now!
  4. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Chapter 7
    A little later, after Robin had scurried off to work, and Piggy had prepared a breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs, it was the time of times. The one time of the day where Kermit could actually admit that he hated. The part of the morning where he and Piggy had to separate for the day. He had to go to work on his new screenplay, and Piggy had photo shoots all day. He hated to have to say goodbye to Piggy sometimes; sometimes he wished that they could just stay together at the house all day so he could just hold her in his arms and tell her how beautiful she was. Alas, it could not happen, though, and Kermit hated this part of the morning for it.

    Slowly, he helped Piggy put her coat on, with a quick bow and a kiss of her hand afterwards. Piggy blushed and turned her head away- inside, she was as giddy as a school girl. Anyone who says chivalry is dead-hasn’t met my husband, she thought. She smiled at Kermit, giving him a small kiss on the cheek. She didn’t want to leave, either. To actually tell the truth, she didn’t like this part of the day any more than he did. In fact, she probably disliked it even more than he because if Kermit truly wanted to, he could do all of his work from home. Piggy however, had to actually go outside of their home to go to work. That’s what she hated the most. Kermit retuned her smile warmly, wrapping his slender arms around her waist.

    ‘’Do you have to go?’’
    Piggy was overcome with tenderness. Why, if she had her way….

    ‘’I don’t want to, Kermie, but I have to.’’ Not the answer Kermit wanted to hear. He put on a pretend pouty face, causing Piggy to erupt in laughter. He laughed himself, and opened the door for her. He then walked her over to the limo, which had already been waiting for Piggy outside of the house for at least five minutes. It would be worth mentioning that Jerome, the driver did not like to wait--for anyone. Kermit especially tapped into this fact this morning, as Jerome gave him a look expressing so.

    He looked back over at Piggy, tossing her hair over her shoulders. Once again, he lifted one of her hands to his lips and kissed it.
    ‘’You look pretty today,’’ he said with a grin. Specifically, he was looking at the way that her skirt flattered her figure. Easy now, Kermit.
    ‘’ Thank you, how charming of vous,’’ she said, kissing him on the cheek.
    Once again, Kermit looked over fearing the wrath of Jerome. Time to wrap it up.

    ‘’Well, I guess you better get going. Have a good day, sweetheart, and don’t work too hard, ok?’’
    Piggy came closer, to the point where she was just inches away from his lips.
    ‘’Promise, Kermie,’’ she said ever-so flirtatiously. With that, they kissed goodbye, and Kermit walked her over to the limo, opening the door for her, of course. The two blew kisses to each other as she stepped in, and Kermit stood in the driveway and waved as Jerome drove away with his sanity and life-long best friend.

    Kermit sighed. Now, he had to deal with the thought that he too, had to go to work. In more ways than one. Upstairs, in his office by day, he was writing a new screenplay called ‘Meet me west of the moon.’ Downstairs, in the family room by night, he was hosting a welcome back party for the Muppets to explain to them the goings on of the plan. Very busy he was going to be, but at the end of the day, it was all worth it. It had to be. Though for the pat five years, Kermit had experienced mostly happiness in his life, there was a strong feeling of loneliness that he couldn’t fight anymore; nor did he have the desire to. It was time to come back.

    Kermit came back into the house, made his way up the stairs, and suddenly……stopped. He had forgotten a calculation in his plans--a very important calculation. Kermit made plans to break the news to his wife easily, but there was one person he completely forgot about--Robin. He had completely forgotten! After all the hulabaloo he had gone through to make sure everyone else knew--he toally spaced telling the one that this whole thing was going to affect the most-- next to Piggy, of course.

    ‘’Oh brother,’’ Kermit said, slapping his forehead. With that, he hurried upstairs to fix this…little problem. To illustrate what this would be like, with the way that his plans were going, fixing this would be like fixing the hole in the ozone layer. Next to impossible at this point, but not completely impossible.
    ‘’The soy milk is right next to the 2%, on the top shelf..yes, right there ma’am….You’re welcome.’’
    Meanwhile, at the Circle K, Robin was helping costumers and performing his usual early morning duties. He was just beginning to stock the bread and other wheat products, when suddenly, Robin felt his phone ringing. (He felt it rather than heard it because he would always put his cell phone on vibrate when he went to work.) For a moment, Robin reached his hand down into his pocket to retrieve it, but then paused. He wasn’t allowed to answer his phone when he was at work, and he sure didn’t want to get in trouble. With that set in mind, Robin went back to work, hoping inwardly that whoever was calling him would leave a message.

