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Open Source Puppetry Project

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by ScrapsFlippy, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    sooo..... someone want to design a basic pattern for our Monsters? (just trying to keep this thread alive)
  2. MGov New Member

    Anyone have a server and the bandwith to post the videos at?
  3. Waldo C Graphic New Member

    Guys and gals, I just wanted to say this is a very neat idea. The inept invaders plot is a great concept. I'd love to be involved somehow. Though I have no video camera. Maybe I'll be able to get one by time things get rolling though. Postcards, anyone? :D
  4. Yahnke Member

    I think we've got our basic concept, let's just go out and work with it as individuals. Those creative and energetic enough to get the early videos or postcards done will kind of set the tone for the rest of us- especially in refernece to what this "monster race" will look like. About the only thing we should do is nail down, who is going to be that noble leader to whom all we mosters report? (IE who is going to do the dirty job of collecting and uniting all these tapes!?!??)
  5. bezalel New Member

    Good idea - Yahnke. First things first, we need some stuff to work with - "to set the tone". We should do some videos and postcards first before worrying about bandwidth, website, etc. - even if at first we're passing around video and pictures through email.

    I'm already working on a Monster Series for Project Puppet. I'd be happy to offer a discount or rebate for those who want to be part of this project. That is, for those who want a monster pattern to work from.

    Hey what are we calling this thing. It's an "open source puppetry project", but what's the name? The name of the monster race? The name of the show? The name of an eventual website?
  6. Yahnke Member

    oh yeah....kinda forgot about that stuff...then name and what have you...
    ya know what would be funny, maybe annoying though, is if you never knew what the race was called or the planet they were from....kind of like on Home Improvement..you never saw wilson's mouth...you'd get close...you might see a little..but you never got a good look. I think we could do the same joke and make it kind of fun?
  7. DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    ... I'm fresh out of ideas here. I usually make better follower than a leader... give me some idea starters and I'll take off but I'm not very good at planting the seeds.
  8. SesameKermie Member


    When we were talking about the characters,I got to thinking. How about some generic "practical hands" monsters, like Telly or Cookie? I've seen some good looking characters here. In the thread about constructing a Rowlf puppet, I saw a guideline for how to make a body. I think that would give uniformity to the "race" of characters, but still allow for creativity.

    As far as naming goes, how about calling the these explorers the "Omega Company." (An 'omega company is dumping ground for all of the soldiers who don't quite fit into regular "military" discipline and lifestyle--the misfits, if you will.) They report to Sargeant Sarcon, who is only marginally more fit for office than his underlings. He was assigned to this post after he made a HUGE faux pas with some dignitary and is always trying to get himself back into the good graces of the high command with his team's reports and discoveries.
  9. Waldo C Graphic New Member

    I actually like the idea of having different puppet styles. Mixing the hands ones (like Fozzie) with rod based ones (like Gonzo) or maybe even smaller characters (like Rizzo or Pepe). I think it gives the race some variety which would look nice. Maybe there's another way to create uniformity like a specific color, the eyes or some antennae?

    I love the Omega Company idea. I think it's very clever. It sounds all science fictiony, but has an underlying meaning in reality. Maybe for the huge faux pas the characters could make references to it, but never really spell out what actually happened. Like the infamous "Noodle incident" from Calvin & Hobbes. It'll always be bigger in your imagination. :)
  10. Phantom New Member

    So, if it is "science fictiony-ish" are we looking at alien monsters, under your bed monsters or like those you find stealing socks at the laundromat?

    Oh wait that was some deranged homeless man and it wasn't socks...my bad.
  11. SesameKermie Member

    Type of Monster

    How about any of those? Look at Sesame Street--they have plenty of Monsters but each is unique in its own way. If we are going with the quasi-military idea, how about a badge or something that could serve as a uniform? It would have to be an easily reproducible shape, that could be attached to the monster--the greek letter Omega, perhaps cut out of felt and attached to its tummy(if we're going with that idea.)?

    (By the way I have to mention that I got the idea for the Omega company from the Phule's Company series by R. L. Asprin. It's great!)
  12. DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    Just updating the list of those involved in this. Hope I didn't miss anyone.

    Scrapsflippy- Los Angeles, CA
    DannyRWW- Milwaukee, WI
    Muppetsdownunder- Sydney, Australia
    Mrs. Pepper-Canada
    MGov- Los Angeles, CA
    Bezalet- Dallas, TX
    Gfakwort- Chicago, IL
    Shynee- Long Beach, CA
    TrekkieMonster- Ottawa, Canada
    Yahnke- Wi
    Seasame Kermie- Minnesota
    Waldo C. Graphic- Atlanta Georgia
    Phantom-State of delusion :)
  13. Waldo C Graphic New Member

    I don't know why I've never met Phantom. I visit there often. ;)
  14. Phantom New Member

    I lurk in the Shadows...:D
  15. bezalel New Member

    SesameKermie. I think that's a great idea! Basically a recognizable, easy to duplicate logo. It obviously associates the monsters with the "Omega Company" and can serve as an identifying mark of the eventual website, t-shirts, clocks, mugs, etc. :)
  16. DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    oooo.... Merchandising.....omega company the lunch box, Omega Company dolls.... and my personal favorite omega company the flame thrower..... I am so ready to get going with this project... but again waiting for someone to set up final plans and to set the standard for us
  17. Waldo C Graphic New Member

    I've been making sketches. I still have to actually build a puppet for this.
  18. DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    Cool.... keep the design ideas simples. Some people (like me) are not very good puppet builders. :o
  19. MGov New Member

    Can we come up with a funnier name than Omega Company?
  20. MrsPepper Active Member

    Same here. :D I can sew and have made some purely out of fabric, but that's it.

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