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Return to Labyrinth: The Video Game

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by RedPiggy, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Wow, that was terrific! Congradulations and thanks for all that work you put in, and we've still got another full walk-through! I'll be looking forward to reading it, but take your time!
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, it will take a bit longer to do Sarah's, since now I work and it leaves me exhausted, LOL. Glad you liked it though. It was really hard writing it after Sarah showed up, as now I have to write to make sure it fits in the story I've already written. :)
  3. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Sarah's Walkthrough


    Sorry for the delay, but we finally get to Sarah’s walkthrough. This attempts to flesh out Sarah’s part in all this. It’s kind of like Silent Hill 2 Born of a Wish, which was a side-story added to like a Director’s cut or something, unlocked after beating the game or whatever. On the other hand, this is meant to be available from the beginning. The only catch is that it starts much later than Toby’s story. As Sarah is kind of neglected for awhile in the original story, I’m fleshing things out a bit and tweaking some of the order of events. For example, as of Volume 3, none of the initial cinema happens, aside from the scene with Toby from Toby’s walkthrough, at least up until it differs here.

    I’m going to add the vids from Born of a Wish here, just for kicks. It also adds a neat dimension to what is to follow.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    In Part 6, she realizes the guy really isn’t there (it’s not obvious from the dialogue). I also skipped part 7 because it’s kind of depressing.

    Anyway …

    The game starts out with the movie montage mentioned in the Introduction post earlier, or a player-made AMV from playing Toby’s walkthrough. Choose Sarah on the character select screen. A cinema will play to start the story.


    Fade-in. Night. The Williams’ house is an upper-middle class two-story house in a green suburb. A white two-door sedan is seen pulling up in the driveway and Toby exits the passenger side while Sarah exits the driver’s side. Interior: The foyer of the Williams’ house is decorated with an expensive multicolored rug and a floral crystal chandelier. There is a portrait of Toby’s parents and a couple of mirrors on opposite sides of the area. Toby unlocks the front double doors and enters as Sarah follows. A large white and gray sheepdog bounds over to a smiling Sarah.

    Sarah (is licked in the face by the dog as she kneels down to pet him): Pendragon, you old mutt! Good to see you too!

    They continue to the right, heading to a kitchen with cherry cabinets, dark gray marble countertops, and cherry kitchen furniture. Appliances are stainless steel. Sarah starts searching the well-stocked refrigerator.

    Sarah: Where’s Irene?

    Toby (shrugs his shoulders, stares at the ceiling, his hands in his pockets): I dunno. They said they wouldn’t be back until after midnight. *glances at Sarah* Mom said not to pull out a bunch of stuff from the fridge, Sarah.

    Sarah (stands up and glowers at Toby): Toby, Irene isn’t my mother. *turns back toward the fridge* C’mon, let your good old half-sister cook you up something nice. *pauses, surprised pleasantly* Ooh, salmon! *starts to take food out*

    Toby (glares at Sarah, voice reverberating slightly): Sarah! I need you!

    Sarah (turns around, crossly): Need, need, need! All you do is cry! I wish --.

    Sarah abruptly wakes up in a plain bedroom. Observant players will note it is simply her bedroom from the movie, but stripped of all decorations and wallpaper and linens. The only things left are the bed, a couple of bookshelves, the dresser/vanity and the wooden shadow-box-like thing on the wall where she used to keep her stuffed toys. Sarah looks around, confused.

    Sarah: Where am I? *gets out of bed* What a weird dream. *sighs* Did I spend the night at Dad’s? *gets her glasses off of the dresser, walks out of the bedroom and heads right down the hall and down the stairs*

    Just as Sarah reaches the bottom of the stairs, Robert and Irene come home. Robert is Caucasian, with a slightly pronounced chin and large nose, and slightly wavy short brown graying hair. He has slightly bushy eyebrows and thin oval wire frame glasses. He would kind of remind you of Robin Williams if you were just glancing at him casually. Irene has dark red hair, pulled tightly up. While Robert looks somewhat casual, Irene is dressed impeccably in minimalist formal attire.

    Irene (sighs): Sarah! *frowns* You’re an hour late.

    Sarah (confused): Sorry?

    Irene (heads to the kitchen): I’m sure you can pull yourself away from proofreading papers long enough to watch our house while we’re gone.

    Sarah (still confused): But you’re back ….

    Irene: No thanks to you. *opens the refrigerator and slams it shut* I can’t believe you stole food from your own parents. Don’t they pay you anything at that high school?

    Sarah (glances at Robert): Dad?

    Robert (smirks): Don’t pay her any mind, Sarah. Your mother --.

    Sarah (growls): Step-mother.

    Robert (chuckles, shaking his head): She’s had a busy day.

    Sarah (crosses her arms in indignation): So have I!

    Irene: Oh, please! You act like talking to a bunch of children about diagramming sentences is difficult!

    The conversation stops for the moment, offering the player two thought bubbles. As in Toby’s walkthrough, the choices don’t have much to do with the story, but offers the opportunity to get used to choosing one’s responses.

    Defensive Choice:

    Sarah (angrily): You have no idea what I have to go through!

    Sarcastic Choice:

    Sarah (smirks, tapping her foot): You’re right – it’s not nearly as difficult as reading fashion magazines at the salon.

