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Preorder the Animal Muppet Replica

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by Phillip, May 25, 2007.

  1. MWoO

    MWoO Well-Known Member

    Yeah, cutting may not be needed for Animal, maybe just some fluffing and combing. Though I think Jamie would probably be good at trimming Animals hair. He's a genius.
  2. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    I am not sure from the way it looks, Animals hair/feathers are either too long or there is too many for his head.
  3. chequepoint

    chequepoint Active Member

    I'd imagine it was spec'd out with the feathers sewn in a little thicker than you see on the real poser. If you've ever worked with a puppet that has a lot of ostrich feather accents, you will lose a few feathers. Some may even break, etc. Terry working on the fraggle set probably knew this and planned for it. Thankfully nobody has mentioned this possibility before the puppets were done, or MR would be making animal out of yarn to appease people scared that their $400 collectible would only last two years.

    I also think due to the "natural" nature of feathers, we're going to see a LOT of variation amongst these posers.
  4. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    :halo: Good point. I'll definitely wait on trimming as a last resort. I hope he won't even need that. I just keep thinking (for some reason) Animal's hair is going to be all shaggy like it looked on the actual puppet when he was a guest judge on that NBC talent show this summer. Now that needed to be trimmed. :eek:
  5. doc hopper

    doc hopper Well-Known Member

    Dude, this is what I've been waiting to hear for a loooong time. I can't remember - if we ordered it directly from MR, will we get an email letting us know that it was shipped? I thought they did that for Kermit but my memory's shot.
  6. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    Good news guys, I did not get a tracking number by email, but there is a way to track it if you ordered it from MR site. Go to Fedex and at the top of the page it will say tracking...scroll down till you find "track by referance". Then under the referance box type in the "fullfillment ID" number that MR gave you in your account order information. then fill out the rest of the information at the bottom. Mine says that it will be at my house on Friday! I am so excited!
  7. doc hopper

    doc hopper Well-Known Member

    wow! that's a big scoop!
  8. Garland

    Garland Well-Known Member

    Whoo Hoooo! This is actually sooner than I expected! Animal will soon be in the House!
  9. Mistersuperstar

    Mistersuperstar Well-Known Member

    They are processing my order. :halo: I should receive my Animal by next week. Yay!
    I hope to see everyone's photos over the next few weeks!
  10. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member


    My Animal will be arriving on Friday!
  11. Mistersuperstar

    Mistersuperstar Well-Known Member

    I take it that MR sent some to the UK at the same time as they sent them to the US? I had to wait for my Kermit to go from China to the US and then to the UK, so it took months in all.
  12. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    My is coming from the collector zone and they get will get it to customers within 24 hrs! Look out for my pics on Friday night guys!:halo:
  13. Lab Rat

    Lab Rat Well-Known Member

    i also ordered from collectors zone he should be with me tomorrow.
  14. Mistersuperstar

    Mistersuperstar Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine from The Collectors Zone but the email they sent told me to allow 3-5 working days for delivery. It'd be nice to receive it sooner tho!
  15. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    I think you will have it by Sat
  16. MyMuppet

    MyMuppet New Member

  17. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

    I think I'm just gonna sit on here and refresh the pages while I anxiously await pictures of Animal from you guys!
  18. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    HAHAHAHAHA! Mine will be with me at 3.30 friday afternoon, Ill post pics as soon as I can but Ill be at work when I get him so I may not open him until 2morrow
  19. Mistersuperstar

    Mistersuperstar Well-Known Member

    I was more than pleased with the way Kermit looked. I really hope Animal doesn't disappoint. I think some interaction between Animal and The Frog should be in the photos. :) :halo:
  20. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    **** right.............do we start a new thread for pics or just carry this one on? I hope I am not dissapointed with his hair,thats my only worry

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