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Return to Labyrinth: The Video Game

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by RedPiggy, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Sheesh. I had it all planned out, and now that you say something ... all but one has just flittered away to an oubliette, LOL. ;)
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Mission 2: A General’s Pride

    Nymblie (happily): Oh, Your Majesty! Just one itsy-bitsy little thing … General Candlewic has been sulking near his mansion. While he’s out of sorts, the goblin army looks absolutely frightful in their armor! I’m certain Sir Didymus would agree with me: They need to take pride in their appearance! The wardrobe is an outward expression of the condition of the heart inside! Don’t you agree?

    Toby: Uh … I guess? What about not judging a book from its cover?

    Nymble: Pffbt. How are you going to wear a book?

    Toby (hangs head, sighing): Never mind. Are you sure this is the last thing?

    Nymblie (nods): Oh, do this for your faithful and well-dressed servant, and I won’t bother you again! You’ll then be free to go find Her Majesty, the ever-elegant Mizumi.

    Head to Candlewic’s mansion atop the plateau in the southwestern corner of Goblin City. Candlewic is sitting on the steps of his mansion, sharpening his large sword. This mission has nothing really to do with the manga, at least by volume 3, but it does offer a trophy as a reward and some game influences later. Approach and an in-game conversation begins.

    Toby: Candlewic? I need to talk to you.

    Candlewic (stands, brandishing his sword): You, our king? Pffbt. Hardly.

    Toby (crosses arms): What do I need to do to make you happy?

    Candlewic (chuckles): Go back to your room, boy. Play with your action figures and your video games. Leave the Goblin Kingdom to those far more worthy than you.

    Toby: Like you?

    Candlewic (shrugs): Administration and politics are best left to those with no fighting skill. No, my only concern is restoring dignity to the throne of the Goblin Kingdom.

    Toby: Yeah? Well, Jareth quit. It doesn’t sound like he could stand being your king. Your dignity bar must be set pretty low.

    Candlewic (angrily towering over Toby): I challenge the human scabrat! If you want to be my king, get from the Gatehouse to the Castle – alive.

    Toby (chuckles): I think I can handle a walk into town.

    Candlewic (chuckles): Can you, now? *bows sarcastically* Be my guest, then. You will receive no help. There is no set path, no time limit – just make it to the castle alive. I will await you there. Of course, if you fail to make it, I will send your corpse to your family for burial. *stands defiantly near the front door of his mansion*

    Head over to the Gatehouse and the race to the Goblin Castle will commence. If you have not completed any of Didymus’ missions, the Red, Green, and Yellow Corps will provide heavy resistance, attacking you and setting traps. However, if you’ve been fighting with them thanks to Didymus’ missions, they will rarely attack and won’t chase you at all. Regardless, it’s possible to avoid them anyway. Remember Sarah’s run through Goblin City? She had goblins attacking and running all over the place and she was able to get to the castle without a scratch. The goblins are tenacious, but on their own their intelligence leaves a lot to be desired. They can be lost just weaving in and out of the housing district. On the other hand, if you really want to, you can decide to fight every single group of soldiers. Getting to the castle without fighting earns you the Nice Place to Visit trophy, while fighting your to the castle beyond the Goblin City earns you the Hostile Tourist trophy. Once you enter the castle, Candlewic will be waiting just inside the throne room. He doesn’t seem pleased to see you.

    Toby (panting): Well, I made it.

    Candlewic (arrogantly): Even a rat can hide from the owl.

    Toby (curtly): Face it, Candlewic. You’re misjudging me. You’re a valiant general and your talents are wasted on trying to harass me like some high school bully. I’ve won your little game. Now concede your loss and concentrate your efforts on making your army the pride of the Goblin Kingdom.

    Candlewic (irritated): They already are!

    Toby (shakes head): No, they’re not. They’re shabby and a bunch of couch potatoes. The land of Moraine considers the Goblin Army a joke.

    Candlewic (growls)

    Toby: Stop being angry at me and start doing your job, Candlewic! I expect the army to be fit and their armor so shiny it’s blinding. Am I understood?

    Candlewic (takes a few moments to answer, more humbly): Y-yes, Your Highness. *pauses* You will see the glory of the army upon your coronation.

    Toby (nods): Thank you. Dismissed.

    Candlewic (bows): Sir. *leaves*

    Return to Nymblie just outside the Coat Room.

    Toby (sighs): It’s like pulling teeth with him.

    Nymblie: Your Highness?

    Toby: I mean it was difficult, but I got him to agree to shape up the army.

    Nymblie (nods): I see. I suppose the goblin equivalent to your saying is that it was like waging a wart.

    Toby: Waging a war? I don’t think it was that bad.

    Nymblie (chuckles, shooing Toby away playfully): Oh, pshaw, Your Majesty! Your sense of humor is so keen! Why on earth would we wage war? No, waging warts is far more enjoyable.

    Toby: How on earth do you --?

    Nymblie (shakes head): Never mind. Now, you go over to the staircase in the Throne Room. Don’t forget: you have a meeting with Her Majesty Mizumi. You mustn’t give the appearance of apathy. *sighs* It just ruins the complexion.

    Toby (sighs): Right.

    Reward: The Goblin Corps’ armor will be cleaner looking and their strength will increase by 5%.
  3. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    After you found Moppet in Spittledrum’s mission, she will be at a dry water fountain in the Plaza. If you talk to her, you will activate a sub-mission where you will play as Moppet instead.

    Toby: Hi, Moppet. Spittledrum wanted to know if you can get a few things for him. You don’t mind, do you?

    Moppet (shakes head, sighing): I live to serve my master.

    Toby: Well, I’ll stay here while you go run some errands. Let me know when you’re done, okay?

    Moppet (shyly): Of course, Your Majesty.

    Toby (warmly): You know you can call me Toby, Moppet.

    A checklist will appear on the screen. For those who require audio assistance, highlighting each option will make an audio version play. This isn’t quite just a straight shopping spree. It’s actually one of those “can you follow directions” kinds of things.

    1. Buy boot laces.
    2. Buy pests and wake up lazy guards at the Gatehouse.
    3. Buy a roast pigwidgeon for Lady Mizumi and deliver it to the kitchen.
    4. Obtain a report about Toby’s progress from Glosspan, Jodhspur, and Glockensteal and return them to Spittledrum’s mansion.
    5. Inform Candlewic to report to Spittledrum’s mansion.
    6. Buy a belt buckle from Bret Goldsmith’s.
    7. On second thought, don’t do numbers 1 and 6, and inform Candlewic to report to Spittledrum’s office.

    Most of these are pretty self-explanatory. When finding Candlewic, you are offered a choice of sending him to Spittledrum’s mansion or office. Make sure you pick the right one.

    If you get it wrong, Spittledrum will berate you after you talk to Toby.
    If you get it right, Spittledrum will thank you and tell you to talk to Toby and give him a list of his objectives.

    Reward: You will have an objective checklist to ensure you’ve done all you plan to do. It will be updated as needed.
    1. Complete all of Spittledrum’s missions (required).
    2. Complete all of Nymblie’s missions (required).
    3. Complete the first two of Didymus’ missions (optional).
    4. Complete Moppet’s sub-mission (optional).
    5. Complete Hana’s sub-mission (optional).
    6. Help Hana find her wings (optional).
    7. Complete Mizumi’s missions (required).

    With the Playstation 3, sometimes you can download new content. This is convenient as it means I don’t have to go back and edit posts when I want to add something. For the sake of this walkthrough, let’s say you download some new content.

    New Trophies:
    Conscientious Collector: Obtain at least one of each type of item available to find or buy.
    The Way to a Man’s Heart: Hana must obtain all of Skub’s ingredients for Toby’s dinner.

    New Item:
    Crystal Ball (shows you short clips of what Irene and Robert Williams are doing while you’re in the Goblin Kingdom and are available for the music video option on the menu): Can be found in the King’s office on the first floor of the castle.
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    After you’ve completed Spittledrum’s and Nymblie’s missions, you can go find Mizumi. She is at the top of the castle. So far, you have only played the first floor. There is one more, but the layout is strange and is affected by the stairway to get to those floors. Naturally, the stairway will no longer be blocked and you can enter. Unlike the last time, where you entered the Escher room during a cinema, now you can walk it yourself. Unlike the movie, though, several walkways seem to be under construction, with temporary wooden walkways bridging gaps. The walkways will give way in ten seconds. If you were positive to Drumlin, they will break in twenty seconds, and if you were negative to her, they will break in five seconds.

    On each of the stone walkways that still exist, there will be a door. Some are locked and some are unlocked. They are also not all available unless you are on a certain difficulty. I haven’t spoken much of the difficulty levels from the main menu, but this is one area where the difficulty will affect what you can do. On Easy Difficulty, you cannot switch perspectives in the Escher room to get to doors underneath you. You can only follow the paths and staircases that will lead up to Mizumi on the roof, though any door you find on the way up will be unlocked. On Medium Difficulty, there will be an audio-visual prompt to press square when at a set point where you can change perspective. On Hard Difficulty, there will be no prompt but you can change perspectives anywhere – so long as you have taken two magic lessons from Mizumi.

    The first floor is notable for only having one door, one to the Throne Room. The second floor will have four doors readily accessible and two doors only available if you can change perspectives and walk upside down on the other side of the walkways. The third floor is the roof and has two doors, the one on the top of the walkway and one underneath it.

    The second floor is a linear labyrinth of hallways. In other words, it is just one hall that doesn’t branch and just goes back and forth until it leads back to the entrance/exit. The hall is interrupted, however, by several rooms. In the northwest corner of the castle is a large suite used for guests to the Goblin Kingdom. This is where Mizumi, her daughters, and Esker is staying during the rest of the plot. It has six bedrooms, a luxurious living space with a sizeable library, and an elegant bathroom. It is by far one of the most beautiful places in all of the Goblin Kingdom. Just south of that room is Jareth’s bedroom. It is very Gothic, with gargoyles and armored statues facing his large bed in the center of the room. His bed is covered in silvery blue linens. The frame’s headboard is a gigantic barn owl with wings outstretched. The frame rests above feet shaped like claws. All of it is gold-plated. There are very large arched windows with dark blue curtains. A large rug on the floor is dark blue with gold trim, reminiscent of his costume in Sarah’s ballroom dream. There is a small dark wooden nightstand by the bed on its left, with an overturned glass on top.

    In the northeast corner of the castle is a Hall of Dreams, a rectangular room oriented north to south and set up similarly to The Museum of Toby, with exhibits that show each main character’s most heartfelt dreams.

    Just south of the Escher room entrypoint on this floor is a long rectangular room that stretches east to west called the Hall of Worlds. This is a blatant plug for other Henson properties. Inside the room are several small set pieces that are replicas of the Gorg Living/Dining Room from Fraggle Rock, the bridge of Moya from Farscape, a pond with a kid dressed in a white wolf costume and a paper crown sleeping in a boat in the center of the pond, a scene of Sid’s bedroom from Sid the Science Kid as he sits on a bed contemplating stormy weather outside his fake window, and a replica of the Crystal Room from The Dark Crystal. All of them seem like high-school play-worthy set pieces.

    There are other rooms, but for the sake of the plot, I’ll reveal them later.

    Mission 1:

    To add another chink in the gameplay, remember that Mizumi said you had to meet her by sundown. Now, if you’ve been exploring or completing all the other missions, you’d probably miss the next night. So, instead, Mizumi will only be present on the roof of the castle every evening from 4-10PM according to the game clock.

    She will be staring at the kingdom when Toby approaches her. Talk to her and an in-game conversation begins.

    Mizumi (curtly): I was beginning to think you weren’t up to the challenge.

    Toby: But I’m here.

    Mizumi (nods, more calm): I’m pleased to see you proved me wrong.

    Toby: You said you’d teach me magic.

    Mizumi (walks past him): No, you must learn how to use it yourself. (if you acquired fire magic from the fireys) I hear you have promise.