    Irene (regardless of choice): Well, I suppose you’d tell me if you had a date.

    Sarah (gawking at her): What does that have to do with anything?

    Irene: You should be having dates at your age. You don’t want to end up a bitter, lonely old woman.

    Sarah (blurts out): It’s different than being a married, lonely old woman?

    Irene storms off.

    Robert (putting a hand gently on Sarah’s shoulder): I’ll go talk to her. *opens the fridge and searches it*

    Sarah (in awe): You were really going to talk to her, weren’t you?

    Robert (sighs, closing the fridge, staring at it instead of her): Sarah – don’t be so defiant. You’re my only child. I wish I could’ve had a son --.

    Sarah (offended): I’m so sorry to be such a disappointment, Father.

    Robert (shakes his head): You’re not, Sarah! *voice rises slightly* I’m only saying that you’ve been given everything you’ve ever wanted! You wanted to join the Teen Theater Group at your high school. You were a headliner. You wanted to date Tim. You got him.

    Sarah (looks away, defeated): He left me for someone else yesterday, Dad. *lips quivering* I went to that French restaurant with him. He left the restaurant with the waitress.

    Robert (nods, sitting down at the kitchen table): Do you want to talk about it?

    Sarah (sits down at the kitchen table opposite him, staring at the table): I feel broken, Dad.

    Robert (nods, placing his hands on hers): I know, dear. I tried my very best to support your mother when she and I were married. I gave her my heart and soul – and she swooned over that Bowie-wannabe costar of hers and I didn’t even get the old “Dear John” treatment. *sighs* I learned about it from the newspaper. I felt … thrown away. *looks toward the living room* I know you aren’t fond of Irene. I just wish you could understand …. She needs me, Sarah. For once in my life, I found someone who appreciates what I can give her. *stands* Look – it’s a long drive to your apartment, Sarah. Why don’t you stay here for awhile? Being in a familiar environment may help. *leaves, his footsteps can be heard on the stairs*

    End cinema.

    Now the player can control Sarah. Both upstairs and downstairs can be investigated. Skipping all the exploration but the objectives will influence various aspects of the game, including the ending.

    Downstairs-Kitchen: There is a pile of envelopes on the kitchen counter. If Sarah looks at them, she says, “Hey, one of these envelopes is for me.” A card pops up on the screen, in Labyrinth font, stating, “Dream a dream and see/The wonders that can be/When your room says, “This is me.” A pop-up message appears afterward and you have a mission objective: Make your room your own with five mementos. In other words, you must find five objects in the house and bring them to Sarah’s old room in order to progress to the next level.

    Downstairs-Living Room: It is immaculate and filled with pictures, books, and knickknacks on various shelves and tables. Sarah (examining some bookshelves): I wonder if Dad kept that little red playbook around here somewhere. Sarah (examining a wedding photo above the fireplace): Why couldn’t Mom and Dad just work things out? Sarah (examining a DVD player by the large television set): I didn’t know there were home movies in here. The DVD player then turns on, and the TV plays this video on the screen. The video is an AMV with footage from Labyrinth and other movies featuring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, suggesting that she gets back with him in adulthood. Sarah (examining a phone, picking it up and dialing): Tim? It’s me, Sarah. I’m at my parents’ if you need me. *pauses and whispers* Please need me.

    Upstairs-Parents’ Room: It is the first door on the left after walking up the stairs on the left side of the living room. It is stark with white walls and black bed linens, and a black wooden armoire next to the Master Bathroom, which is locked. Irene (from inside the bathroom): For God’s sake, Sarah … go to the bathroom down the hall. I don’t need that long hair of yours clogging up our drain again. Sarah (trying to open the balcony door): Why does my heart race? Wasn’t there some stalker out there years ago?

    Upstairs-Bathroom: First door on the right. It is simpler than the Master Bathroom, but with similar appliances. The shower is a shower-tub combo with a red-and-white-striped curtain hanging from a rod. Sarah (staring at the toilet): C’mon, Sarah. You’re not that stressed out. Sarah (examining the bathroom mirror): I really need to sleep more and work less.

    Upstairs-Sarah’s Room: The plain room from the cinema is the last door on the left. Whenever Sarah stands near a location that will house an object, she will state, “Wasn’t there something there before?”

    Items to be found:

    Labyrinth: a wooden box with lots of holes in the top and a small metal ball that can be rolled into the holes or along the maze until reaching the end, found in the living room on the coffeetable. It goes on a shelf near the door to Sarah’s room.

    Escher poster: the one that inspired the staircase room in the movie, found in the hall bathroom across from the mirror. It goes on a spot on the wall in Sarah’s room that obviously once held a poster there.

    Scrapbook: It is found in the bookshelf in the living room upon inspection. It goes on another bookshelf.

    Ludo plushie: Found on the sofa in the living room. It goes on that shadow-box thingie on the wall.

    Music box: Found on Sarah’s bed only after the other items have been found. It goes on the dresser/vanity and triggers another cinema.