    ‘’C’mon, Robin, C’mon, Pick up! Just this once! C’mon!’’ grumbled Kermit. Needless to say, the guilt that was riding on him certainly wasn’t adding to his current sour mood. ‘’Oh boy, how could I have forgotten! What a horrible uncle I am!’’ Then, his worries were over--so he thought.’
    ‘’Hi, this is Robin,’’ said a warm voice.
    ‘’Robin! Ahh, thank goodness! I need to-’’
    ‘’Sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, but if you leave me your name, number and a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!’’
    ‘’Robin! It’s me-- It’s It’s Uncle Kermit. Look I uh, I need to tell you something very very important, ok? Call me back right away when you get this message, ok? Ok, bye.’’
    ‘’Oh boy.’’
    ‘’Oh boy,’’ Penny said, pacing back and forth. ‘’What did I get myself into? I- I shouldn’t have told her so soon, Frank, she’s pinging off of the walls! She’s already picked out what school she wants to go to there, and kind of job she’d like to have there, what college she wants to attend…it’s all maddening! And here, all this time, I thought she was going to be mad at me! Teenagers!’’ Penny rubbed her head with one hand, and nearly dropped the telephone in the other.

    She sighed. ‘’I tell you Frank, I’m getting to old for this!’’
    ‘’And what’s worse is you’re not even forty yet,’’ added Frank. Fortunately, it allowed for a small snicker out of Penny, which served as a huge relief for Frank. He didn’t like it when Penny was in tense situations like this, so he always tried to break the ice with humor. Normally it worked, and fortunately, it did this time too.

    ‘’Listen, as long as you’ve got your husband’s blessing, what is it that you’re so worried about? I mean your daughter is jumping at the chance you to, it’s pretty obvious that you want to go. What are you so worried about?’’
    In less than a second, Penny’s face dropped from a smile to a frown. Pow! Right in the kisser! What’d he have to go and bring that up for? Oh well, no going back now.

    ‘’Well,’’ Penny reluctantly admitted. ‘’I don’t exactly have my husband’s blessing. In fact, I think that I’m going against his wishes. He doesn’t want us to go. That’s why I’m so worried about this.’’
    ‘’Against his wishes? What are you talking about, Penny? That’s absurd! Jen was the most supportive husband on the planet! He would’ve supported you all the way!’’

    Penny shook her head sadly. ‘’Not this time. Normally, I feel a breeze when I have his support, or hear a bird chirping, or-or something. But not this time- I felt nothing. That, and I already know that this would be against his wishes. You see, when we first got married, and then when we had Zhen-Yi, I , well, I sort of made him a promise..’’

    ‘’A promise? What sort of promise?’’ asked Frank curiously.
    None of your darn business! That’s what she felt like saying, but it was against her personal beliefs to be that rude.
    ‘’Frank, some things that are between a husband and wife should be left that way. Look, it’s pretty late, and I should probably get to bed. Zhen-Yi and I have lot of paperwork tomorrow. So uh…we’ll talk tomorrow?’’

    ‘’Yeah, yeah. We’ll talk tomorrow,’’ Frank replied, somewhat coldly. He couldn’t help but feel just a little brushed off, here. He had done nothing but keep her best interest in mind so far, and she was keeping things from him? That’s gratitude for you.
    ‘’Have a good night, Penny.’’
    ‘’You too,’’ Penny replied shakily. ‘’I’ll call you in the morning. Goodnight.’’
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmmm, wonder where the rest of the reading gang left off to.

    Good chapter. The UG's will be pleased with that opening segment between the frog and the pig. Very much liked Kermit's work schedule, upstairs during the day working on the script and downstairs in the night hosting his returning friends.
    But he forgot to tell Robin? Oh Kermit, get on the horn and tell that nephew of yours now!
    And I liked the conversation between Penny and Frank... Shows her insecurities about a big change, even when she knows it's for the best. Especially liked how she handled the whole promise she made to her husband, although I can understand her agent's crossness.

    Great stuff, more please!
  6. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    That's right, Robin. Good boy. Don't answer your phone at work. Make your uncle feel reeeeeeeeeeeally guilty for not telling you. <grins> I love the comparison of fixing this "little problem" to fixing a hole in the ozone layer.