    Toby (if you acquired fire magic from the fireys): If I have such great potential, why couldn’t I do that before?

    Mizumi (if you acquired fire magic from the fireys): It is not only who you are but where you are that influences your ability.

    The rest of this conversation assumes you did not get fire magic from the fireys.

    Toby: Uh, okay.

    Mizumi (sighs): Magic is a manifestation of will. When you are in control of your desires, all that you desire will be yours. *points to the door Toby came from* We will begin with something basic. You must first learn restraint. *sarcastically* Human teenagers are good at that, aren’t they? Do you still have the phial?

    Toby: Yeah. What about it?

    Mizumi: Simple. *points to a large target that poofs just beside her* Use the phial on that target. Only if you soak just the bullseye will you complete the task.

    The target will fill up nearly the entire screen as the point of view changes to first person. Instructions will appear at the top: Use the left and right analog sticks to soak the bullseye. The left analog stick controls the direction of the water and the right analog stick controls the power of the stream.

    The controls are very sensitive. Only by barely moving the analog sticks do you have a prayer of soaking just the bullseye. When you succeed, the lesson ends.

    Mizumi (nods): A noble effort, Your Majesty.

    Toby: What next?

    Mizumi (chuckles): Your persistence shows you shall be a noble king.

    Goblin (runs into view, tugging on Toby’s leg): Sir! Sir! Dinner is almost upon us!

    Toby (tries to shoo the goblin away): Okay. What’s on the menu?

    Goblin (in a panic): That’s just it, sire – your new cook Skub is going to starve you!

    Mizumi (dryly): I suppose it would have been wise to pack a lunch before journeying to this kingdom. *to Toby* Wouldn’t you agree, Your Highness?

    You now have a choice. If you decide to ignore the problem, you can continue with Mizumi’s missions. If you decide to check into it, you can go down to the first floor and the kitchen and talk to Skub, which will begin Hana’s sub-mission.

  5. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Note: For some strange reason, I failed to mention the kid in the wolf suit was from Where The Wild Things Are. Whoops.

    Mission 2: The Pathmaker

    Whether you decided to go help Skub or not, talk to Mizumi again for the next mission and a cinema starts.

    Positive Conversation:
    Mizumi (smiling): You were wise to return to your lessons, Your Highness.

    Toby (smiles, nodding): I’m here to learn all I can.

    Mizumi: As I said before, magic is derived from your will. The Labyrinth is a manifestation of Jareth’s will. It is a living thing. *places her hands on his shoulders* As heir, your will shall drive the Labyrinth.

    Toby (smiles): If it’s so easy, how come I can’t control it yet?

    Mizumi (draws a labyrinth in the air with mist): The Labyrinth has a mind and heart – called the Pathmaker. *points at the center of her drawing* Find the heart at the center of the Labyrinth. Open the door to it, and all its power shall be yours.

    Toby: I just have to find the heart of the Labyrinth?

    Mizumi (nods, in a serious tone): It is of utmost importance. If you fail to find it, the entire kingdom will be chaos, crumbling into dust.

    Toby (grins): Does every magical kingdom have a heart?

    Mizumi: The heart is very powerful. It gives life to all within its influence. Leave no area unexplored. Do not rest until you find the Pathmaker.

    Toby (timidly): What if I can’t find it?

    Mizumi: Find any clue you can. Jareth will have kept it well-hidden. Return to me with what you find.

    Character influence: You will now have water magic.
    Scenery influence: Water fountains will be running with sparkling water.

    Negative conversation:
    Mizumi (smiling): You were wise to return to your lessons, Your Highness.

    Toby (shrugs): Gotta get this done sooner or later.

    Mizumi (frowns momentarily, but recovers): As I said before, magic is derived from your will. The Labyrinth is a manifestation of Jareth’s will. It is a living thing. *places her hands on his shoulders* As heir, your will shall drive the Labyrinth.

    Toby (sarcastically): Oh, boy! I can control a tortured brick tourist trap! Yay me!

    Mizumi (frowns, curtly): Beware, Your Highness – the Labyrinth has a mind and heart – called the Pathmaker. *draws a labyrinth in the air with mist* To obtain the power of the Labyrinth, a power that cannot be denied, you must open the door to the Pathmaker’s lair at the center of the Labyrinth.

    Toby: Pffbt. That’s it? Just get to the center, take a bite of the lollipop and it’s all mine?

    Mizumi (nods): It is of utmost importance. Shirk your duties to your kingdom and it will crumble before your eyes.

    Toby: I could’ve sworn I’ve heard the whole “find the heart at the center” thing before. It was either some stupid video game crossover or some eighties’ kids’ show.

    Mizumi (turns from him): The heart of the kingdom is immensely powerful. It gives life to all within its influence. Leave no area unexplored. Do not rest until you find the Pathmaker.

    Toby: If you know it’s at the center, why don’t you go get it?

    Mizumi (angrily clenching her fist): Away with you! Stay your tongue or invite war with the might of the Kingdom of Moraine! Return to me only with the Pathmaker or the clues to locate it!

    Character influence: Water-lion creatures will be found in the Labyrinth and in Goblin City.
    Scenery influence: The water fountain will be dry for the remainder of the game and the hedges in the Hedge Maze will be browned.

    End cinema.

    Now you must go find items or visit areas that will offer clues to the Pathmaker. Even though you can visit Skub down in the kitchen, Hana’s sub-mission can’t be activated during a main mission. The mazes are just the same position, but some of the walls are crumbling in the stone maze, blocking off some paths, and some of the hedges are overgrown, blocking off some areas. There are also locked gates appearing in some places that can only be unlocked with the keystone, with a bag of 200 gold behind each one, for a maximum of 800 gold.

    Stone Maze New Item:
    Carp scale pants
    Hedge Maze New Item:
    Tall shepherd’s crook

    If you go to Maze 5 of the Stone Maze and you have the Lipstick in your inventory, a ghostly Teen Sarah will look around in different directions before staring at the ground.

    Teen Sarah ghost (throwing down her lipstick): Somebody’s been changing my marks! What a horrible place this is! It’s not fair!

    In Maze 1 of the Hedge Maze, near the pipes Hoggle was working on, Teen Sarah’s ghost and Movie Hoggle’s ghost are walking down a path.

    Hoggle (irritated, wiping his face off with his sleeve): Why did you have to go and do a thing like that?

    Teen Sarah (happily): Do what? You mean rescue you?

    Hoggle (growls): No! You kissed me!

    In Maze 3 of the Hedge Maze, Jareth’s ghost, wearing a brown leather jacket and tight riding pants, is nearly choking Hoggle’s ghost.

    Jareth (angrily): Higgle, if I thought for one second you’d betray me, I’d be forced to suspend you head first into the Bog of Eternal Stench!

    Hoggle (screaming): No, Yer Majesty! Not the Bog of Eternal Stench!

    Jareth (shoves him away): Oh, yes, Hoggle!

    In the Throne Room of the castle, a small cinema of Toby looking around as disembodied voices echo throughout the room.

    Teen Sarah’s voice: Generous? What’ve you done that’s generous?

    Jareth’s voice (angrily): Everything! Everything you have wanted I have done. *unintelligible* You cowered before me. I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down – and I’ve done it all for you! *sighs* I’m exhausted by living up to your expectations of me. Isn’t that generous?

    Nymblie is standing near the door to the Escher Room if you have either the Carp scale pants or the Tall shepherd’s crook or both. Approach to talk to him.

    Nymblie: Your Majesty?

    Toby: I found some stuff you might like out in the Labyrinth.

    Nymblie (holding the carp pants): Ah, a fine piece of work, filled with love and devotion. (holds up the shepherd’s crook, gasping) The Pontifex’s staff! He’ll be so pleased to see it returned! *bows* Thank you, Your Highness. The Queen of Moraine awaits you.

    Back on the roof, Mizumi greets you the same regardless of how you treated her.

    Mizumi: Any luck finding the Pathmaker.

    Toby (shakes head, disappointed): Not really.

    Note: I would give the ending cinema to wrap up volume 2’s content, but as Hana’s sub-mission will explain a little more about what’s happening during the cinema, I’ll include that next instead.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm, I look forward to Hana's sub-mission then.
    And is it bad of me to love Teen Sarah Ghost's line about someone changing the marks she made?
    Thankses. <333 this ficwalkthrough.
  7. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, since you said you didn't recognize the Lipstick, and I wanted to make sure every object had a purpose, I made it unlock a flashback. I tried really hard to come up with scenes that could summarize Sarah's quest: the frustrated brat soon becomes a strong heroine only to discover that her adversary is practically admitting he let her win.
  8. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    Note: Most of this takes place during volume 2, though things might be fleshed out more or rearranged to suit the mission. For instance, by volume 3, Hana hasn’t found her wings yet, but it will be included here, though I’m making up where it is found, as it hasn’t been addressed yet.

    Toby must go to the kitchen on the first floor of the castle and approach Skub.

    Toby: Is there a problem with the kitchen, Skub?

    Skub (desperately hiding a large pile of cookbooks): Oh, no, Prince Toby! Everything is easy-peazy!

    Toby (shrugs): Okay. *leaves*

    The camera stays with Skub, who eventually sits down on a stool and sobs. Hana and Stank enter the kitchen.

    Hana: Hey, Pig-Face, you see my wings around here? *looks at sobbing Skub* What’s wrong?

    Skub (sniveling): Skub was going to make Toby’s favorite dish for dinner, but Skub doesn’t have the ingredients. Poor Toby will starve and it is all Skub’s fault!

    Hana: C’mon, kid. It can’t be that bad. We’ll get whatever you need for you.

    Skub (hops up and down with joy): You will?

    Hana (nods): Leave it to the experts.

    Skub (nods, grinning): We need cheese, flour, butter, salt, and elbows.

    Hana: Elbows? What kind of elbows?

    Skub (shrugs): Small squishy ones.

    Hana (shrugs): We could use scab-rats. They got four elbows apiece. *pensively* Or are those knees?

    Skub: Knees are fine! Knees and cheese! *laughs* Please get them to Skub right away!

    Hana: You got it.

    Naturally, this is a scavenger hunt. To make things easier, each object will be unlocked after finding the one before it. In other words, you can only locate one object at a time before you can find the next one. However, the unlocking will be immediate after locating something, so you don’t have to return to Skub each time. Once you gain control of Hana and Stank, leave the kitchen. Hana stops Stank and questions him in-game.

    Hana: So, Stank … what do we look for first?

    A list of the ingredients appears on-screen, which Hana will read aloud when highlighting each choice if audio assistance is activated. Once you pick an ingredient, Stank will start sniffing slowly. The sniffing will become more excited the closer you get to an ingredient. Once you are near the ingredient, you will lose control of Hana and Stank momentarily while Stank dashes to the ingredient and puts it in a satchel.

    Hana (each time you get an ingredient): Great work, Stank! What’ll we get next?

    Hana (after the last ingredient has been obtained): Alright, Stank! Back to the kitchen!

    The locations of the ingredients (Elbows must be last and cannot be located until the other ones have been):

    Cheese: Can be found just outside the door to the Piffledoom Café.

    Flour: Next to Nymblie’s flower garden at his mansion (remember, the goblins like puns).

    Butter: Can be found in the fields in Northwest Goblin City.

    Salt: Is next to Glockensteal as he sleeps in front of his mansion. After all, he surely thinks he’s worth his salt.

    Elbows: This one is a bit harder. Stank will indicate the store owner of Mallik’s Pest Shop has some. Approach Mallik.

    Mallik: Can I interest you in some scab rats?

    Hana: Actually, they happen to be just what I’m looking for.

    Mallik: How much are you gonna pay?

    Hana: Uh….

    Mallik (chuckles): Stupid fairies … always trying to get something for nothing.

    Hana (offended): Hey!

