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Once Upon My Heart.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by green stuff, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Ok, so I've come back. Just to give you guys a little heads up here, to get you excited(hopefully) and to give you guys a little something to look forward to until I'm able to post the next chapter.

    SO--- in this next chapter coming up, we're going to meet one of Piggy's childhood friends (who is of the human persuasion by the way) and her husband...they are both very interesting characters.....and they do crazy stuff.... anyway.....
    Penny will be having a bittersweet time as she and Zhen-Yi prepare to go to America...and maybe, just maybe, you might find out about Penny's promise to her husband.
    Robin is going to play his little trick on Kermit--it's nothing elaborate mind you, but still a little joke.

    *Phew* well, that's just about all I can say without giving too much away here. Just something for you guys to think about... Anyway, I'll post more as soon as I can. Zaijian ! (bye in Chinese.)
  2. Java

    Java Active Member

    Looking forwrd to it when you can. If not, the cannon is loaded and ready!
  3. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Oh I see, Java! After my head's up and all! I see that won't really sustain anyone...darnit!! Well....I'm working on it!
  4. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    *pokes head in-- sniffs* Uh-oh! I smell muffins! *sniffs again* Gah! And blueberry muffins at that! That can't be good. Well, I guess that can only mean one thing- that I had better post more story--and soon!
  5. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Who's ready for more story??!!
  6. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Chapter 9

    Saggio’s - one of the fanciest and best restaurants in town ( and one of the few that Kermit and the missus didn’t practically own because of their constant repeat business.) It was a quaint little place- eclectic, yet elegant. On the side walls and the front doors, it had paintings of statues of famous figures like Babe Ruth and Marilyn Monroe. The ceiling itself was even a spectacle-- it was adorned with phrases in all different sorts of languages and writing systems. Directly below that and to the right, there was a pillar adorned with plastic green vines in the form of a Greek style setting. The most dazzling and beautiful sight, and probably the most overlooked sight, was the back wall. This was the most eclectic, yet artistic and beautiful wall, as it had all sorts of things that one would probably never see anywhere else.

    This wall was so large and unique, that it was actually impossible for one to see everything in the wall on just one visit. Hence, if you were the artistic type, it was an open invitation to come back, and see what else you could find. If you weren’t the artistic type, then it’s just something pretty to look at whenever you would come there. The entire wall was a painting--at the very bottom of it were the Supremes in a swimming pool. Just above that was a seven eleven-only instead of seven eleven, it said ‘Seventh Heaven.’ Standing on top of the ‘Seventh Heaven’ was Superman. To the right of Superman was King Kong. Beneath King Kong was Albert Einstein playing chess with Frida Cahlo. John Wayne was fairly central in the painting, with Looney Tunes characters chasing each other behind him. To John’s right was E.T. on the beach, and directly under that was a curious looking Billy Zane as he looks on at the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic.
    (There were many other things on this wall as well, but the other things are far too numerous to mention)

    It was here that Piggy had just taken her seat to wait for her dearest, most trusted friend, with two glasses of champagne to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Over the years, the two had kind of lost contact, but recently they came back together over a very joyous affair.

    Piggy hadn’t even been waiting there for a minute when one Ms. Samantha Jones sauntered up to the table Piggy was sitting in. She was rather tall for a woman, about 5’10, with beautiful, flowing blonde locks, and blue-green eyes. Samantha had the kind of face that would look gorgeous with or without makeup-but today was somewhat of a special occasion for her, so she decided to grace herself with some. She was donned in a knee length red dress with spaghetti straps, clear pumps, a large red handbag, and was bathed in Imari perfume. Yes, Samantha had a keen fashion sense of her own, one might say-over the years she had become quite the diva herself.

    Samantha was an actress as well, converted to the movies by her husband. She and Piggy met when they were teenagers after having similar home situations, went to college together, got married, and the rest is history. The only significant difference in their careers is that Samantha was more of a dramatic actress while Piggy liked to work more on the comedic side. Samantha could do both, she just preferred drama. She also never tried her hand at modeling as Piggy had, despite many of Piggy’s pleas to get her to do so. She felt she didn’t have the patience for it, and she was probably right.

