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Pre-Order Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series DVD

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Phillip, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. Redsonga Active Member

    It's the only place here period for clothing and things, all the little shops went under here when it came :o
  2. wwfpooh New Member

    Poor shops. Wait, poor people who worked at said shops...
  3. heralde Well-Known Member

    Exactly. You know it would have been interesting if Fraggle Rock had ever tackled the issues of big business. Personally, I always imagined that (SPOILER If you haven't seen the end of the series)...

    ...after the Gorgs got rid of Kings and made up with the Fraggles, they became a capitalistic Democracy where the Fraggles were now charged $9.95 for a radish! Handmade by Gorgs...or at least one Gorg! ;)
  4. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, McMooch offered Junior gold once, and he refused it. What good is money in a place where they don't really interact with anyone from anywhere else?

    At best the Fraggles/Doozers should barter services ... like helping Jr with gardening or something. I mean, they've ripped him off for probably centuries ... it's the least they could do.
  5. muppet baby Active Member


    yes i was thinking about that the other day , i am not going to be able to get it until i get back from a nasville trip to see a friend , several weeks after it is released .

    i am diffanally going to get it though because i only bought season 1 :o:insatiable::excited: i just never got around to buying the other seasons , although i am very shocked that they did the complte series before releassing season 4 , really i am . oh will it is what it is .
  6. Redsonga Active Member

    Meh, radishes are easy to grow and you can grow a lot of them so I don't think anyone was ripping them off..if anything they were helping because if gorgs used all their radishes in the first place they would not have left any out in the winter to freeze:coy:.
    Given how big they are they must live off of far more than radishes to make things in the first place..like their pumpkins and wild berries in the woods...

    My grandparents were farmers and their rule of thumb was that part of it is always going to go to the birds, bugs and rabbits no matter how careful you are, it's just a part of farm life:excited:
  7. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Oh no, I agree ... but the Gorgs didn't see it that way. They saw it as theft.
  8. wwfpooh New Member

    But that was before Junior saw things in a new way that he had never seen before.
  9. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Just because he didn't see it that way anymore doesn't mean anything. If you take my car without my permission, it's stealing ... all the way up to the point that I (unlikely as it would be) chose to let you take it.
  10. heralde Well-Known Member

    I agree I do think the Fraggles were stealing, lol. But to be fair, the Gorgs were hoarding the goods. The world can be corrupt that way, lol. In the end, they find an improved, better way of living. (Sounds very hippie actually hehe)
  11. wwfpooh New Member

    True, but they were doing so out of necessity, though.
  12. heralde Well-Known Member

    Right like I said, the Gorgs were hoarding. But you know the Fraggles could have looked for food elsewhere but liked radishes too much. And they felt it was OK to steal from the Gorgs since they were mean. The show never implied the Fraggles never did anything wrong. All the species had their flaws, that was the point.
  13. Redsonga Active Member

    Plus one radish could feed at least five fraggles IMHO ;)
  14. Yva Minstrel New Member

    Peace, love and radishes for all. :D

    I don't really think that there is a political idea behind the Gorgs and such, but I do think some of your ideas are funny. Someone needs to write a fan fiction with some of these, they are fun.
  15. wwfpooh New Member

    But where would they find some? Besides, radishes--like mushrooms before them--are the sustanance of life for all of the species in the series.
  16. Redsonga Active Member

    I've been thinking of writing a short one-shot about what the first radish gathering was like (after Uncle Matt's I mean) as sort of a fraggle Peter Rabbit :excited:.
  17. getup New Member

    anyone see that the pre order price at amazon went up? now it's 125.99 :(
  18. wwfpooh New Member

    They did say that the low price was a limited time sort of deal.
  19. getup New Member

    grr, that's a bummer...but dvdempire still has it for 99 free shipping. i just don't know if i want to pre order it at all though. lol
  20. wwfpooh New Member

    Me? I'm going to wait until Christmas so I would have enough money.
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