    Mallik: I hear the Hall of Prophecies has word of a big bug that’d scare the pants off a chicken.

    Hana: Chickens have pants?

    Mallik: That’s not the point! You find me a map where I can find these giant bugs, and I’ll get ya all the scab rats you need, Fairy.

    Hana (sighs): Fine. Let’s go, Stank. Off to the Hall of Prophecies.

    Stank’s sniffing will signal how close you are to the Hall of Prophecies if you forgot where it is. Or you could use the map.

    Once in the Hall of Prophecies, look for a replica of Aughra’s planetarium. Stank will locate the map, which has a big picture of a Garthim on it.

    Once you obtain this item, a cinema follows.


    Hana and Stank hear footsteps and they cautiously follow them. Mizumi and Toby are walking down an aisle, approaching an elderly goblin in flowing robes and long white mustache and beard. Hana and Stank hide behind a pile of books.

    Elderly goblin (to Toby and Mizumi): May I help you?

    Mizumi (nods): We’re here about a prophecy.

    Elderly goblin (looks at a long scroll on his podium): What’s the occasion?

    Mizumi (grins): Toby is to be king tomorrow.

    Elderly goblin (nods): King, eh? That’s good – lots of prophecies about kings. *takes some books off the floor and puts them on the podium* Lessee … “At a certain place, at an undisclosed time ….”

    Mizumi (curtly): Too vague.

    Elderly goblin (throws the book away and reads from another): This one is crystal clear. “When single shines the triple sun ….”

    Mizumi (angrily): Crystal clear? You must be cracked!

    Elderly goblin (sighs, throws away the book, and reads from the last one): Ah, perhaps this will be better. “When king of old forsakes his hall, and chaos comes to goblin town, a human boy shall heed the call, the long-lost heir shall don the crown.”

    Mizumi (cheerfully places an arm around Toby’s shoulders): See? It rhymes. How nice!

    Elderly goblin: There’s more. “A promise of yore, born of blood, will open path to Labyrinth’s heart … *Mizumi can be seen grinning darkly* … and usher forth a wond’rous flood. A new era then shall start.”

    Toby (timidly): Uh … what’s this about blood?

    Mizumi (shakes her head): Every prophecy has a little fine print. It’s nothing to worry about. Shouldn’t we get back to the castle? I’m sure your friends are dying to see you. *Toby and Mizumi leave.*

    Elderly goblin (calls out): Wait! *sighs* No one ever waits until the end. *reads from the text* “When friends are far and family lost, and prince cast into dark abyss, the Labyrinth and rightful heir shall be restored by true love’s kiss.”

    Hana (whispers to Stank): That doesn’t sound good. We need to get back to the castle ourselves, Stank. Let’s go.

    End cinema.

    As you enter the castle, Moppet stops you.

    Moppet: Have you seen Toby?

    Hana (bitterly): He’s with that water witch. Good luck trying to get him to help you. He’s more selfish than Jareth ever was.

    Moppet: You need his help?

    Hana: Yeah. I need to find my wings. The goblins stole them from me. How’d you like having your arms ripped off? They were a part of me. It’s like having your identity taken from you. You wouldn’t understand.

    Moppet (sadly, hanging her head): Yes, I do. *brightens up* Let me help you find them.

    Hana: Seriously?

    Moppet (nods): Where have you looked?

    Hana (angrily): The Labyrinth had zilch! I was tempted to just go yank some wings off some other fairy!

    Moppet: Then I suppose the only other place left is the castle.

    Hana: I guess, but I wanna check out the shops around Goblin City first. I needed some scab rats, and I have to get them from this guy who wants a map for bugs or something. It could be he collected my wings, too.

    Moppet (nods): Let’s go see, then.

    Moppet will join Hana and Stank as they return to Mallik’s Pest Shop. Approach him to hand over the map.

    Mallik: Good. *reads, sighing* Frell. They don’t live on this world at all. *throws the map away* Worthless piece of junk.

    Hana: Hey! What about our deal?

    Mallik (chuckles): I don’t do deals with fairies.

    Moppet: Mayor Spittledrum will be very interested to know you refuse to supply the castle for the coronation.

    Mallik (trembles): Spittledrum? Why didn’t ya say so? I’d do anything for the Mayor and His Majesty, of course! Please accept my apologies! *hands her a cage filled with scab-rats, which look like mutated rats*

    Moppet (bows): You are too generous, Mallik.

    Hana (to Moppet as Mallik ducks into his store): That was genius.

    Moppet (puts her free hand behind her head): I suppose so. *giggles, then stops* Why did you think your wings might be in Goblin City? *snaps* We should’ve asked Mallik about them.

    Hana: Well, to be honest, I bet that cheapskate Flegwort has them. He’s the one who accused me of theft and had my wings ripped off. I bet he keeps them as a trophy.

    Moppet: The shoe sales goblin? How awful! We should definitely go ask.

    Hana, Stank and Moppet must go to Flegwort’s.

    Flegwort: Ah, Moppet! How may I be of service today?

    Moppet (to Hana): Let me handle this. *to Flegwort* Kind Mr. Flegwort – I don’t suppose you know the location of some spare fairy wings, do you?

    Flegwort: Well, I suppose.

    Hana: I knew it!

    Flegwort (spies Hana, his tone furious): How dare you infest my shop again, you tiny little flea speck! Now get out!

    Moppet: But, sir --.

    Flegwort: I won’t have fairies stinking up my shop! Now get out! This little bug nearly destroyed my dream of being a successful shoe salesman!

    Hana: I did not! *under her breath* I’m not a bug, either – jerk.

    Flegwort pushes them out of the shop and closes the door behind them.

    Moppet: I’m sorry, Hana.

    Hana (sighs): I’ll never find them. Any dream I had of finding them is completely dashed.

    Moppet (snaps, smiling): Dreams? I think I know of just the place. There is a room on the second floor of the castle called the Hall of Dreams. It might give us a clue about where to find your wings.

    Hana (sighs): Lead the way, Goblin Girl.

    Follow Moppet to the Hall of Dreams. There is a model of Hana holding a pair of wings. A cinema starts as you approach.

    Cinema: Moppet takes down the wings from the model of Hana and hands them to the little fairy.

    Hana (holds them, her lip quivering): These aren’t fake. They’re real. My wings. *pause, becomes quiet* My missing wings. *looks up at Moppet* Thanks.

    Moppet (smiles): No problem. Let’s go.

    They walk around the Escher room, but Stank flips over to the underside of a walkway. There is a door underneath the Hall of Worlds door and underneath Mizumi’s guest room. Both doors are locked. However, Moppet stares at the one under Mizumi’s guest room.

    Moppet: I feel something … important … in here.

    Hana: Pick me up. I’ll see if I can’t pick the lock.

    Moppet picks up Hana and Hana stuffs her hands into the keyhole and it unlocks. Inside is a replica of Teen Sarah’s bedroom, but it is in devastating condition, as though an earthquake hit it and has been long abandoned.

    Moppet and Hana (gasp)

    Moppet (spies a small golden object on the vanity across from the decrepit bed): What’s this? *opens a music box, where a headless ballet dancer moves to the music-box version of As the World Falls Down* I – I – I know this song. *looks around* These things … they don’t belong here. I don’t … I don’t belong here. We have to leave!

    The door’s lock clicks.

    Hana: That can’t be good.

    Moppet (rushes to the door and opens a small window to find Drumlin grinning hungrily at her)

    Drumlin (licking her lips): Boo! *winks*

    Moppet (gasps)

    Hana (panicking): We have to get out of here! We have to find Toby!

    Drumlin (breaks through the door, rubbing her stomach): I’m thirsty. You’ll do.

    End cinema.

    Hana, Moppet, and Stank must get back to the first floor before Drumlin can kill Moppet. Whenever Drumlin gets close to Moppet, she will grab her and start draining her moisture. A command prompt (with audio assist if needed) forces the player to enter a three-button combination which will result in Hana biting Drumlin, Stank tripping Drumlin, which makes her drop Moppet, and finally Stank summoning a stone from the wall and it hitting Drumlin in the head, knocking her out for a few seconds. If Moppet dies, an angry Jareth will appear next to Toby and Toby will pass out, waking up in his bedroom as his alarm is going off. It will be Game Over and you will have to repeat the sub-mission all over again.

    Before you reach the stairs that lead to the first floor, however, Moppet falls off a walkway.

    End cinema.

    This is the end of Hana’s sub-mission. You return to controlling Toby to finish Mizumi’s missions.

    This next cinema occurs at the end of Mizumi’s mission.

    Down below, Toby and Mizumi are just entering the Escher room from the Throne Room. Toby looks up as Moppet screams and gasps.

    Toby (yelling): Moppet! No! *his arms stretch out and enlarge, catching Moppet before she hits the ground*

    Drumlin, Hana, and Stank fall afterward. Drumlin smacks hard into the ground, forming a puddle of fluid beneath her. Hana and Stank bounce off her ample belly and dash toward Toby.

    A close-up of Mizumi reveals her growing anger, though she is astonished at first.

    Mizumi (voice-over, thinking): His magic is instinctive, but it is strong. I have been unwise to think of giving up on him.

    Toby (his arms returning to normal): Moppet, are you okay?

    Hana: We’re fine, thanks.

    Moppet’s mask has fallen off and it floats to the floor. Moppet sobs and turns toward the camera.

    Toby (alarmed): Sarah?

    Moppet appears to have Teen Sarah’s face. She collapses to the ground, crying.

    End cinema.
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    This is basically volume three of Return to Labyrinth, but events may be moved around, deleted, etc. For example, Jareth tries to convince Sarah to return to the Labyrinth, but that will be addressed in her playthrough. Other parts are changed around because really there isn’t a lot of room in this volume for quote-unquote “quests”, so I’m changing things to make it more than just one really long cinema.

    After the cinema ends and Moppet’s face is revealed, an in-game scene takes place.

    Moppet (runs away, crying)

    Toby (lunges toward her): Moppet!

    Mizumi: The girl needs some space, Your Majesty.

    Hana: What about her? *points to a dazed Drumlin* She tried to strangle Moppet!

    Toby (as goblin soldiers walk into the Escher room’s first floor): Take her to the dungeon to dry out.

    Drumlin (pleading): Mother!

    Mizumi (bows): Your Majesty, if my *voice growls* daughter *voice returns to normal* has offended your friends, she did so unbeknownst to me. Do with her as you wish.

    Drumlin (gasps as she is taken away)

    Mizumi (places a hand on Toby’s shoulder): You must focus all of your energy on your coronation.

    Spittledrum (appears, sounds angry): That can wait! *to Toby* Your Majesty, the Labyrinth is falling apart! A schism has opened up throughout the Labyrinth and the Goblin Corps, Red, Green, and Yellow, have all gone missing in the mazes! We can’t have a traditional goblin coronation without them!

    Toby: Wait, what do you mean by “traditional”? I thought Jareth was the only Goblin King.

    Spittledrum (hops up and down angrily): Never mind that! We absolutely have to get them back! *pauses, looking back wistfully, his voice now tender* Moppet has to be found too, Your Majesty. I don’t care if you have to interrogate everyone in Goblin City … find her and bring her back to the castle.

    Mizumi: Do so quickly, Your Majesty. Time is short. *leaves*

    After the scene ends, your list from Spittledrum is updated.

    Rescue the Goblin Corps (required)
    Find Moppet (required)

    After either one is completed, a cinema will start.

    For the purposes of the walkthrough, we shall begin with Rescue the Goblin Corps.