    She walked up to Piggy’s table absolutely beaming at her-one, because she was nothing short of delighted to see her, and two, she was still feeling jittery and euphoric from her honeymoon. This was the first time since her return that she had gone anywhere without her new hubby, but Piggy’s company would definitely make up for that.

    Piggy cooed at the sight of Samantha, and they both ran into each other’s arms, squealing with delight and kissing each other twice on each cheek. It was their thing, one might say. Having gotten that out of the way, the two ladies sat down, and got down to business- gossip. Of course, it was gossip about themselves and their personal lives, but gossip nonetheless.

    ‘’Samantha darling! How good to see vous! Why did vous stay away so long?’’
    ‘’Oh trust me, honey, if I had my way, I’d still be on my honeymoon!’’ The two shared a little giggle and they perused the menu. This time, Samantha spoke up. ‘’So what’s been going on? What have I missed?’’
    ‘’Oh nothing unusual, dear, just the same old things. Moi am busier than ever now-what with all the photo shoots moi have been doing.’’
    ‘’Oh I know, I heard about that,’’ Samantha observed. ‘’Sounds like your agency’s got you hopping. That could be good or bad. But…let’s hope for the prior.’’

    ‘’Here here!’’ Piggy giggled, and the two clanked their champagne glasses together, laughing all the way. Right in the middle of a gulp, Samantha belted out another catch up question.

    ‘’Oh, and speaking of hopping--how’s that husband of yours doing? He’s not up to his old tricks still, is he?’’ She said this with a wide grin. She had known Kermit almost as long as she had known Piggy. And when the two of them met, it was a chaotic, mischievous, playful friendship made in heaven. One could always infer that when Kermit and Samantha got together, craziness ensued. Needless to say, she loved to tease Piggy about her marriage to him- as she was a major catalyst at getting the two of them married, after all.

    ‘’I’m afraid so, darling,’’ she said, giggling girlishly. ‘’You know Kermie. Except he’s all work and no play these days. Moi cannot remember the last time we went out for a romantic evening. He’s quite wrapped up in his work-always up in his office, typing away. And when he’s in his office, nothing can get his attention-except for a little piece of lace, perhaps…’’

    Samantha covered her mouth with her hand, half in amusement, half in shock. She let out a little giggle, and waved at Piggy with her other hand.
    ‘’Oh Piggy, you’re terrible! I’ll have to try that on my husband!’’ The two ladies exploded into laughter, and only quieted down when a waiter eyeballed them from the back. Samantha stifled a giggle while Piggy tried her best to grow serious and continue their little girl talk.

    Samantha turned her attention back on it too-for now was her moment of truth. It was her big moment-her kiss and tell moment; the time where she would tell her best girl friend all about her experiences thus far as a ‘’Mrs.’’
    Recently, Samantha Jones had become Mrs. Braden Zenos, the wife of a well-versed and much accomplished actor. He was rather a handsome man, about 6’2, 210 pounds, very muscular. He was half Greek from his father’s side and half Chinese from his mother’s side, gifted with sexy dark, slanted eyes and short, dark hair. Needless to say, Braden was a lot of womens’ eye candy- lucky for him though, his wife wasn’t the jealous type- yet. For most of his adult life, he had been converted to the movies; prior to that, he was solely a stage actor and professional choreographer. When he was a senior in high school, he was scouted out by a talent agent, and was offered a contract as well as a full scholarship to Danhurst College, where he met his best friend and roommate, one Mr. Kermit the Frog (and his future wife.)

    Since then, the two couples had been the best of friends and often double dated-but upon the last two years, they went their separate ways. They attended each other’s weddings (actually, they were each other’s best men and maids of honor), but other than an occasional Christmas or just happening to be in town, the two couples saw each other pretty infrequently.