    Sarah stares at the mirror, her reflection becoming Ballroom Sarah, who finds herself on a stage standing before an applauding audience. The camera goes through the mirror and towards the audience, stopping just in front of Jareth, who is dressed in black like the beginning of the movie, but the outfit isn’t as creepy. It’s more like a business suit than a gothic costume. Music starts to play, with Jareth eventually singing along after the first twenty seconds. The music is by a fan, but the lyrics and most of the staging is from the manga.

    Jareth voice-over (singing): Shadows of a dream … fragments of imagination! Echoes of a silent scream … memories of a life that never happened.

    Sarah watches in shock as Jareth casually dances out of the theater.

    Jareth (singing): I saw the truth, inside your eyes! Feelings that … were left unspoken. You said the words, but they were lies – had I a heart, it would be broken!

    The screen “cracks”, revealing the mirror is now cracked and Sarah’s reflection is returned to normal. She runs downstairs, with projections of Jareth on the walls beside her.

    Jareth (pleading as he sings): All I ever was, means nothing! All I ever wanted slips away! All I ever had – descends to ruin. *pauses* And you are my destroyer!

    Sarah gets to the bottom of the stairs, but the living room is now the French restaurant, and Sarah immediately is seated next to Tim, who looks like regular David Bowie. Jareth can be seen fuming at a bar nearby in the same dining area.

    Jareth (singing): Shadows of a dream … fragments of imagination! Echoes of a silent scream … memories of a life that never happened. *gulps down a drink* What took a thousand years to build – you undid … in thirteen hours! You proved that you’re strong-willed. Is this how you would use that power?

    The scene’s objects and extras fly out of the scene, leaving Sarah on the sofa, staring at a very real Jareth as he stands in front of her.

    Jareth (singing): You took it all, away from me! An errant wish – an act of kindness! O foolish girl, why don’t you see? Because of you, I walk in blindness!

    Sarah (stands up, curious but wary): Who are you? Have we met?

    Jareth (smirks, bowing): Forgive me. I’m Jareth, Jareth Quinn. *stands* I appear at the Enigma Lain Theater. Mind if I come in?

    Sarah (stares at him): Um … yes?

    Jareth (paces around the living room, thinking to himself angrily): “My kingdom is as great”? Hmph! *turns to Sarah* Tell me about yourself, Sarah. Do you long for the stage?

    Sarah (shakes head, chuckling): Oh, no. Those days are long behind me. I teach English Lit now at the local high school. *nods toward the kitchen* I think there’s some pie in the kitchen. You want some? I think it’s peach.

    Jareth (frowns): Thank you, no.

    Sarah (shrugs): I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the Enigma Lain Theater.

    Jareth (shrugs, smiling): It really isn’t a place. It goes where I do … and I go wherever my heart takes me. *pauses* Don’t you ever feel like something’s missing?

    Sarah (walking toward the door, curtly): Look, Jareth – I’m happy that you were able to follow your dreams. For me, that’s all they ever were. I don’t know what you were hoping to find here, but I’m quite sure I can’t give it to you. *opens the front door expectantly*

    Jareth (stares at her, thinking): She has changed, that much is certain. However, that defiant spirit is still there. *checks a watch* Oh, look at the time! I really should be going.

    Sarah (nods): Good luck with your show, Jareth. I wish I could go see it.

    Jareth (smiles)

    Sarah cringes as she falls to the floor and disappears. Jareth looks horrified.
    End cinema.
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    And down the rabbithole she goes. Wonderfully done, I applaud it all.
  5. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Yeah, excelent so far! Am intrigued as to why Jareth looked horrified at the end.
  6. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    Sarah awakens in the Stone Maze, Maze 2, which has been highly damaged. There are pits of certain death, crumbling walls, and a pair of Cleaners that make random sweeps through a maze. Certain areas that might be inaccessible at first could be reached after the Cleaners break through the obstructions.

    There are lots of rocks that can be used as weapons once picked up. This is a throwback to the original games, where rocks were her primary weapons. They glitter unlike the normal stone rubble. You don’t have to use them, though it’s your only choice of weapon for a little while. If you do use them, after five uses, you earn a trophy unavailable in the main game: Old School.

    Note: The Stone Maze is a set of seven square areas, two rows of three squares and one square on the bottom left in the first column. For ease of readability, from left to right, the top row is 5, 6, 7; the middle row is 2, 3, 4; and the bottom left square is 1. Each square has an entrance or exit to underground tunnels or both. Two puzzle doors were available, but at this point in time, they are deactivated, though entering the “wrong” door will still lead to Mazes 3 or 4. The mazes can be disconcerting, but one visual clue will be the eye of the storm seen in the sky, which is centered directly over the Labyrinth. The further you get through the Labyrinth, the bigger and clearer the eye becomes.

    Maze 2 is a concentric maze of squares with no openings. Sarah will find a couple of locked doors at some point, but she cannot open them.

    As she walks for about five minutes, Sarah will start to talk to herself, which temporarily takes the place of having allies point out stuff. She will comment on any items she gets near, but mostly, she will start griping.

    Sarah (after five minutes of walking): What on Earth possessed me to agree to go to that guy’s show? It’s like he’s from another planet!

    Sarah (after ten minutes of walking, sighs): Aren’t there any openings around here?

    Sarah (after fifteen minutes of walking): And to think kids like adventure games where you walk for hours.