    Whoa, has the Labyrinth seen better days! Have you memorized every turn, every room, every corner? Ah, well, the heart of the Labyrinth is dying. That means more than just some blocked paths. There are more traps and some mazes have been completely changed. Mazes 1, 2, and 5 of the Stone Maze have now become concentric square paths with no openings. However, there is a line of doors that are locked and can be unlocked with the keystone. If you don’t have it yet, you will as you set out to the Labyrinth in the Gatehouse, as it will be hanging on the wall next to the door that leads to the Hedge Maze. These doors will let you get to each successive path. The door puzzles have been deactivated and must be unlocked as well. The Red Corps is in Maze 1 of the Stone Maze. The Green Corps is in Maze 2 and the Yellow Corps are in Maze 5. They are all in the center of their respective mazes, beset by ten powerful enemies each. Red Corps is facing aggressive Topiary Soldiers. Green Corps is facing gigantic Helping Hands that burst out of the ground or the walls. Yellow Corps is facing a menacing dragon nearly as tall as a stone wall and breathes fire.

    The other mazes are as-is, other than there are new items and blocked off paths mentioned earlier.

    New Items:

    Stone Sword: Found in Maze 4 of the Stone Maze. Fans of Dark Crystal will note it is one of the swords used in the Trial by Stone to determine the Skeksis Emperor. It is the most powerful of all the weapons, though it is rather slow, like how Pyramid Head’s Big Knife was obscenely powerful but really slow in Silent Hill 2. It will take down everything but the Helping Hands, Water-Lions, and Bosses in two to four hits.

    Zap Net x 5: Electrocutes enemies. Particularly effective on Water-Lions … or any other enemy from Moraine.

    Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese x 2: A special from Skub’s kitchen, it restores all of your health.

    After rescuing each Corps, they join you and will remain with you until you return to Goblin City, where they will part ways temporarily.

    Since this objective is complete, I shall go ahead and include the cinema here.


    In the hallway leading to the dungeon, Candlewic is marching solemnly toward the entry to the dungeon. Several red demons are playing cards on a table. They are from The Storyteller. One of them looks up in fear.

    Demon Leader: General Candlewic! Care to play a game?

    Candlewic (angrily): I need a moment with the prisoner … alone!

    Demon Leader (nods, groveling): Y-y-yes, sir! Right away, sir!

    Demon Flunky 1: We’ve been sacked!

    Demon Flunky 2: Not again!

    As they flutter away, Candlewic is enshrouded in mist, revealed to be Mizumi. She enters the dungeon and stops at Drumlin’s cell.

    Drumlin (grabs the bars): Mum! It’s about time! I was starting to think you weren’t --.

    Mizumi (curtly): Silence! You gravely disappoint me, Drumlin. For thirteen years I’ve waited for this moment, and you risk everything with your recklessness!

    Drumlin (pleading): You said to get them out of your way! I thought you’d be pleased!

    Mizumi (growling): Until I have what I came for, I need them alive! Not to mention … *close up of Mizumi’s furious eyes* … by putting yourself at risk, you put me at risk.

    Drumlin (falls to the floor): I’m – I’m sorry, Mum. It won’t happen again.

    Mizumi: Of that you can be certain. I’m sending you home immediately.

    The camera changes angle to reveal Moulin’s Nimbus watching the scene intently and then changes back.

    Drumlin (quivering): To Moraine?

    Mizumi (shakes her head slowly): It’s much too late for that.

    Steam starts to erupt from Drumlin’s body and she screams in pain. The steam swirls up into the air and is absorbed by Mizumi’s arms until Drumlin is completely absorbed. Nimbus flies away hurriedly.

    Mizumi (cradling her stomach, smiling): I had forgotten what hope feels like. It’s been so long.

    End cinema.

    Find Moppet

    Other than store owners, there are several characters you can talk to in order to find Moppet, all in the Castle or Goblin City. Moppet will appear after the last item is acquired.

    Nymblie (in front of the Coat Room): Moppet? Ah, yes. She can really fill out a dress, can’t she? Such a pity she isn’t Queen. *gasps* Unless, of course, you wish to make her queen! *squeals with delight* Why, such a wedding it would be! Have you seen my lovely collection of ballgowns? I keep a closet full of them in a room on the second floor of the castle.

    Objective: Go to Teen Sarah’s room and collect a ball gown.

    Hoggle (staring at the water fountain in the Goblin City Plaza): Y’know, it’s good yer lookin’ fer yer friend. *if you don’t have the Lipstick yet, he gives you the item*

    Junk Lady (wandering around the Money Exchange): Lookin’ for something, yes? I got plenty of good presents right here! *fumbles around the pile of junk on her back* Lessee, ev’rything close to my heart I got right here. *fumbles around some more, becomes cheery* Why, what do we have here? *hands Toby a small red book* Ev’rything you’ve ever wanted is right there! Go on! Read it! Enjoy yourself! Everything you need to know is right there!

    After you’ve obtained these three items, Moppet appears in an in-game scene.

    Toby (happy): Moppet!

    Moppet (sobbing, still without her mask): Toby! What am I?

    Toby (puts an arm tenderly around her): Let’s go to Spittledrum’s office at the castle and get this all figured out, okay?

    Moppet: Okay.


    Spittledrum is tapping a pencil sadly in his office. Mizumi is sitting in a chair opposite the Goblin Mayor as Toby and Moppet enter. Toby sits next to Mizumi and Moppet stands sadly next to Spittledrum. Spittledrum tenderly pats Moppet on the hand and clears his throat.

    Spittledrum: I’ll be blunt. Your Majesty, you are aware that you were brought here as a child and rescued by your sister.

    Toby (uncomfortable): Yeah, I’ve heard.

    Spittledrum: But you don’t know why you were chosen. You were bait to lure your sister here. He wanted to break her, to possess her … in his own strange way, it was like he loved her.

    Toby: Sick!

    Mizumi (thinking wistfully): How romantic! Why couldn’t he break my will?

    Spittledrum: Your sister not only solved the Labyrinth but proved her will was as strong as his – and it nearly destroyed him.

    Toby: All because he lost?

    Mizumi (curtly): Have you learned nothing? Jareth invested his entire will into the Labyrinth. No one was ever meant to breach it and reach the center. By doing exactly that, Sarah left the kingdom defenseless. Without a purpose, the Pathmaker is dying.

    Spittledrum: Jareth was powerless. However, he left for Moraine after Sarah departed and came back … *glances at Moppet* … with you.

    Mizumi (stands, smiling): Yes, dear. Jareth wanted you – and I made you. You, girl, are an ablation, a living essence taken from another being like water evaporating off a lake. Allow me to demonstrate. *uncovers a brightly colored beetle from under a book and holds it in her right hand* Everything has conflicting aspects: anger, calm, love, hate, sadness, happiness …. *holds her left hand over the beetle and forms a bigger, duller beetle in her left hand from a trail of mist rising from the original* My greatest power, possessed by no other, is to manifest such aspects as ablations. *smiles at Moppet* You were taken from Sarah’s dreams, the very thing Jareth feared most. He locked you away in a room in the castle, desperate to bend you to his will, but he failed and dumped you in that junkpile outside Goblin City.

    Spittledrum (sadly nodding): He forbade me from ever mentioning what happened when he found out I had brought you to my house. He gave me a peach, ordering me to give it to you in case you ever remembered your imprisonment. *pauses* Now you know why I was so upset when you attended the ball, Moppet.

    Moppet (tenderly): Master --.

    Toby (shoots up from his chair angrily): Stop calling him that! *to Mizumi* You stole a part of my sister! How could you?

    Mizumi (shrugs): For love. I would do anything for Jareth. Of course – I can always undo the process. Once reabsorbed, Sarah’s forgotten dreams will be restored to her, but Moppet will cease to exist. Summon Sarah to me, Your Majesty, but first you must find the Pathmaker.

    Toby (sighs)

    Mizumi (lifts an index finger): Of course, there is one little thing I forgot to mention. *slams the gentle bug onto the desk with her hand*

    Spittledrum: Ewww! Not my desk!

    Mizumi (chuckles as the larger bug dies instantly): If the ablation dies, or the original ceases to be … so it is with the other.

    Moppet (gasps, to Toby): There has to be another way!

    Toby (glumly looks at Moppet): I’m … I’m sorry, Moppet. Sarah’s my sister. You’re just --.

    Moppet (slaps him and runs out)

    Mizumi (watches her run out the door): A tragedy for all involved. However, it provides the motivation you require to succeed in finding the Pathmaker … or everyone you love … will be lost forever.

    Spittledrum (grumbling, to Toby): You could’ve been a little nicer, Your Majesty. *sighs* Still, prepare for the coronation tomorrow. The chef Skub has asked to see you in the kitchen.

    End cinema.

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    Toby now enters the kitchen, where Skub is busy mixing ingredients in a big pot while a couple of goblins are waiting to be served. Approach Skub and in-game conversation takes place.

    Skub (looks behind him): Hello, Prince Toby. Did you find Skub’s meal tasty?

    Toby (nods): Yeah, it was great. Thanks, Skub.

    Skub (sniffles): Skub is so happy! Skub has always been a failure.

    Toby: Why do you say that?

    Skub: Skub had a momma and a papa and three older brothers and all lived happily in a little house deep in a field for growing good food – until Momma was eaten during a banquet. The children were all expected to earn their keep and win a chance to inherit the house. Bargo was the second youngest. He made Papa carp scale overalls. Papa was very happy until the whigeons flew down to eat them. Greph was the second oldest, and he warbled a toad --.

    Toby: Warbled a toad?

    Skub (nods): Yes, Greph was the most skilled toad warbler of them all – and the whigeons flew away.

    Toby: What about the eldest? I guess he won?

    Skub: Not quite. Kraglyst just stood there, as calm as a mushroom. Papa thought he was trying to be funny and claimed he was the best comedian ever. Kraglyst got mad and left. Just then, a dragon invaded and Skub joined the army to defeat the dragon.

    Toby: So, you won the house?

    Skub (sighs sadly): Not quite. All of Skub’s brothers died fighting the dragon, but Skub was a coward and hid under a rock. General Candlewic found Skub and kicked him out of the army. Papa was so upset he banished Skub from the house forever. *sobs* Skub wasn’t strong enough. Skub wasn’t worthy enough. But Toby – Toby will make a fine Goblin King. Jareth would have trusted Toby to be stronger than Jareth.

    Toby (nods): I promise I’ll give it my best, Skub. *pats Skub on the shoulder* Keep up the good work. You’re not a failure to me.

    Skub (gasps as Toby leaves the kitchen)

    Toby (spots Moulin staring at him in the hallway): Moulin? Can this wait? My coronation is coming up soon. I can’t be late for it.

    Moulin: I’m coming with you. You should see if anything else needs your attention before the coronation.

    Toby: I really don’t have time for this.

    Moulin (scoffs): Make time, So-Called Heir.

    Toby: How do I make time?

    Moulin (chuckles, using her index finger to draw circles in the air quickly): Just turn the hands of a clock. I hear that’s how the previous king did it.

    Toby (starts to walk past her): That just changes the clock – not time.

    Moulin (stops him): Time is what you think it is. Tick, tock, tick, tock – was there time before the clock?

    Toby (curtly): I have a job to do. The Goblins are depending on me. With Jareth gone, I’m the only one who has a chance of controlling the Labyrinth. Not to mention, I also have to save Sarah.

    Moulin: Mother will never help you. She made a wager with Jareth and she means to take the Labyrinth for herself. Just – just trust me.

    Toby (sighs): I have to trust Jareth knew what he was doing. I’ll be in the Throne Room.

    Moulin (pleading): Don’t be a fool like Jareth! Make time to prepare yourself! The coronation can’t start without you!

    When you regain control of Toby, a new objective appears on Spittledrum’s list: Make Time for Time.

    While Toby could just go straight to the Throne Room and begin the coronation process, but if there are any quests or items that still need to be checked off, now is the time to do it. Also, there are several time-related clues throughout the Labyrinth, the Castle, and Goblin City. Knowing these will be useful after the coronation. Only return to the Throne Room when you are ready to be crowned king.

    Dungeon: An Ace of Hearts card is left on the floor where the demons had been playing cards.