    And of course I love that Kermit and Miss Piggy hate to say goodbye to each other in the morning! It's so sweet, and I love how they keep saying goodbye and not actually separating for as long as possible... And they do it every morning, too. Poor Jerome...

    Oh, all right, I can't resist...

    <Grinny McGiggles...>

    That line just makes me so HAPPY!

    <Giggles McBouncy>

    <Grinny McBouncy>

    SQUEEE! <is not ushy-gushy> It's so sweet! They just can't say goodbye to each other and it's SO SWEET! And Jerome drove away with Kermit's "sanity and life-long best friend" I LOVE that description of her! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE <bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy> <is not ushy-gushy>

    Oh Kermit for shame! But I do love that "the one that this whole thing was going to affect the most-- next to Piggy, of course." I love the after-thought feeling of it. It's very bounce-inducing.

    Yup, Kermit, you are. No, actually, you're not. I love how much he's beating himself up over this!

    HAAAAAAAA! That cracked me up. (Anybody got some glue?)

    <perks up> You called? ...Seriously, though, I love how she's getting so flustered with the opposite of her expectations coming true.

    I can't say exactly why I love this... but I do... so very much...

    Have I mentioned yet that I love her? And I love all this insight we're getting into Penny's relationship with her husband...

    Vincent L likes this.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry, we're out of glue... Used up the last of it to fix that ozone thingy.
  8. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    YAY!! <waves arms wildly> Great update! <ditto's everything in Lisa's post> Turnabout is fair play after all!

    Oh... I can't quite ditto one thing in her review. Specifically, where she claims <skeptical look> to not be ushy gushy.

    I am way, way out of the closet on that one.

    Anyway, yay!!!!!
  9. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <shifty eyes> <locks closet door> I am not ushy-gushy.

    Here, green stuff. Have a muffin.
  10. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Why thank you, Together Again! I'm honored to accept a muffin from you!! That is a sheer compliment to me...thank you *blushes furiously*
  11. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    By the way everyone, thanks for all your kind compliments and general comments so far! You all are way too kind.

    BTW- Lisa..I thought that your review of this chapter was hilarious! Especially the whole stuff, green green stuffing, it's not that easy bein' green stuff..etc. It really brought a much needed smile to my face! Also, I am very very very honored by your offering me a muffin. On this forum, I've noticed, ony the great authors here get muffins, which is why I'm seriously complimented and honored...now I feel like one of the great ones..whether that's true or not, I have yet to find out..but the point is... I GOT A MUFFIN!! WOOHOO *breathes deeply* all right, I'm ok now...now then, on to chapter 8! Tally ho!
  12. Java

    Java Active Member

    You definatley have us wanting MORE NOW PLEASE. I felt the same way the first time my story got muffined.

    This was a wonderful chapter, and it's great to prove that everybody has an ushy-gushy side. Toga- if Count can at least brush it off you don't have to hide locked in the closet.

    Now, here, have another muffin.
  13. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Thank you, Java!! How kind of you!! *hides face between her hands* In case you guys haven't noticed, I'm a shy person, so when I get complimented, I just don't know what to do with myself...... except...be shy, I guess. But, I've been double muffined! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Oh, I'm so happy...Ok...more chapter coming up soon, I promise. Not today, though, I have skads of drawing to do today, but tomorrow......maybe, just maybe...
  14. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    Aww... <cuddles> This is a good place to be shy in... I have a fair streak of that myself, so I understand. I'm very much looking forward to more of this lovely story! You're doing a great job!

  15. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    When I get shy, I usually hide under a rock.

    Or the backseat of the EM bus.

    Whichever's closer.
  16. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Thank you, Leyla! Oh, why are you so kind to me? You're a sweetheart! *hugs right back* Well, today doesn't look good for posting, either, but soon, soon.
  17. Java

    Java Active Member

    Take your time, just don't forget about the story.
  18. MarkFraggle

    MarkFraggle New Member


    Okay, so I just caught up on this story, and WOW.

    I read too much at once, and I think it made my head explode from overwhelming awesomeness. You should have warned me it was going to be this good and this fun ... I coulda pieced it out over a few hours instead of reading it all in one go, and maybe I would have saved my head.

    And yet I was sad when I ran out of chapters. Can't wait for more!
  19. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Well, thank you, MarkFraggle! How very nice of you! I don't know what to say except....thank you very much! I'm working on the next chapter right now, so it'll definitely be up tomorrow, no matter what, guys! Mark- I hope you enjoy the upcoming chapter,'cuz there's lots of good stuff coming up!!
  20. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    This is probably only going to end up being chapter 8, part 1....just so those nagging sticks wouldn't come out any time soon. More coming this weekend!