    It was all catch up time for that now. The two girls sat at the table, simply giddy as Samantha waited for Piggy to ask her about her honeymoon, which actually, didn’t take long.
    ‘’Well, girly, spit it out! How was Greece? Was it as beautiful as the brochures?’’
    ‘’Oh Piggy, even better! I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life! The Parthenon, the numerous flower stands, the outdoor diners….it was all gorgeous! And-it helps to have a half Greek husband to help you translate the stuff you can’t understand!’’ They shared another laugh, each of them taking another sip of champagne.

    ‘’And-oh, I tell you- it was so romantic, Piggy! We were never apart the whole time we were there! Aw, he made me feel like I was the only woman alive-’’ she lowered her voice, and leaned in closer to Piggy. ‘’Because let me tell you, there are a lotof lovely young beauties in Greece. He didn’t look at a one of ‘em.’’
    ‘’Enjoy that while you can, dear,’’ Piggy said wistfully. ‘’That won’t last for long.’’
    ‘’Oh, not if I can help it,’’ Samantha guffawed.

    Now, it was Piggy’s turn to lean in close to Samantha and whisper. ‘’And I assume vous took pictures for moi to look at?’’
    Samantha pulled her head back in sheer shock. ‘’Did I?’’

    She reached to her side, pulling a large red binder out of her bag. It had white rose petals on it and read in gold letters: OUR HONEYMOON.
    Piggy looked at it, then at Samantha with a wide eyed look. This was going to be good.
    Samantha opened the front cover, flipping to the first page. ‘’Volume one.’’


    ‘’There now. We’ve got the boxes, so I guess we better start packing.’’ Penny distributed some to Zhen-Yi, and took her share to the kitchen. Zhen-Yi excitedly went straight up to her room to start packing up her things. She was just so elated, she could bust. Penny saw the excitement in her face, and in made her want to bust too, but in a different way.

    The closer it got to moving day, the more frightened she became about it. She already felt bad about breaking her promise to Jen-Li, but now, a constant reminder of that everyday made her feel even worse. She felt like a horrible wife, and yes, even a terrible mother. Penny was really starting to believe that, underneath it all, Jen- Li was right.

    She opened up her first box, of a fairly moderate size, and looked around the kitchen. Where on Earth do I start? Maybe starting with the kitchen was a bad idea. There was so much to be done in the kitchen; so much to be packed. There were, of course, the cooking utensils, then there were the pots and pans, the spices, all the contents of every cabinet, drawer, shelf, rack, and every other imaginable nook and cranny. Penny had always complained of how small their kitchen was; now for the first time, it seemed enormous.

    ‘’Oh my,’’ Penny gulped, almost whispering. It was going to take a lot of work on her part, as she wasn’t just going to pack it up, she was going to clean it as well. Not only was Penny going to clean the kitchen, she wasn’t going to stop until it was spick and span- in better condition that it was when she and Jen-Li moved in. That’s just the way Penny was- somewhat of a perfectionist. She wasn’t looking forward to doing it, but nonetheless, it needed to be done.

    She began over by the stove, and began to put her cooking utensils in the sink for washing. As she did though, she stopped. She stepped back from the sink, and felt a slight pain in her heart. It went away after a few seconds, but the initial shocked certainly grabbed her attention. For a moment, she couldn’t help but think that this was a twinge of guilt, because in her mind, she was doing a terrible thing. Penny was always a panda of her word, and this would be the first time in her life she had ever broken a promise. Not only that, the weight of the promise itself really was taking its toll on her as well. She felt like the weight of the world was on her shoulders, and it felt terrible.

    Penny tried to clear her head by shaking it a little bit. Of course, this didn’t help much, if at all. In fact, it only really made things worse for her. As Penny began to pack up her spices, she swore she could hear a voice. A soft voice, a gentle voice, a man’s voice--Jen Li’s voice. She was remembering, remembering it all. She was recalling her guilt; why she was a bad wife…..

    ‘’No, Chun, we just can’t do that sweetheart, It’s absolutely out of the question. It would ruin everything we stand for.’’

    ‘’But Jen, I still don’t understand what the difference is. Here, America, how will it change anything?’’