    Hall of Prophecies: The clerk will mutter that he still thinks the Triple Sun prophecy was the best one.

    Skub’s family’s house (the house you’ve seen in the northwest corner in the fields): Four gravestones will be behind the house.

    Stone Maze, maze 6: A small goblin will be overturning stones in the ground, grumbling as he does so. He will call you a fragging aardvark when he is finished and leaves. He will have turned over seven stones, noted for a darker color.

    King’s Office: A ghost of Jareth will appear, pacing the room, mocking Sarah by exclaiming, “Hardships unnumbered? There were twelve, at best!”

    Return to the Throne Room when you are done. The coronation will be like a cinema, but it will involve pressing the correct commands to make the ceremony go smoothly. Make mistakes and the ceremony will become disastrous.

    Interactive Cinema:

    As soon as Toby enters the Throne Room, Spittledrum hurriedly pushes him out to the open stadium connecting the castle with the Goblin City. A crowd is roaring and cheering. Toby sits on a throne in the middle of a wooden stage. The crowd quiets down as Spittledrum addresses them.

    Spittledrum: My fellow goblins, this is a most joyous day, for today is the day to celebrate the ascension of a new Goblin King. Toby Williams, adopted by our former king and made honorary goblin thirteen years ago, was cruelly stolen from us. We have watched from afar as the babe with the power stands to achieve total power! *coughs* Of course, that assumes he survives the Trial of Ascension --.

    Toby (worried): Trial? Survive?

    Spittledrum: But first, the Parade of Flags! Here they come, from every corner of the Labyrinth – which is a total of 47, 000 corners!

    Toby (groans, facepalms)

    A grand marching song will be played by a band behind the stage throne. The Parade will react to the tune, which is influenced by pressing buttons. For example, if the Square button is displayed, pressing it will keep the goblins from tripping. After about ten of these single-button commands, you will be faced with two-button commands, as the crowd is starting to snore from boredom. Getting it right will liven them back up and getting it wrong will make various groups of goblins either fall asleep, leave, play games, or moon the stage. After about ten of these commands, the parade stops and Spittledrum bows.

    Spittledrum: Well, that’s the last!

    Toby (rolls eyes): Whew.

    Spittledrum: I know everyone is waiting for the deathly Trial of Ascension --.

    Toby (panicking): What?

    Spittledrum: -- which will take place after the Salute of a Thousand Horns!

    One single goblin appears on stage with a ram’s horn.

    Toby (facepalms): This will take all day.

    The goblin blows his horn, summoning a giant hairy beast with lots of horns coming. A cartoony sign appears, labeling it the Thousand-Horned Horlok. The crowd salutes him.

    Goblin soldiers, meanwhile, start screaming in the crowd as they chase a goblin wearing a raincoat. How close he ends up to the throne will depend on following a stream of button commands. The closer the goblin gets, the more panicked Toby becomes. On the last command, the goblin faces the audience, with the camera behind him, and opens the raincoat. The crowd gasps in horror, with some fainting and some averting their eyes, and some gawking and laughing.

    Spittledrum (rushing up to the raincoated goblin): Goblins and Gruntled Kin – the Royal Jewels!

    Toby (groans): Yup. They went there. *sighs*

    Spittledrum (as the other goblin is led away): Alright, everyone – now is the time for the Trial of Ascension. This most sacred of rites will be performed by the holiest of all goblins – Pontifex Mynoskyrka!

    A four-armed goblin in ornate religious robes and the shepherd’s crook Toby found earlier appears. He has a long beard that nearly reaches his toes. He towers over Toby.

    Pontifex: Toby Williams of the Realm of Men – you would take the Crown of Goblin Kind. To be Goblin King is more than a title or occupation. It is to forfeit self at the expense of all. Please rise. *Toby stands up* As heir, the crown is yours to take, but first you must pass the test.

    Toby: What happens if I fail?

    Pontifex: Nothing. *pauses* Will you enter the Trial, Toby Williams?

    Toby (nods): I will.

    Pontifex (nods): Very well. *draws the top half of the infinity symbol on Toby’s forehead* The symbol enlarges as the scene fades to black.

    Toby’s voice: Where am I?

    Pontifex’s voice: No place … and every place.

    A dot appears.

    Toby’s voice: What is that?

    Pontifex’s voice: The Labyrinth.

    Toby’s voice: But it’s just a dot.

    Pontifex’s voice: Is it? Or do you simply lack perspective? *the dot morphs into a line*

    From here on out, you will be given choices. There is no wrong answer.

    Toby’s voice: A wall?

    Pontifex’s voice: Merely a line. But if you look at it from here …

    Choices: A brick wall. A hedge. A fallen tree.

    Pontifex’s voice: But where shall you go? There is no context.

    Toby’s voice: I go outside the lines.

    The brick wall becomes the Stone Maze. The hedge becomes the Hedge Maze. The fallen tree becomes a forest.

    Pontifex’s voice: Ah, now there is a place, but there is no destination. *The two goblin door knockers appear on doors in front of a black background.* Which way do you want to go?

    A set of three choices appear: Left door. Right door. Stairs.

    Pontifex’s voice: Where do they lead?

    Choices: Up. Down. Left. Right.

    The camera follows a dark hallway that goes in the direction you chose.

    Pontifex’s voice (as the screen goes black and a dot appears): Where does it end?

    Toby’s voice: With a dot.

    The camera shows Pontifex and Toby floating on either side of the floating dot.

    Pontifex: Toby, we have come full circle. Your test is complete. Have you found the Pathmaker?

    Toby (nods and reaches out to the dot, which is a glowing crystal ball): Yes. The Pathmaker … *the infinity symbol becomes whole* … is me.

    A loud thundercrack is heard as Pontifex and Toby are back on the stage to an engrossed crowd.

    Pontifex (turns to the crowd, calling out loudly): Goblins of Labyrinth, I hereby announce the reign of your new leader – Toby, the Goblin King!

    The crowd roars with approval as Jareth’s amulet, which is like a straight-on view of a bird with wings downturned and an infinity symbol in the middle, magically appears hanging from Toby’s neck. The goblins in the crowd bow humbly.

    Mizumi (stands in the crowd, laughing): Oh, Jareth! You knew this would happen, didn’t you? Go ahead. Keep your heart. But – a deal’s a deal. *walks on the backs of the goblins toward the stage, her voice determined and melodramatic* Goblin King of Labyrinth, from the Waters of the West I come, through twisting stone and trials of fire – to claim the kingdom I was promised! *summons a trail of mist from Toby’s amulet, which becomes a chain that wraps around his neck and ends in her hands*

    Spittledrum (angrily): Stand down, Witch! The forces of Moraine will never make it through the Labyrinth!

    Mizumi (chuckling): Through? Why would the Army of Moraine come through the Labyrinth – when I can summon them from above? *mist starts to surround her as she closes her eyes, chanting* Nunatak kame polyna. The suncup fills and oceans squall. Upturn the chalice, let water fall! *thunder cracks and lightning fills the sky as a torrential downpour ensues* Sastruga ogive tarn, by Serac’s crack and Bergshrugnd’s cries, give form to chaos, my Kulhaups rise! *the water lions form out of the water hitting the ground and attack the goblins*

    Spittledrum (watches in horror as Mizumi absorbs Pontifex and places his essence into a vial): This will not stand, World-crasher! *Candlewic appears behind him* Candlewic! Show this witch what we’re made of!

    Candlewic (nods and thrusts a knife into Spittledrum’s back)

    Spittledrum (falling to the ground, weakly): I’m – I’m leaking.

    Candlewic (bows before Mizumi)

    Mizumi (jerks Toby toward her): I will break the heart of this world, just as Jareth broke mine. *screams* Where is the Pathmaker?

    Toby (glares at her)

    Mizumi (grunts disapproval): I don’t know how you resist, Toy King, but your will cannot oppose mine for long. Candlewic, take the boy some place where he won’t cause any mischief.

    Candlewic (smiles): I know just the place.

    The scene transitions to Candlewic in the Stone Maze, throwing Toby into the hole leading to the oubliette.

    End cinema.

    Author’s Note: This is how I am ending Volume 3’s content. There are some scenes with Moulin that are important, but I’m saving them for the next and last act of Toby’s walkthrough. We’re almost done.
  11. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    Note: This is dealing with stuff post-volume 3, though I’m including what happened to Moulin here instead of there, but I just wanted to re-iterate that this is certainly made up by me, as Volume 4 isn’t out yet. I’ve also stayed away with fanfics not by me, so any similarities are purely coincidental.

    An in-game scene plays. Toby is sitting in the oubliette in the dark. He holds up the little fish amulet Drumlin gave him.

    Toby (scoffs): “Seek an ally in the light.” What the heck does that even mean? *throws the amulet down onto the dirt floor* Great job, Toby. You’re a real bang-up king, you know that? *stands up, kicking a wall, only to hear the sound of kicking a door* Huh? A door? *jiggles the handle* Locked. *snaps* Oh, right. The keystone!

    Now that you control Toby again, use the keystone in the door, unlocking it. The amulet will sparkle, so you can see where Toby threw it. Pick it up and head out of the tunnels and back into the Stone Maze. The sky is now dark with storm clouds and it is raining rather hard, and the ground is ankle-deep in water. All of your weapons are gone, so now may not be the best time to get into a fight. Avoid enemies like the plague. Head to the Stone Maze. There will be items to find to tide you over until you can get your items back.


    Blunderbuss: A short shotgun-like weapon with power varying by distance from enemy. In other words, the closer they are, the harder they’re hit. A gun isn’t very Muppety, but Pa Gorg owned one, and goblins had cannons and machine guns, so there.

    Bronze shield: A large round shield with the Deaf Goblin Doorknocker’s image on it. Increases defense by 30%.

    Also, in the Hedge Maze, you occasionally see a middle-aged brunette woman with glasses walking around. However, if you try to approach her, she disappears through a wall.

    If you go where the Fireys were, they are all sitting around in the water, depressed. Approach them if you want to for an in-game conversation.

    Toby: You guys look terrible.

    Firey Leader (shrugs): Someone’s always rainin’ on our parade!

    Firey 2 (nods): Yeah, now we’re really chilled down!

    Toby: Well, throw in your hand! Take a stand!

    Firey Leader: Uh, you do know water beats fire, right?

    Firey 2 (nods): It’s in all the elemental handbooks.

    Toby: Water may put out fire – but fire also boils water away. You just have to turn up the heat.

    Firey Leader and Firey 2 (look at each other mischievously)

    If you go where Hoggle was, with all the pipes, he’ll be there, frantically checking the pipes, standing on boulders Ludo is summoning (as Hoggle is rather short, so the rising water is upsetting him understandably). Approach them if you want for an in-game conversation.

    Toby: Prince Hoggle! Sir Ludo!

    Hoggle (not looking at him): Why’d ya have to go an’ invite her for? What good has she done us?

    Toby: I’m looking for help in defeating her.

    Hoggle (suddenly stops, his voice unsure): You – you are?

    Toby: Right. It has to be done. It’s the only way to save the Labyrinth.

    Hoggle (looks at Ludo, who shrugs): What can we do?

    Toby: You’re the Prince of the Land of Stench, right? We can’t be above using all of our resources. See if you can’t get some of the Bog Pipes diverted to the Goblin Castle.

    Ludo (in a concerned tone): Hmmm … Ludo … save … home.

    Toby: We could use a noble rock mover like yourself, Sir Ludo. She has to be defeated in order to save your home.

    Ludo (sighs, moaning and nodding)

    Head back into Goblin City. The goblins are rather busy attacking several Kulhaups (or, the water-lions). Find the three goblin corps and they will join you and be slightly more organized and stronger. Defeat them all and you’ll find that the entry into the Goblin Castle is iced over for now. Sir Didymus is staring at the entry to the castle. Approach him and an in-game conversation starts.

    Sir Didymus (brandishing his riding crop): Ambrosius! Come back here and help me storm the castle!