    After she says this, a small cinema plays where a barn owl flies onto the top edge of a wall and watches her. A Cleaner comes bursting through the wall, causing Sarah to scream and start running. As soon as she gets to a corner of the path, she must turn the corner. The Cleaner can’t make a turn that quickly and barrels through the wall.

    When the player regains control of Sarah, there will be now be holes anywhere the Cleaner can’t turn fast enough. Eventually, she reaches the outer path, where she can find doors to either Maze 1, Maze 5, or Maze 3. For now, let’s assume she enters Maze 1 on the south end of Maze 2.

    In Maze 1, eventually she comes across several goblins talking. It will also be more like the Movie Stone Maze, with many more open spaces and those little concrete hands that point in different directions if you played Toby’s walkthrough first and moved the hand on the clock in Goblin City to do so.

    Goblin 1 (playing cards with another goblin): What makes you think that?

    Goblin 2: Dunno. Humans are smart. King might escape. King has Pathmaker.

    Goblin 1: King has nothing. What good does Pathmaker do when Big Water Witch kill you anyway?

    Sarah can start attacking the goblins if the player so desires. Otherwise, they just ignore her to play cards.

  7. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    EEP! Better update before it dies on page 2, LOL


    Sarah reaches a dead end in Maze 1 and can’t leave the Labyrinth. A double door similar to the one Hoggle opened for her in the movie is locked. Trying to open it three times will activate a short cinema.


    Sarah (shakes the door handles in frustration and kicks the door)

    Voice: My, you’re always on the go, aren’t you, dear?

    Sarah (notices a bright blue worm with yellow underbelly staring at her from the stone wall right next to the door): Did you say something?

    Worm (nods sadly): An’ always ‘alf-listening to others, I see. *sighs*

    Sarah (curt, trying to open the door again): You know nothing about me.

    Worm (chuckles): That makes two of us, don’t it, dearie? Why don’t you join me an’ the missus for a nice cup of tea? It’s imported from a kingdom of giant hairy creatures. Th’ universe is a right big place. Have a nice cup of tea. You’ll see what I mean.

    Sarah (shakes her head): I’m not going to do this. I have to get back home.

    Worm: Heh! Last time it was that dreadful castle!

    Sarah (glances at him, confused): What castle? *looks around and sees the storm clouds hovering over a stone castle in the distance, sighing* Ah, the Quest for the McGuffin begins. Or is it the Red Herring? *chuckles as she begins to walk away from the Worm* Don’t worry, Sarah … it’s only a model.

    End cinema.

    Going back to Maze 2, Sarah can go either to Maze 5 to the north or end up in Maze 3. For now, we will look at Maze 3. It is roughly unchanged from Toby’s walkthrough. However, Sarah can pick up new items and this maze has a character interaction.

    Maze 3

    Crystal Ball (summary of Volume 1 of RTL)
    Pipes x 3
    Jar of Bees x 3
    Kettle of fish (a bucket filled with red fish – herring, get it? … that will serve to restore health)

    In the only open area of the maze, Sarah finds a Dwarf and a Yeti scrambling around as pipes burst, with noxious water spewing out of them. Approach and a small cinema will begin.

    Hoggle (spots Sarah): Help!

    Ludo (is trying to summon boulders to obstruct the water, but keeps getting interrupted by fresh breaks)

    Positive Character Interaction:
    Sarah (looks determined): How can I help?

    Hoggle (screaming): STOP THE PIPES!

    Ludo (groaning): Make … better!

    Negative Character Interaction:
    Sarah (balks): I’m not going anywhere near there! *leaves*

    Hoggle (angrily): GET BACK HERE AND LEND A HAND!

    Ludo: Help … fwiends!

    No matter which one you chose, if you approached this event, you’re stuck with a puzzle. Sarah must stop the dangerous spewing without getting wet (because you’d stink forever … oh, and it reduces your health). The first phase of the puzzle is to make it easier for Ludo to summon boulders to block water from certain areas. There are valves and half-broken pipes. Turn the valves and manipulate or replace pipes and Ludo will start to howl, which summons some boulders. Once the area is accessible, you have to rearrange the pipes to stop the water flow from a whole section. There are four sections, one for each cardinal direction. Only if you succeed in stopping the water in one section will Ludo move on to the next one. Rinse, repeat. If you have audio assistance on, Hoggle will yell at you, giving you hints as to how to do it.

    When you’re done, a cinema will start, which will be the same no matter how you reacted.


    Sarah (sighs with relief, is disturbed by the creatures and the chaos and runs off)

    Hoggle (not noticing Sarah has left): Well, I suppose that fixes it, then.

    Ludo (nods, glances around): Sawah?

    Hoggle (looks around, becomes saddened): She didn’t even say nothin’.

    Ludo (places a hand on Hoggle’s shoulder): Sawah … Sawah help.

    Hoggle (shrugs him off): Remains ta be seen, th’ way I looks at it.

    End cinema.

    Positive Scenery Influence: The pipes in the Stone Maze will no longer be harmful.

    Negative Scenery Influence: The pipes in the Stone Maze will continue to be harmful.