    ‘’It will change everything, Chun! It will change our culture, our language, our way of life as we know it! Why are we discussing this?’’

    ‘’Because it will be an issue that our cub will bring up sooner or later! Our cub will want to know what is so bad about America, and why they can never go there. Then I will be the one responsible for crushing their dreams, because I know I will be the one who will have to explain it to them!’’

    ‘’Chun, I-’’ Jen-Li lowered his voice, and stooped down to wher
    e his young wife was seated on the couch. He touched her swollen middle, rubbing it up and down, and kissing it softly. He smiled up at her, and kissed her too. What Jen-Li was insisting really was for their cub's best interest, but what he was having trouble with was making her understand that. Maybe he wouldn’t have to…

    ‘’Chun, I want you to make me a promise. Promise me that no matter what- no matter what happens or what obstacles we face, that you will never take our cub to America. It will ruin his life. It our baby ever comes to America, he will be expected to walk and talk and act like they do. They will expect him to spend money so frivolously like they do. They will expect him to be every stereotype out there about Asians. Worst of all, if you take our cub to America, sooner or later, he will be Americanized. He will forget all about the Chinese culture, he will forget the language, he will forget our traditions, he will forget everything- and all so he can fit in in America. I want our cub to preserve and embrace his heritage. I want him to be proud that he is a Chinese, not to be ashamed of it. And that’s what will happen to him if he goes to America, Chun.’’

    ‘’Not if I teach him-’’

    ‘’Promise me. Now, Chun,’’ he said, somewhat forcefully. This time, he said it somewhat softer. ‘’Promise me.’’

    Chun sighed and ran a hand through his silky hair, finally ready to comply. ‘’I promise, Jen- Li. I promise.’’

    (End of Flashback)

    Penny sobbed, holding her face in her hands, and clenching her teeth.
    ‘’I’m so sorry, my love.’’
  7. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Ok. Phew! That's chapter 9, hope you like it folks! Anyway, remember how I promised you guys that I'd tell you when there was autobiographical information in here! Well now I'm telling you! Here's the stuff that I put in here

    1.) Saggios. Saggio's is actually a real restaurant here in New Mexico right across the street from the University that I attend. The walls that I described are also very real, and I added that last thing I mentioned on the wall, that's not actually there, but everything else I said is there. And-interestingly enough, Saggio's is actually a pizza place-but it's a FANCY pizza place, if you can even have such a thing...
    2.) Braden- Samantha's husband. I got his name from a boy I used to have a crush on in thrid grade, and since then I've always liked that name. Coming up with Braden's nationality was very interesting for me, as he's based off of my own nationality as well as another source. See, I am Greek on my father's side, and Oriental on my mother's side, so in a way, Braden is a little piece of my. I also made Braden Oriental because he's going to be communication with Penny a lot as the story progresses. Further, I decided to make Braden part Greek as a tribute to my favorite actor, Billy Zane. I also mentioned him in wall @ Saggio's, as I said. Another tribute to Billy Zane. I made the part up, but the rest about the wall's true.
    3.) Samantha Jones. I knew another girl in third grade, and her name was Samantha Jones. She was a good friend of mine, and I came to find out later that she and Braden started dating, and later got married. I actually still keep in contact with both of them, much to their delight that I name characters after them. Anyway, that's my schpiel for the day. From now on, I'm going to be putting lots of sneaky stuff like that into my story, so be on the lookout for it.....Chapter ten comin' up!
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Woo-hoo! Absolutely loved this greenstuff.
    Thought that Samantha was you yourself, since we tend to put ourselves into our own stories... And so when I read the name Samantha Joans, thought it was you.
    The wall at Sagio's sounds great...

    Little bits you could've added, since I know these about Messieur Zane.
    1 Starred in the big-screen movie version of the classic comic strip The Phantom.
    2 Appeared in the Tales from the Crypt episode Well-Cooked Hams.
    3 Starred as the main villain in the Tales from the Crypt movie, Demon Knight.