    Toby: Sir Didymus?

    Sir Didymus (turns around, shocked): Your Highness! Great shall be our glory when we storm yon castle! The vile sorceress of Moraine has invaded the sanctity of Goblin Castle, still searching for the Pathmaker! *points at a group of goblins recovering from being attacked by Kulhaups* Together, we will risk life and limb for our glorious homeland!

    The goblins turn around and leave.

    Sir Didymus (flustered): Hmph! The cowards! *to Toby* Surely His Majesty shall join his loyal and noble knight on this sacred quest!

    Toby: Just the two of us? I think we’re gonna need more help than that?

    Sir Didymus: Such as thy sister?

    Toby (scoffs): Yeah, I wish! I was thinking more along the lines of Skub, Hana, and Moppet.

    Sir Didymus (nods): Then we should find them post haste!

  12. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    One thing that is noticeable in Goblin City is that the water fountain in the central Plaza has been replaced with a stone pedestal with a clock face on it. You can interact with it with the square button and rotate the hands with the analogue buttons. Remember the time clues from before? Well, if you decide to use the clock, it will affect not only your game but Sarah’s in her walkthrough as long as you played Toby’s first. In video games, some of them can affect subsequent playthroughs with data flags gained on a previous playthrough. When a new game is started, the console will note the data flags and change the game accordingly. The most common example would be completing a game and then having access to new weapons in subsequent playthroughs, or starting out with your powerful weapons from the last playthrough.

    Clues and Effects:

    Ace of Hearts: 1:00. The dungeon cells’ doors will unlock.
    Triple Sun Prophecy: 3:00. The final Boss Battle will have a unique option. Fans of Dark Crystal might be able to guess.
    Four gravestones: 4:00. Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus (on Ambrosius’ back) will join as party members instead of the Goblin Corps. Hoggle builds traps. Ludo summons boulders which trample enemies. Sir Didymus causes confusion among groups of enemies, making them fight each other. Why three instead of four? Well, you are the fourth party member, and on Sarah’s playthrough you can pretend you’re reliving the movie somewhat. It’s also a nod to the NES Labyrinth game I just found on youtube, where you could summon these characters.
    Stone-turning goblin: 7:00. The Stone Mazes are built more like the movie, where there are paths but also lots of open areas with hands pointing to different things in each area. The two door puzzles are the movie doors.
    Jareth’s ghost: 12:00. Each maze will have twice as many enemies and traps. Also, a Cleaner drill will appear in random mazes, which can spell instant death or tear through blocked areas. Those things don’t really turn on a dime.

    All of these will obviously affect Toby’s walkthrough, but it is data flagged so that it will alter Sarah’s game as well. One of the reasons for this is that Sarah’s trip through the Labyrinth will technically start after Toby’s coronation, as has been kinda foreshadowed in the last post. Since fans of the movie might want to play Sarah’s walkthrough only, there needs to be a reason to play Toby’s side of the story.

    Your objective list will be updated after talking to Didymus.

    Find Skub. (optional)
    Find Hana. (optional)
    Find Moppet. (required)

    Find Skub:

    Skub will be mourning his brothers and his mother at their graves near his family’s house. Approach him and an in-game conversation will begin.

    Skub: Prince – Skub means – King Toby! Skub is happy to see you alive!

    Toby: Skub, I need you more than ever. I need you to rally the goblins.

    Skub (shakes head): Skub is sorry, King Toby. Skub is taking care of someone very sick.

    Toby: Your father?

    Skub: No. *looks around warily* Skub is caring for Mayor Spittledrum. He is very hurt. Skub brought him here because there were water monsters near Mayor Spittledrum’s house.

    Toby: I see. *bends down and pats Skub on the head* Take good care of him, Skub. Wish us luck.

    Skub (nods): Skub wishes very hard for King Toby to have good luck.

    Find Hana:

    Hana and Stank will be vandalizing Flegwort’s Fresh Shoes. Approach them and an in-game conversation will begin.

    Hana: Oh, look – if it isn’t the liar.

    Toby: Pardon?

    Hana: Why should I pardon you? You never helped me find my wings! You have helped even the stupidest of goblins – and yet I was expected to drop everything and help you.

    Toby (offended): Hana, I had to learn how to be king!

    Hana: Pffbt. You had to drool over Moppet. Let’s get real: you tall-types always ignore the little folks.

    Toby: That’s not true!

    Hana: Fine – you help goblins! As long as they’re ugly and pathetic and stupid, you just fawn all over them! But a fairy needs something? Hohohohohoho! Labyrinth forbid! We’ll always be outcasts, treated like mosquitoes. No one will ever cut us a break. You know what, “Your Majesty”? You can go find Moppet on your own. I’m out for myself and Stank, just like we’ve always been. But I’d hurry if I were you … sounds like she’s quite the popular target these days. *they leave*

  13. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Find Moppet:

    Since the castle is still closed, there’s no real sense to try to get in yet. If you’ve been paying attention to Moppet’s characterization, there are two places she’d likely be: Spittledrum’s mansion or Candlewic’s mansion. Skub mentioned Kulhaups are running amok at Spittledrum’s place. You can go there if you want if you want to lay down some serious hurt on the water creatures. Otherwise, Candlewic’s mansion is the logical place to go.

    At the bottom of the plateau, before getting to the mansion on top, the Goblin Corps will be there waiting for you. Hoggle, Ludo, and the Fireys will also be waiting for you, if you talked to them in the Hedge Maze and basically ordered them to join you in battle.

    Yes, we will be dealing with our first boss battle. They are indicated by the presence of awaiting potential party members and what will be our “summons” characters. Hoggle and Ludo can’t be party members and summons at the same time. Hoggle and Ludo will be more powerful as summons, so whatever floats your boat.

    Hoggle (summons): He will summon Bog Gas from pipes that will poison the enemy.
    Ludo (summons): He will crack the ground beneath the enemy and crush them.
    Fireys (summons): They will attack with fire, or, if the Bog Gas has been summoned, they will light that and create massive flame jets.

    As a boss battle, remember that to obtain one of the trophies, you CANNOT fight the boss – AT ALL. You have to rely solely on the environmental traps. That means any existing traps, the Yellow Corps, or Hoggle … or the summons count as environmental damage. If you’ve been skimping out on optional conversations or missions, there is really no way to earn this trophy, as you would have to fight at some point.

    Each summons can be, uh, summoned on a timer. In other words, after you’ve summoned the Fireys, for example, you can’t summon them again for sixty seconds.

    After you’ve picked some party members, a cinema will start.


    In the dungeon, which is iced over (and has a locked door if you don’t have the clock turned to 1:00), Mizumi glares at Moulin, who is quietly reading a red leather book within her cell. Moulin’s Nimbus can be seen frozen in a block of ice in the hallway beside the cell.

    Mizumi: Whatever shall I do with you? It pains a mother’s heart to see her child fall so far from the tree.

    Moulin (not looking up): Don’t lie to me, Mother. I know everything – what I am to you. You can’t hurt me. You can only destroy me. *pauses as she glares at her mother* Just like you did my sister!

    Mizumi (smiles): I should have realized you’d find out the truth. I could not take the pain of living with heartbreak any longer. I took away the feelings that bound me to him and created the two of you. *sighs* Such a pity you chose to turn to him instead of me. We could have found another way.

    Moulin: You said there was no other way.

    Mizumi: Of course there is! I just didn’t want them to know that. *turns away* It doesn’t matter now. You are too much of a liability.

    Esker (approaches hastily): Lady Mizumi! *Mizumi turns to him* It’s Jareth! He’s made contact with the woman!

    Moulin (is shocked, looks pensive)

    Mizumi (nonchalant): Yes, yes – but the King that Was is powerless. He can change nothing.

    Esker (bows): Somehow, he found power.

    Mizumi (furious): WHAT? *summons a pool of water in her hand, where Sarah can be seen in the Labyrinth* This can’t be allowed to happen! Stop them!

    Esker (nods): Try as I might – I cannot seem to reach her.

    Mizumi (growls): The Pathmaker! *looks at Moulin* Perhaps … there is another way. *to Esker* Kill the ablation … and the original dies with it!

    End cinema.

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    I didn't wait too long. I could still edit the post (the original text was an attempt at an April Fools' thing), but it wouldn't let me delete it. Or, at least, I couldn't find the command for it. Ah well. I've been kinda busy, so I've been neglecting this poor story, but I hope to do Candlewic's boss battle today.
  17. RedPiggy

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    Fight Candlewic

    Once you have control of Toby again, and you have your party, search for Candlewic, who’ll be standing somewhere near his mansion. Once approached, you cannot save during a boss battle. Approach him and an in-game conversation starts.

    Toby (determined, brandishing a weapon): Where’s Moppet, traitor?

    Candlewic (grunts, smirking): Resourceful little brat. Pull some more stunts like that and you’ll be just as irritating as that fool Jareth.

    Toby (lunges, only to be tripped by a smug Candlewic, who puts his boot on Toby’s back): How can you betray your king?

    Candlewic (presses down hard on Toby’s back with his boot): You are not my king! You are nothing but a smattering of pink skin, a failed little boy who considers being high-leveled in a video game the same as being a valiant warrior! You can barely wield a sword!

    Toby (growling): I’ve learned a lot since then!

    Candlewic (kicks Toby away): Learn all you like, human. Studying to be master over goblins will never make you a goblin.

    When the conversation is over, the entire plateau will be your battleground. A barrier will prevent you from leaving the plateau. Toby and his party members will battle. Remember, if you’re going for a Pathmaker trophy, you absolutely cannot battle him yourself, relying on traps and summons. You could also try Jar of Bees, but he’s a lot tougher this time around, so it will only serve to distract him momentarily, not lowering his defense by removing armor. If you’ve used the Goblin Corps for party members, Hoggle and Ludo will be available as summons (all summons must have been unlocked when talking to each previously). The Fireys will also be summons if you talked to them just a bit ago in the Hedge Maze.

    Shortly into battle, a pop-up will appear, telling you how to summon characters:

    When a summon character is available, the character will be standing in a glowing spot where they can be talked to with the circle button. Doing so will access a small cinema of the character providing some helpful service.

    End note.

    This is different from how most RPG summons work, but as this game is trying to be user-friendly, especially to non-gamers (for whatever reasons), I felt this was the easiest way to get this done. It beats sorting through menus all the time, and I didn’t leave myself spare buttons to hotkey the summons. Another good thing about this is that you aren’t really summoning them from thin air, like other RPG summons, so it makes more logical sense to just access them if they’re standing there.

    Obviously, Ludo’s attack will be rather powerful. Hoggle’s Bog Gas, which appears when Hoggle summons large pipes from the ground or Candlewic’s mansion, will poison Candlewic (and you too, so be careful). However, the real, uh, blast, would be to have the Fireys light the Bog Gas. The resulting flame jet, if Candlewic walks into it, will shave off a good quarter of his health.

    You could also rely on Yellow Corps, but their traps will be much weaker. This game definitely rewards interacting with characters.

    If you don’t have party members or summons because you’ve just been ignoring all these missions left and right, then the only option you have is to fight. You don’t have a lot in terms of weaponry, as your stuff you’ve gained before getting sent to the oubliette is in the castle, which is blocked at the moment. Candlewic is a powerful opponent. However, he’s still a goblin: stubborn but stupid. He’s just not as dumb as your typical goblin grunt. He’s not so dense that you could run a circle around his mansion and catch him off-guard from behind, but you can try to ambush him. Also, since it’s raining, there should be mud puddles where a fighter could get stuck momentarily. He has a lot of health and has a lot of tough armor on, but just wear him down. Once you wear him down to 50% health, a cinema shall begin.


    Toby (lunging at Candlewic): Submit, Candlewic – or be defeated!

    Candlewic (panting, but still able to dodge): You’ll need more than some lucky hits to take me down. I’ve fought far more dangerous creatures. You’re nothing compared to a wyvern.