  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting, made me cheer to read something from your endless a-maze-ments.
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Gotta bring this one back to da top o' the heap. :eek:
    Looking forward to whatever's next, especially how the scene with the Four Guards gets handled. :smirk:
  10. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, financial issues kinda mean I'll be working some on the weekends, which just ruins the relaxation I need to find my muse.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Aw, that's too bad Kell. At least we'll be here to make sure your stories get the bump/nag they deserve from time to time.
    *Waiting for RTL Vol. 4 as well. :excited:
  12. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    August, my dear -- August.
  13. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    (Note: This is based on what’s in the manga, but I’m changing a few things, dropping some lines and adding others, as well as keeping the spirit of the end of the first scene but changing what happens.)

    A figure with Jareth’s hairstyle can be seen climbing down a ladder into a large underground sewer, filled with televisions, computer games, and electronic toys. A tiny toy robot quotes other famous robots before Jareth picks it up.

    Robot: Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! I am fluent in over six thousand forms of communication. I did not murder him! Hey, Laserlips … you’re momma was a snowblower. Get this boy a bib! Still, you will find me a valuable asset, Master … willing and able to terminate anything you point me towards.

    (Note: Just in case you were wondering about the order of the quotes: B-9 from Lost in Space, C3PO from Star Wars, Sonny from I, Robot, Number 5 from Short Circuit, Robot Gunslinger from Westworld, and HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic II.)

    A small goblin is working on a broken television set in the middle of a large room, not looking up. He kind of looks similar to Hoggle, but not as warty or as big-headed, wearing goggles and a dark jumpsuit and bright orange safety vest.

    Goblin (growling, arrogant): Awful to be torn from that which you love, ain’t it?

    Jareth (frowning, glancing at all the electronics): Her eyes can be so cruel. *pauses* Yet, I, too, can be quite cruel.

    Goblin (nodding toward a chair): Sit, sit! Make yerself at home.

    Jareth (remains standing): Cob the Exile … I believe you have something that belongs to me. *in a threatening tone* You haven’t lost it, have you?

    Cob (gulps): Lost it? No, Your Highness. Lemme just go fetch it for you.

    Jareth (watches Cob dig in a pile of electronics): I’d hate to think you would betray me.

    Cob (laughs nervously as he continues to dig, throwing out random items): Amazing creatures, these humans. Found ways to create power from fire, from water and wind – ‘lectricity they calls it. Power so common it’s practically free! *takes out a cellphone* Ah, here we are. Still has a charge. *plucks out the battery from the back* They can even store their power in these tiny little things called batt’ries. *chuckles* ‘Course, it’s not nearly as powerful as the magic you’re used to, Majesty … *grins darkly as he places the battery on top of a crystal shard the size of a small marble* … but when paired with a piece o’ yer heart … it can be very powerful indeed.

    The battery and the crystal shard light up, with electrical arcs jumping between them ominously.

    Jareth (barely smirks)

    Cob (triumphantly holding the sparkling shard in his hand): While yer power waned in the Labyrinth, yer heart remained as potent as the day you carved it out. Of course … that was yer plan all along … save yer heart for a rainy day?

    Jareth (smirks)

    Cob (suddenly furious): What’s Cob the Gob get? He gets gnawed to the core and kicked to the curb! No contact with the rest of his kind – no doorway home – never so much as a postcard from Ol’ Buddy Jareth. *glances lovingly at the toy robot in Jareth’s hand* Had to make his own friends to keep from going mad.

    Jareth (arrogantly): You deserved no less for your betrayal. Now hand it over.

    Cob (grinning darkly in a close-up): Truth be told, Goblin King That Was … I don’t feel much like giving it up. *uses the shard to send an electrical bolt through the air toward Jareth, but it falls short*

    Jareth (holds up the toy robot in his fingers with a serious expression): You are very fond of your toys, aren’t you?

    Cob (horrified): Mandlebrot! Monster! Don’t hurt the little fella!

    Jareth (tosses the robot in the air): Catch.

    Cob (dives for it and drops the crystal shard)

    Jareth (plucks the crystal shard off the floor, an electrical storm surrounding him briefly): Cob, Cob – whatever shall I do with you? I can’t let my subjects think I’ve gone soft…. You should be more like your friends, wouldn’t you agree?

    Cob (fearfully cradling Mandlebrot)

    The screen goes black as an electrical zap is heard. When the image returns, Cob has been turned into something akin to the Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robot. Mandlebrot uppercuts the toy robot Cob, who flinches as his head is nearly taken off.

    Jareth (walks away in a wide-shot of the area): Enjoy your toys, Cob. *turns into an owl and flies up and out of the area*

    End cinema.

    You will now find that for this level, you are actually in charge of Jareth. You can be an owl or Jareth. The owl form will let you fly above the Labyrinth so you can get your bearings or fly over ground traps or enemies. As Jareth, you can’t change the layout because you’re no longer the Goblin King, but you can zap enemies.

    You start as the owl, flying overhead.

    Jareth (in voice-over): Sarah … where are you? How far have you traveled?

    The camera shifts to see goblins battling the Kulhaups (those water-lion things).

    Jareth (voice-over): I must not let it slip that I have come back.

    A prompt appears to press X to transform. You can transform in the air, but the higher up you do so, the harder you will fall to the ground, injuring you. You can be injured, but slightly. The more injured you get, the more enemies will be drawn to you.