    Chapter 8
    Later that morning….
    ‘’Ok, ok, give me a little more over the shoulder, honey…hold it…hold it…aw! Wonderful, wonderful! Ok now give me some leg, a little more, and… Yes! Yes! That’s just what I want. Ok one more honey, show me that twinkle in your eye, like you’re looking at your husband…your husband’s right in front of you..ok, sweetie, hold it! Fabulous!’’

    Mark, Piggy’s best photographer, was working the heck out of her today..almost to the point where he was annoying her. For some reason, he was riding her particularly hard today, and for the life of her, Piggy couldn’t find a possible explanation as to why that was. Perhaps there was a up and coming model that was appearing on more of the magazines, perhaps she was in higher public demand; she didn’t know. What she did know, was that she did not like that tone that Mark was taking with her. If ever there was a good day for Kermit to be at work with her, today was the day; because if Mark kept on pushing her the way that he was, he was going to end up in intensive care before the day was out.
    Luckily, and not a moment too soon, Mark ran out of film in his lead camera. He sighed, and brushed what little hair he had left back.
    ‘’Take five everyone. Oh, and Piggy, I need you to come back with more passion, more energy sweetie.’’
    ‘’Oh, I’ll come back with something, all right, ‘’ she growled.

    It was then that a sudden and unexpected surprise came to Piggy that day. She was having her makeup reapplied and having a glass of mimosa, when she heard a phone ring off in the distance. Her head perked up in the direction that the phone was ringing, looking on with wonder-- no one ever called at the studio (unless it was an absolute emergency, that is.) Worry reigned in her face as one of the techies looked in her direction.
    ‘’It’s for you, ma’am.’’

    Wondering who it could possibly be, Piggy nervously walked into the phone room, and picked up the phone call on line 1.

    ‘’Hello?……..Darling!…….Oh, Moi couldn’t be better, and vous? Well, Moi am just finishing up a photo shoot here, then Moi am off for a couple of hours, then another shoot, and then….Pardon, dear?…….. Lunch? Oh that would be wonderful, darling!…..Where?…….Saggio’s at 1:00?………You bet. I’ll be there, dear. Don’t be late…..Of course!….All right, see you there……Yes……..Kissy kissy! Goodbye, dear!’’

    ‘’What a nice surprise!’’ Piggy thought aloud, emerging from the phone room. Lunch with a loved one- what could be better than that? Now, she was in a much better mood to put up with Mark’s hounding. Though, just because she was better equipped to put up with him, didn’t mean she was going to. She was Miss Piggy, after all- she had standards.

    ‘’Everyone back, then? All right let’s get back to work now! Can I get those lights back on, please? Let’s get on it, Piggy!’’
    ‘’Mark, dear?’’ Piggy was tugging on the bottom of Mark’s pant leg. He looked down on her questioningly.
    ‘’Yes, Miss Piggy, what is it?’’
    ‘’Moi understands that vous have Moi’s best interest in mind here, but….if you ever talk to me like that again--you will be two olives short of a martini.’’

    Mark gulped. He certainly didn’t want that. A good decision on his part--he decided to be quiet for now, and to just not mess with her today.

    ‘’Right then, I need you to lean on the pillar there,honey…..uh, um…please?’’
    ‘’Certainly,’’ she said in her sweetest voice. Slipping back into model mode, she tossed her hair away from her face, giving a most exotic smile.
    ‘’Ok, great! Hold it….yes! Beautiful!’’ exclaimed Mark.

    ‘’I don’t know how her husband puts up with her,’’ he muttered, to no one in particular.
    ‘’Yeah, yeah, Fozzie I need you to tell him right away, time is of the essence here!…………. Because I never forget what’s important to me!………..Ok, so I forgot about Robin this one time, but that’s not the point!……….Fozzie will you please just get over there and tell him?!?……Good, good yes, thank you. I owe you one, my friend. Uh huh, yeah, we’ll talk about that tonight. Yes…I mean, no! You’re going to go find Robin, remember?…. Ok, ok, bye now.’’

    Kermit heaved a heavy sigh, and gulped down a drink of water. For a second there, he eyed the bottle of aspirin, just inches away from his hand. He shook it off, though. Nah.
    ‘Why do I trust Fozzie to tell my nephew something dangerously critical? Oh brother!’

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