    Toby (recovering and jabbing Candlewic in the back): I’m only human – but I’m still the Goblin King!

    End cinema.

    There are two ways to defeat Candlewic: just get his health to nothing or steer him to a slippery plateau edge. Candlewic can be knocked off the plateau’s edge if you notice yourself slipping around in the mud. The ending cinemas will either have Candlewic stoically fall to the ground, dead, or Candlewic screaming as he falls to his death off the plateau’s edge.

    NOTE: How can Candlewic die here and be alive in my Comeback King Saga universe? Well, this isn’t going to be in that universe. This is a separate gaming universe I’m creating.

    This is the end of your first Boss Battle. You still must find Moppet….
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    After you leave the plateau, a short cinema will take place.


    Toby is walking back toward downtown Goblin City.

    Toby (thinking): There was no sign of Moppet anywhere. Where could she be? *sees a bunch of goblins in the Plaza laughing and partying and he speaks to them* What’s going on?

    Goblin 1 (the raspy goblin with the pointed mouth from behind the mirror in the movie): Big party for big fight.

    Toby (nods, smiling): Thanks.

    Goblin 1: Not King fight! Big New Goblin King send that crazy Bone-head after She-Who-Came-Before?

    Goblin 2 (the big dumb goblin behind the mirror from the movie): Did she die yet?

    Goblin 1: Shut up!

    Goblins (start arguing)

    Goblin 1: All of you shut up! *to Toby* We’re taking bets on how quickly Bone-Head from Moraine hacks She-Who-Came-Before to itty bitty pieces. *takes out a piece of paper and a pen* What can we put His Skinny Highness for?

    Toby (alarmed): Are you saying Sarah’s in the Labyrinth? I’ve got to go save her! *runs toward the Gatehouse*

    Goblin 2 (picking his nose): He isn’t betting?

    Goblin 1 (shrugs): Who cares? More money for us! *laughs and parties again*

    End cinema.

    Fight Esker

    Toby will now find himself in the Gatehouse. As soon as he enters Maze 4 of the Hedge Maze, he sees Esker threatening Sarah … and Moppet … with ice bolts thrown from his hands. An in-game conversation starts.

    Esker (to Toby): Away with you, Goblin King. *hurls ice at Toby*

    Toby (dodges): Sarah! Run!

    Esker (closes off the path to the Hedge Maze with ice): Stay. I don’t have to kill all of you. Milady will be victorious if just one of you dies. It’s a piece of cake.

    Toby (channels his power and another door opens beside the ice block): Sarah! Moppet! Run! I’ll keep him off you! Just go!

    Esker (watches the two females run off and growls at Toby): Where is the Pathmaker, boy?

    Toby: Heh – you’ll have to come through me to get it.

    Esker (shrugs): It isn’t mine to take. But your sister – or her shadow – yes, I believe that is far more stimulating, wouldn’t you agree? *runs off after them*

    A big digital clock will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. It counts down from thirteen minutes. To aid those with visual difficulties, Toby will say aloud the time left at the beginning, at seven minutes, and at one minute left. It is a strategic race through the Hedge Maze. Esker must not be allowed to hurt Sarah or Moppet, and the tempo of the chase music will increase if Esker is near them. As Toby and the Pathmaker, you can either fight or frustrate Esker by altering the Labyrinth to keep him away from Sarah and Moppet. Use square without the L2 button every time Toby says, “Aha!” to change the Labyrinth’s path. If you want the Pathmaker trophy, you cannot fight, as this is part of the boss battle. At the seven minute mark, as though it took them this long to catch up, your summons will appear if you unlocked them. Ludo’s power will shave off a quarter of Esker’s health. Hoggle’s Bog Gas will simply be frozen by Esker. The Fireys’ power will shave off a third of Esker’s health.

    If Esker has not been able to kill Sarah or Moppet by the time the clock runs out, or they reach Maze 1 of the Hedge Maze, this phase of the battle is over and will proceed to Phase 2 after a cinema. Otherwise, it’s game over, and Mizumi will appear, yank on a collar formed around Toby’s neck, laughing.


    Toby passes by a groaning Esker, who slumps on the ground next to a hedge, and meets with Sarah and Moppet, who stare at him in awe.

    Moppet: You’re very powerful to have stopped him.

    Sarah (nods): You’re him, right? You’re the Goblin King?

    Toby (hugs Sarah tightly): I’m so glad you’re okay, Sarah.

    Sarah (breaks free, disgusted): How do you know my name?

    Toby (angrily): Stop screwing around, Sarah! You and Moppet have to get somewhere safe. *nods in Esker’s direction* I’ll take care of this creep while you get back home.

    Sarah: I don’t need anyone’s protection!

    Moppet (meekly): Sarah – the Goblin King might be able to help.

    Toby (nods, sighing): Moppet, I promise I’ll help. And … and I’m sorry for upsetting you.

    Moppet (confused): But we’ve never met ….

    Toby (shocked): Huh?

    A shrieking cry pierces the air and Toby looks around to find Esker drinking from a bottle and lunging for him.

    End cinema.

    Phase 2 of the battle begins. You must still fight or frustrate Esker and protect Sarah and Moppet (made more difficult because the offended Sarah now uses her weapons to fight as well, though her fighting doesn’t affect your game. The only real difference is that the battle will only take place in Maze 1 of the Hedge Maze and there is no escape until the battle is over.

    Once you’ve whittled Esker’s health, which had been fully restored by the stuff he drank, to 10% a cinema starts.


    Esker (clutching his sides, panting): You’ve grown much, Boy King. It does not anger me to lose – only to lose to someone as pathetic as you.

    Toby (confidently, though tired): You still lost, though – to such a loser like me. *smirks* What kind of a loser does that make you?

    Esker (chuckles): I’ve been scarred by a far more powerful Goblin King, boy. All kingdoms of the Underground feared his power at its peak. I wish I could scar him. *glances at Sarah* I’ll just have to settle for scarring his lover.

    Sarah (alarmed): What?

    Esker raises his arm to summon another ice blast at Sarah, but a Barn Owl swoops in and pecks at his eyes and flies up and behind Esker, turning into Jareth in his brown leather costume (the one he wore talking to Hoggle when he gave Hoggle the peach). Jareth grabs Esker by the neck and bolts of electricity crackle through Esker, who falls dead to the ground, smoldering. Jareth looks at Toby, smirking.

    Jareth: Hello, Your Majesty. How are you enjoying my Labyrinth?

    Toby (smirks): It’s my Labyrinth, now.

    Jareth (nods): So it is. Congratulations are in order. *pauses* Of course, this was merely cleaning up what’s left of the rabble, correct? Mizumi’s betrayal has already been dealt with.

    Toby (sheepishly): Uh, I … I’m getting around to it! I had to rescue my sister!

    Sarah and Moppet (looks at each other): Sister?

    Toby (to Jareth): What’s going on?

    Jareth (sighs): Moppet ate something that didn’t agree with her.

    Toby (angrily): You made that peach for her! How short-sighted can you possibly be? Whatever happens to Moppet happens to Sarah!

    Jareth (curtly): How can one who is the Pathmaker fail to see the potential of every path?

    Toby (growling): You cannot stay the hand of destiny!

    Jareth (smirks, calmly): Naturally, dear Toby – but it helps if you are the hand of destiny, doesn’t it? *turns to Sarah and Moppet* I shall protect them while you face Mizumi, Your Majesty.

    Toby: She’s your ex-girlfriend. You do it.

    Jareth (chuckles as he walks away): It is the destiny of the Goblin King to protect his kingdom – and you cannot stay the hand of destiny.

    Sarah and Moppet look at each other, then at Toby, then in the direction where Jareth went, and follow Jareth.

    Toby sighs and looks at the castle, which is under a tremendous swirling storm cloud.

    End cinema.
  19. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    Things have calmed down a little now. The castle is still blocked off, but there are fewer Kulhaups running around the Labyrinth and Goblin City. This is a good time to restock on stuff. The main goal at the moment is to find a way into the castle. As Toby returns to Goblin City, Skub and Spittledrum are standing just beyond the Gatehouse. An in-game conversation begins.

    Toby (shocked): Mayor Spittledrum! Are you alright?

    Spittledrum (holding his sides, growling): I was stabbed! *glares at Toby, then sighs sadly* I’m going to live, Your Majesty. Thank you for caring.

    Toby (nods): Of course. Is there another way into the castle?

    Skub (shakes his head): There is, but we can’t get to any of the usual places. The only way is through the front door.

    Toby (strokes his chin): Hmmm. Can I fly?

    Spittledrum: What kind of stupid question is that?

    Toby (shrugs): Jareth can fly. He can turn into an owl.

    Spittledrum (cackles, then cringes from pain): You may have found the Pathmaker, Your Highness … but that doesn’t make you anything but a very lucky human.

    Skub (looks away)

    Toby (notices): You got any ideas, Skub?

    Skub (timidly nods): Skub can think of only one thing to make King Toby fly.

    Toby (smiles): Oh? What’s that?

    Skub (glances at Spittledrum nervously): Come to the icy castle entrance. Skub will have everything prepared.

    Toby (pats Skub on the shoulders): Thanks, Skub. I owe you.

    Toby must now get to the iced-over castle entrance at the northern border of Goblin City. When you get there, Skub and some other goblins are working on a creaking catapult. Sarah and Moppet are also there, as well as Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus. Another in-game conversation starts.

    Toby (relieved): Sarah! *looks around* Where’s Jareth?

    Sarah (still offended): Is this where that awful back-stabbing witch is?

    Toby (flustered): Uh … yeah ….

    Sarah (nods): Good. *to Skub, pointing at the catapult* Put me in there.

    Toby: I forbid it!

    Sarah (glares at Toby, angrily pointing at him): Listen, Kiddo – I’ve been through countless hazards and indescribable crises. It wasn’t exactly a pleasure cruise getting to this warped city and I found out some hard-hearted harpy cloned me. If you think I’m just going to sit down, shut up, and not defend myself ….

    Toby (puts up his arms in submission): I got it! I got it! *watches Sarah and Moppet crawl onto the catapult* Sheesh.

    Toby watches as they are dramatically tossed over the walls to the castle, then gets into the reloaded catapult and is hurled over the wall comically. The storm clouds above the castle are churning in circles, with the castle directly in the eye of the storm, allowing sunlight to stream in, making the castle sparkle with all the frost over it. Toby enters the castle and meets with Sarah and Moppet. A cinema begins.


    A slow, tender tune plays.

    Sarah: Where is this Mizumi character?

    Toby (shrugs): I dunno.

    Sarah: How can you be the king and not know where she is?

    Toby (protesting): I was locked in an oubliette, alright? Try an’ cut me some slack! I’m trying to find her, too! I just need to find my stuff. We can deal with her together.

    Moppet (quietly, with head bowed): We should be doing this alone. That is the way these things are done.

    Toby (smirking, arms crossed, leaning back): Is that right? Do either of you know what she’s capable of?

    Sarah and Moppet look at each other.

    Toby (snaps): No, wait! I’ve got it! You two have some awesome weapons or magic that’s just going to kill her in less than a minute!

    Sarah (sighs)

    Moppet: But --.

    Toby: It’s my destiny to fight her and win back the castle. No one said anything about you two.

    Sarah (defiant, but humbled): I’m still not going to back down.

    Toby (nods, sighing): I know. But you two need me. I need you. Moppet may be formed from you – but you and I are joined as well. She split you up into two persons and split us up to keep us from working together against her. There has to be a reason she’s afraid of you, Sarah.

    Sarah (thinks about it, nodding): Fine. We’ll see what we can find out. You go get whatever it is you need. We’ll meet back up in the Throne Room.

    Toby (nods): Fine.