    A prompt reminds you that you are looking for Sarah and must remain undetected while trying to get her. Goblins are oblivious to Jareth in owl form, but Kulhaups will shoot you down in that form.

    You cannot obtain weapons or items as Jareth in any form. You’re mega-powerful … why would you?

    You can attack goblins before they sound an alarm nearby or Kulhaups from behind. If you are detected, a short cinema of Esker finding Moppet and killing her leaves you horrified and broken emotionally. Mizumi’s voice can be heard laughing as “Game Over” plays. While obviously it’s not great to lose, you earn the trophy YOU’RE NO MATCH FOR ME if you get this game over cinema.

    If Sarah explored the Williams’ house for a long time, she will still be in the Stone Maze. If she breezed through it, she will be in the Hedge Maze.

    Once you find her, no matter where she ends up, a cinema starts.


    Jareth appears behind Sarah, scaring her.

    Sarah (angrily): What did you do to me? Poison me?

    Jareth (smirks): Sarah … why would I ever do such a thing? I could never let anything happen to you.

    Sarah: Ha! Do you have the slightest idea what I’ve been through?

    Jareth (nods): If I recall, untold dangers and innumerable hardships. *frowns* You aren’t going to start whining again, are you, Sarah?

    Sarah (slaps him, shocking him): How dare you!

    Jareth (rubs his cheek briefly): I concede this is not my doing, Sarah. A heartless enchantress has invaded this kingdom. The Goblin King, the only one who can help you … is in mortal danger.

    Sarah (crosses her arms, dryly): There isn’t a single original thought in this play, is there?

    Jareth (grits his teeth briefly, then smiles): This is a highly interactive play, Sarah. It requires much out of its audience. Only by participating can you see how it ends.

    Sarah (smirks): And what happens if I just leave?

    Jareth (shrugs): Nothing. *steps closer* But if you go back to your uneventful little life … where the high point of your day is giving some child a failing grade for copying text from the computer, you’ll forget … everything. *quietly* Sarah … this isn’t some homework assignment. There’s more to stories than writing papers about them. Why critique them when you can live them?

    Sarah (rolls eyes): I once played Juliet in middle school. I nearly choked on the soda I drank during the play when my character sought death. There’s a downside to blurring the lines of reality. Dreams should never become real.

    Jareth (sadly, walking away): If you awaken from a bad dream … your heart still races as though you really had been chased by monsters. *out of earshot, to himself* You wound me repeatedly, Sarah. How can I be enslaved to your heart?

    End cinema.

  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Applauds. Still lovin' it.

    The robot lines were funny.
    Only thought of it now, but Jareth severing and hiding his heart away reminds me of the Heartless Giant, although it could be said that the former Goblin King still retained his caring emotions as evidently being affected by Sarah's influence.
    Cob's line about making his own little friends to keep from going mad amuses me... It's like that line that leads to the comedic extras from MST3K, "he'll try to keep his sanity with the help of his robot friends."
    The second cinema truly does show the brake between Jareth and Sarah... But there's that small twinge of hope present.

    Thanks, hopefully more will be posted when you get the chance while counting down the days till Vol. 4.
  15. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, to be honest, while it's not very obvious, it does make it seem like Jake has played Kingdom Hearts (both of them). Mizumi would be Kingdom Hearts' equivalent of a nobody. She's white-themed like nobodies and she's the result of what's left over after having her heart ripped out (figuratively or literally, whatever).

    I added to the robot lines given by Jake ... because honestly I'm a big fan of HK-47 and anything that evil droid says is funny ... and because it's a pity the appearance of the robot is clearly an homage to HK-47, but there are no quotes from him in the manga.

    You know ... I think this is the first time I've noticed the similarity. Cob IS supposed to be an homage to MST3K. He's been banished, he watches stuff on tv (instead of movies), he has a robot friend .... I can't believe I never saw it before.
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yep... He's even got the workman's jumpsuit, and he's working on his own Invention Exchange projects... Even the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots is a reference. I remember Joel appearing as himself on SNL a long time ago where he won a game of that against an audience member, only because Joel taped the head of his bot down beforehand.

    Interesting note with Mizumi compared as a Nobody... Always good to gain more knowledge on KH.
  17. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, actually .... that's mine. I picked the jumpsuit and the robot result. In the manga, Jareth turns him into a worm. He also wears a miner's outfit in the manga. So, we can't argue Jake ripped THAT much stuff off, LOL.
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ah, okay. Just know it's all going great and I wait for whatever's next. :)
  19. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    You have returned to playing as Sarah (I know … awwww). Halfway through the Hedge Maze (Maze 2), you will find three groups of goblins (the three Goblin Corps) attacking the Kulhaups. Sir Didymus and Ambrosius lead the goblins in the attack, occasionally berating them for cowardice.

    They don’t know you’re there. If you try to get around the battle, a Kulhaup will leap in front of you in a brief cinema.

    Sarah (growls): It’s not fair!

    The camera cuts to a couple of goblins on the outskirts of the battle. They look at each other. One sighs and sits on the ground, handing some money to the triumphant-looking goblin, which is the “did she say it” fat goblin from the movie.

    Triumphant Goblin: Told you she’d say it.

    Losing Goblin (bitterly): Oh, shut up.

    End cinema.