    Hee... Don't let Straightjacket Anonymous MC winner for craziest member Toga read the part about that wall...
    *Snickers thinking how she'll run with adding to the descript... Running with a few ideas of my own.
    Girl talk, was well handled and I liked how Samantha and Piggy were carrying on at the restaurant.

    As for the scene and flashback with Penny... Wow, that rully makes me a bit sad, and yet I can understand the culture clash/preservationist mindset Jen-Li expressed.
    Kinda know a bit about that meself...
    Jen-Li's pet name for Penny is "Chun"? Hee, nice nod to the character Chun-Li from Street Fighters video game series and movie franchise.
    And I'm glad that the story's going to pick up in activity with Braden "communicating" with Penny... Just what we need to counteract the little stabby feeling we got in our hearts from the end of that last chapter.

    Great stuff green stuff, more please!
  9. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Um...no, Mister Count. I think I've confused you, here. See, Chun is not Jen-Li's petname for her, that's actually her real name. Her name was changed to Penny when she started her acting career, which I'm going to explain in a later chapter. I actually have no knowledge of this Street Fighters thing. I have to confess...I've actually never played a video game. Ever. So, if I ripped off anything from a video game..um..sorry? Wow....wonder where the rest of the reading gang went off to..hm..oh well, more coming soon!
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh OK... So it's Chun-Li, changed to Penny for acting purposes... OK, will wait for that explanation whenever you feel like encorporating it into the story. And don't feel bad about ripping off the video game franchise, consider it another reference, one I picked up on unintentional as it may have been.

    It was a great chapter with the yuxtapositioning of the girly talk at the restaurant and the stabbing of our hearts with the flashback scene playing out in Penny's mind and her heart at the same time in the past and present simultaneously.
    Looking forward to more when it's ready.
  11. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Awesome. Just awesome. But... why did Jen-Li assume their cub would be a boy? Just curious.
  12. Java

    Java Active Member

    Wonderful chapter. What a heartbreaking promise. More please!
  13. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Well, PuppyLuver, there's no really simple answer to your question. But--I'll give it a try. Normally, and I hate to admit this, when a Chinese couple is expecting, until they know for sure, they normally assume it's a boy because that's what most couples expect to have. This is not to say that a daughter will not be welcome, (as in their case, a daughter was welcomed) but it's just kind of a part of Chinese society. Husbands (not all) but a lot assume they're going to have boys. I hope this answered your question. If it didn't, just let me know, and I'll be happy to elaborate on it. If not, then I'll let you and everybody else know when the next chapter is here!
  14. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Oh my!! I've been booted from page one to page three! How scary! First, I thought that my story ha been erased or something, but now that I see it hasn't..hooray! Maybe..if you guys are extra good- you'll get some more story today...just maybe. We'll see.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    No... This is a great story greenstuff...

    It's just that we've been bringing other stories back from the back section of the FanFic library up to the front shelves so other people can have a chance at reading them all over again or for the first time.

    And if you've got more story, then please post it! Oh, and you're welcome to join the dorms if you want, just search for Post #8412 which has the new rules and application form.
    Hope for more story later today, or whenever it's ready.
  16. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Why thank you Count! I think I will join the dorms. It sounds like a good time. But I have some questions: Are you in the dorms? Do you need a roommate? Just general info, I guess, but I'll go check that out now. Yeah, I've kept you guys waiting long enough, so I'll do my darndest to get some story posted tonight, then.
  17. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Oh- and just as a side note_ if you thought the last few chapters with Penny were a little heart-wrenching, well, let's just say--you ain't read nothin' yet. But I do promise, she's going to get a LOT happier later in the story. A few special people are going to take special care of that....
    More ASAP!
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good, I look forward to whatever's in store.
    And feel free to send me a PM with all of your questions regarding the dorms, I'll do my best to answer them.
  19. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Thank you, Mr. Count!!
  20. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Ok, I Greenstuff do solemnly swear that tomorrow, no matter what--- chapter ten will be up! And that's my final word...but for now....I'm actually working, so I'm not even supposed to be here, so for the record, you didn't see me.. *shifty eyes* yessssssss........more tomorrow! Promise!!

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