    Sarah and Moppet head right toward the dungeon while Toby heads left toward the King’s office. The tender music gets louder. The camera cuts to Mizumi, who is in the guest room on the second floor, wistfully staring at a water image of Jareth, who is turning into an owl and flying over the castle wall. She begins to sing to the tender melody, which is actually from the last season of Fraggle Rock, originally sung by Uncle Travelling Matt and Gobo.

    Mizumi: I don’t understand him. I gave … my heart … away. *cringes* It bothers me to this day. *clenches her fists, gritting her teeth* And he hates what I said, from my arms Jareth fled, to that little girl he chose instead! *wistfully, caressing the image tenderly* My heart could expand, if he were to command. No, I don’t understand him – at all.

    Sarah (walking down the hallway with Moppet, singing to herself): I don’t understand this. I’ve tried … to do … what’s right. *discouraged* But that creep thinks … he’s my knight. I have no one to blame, and I can’t stand the shame, that I don’t know where my heart’s … to go. *sighs* And I can’t understand, what he sees in this land. No, I can’t understand him – at all.

    Mizumi (passionately): I’ve caught him and bought him!

    Sarah (grumbling): Saying “no” should’ve taught him!

    Mizumi: Shearing and fearing ….

    Sarah (groans): He just kept on leering!

    Mizumi (as the music starts to slow down): I yell --.

    Sarah: Yet I tell him --.

    Mizumi: Farewell --.

    Sarah: Just go bite me.

    Mizmumi (smirks): I don’t --.

    Sarah: --understand why--.

    Mizumi: I want him to love me.

    Mizumi is shown on the left hand of the screen and Sarah is seen on the right.

    Both (placing a hand on their hearts): Is that my heart’s love … I recall? *pause* Yet I can’t understand him – at all.

    End cinema.

  20. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    After the cinema, Toby finds all of his stuff in the King’s office. Toby can go searching around the first floor if you like, but once you enter the Throne Room, you won’t be able to save at all, as this is the final element of the walkthrough.

    Fight Mizumi

    There is no cinema introducing the battle this time around. Mizumi has just walked into the Throne Room from the Escher Room and Toby wordlessly decides to start the battle immediately. It will be very difficult to win the Pathmaker trophy because there are few environmental traps that can be used against Mizumi in the Throne Room. If you have nets or fire magic, you can at least keep her occupied. In the Throne Room, there are Helping Hands that spring out of the walls, chickens that will peck at anyone who comes close, and spikes that rise up from the floor. Mizumi is very graceful and the most powerful opponent you’ve had. She shoots water blasts at you, tries to absorb the moisture or health from you when she yanks on your chain and draws you to her, and creates a storm inside the Throne Room which is her most powerful attack. If you’ve been positive to Drumlin, at least you’re heavily resistant to water. Standing next to the throne will also help buffer some of the power from her attacks.

    When she is at sixty percent health, a cinema will begin. This is Toby’s walkthrough, so he fights Phase 1 of the battle. Phase 2 is fought by Sarah, but here it will be in cinema form. You will control Toby again as he fights by Sarah’s side in Phase 3, which is the last phase of the battle. In Sarah’s walkthrough, Phase 1 will be a cinema, she’ll fight Phase 2, and both of them fight Phase 3.


    Mizumi (casually wiping blood off her lips, smirking): You cannot defy me forever, Toy King. *is blasted by a humongous jet of water to the other side of the Throne Room*

    Moulin (standing defiantly in the Throne Room with Sarah and Moppet, who stand armed and ready): It’s over, Mother.

    Mizumi (growling weakly): Ungrateful brat.

    Moulin: You no longer have any power over me.

    Mizumi (wobbles as she stands, coughing): You … are no … match for me, girl. *begins to absorb Moulin, who screams in agony*

    Brown water springs from the walls, dousing Mizumi. Disgusted, she stops the absorption process. The camera reveals Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, Skub, and the Fireys standing next to the broken pipe which is showering Mizumi with polluted water from the Bog of Stench.

    Toby (grins): You guys came!

    Hoggle (defiantly at Mizumi): Shame no one’ll come when you need them!

    The rest of the others nod in agreement.

    Mizumi (thoroughly appalled): I won’t be as generous as Jareth, Dwarf! You’ll surely drown this day!

    Mizumi unleashes a high-pressure jet of water, but Moppet dashes to protect Hoggle, taking the full blast herself. She falls limply on top of Hoggle, who then gets out from underneath her and cradles her tenderly, his face shocked.

    Sarah rushes into the Escher room as Mizumi follows. Sarah, clearly hurting because Moppet’s health is failing, tries to avoid Mizumi’s attacks as she navigates the Escher Room and second floor. Toby and the others, except for Hoggle and Moppet, chase after them.

    The camera cuts back to Moulin, who tries to support herself on the edge of the throne. The camera pans over to Hoggle and Moppet.

    Hoggle (concerned, in a quiet tone, tenderly stroking Moppet’s hair): I’ve been a coward all my life. I’ve known I’d never be loved, never be cared for, never be kissed by someone who jus’ enjoys my presence ….

    Moppet (tries to smile despite the pain): You … your dream is to be loved?

    Hoggle (shrugs): I guess you could say my nightmare’s that I won’t be.

    Moppet (chuckles): Maybe … maybe … it’s better to fear being unloved … than … than to know … that you are. *sighs*

    Hoggle (debates with himself for a moment, then kisses her on the forehead)

    Moulin (grimaces as she watches)

    Moppet (gasps as her wounds heal visibly)

    The camera cuts to Sarah, who gasps as her health is restored fully. Her face has an expression of recognition. She tenderly touches her lips as Mizumi flees to the roof of the castle.

    Sarah begins to head up to the roof as well.

    Sarah (thinking to herself as relevant scenes from the movie appear projected on the walls): Those things just wouldn’t stop. I was more terrified than that time in high school where a senior pushed me against my locker. *smiles* Hoggle saved me. He didn’t have to, but he did. He lifted me up and away and I was like a kitten being rescued from a drain on the side of the road. I lost all control of myself. My heart was bounding with unadulterated joy. I kissed him out of gratitude. It had been the first time during my entire journey I had felt truly grateful to be alive.

    Moppet (smiles in Hoggle’s arms, with Sarah’s voice): You came to rescue me, Hoggle. How could I ever have forgotten? I didn’t need some arrogant rock star. I needed someone, not to fulfill my wildest fantasies, but to comfort me in my nightmares. Thank you, Hoggle. I won’t forget again.

    Moppet disappears into thin air. The camera returns to Sarah, who glows as she reaches the roof. Sarah smiles, putting her hand to her heart.

    Toby appears next as an owl can be seen circling the sky above them.

    Mizumi faces them both defiantly.

    Mizumi: Is this what you truly want, young Goblin King? Just think: you can return to your little school, doing your little homework assignments, playing your little electronic games – you won the Pathmaker but you don’t have to keep it.

    Note: The following will depend on your choices throughout the game.

    If you earned Home Life Sucks, Getting to Know You, and the Goblin General trophy or above:

    Toby (determined, shaking his head, passing his sister, glaring at Mizumi): I’ve come too far to give up on all of my friends here. I’m going to take you down and protect them from the likes of you.

    Mizumi (laughs): I do not lie down and die upon your command, Your Majesty!

    If you earned Home Life Sucks, Hostile Tourist, and no further than Goblin Sergeant trophies:

    Toby (hesitantly): Whatever happens to me – I’m not going back. I’m not the coward Jareth was. Now stand down.

    Mizumi (laughs): I do not lie down and die upon your command, Your Majesty!

    If you earned There’s No Place Like Home and you were negative to all denizens of the Labyrinth and Mizumi and Drumlin (or if you don’t qualify for the previous two conversations):

    Toby (angrily): I will return where I started, but not with your help, Mizumi! I am the Pathmaker – and I am ending your path now!

    End cinema.

    Now is the last battle (seriously). It’s similar to the battle in the Throne Room, but any summons you have can participate and Sarah will be fighting, too. Sarah’s fighting will be much stronger and won’t affect any plans you may have of earning the Pathmaker trophy. Ludo’s power will be to crumble the roof from underneath Mizumi. She’ll fall and lose a good fraction of health, but she’ll shoot back up in a jet of water and fight some more. She should be starting this battle at around thirty percent health, so it should wrap up. Once her health is zeroed out, two cinemas are possible:

    Cinema 1:

    If you’ve turned the clock to three o’clock in the Goblin City Plaza, a prism will rise up from the roof floor. Three beams of light will start shooting out in different directions, but will join as one and illuminate Mizumi. She is paralyzed in its light. The camera cuts to Moulin, who gasps and fades in a flurry of sparkling lights. The camera returns to Mizumi, who is also in the midst of sparkling lights. A faded Moulin joins with Mizumi. They both scream in pain. The light suddenly disappears, as well as the prism, and an older Moulin with a dress somewhat crossing her style with Mizumi’s lowers to the roof floor.

    Older Moulin (stands, smiling, bows to Toby): Thank you, Goblin King. *spots Jareth on the opposite side of the roof* You planned this the entire time, didn’t you?

    Jareth (smirks, approaching): There is no right path – only the path one’s heart must take. *glances at Toby and Sarah* Are you satisfied with where yours led you?

    Cinema 2:

    Mizumi (falls to the roof floor, crawling away, only to be stopped by Jareth, who lifts her up by the neck): J-J-Jareth! Spare me a death by mere children! Prove your love to me and end my life yourself.

    Jareth (smirking): Are you not concerned about your remaining daughter?

    Mizumi (smiles): Our fates are intertwined. *pauses* How I only … how I only wish … I had realized before now … why your heart lost … your insecurities. *chuckles weakly* Bravo, my love … I wasn’t the only one, after all.

    Mizumi falls through Jareth’s fingers, transforming into a great blue heron, with a gray body, long supple neck, a sharp long beak with black top and orange bottom, a black cap on its head, and orange legs and feet. The Mizumi heron stumbles and flies toward the river in the distance.

    End cinema.

    You have a choice of three ending cinemas, which will play on the left of the screen as the credits roll on the right. The endings are dependent of your choices in the game.


    Plays if you earned Home Life Sucks, Getting to Know You, and at least Goblin General.

    The song Undergroundplays.

    The ice melts around the castle as Toby and company appear in Goblin City, triumphant. Most goblins rejoice, but some still seem apathetic or disappointed. Sarah and Jareth are noticeably absent from the scene.

    The camera cuts to the real world, an early dawn shot of Jareth and Sarah walking hand-in-hand in Central Park, New York City, New York, USA. They pass a group of street musicians and start dancing together.

    The camera returns to the Throne Room of the Goblin Castle, where a scene similar to the movie’s Dance Magic number is being staged, with a throng of goblins and the main cast dance with King Toby. Even Moulin smiles as she finishes her red-covered book, leaning against a wall away from the party.


    Plays if you earned Home Life Sucks, Hostile Tourist, and no more than Goblin Sergeant.

    The song Changes plays.

    Jareth walks up to Toby, who reluctantly gives him the amulet back. Jareth smiles as Toby shrinks into a goblin. Goblin Toby later finds Skub, who gives him a job in the kitchen.

    The camera shows Toby’s room in the real world, the furniture fading and transitioning into a home office.


    Plays either when earning There’s No Place Like Home and acted negatively in all important conversations or when your actions don’t qualify for the other endings.

    The song Safe plays.

    Toby wakes up at his computer in his room. He looks over at the printer, which has his report printed out in a neat stack. He glances at the clock, which says 6:30 and races out of his room.

    The camera cuts to Toby getting his paper handed to him at his classroom desk. He smiles.

    The camera cuts to Toby meeting his parents in their kitchen, bragging about his good grade. Irene simply nods as she’s filling the dishwasher. Robert is reading the newspaper and nods to Toby, congratulating him.

    The final scene is Toby lying on the grass in his backyard … with a barn owl staring at him from the roof of the house.

    NOTE: This is the end of Toby’s walkthrough. Next up: Sarah’s.

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