    Whether you decided to participate in the battle willingly or had to be forced into it, Sir Didymus and Ambrosius saunter up to you after the battle. Ambrosius is panting heavily, but Didymus still seems ready for battle. An in-game scene plays.

    Sir Didymus (bows): Milady! Forgive me for not knowing thou wast in the Labyrinth, or I would have stayed at your side, fighting all manner of foes!

    Sarah (looks at the mumbling and exhausted Goblin Corps): Are you the Goblin King?

    Sir Didymus (laughs): Surely milady jests!

    Sarah (glares at Didymus, determined): I have to find this Goblin King so I can get back home. *curtly* Now take me to him or get out of my way.

    Sir Didymus (shocked): But … but … milady ….

    Sarah (more determined): Get out of my way. My life may not be that great, but it’s mine and I’ll protect it because it’s all I have.

    Sir Didymus (backing away, trembling, looking very submissive): But you have your friends, Lady Sarah.

    Sarah (surprised): You … know my name?

    Sir Didymus (nodding slightly, with a timid voice): You are legendary in the Labyrinth, my dear. Do not seek to duel with me, for I cannot force myself to attack such a noble lady.

    Sarah (sighing, shaking her head): I don’t have time for this. If you’re not going to help me, just leave.

    Sir Didymus (slumping in resignation): You have come far, dear Sarah. I regret only that the years have hardened your heart and forced our bonds apart. *draws weapon* If I cannot embrace you with nostalgia, I shall ensure you have the tools to survive this dreadful siege!

    A note appears on the screen saying you’ve been given a Short Sword and Small Shield. There will also be a list of Missions, all mandatory. Complete them all and Didymus will become a summon, accompanied by a small contingent of random Goblin Corps.

    Mission 1: Battle the Red Corps.

    Sir Didymus will be on the sidelines, offering advice on how to deal with the agile bipedal-dragon-riding goblins. Defeat them and you will be rewarded with a Spear, which can be thrust or whipped around while twirling briefly to attack multiple enemies. It doesn’t have the power of the Short Sword, but has better speed.

    Mission 2: Battle the Green Corps.

    Sir Didymus will again advise how to deal with the heavily-armed goblins with cannons and guns. Using the environment for cover and taking advantage of their slowness will be the main strategy. Defeat them and you will be rewarded with Water Armor. Your defense will be increased, though obviously it is more effective against water traps and Kulhaups and other water-themed enemies.

    Mission 3: Battle the Yellow Corps.

    This will be a bit different, as you’re not technically fighting the goblins themselves. As Sir Didymus will note, you must get from one marker to the next marker while not tripping traps or turning traps against the goblins, such as through the use of levers that rotate traps. Get to the final marker and you will be rewarded with five Nets.

    Mission 4: The Way Back Is The Way Forward

    Sir Didymus (nods in an in-game scene as you approach him): Excellent work, Lady Sarah!

    Sarah: Where is the Goblin King?

    Sir Didymus (regaining some of his confidence): The King is quite capable of battling the evil queen himself. *under his breath* Of course … having some reinforcements might be nice. *louder* Ahem! Sometimes, my dear, a little recon is in order!

    Sarah: Why can’t I just go see the King now?

    Sir Didymus (sighing nostalgically): I can remember when you told me to be quiet and use my awe-inspiring skills of stealth to get to the Castle. Here you are, years later, ready to leap into battle without a single care in the world! Oh, how tides turn!

    Sarah (irritated): I’ve never been here!

    Sir Didymus: You haven’t eaten any peaches have you? Still, you must be well prepared if you seek to help the King --.

    Sarah: I never said I was going to help him. *pauses thoughtfully* You don’t know where he is, do you? That’s why you keep stalling me?

    Sir Didymus (nervously clears throat): Milady, the King is in the final stretch, whereas you’ve barely begun. You must discover the strengths you left here or --.

    Sarah (shakes head impatiently): No. I’ve been doing just fine. I don’t need to turn this ridiculous quest into a psychological metaphor. I’m going to get to the King and I’m going home.

    Sir Didymus: But, milady … you must in order to succeed!

    Sarah (angrily): It’s cliché!

    Sir Didymus: But if you already know that is the way it is done then that is precisely why that is the way you must do it.

    Sarah (screams in frustration, then calms herself): Then what must I do?

    Sir Didymus: Seek out the Stone Maze, then return to the Hedge Maze, then enter the Goblin City. Each location will give you one chance to be rewarded. Only if you know the kind of person you were when you were here last will you succeed. Hurry, milady … or the end shall occur without us! *leaves*

    After the conversation, Sarah must visit each location in order. In Maze 5 of the Stone Maze, the Wiseman is sitting on a stone throne much like during the movie. Approach him and a cinema starts.


    Wiseman: Ah, an old woman!

    Bird hat: Surprised you bothered to come back. Sorry, señora – no refunds on dispensed wisdom!

    Sarah (grumbling): I’m not that old.

    Wiseman: Sometimes, my dear … we find we are as old as we feel.

    Bird hat (nods): That’s why we’re looking at plots for our graves now!

    Wiseman (pokes a stick at his hat angrily): Please … be … quiet!

    Bird hat (sighs)

    Sarah (can’t help but smirk): I can’t return to being a child. It’s a one-way trip. *sighs wistfully, staring at the ground* I could never want to go back to my childhood. It was too depressing.

    Wiseman (leans forward, pointing at her with his index finger): Dear lady … you will find that life’s progression is hardly linear. It has openings that offer new opportunities. *points to a statue of Hoggle nearby, surrounded by various items* If you find yourself on a path other than the one you wanted, perhaps it is because you forgot which opening you took.

    Bird hat (bitterly): Raise your hand if you understand anything this wrinkled old crackpot is saying.

    Sarah (nods slightly): I’ve seen that guy before. He was working on pipes with some giant horned furball. *looks around* Wasn’t that around here somewhere?

    Wiseman: It is important not only to know where you are but where you were. Are you sure you know which is which?

    Bird hat (sighs in exasperation): Translated, it means think of the context of this situation, not the one you’re thinking of now.

    Sarah (chuckles sarcastically): Yes, I’m certain thats helpful, too.

    End cinema.

    This is a puzzle you must complete. The conversation hints at the fact you must think about the movie’s context of you and Hoggle meeting the Wiseman, not the game’s context of meeting Prince Hoggle. The statue of Hoggle is smiling sheepishly and holding out his right hand. There are objects at the statue’s feet: a peach, a fairy-sprayer, and a plastic jeweled bracelet. Examining each will make Sarah comment on them.

    Sarah (looking at the peach, curiously): I used to cringe eating peaches when I was younger. I wonder why?

    Sarah (looking at the fairy-sprayer, angrily): How is dying slowly better than being smacked with a fly swatter?

    Sarah (looking at the bracelet, nostalgically): I remember friendship bracelets I used to make when I was in school. We would wear them for years for good luck.

    If you can’t tell from her tone, pick the bracelet, as it symbolizes her friendship with Hoggle that she had forgotten. A small cinema of Hoggle frowning and sighing as he watches from the far end of the area will play if you got it wrong, and the items will disappear. Getting it right will make a small cinema play where Hoggle watches from the far end of the area, smiling.

    After the “good” cinema plays, Sarah will find that the Wiseman has left but there is a bag of 500 gold for use in the Goblin City shops. Otherwise, the throne is empty.

    In the Hedge Maze, Maze 3, in the secret area where Toby met the Fireys, there is another puzzle for Sarah to solve. A cinema plays.


    Fiery 1 (sadly looking at the smoldering fire pit as it rains): Man, what’re we gonna do now?

    Fiery 2 (notices Sarah, perking up): Hey! Look who’s here!

    Fiery 3 (nods, chuckling): She’s hot! *the others laugh*

    Sarah (hesitates, touching her stomach as though she’s getting nauseated): I need help finding something.

    Fiery 1 (leaps up): We can help find a good time. *laughs*

    Sarah (frowns, growling): There is no amount of time I would ever want to spend with you!

    Fiery 2: Ouch.

    Fiery 3 (nods): When she burns someone, she vaporizes.

    Fiery 1 (looks up at the rain and sighs, shaking his head): I ain’t in the mood, wild thing. This downpour’s got us down in the dumps. *nods toward some items* You gonna leave the game again?

    End cinema.

    There are three items that Sarah will comment on: a long rope, a large sword, or a Blunderbuss.

    Sarah (looking at the rope, with a tinge of fear): Something … happened.

    Sarah (looking at the sword, sarcastically): That thing’s gotta be tough on carpal tunnel.

    Sarah (looking at the gun, shocked): What kind of place is this?

    In the movie, Sarah was rescued with a rope, so choose it. Also, notice that we’re trying to reconnect Sarah with Hoggle using metaphors for their bond.

    Anyway, if you choose the sword or the gun, you can keep them, but the Fireys will attack, insulted. The worst part of it is that the weapons aren’t real useful against creatures that can self-disassemble, but the rain puts a damper on the strength of their attacks. If you pick the rope, the Fireys will gripe that you’ll never play with them and then leave. Not only do you keep the rope, but in the smoldering fire pit, there is Fire Armor to be collected.

    Well, now it’s on to Goblin City. However, just before you get there through Maze 4 of the Hedge Maze, a cinema plays automatically, showing Sarah curiously pick up a half-eaten peach. She tosses it away in disgust. The door where Candlewic apprehended Toby and Skub won’t open. There is a lever about seven feet up a wall, but Sarah can’t use it. She angrily kicks at the door. The camera pans slightly to reveal Ludo walking up to her. She has a pleading look in her eye and Ludo takes the Rope from her. He uses the Rope to pull on the lever and the gate opens. Sir Didymus is sitting atop Ambrosius.

    Sir Didymus: Whatever took you so long? Didn’t you say you were in a hurry?

    Trophy: I’VE FOUGHT MY WAY
  20. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Author's Note: Okay, I made Toby's walkthrough without the benefit of having Volume 4. Let me just say this: once you read it for yourselves, you'll find that while some details are different, it's absolutely scary to see how many concepts I got right. I'll update this as soon as the major mindbender I've just read wears off, but if you haven't read (or can't read) the mangas, I'll guarantee you that you won't find just a strict translation here, but the basic gists are most definitely there. Forbes and I definitely think on the same wavelength ... or we may have access to the same crystal ball, LOL.

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