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SST 40th Anniversary Event

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by Oscarfan, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Muppetfreak

    Muppetfreak Well-Known Member

    I don't have the patience to look through this entire thread so I am just going to say that I will be there tonight, got my ticket a while ago.

    This is what I look like: http://www.hillarydepiano.com

    Please feel free to come over and say Hello, I do answer to Muppetfreak. I also answer to Hillary.

    So excited!
  2. zhelder

    zhelder Member

    I debated long and hard about whether to attend this event. I live only a few miles from William Paterson, but for a few personal reasons, I was reluctant to go.

    By the time I decided I wanted to definitely go, the event was sold out. I placed myself on the waiting list, but they never called.

    For those of you who did go, please let us know how it was. Also, does anyone know if any organization is going to be offering a video of the event? I called the Shea Box Office and they acted like I was nuts.

    Hope it was great for those of you who went! Let us know what happened!
  3. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    I just got back and I'll share my thoughts in the morn. Right now, all I can say is it was a hoot!
  4. Neil565

    Neil565 Well-Known Member

    What a GREAT, and LUCKY event!

    First off, let me say that if the seats where not so small, I could have sat there for 4 hours listening in on stories :)....

    Then, the lucky part...the after party. I went in with everyone else to the manor, and just waited for the guests to show up. I was so ****** nervous, I hope I didn't make an *** out of myself in anyway...

    First up, I decided to let the line for Frank Oz thin out a bit and go see Bob and Carole for the Picture taking session. I got to tell Carole that my favorite song as a kid was I Love Trash, and I got a verse of it out of him :). I REALLY hope that picture came out good....I don't even remember the flash going off as I was in such an awe :)...

    Next, I found Kevin Clash. I told him that I loved his work as Master Splinter, and asked why Jim Henson didn't come back to do the third one..Unfortunatley he didn't know, but they had a great time on the first two and would have loved to do #3.

    Finally, Frank Oz. I showed him an old Star Wars based picture with a test Yoda masked that he remembered the moment of, and got to ask a quick question of what it was like working with George Lucas. Very shy man, considering the characters he plays...

    All in all, a GREAT night...Thank you for posting it..
  5. davidmartiste

    davidmartiste Well-Known Member

    It was fun. I wish I could describe every moment but, suffice it to say, cameo appearances were made by Zoe, Telly Monster, Elmo and Oscar the Grouch himself. It was good fun when the puppets were out because they knew they were playing to an adult audience. Even those of us who are not exactly Elmo's biggest fans, really appreciate how Kevin performs him for the adult set - there's a little more 'knowing' behind that soft, red exterior and Clash is a fantastic performer and puppeteer.

    The evening started with the intro of each person taking their seat... writer/composer Tony Geiss, Bob McGrath, Fran Brill, Marty Robinson, Kevin Clash, Sonia Monzano, Caroll Spinney and Frank Oz... of course moderated by Michael Davis. They started by asking about how each came to Sesame Street. I can't give an exact account but, I'm sure it's in Michael's book [next on my amazon list]. They showed a Forgetful Jones and Don Music skit from Sesame Street in honor of Richard Hunt. His family was in the audience as well. The event was suppose to go for approximately 2 hours. The first moderated part was maybe about an hour or a little longer. I'm sure someone could chime in on particulars. The 2nd part was Q&A from the audience. I was interested to hear Frank Oz explain why he won't just do voices for fans. A fan asked him to do Miss Piggy. He explained that his characters are so personal and dear to him that he won't do voices like party tricks for people. I respected him for that answer and was also jealous to hear them mention a teacher workshop that happened during the day with the puppeteers and Frank particpated and did one of his characters. Now THAT is something that would have been great to watch. I have to say, some of the Q&A people killed it by going on ad nauseum about themselves before finally getting to their question. The moderator asked nicely that people ask their questions quickly which didn't always happen. This left many people waiting in line to ask questions when they finally closed the event.

    I won't hog the floor here so others can chime in what their favorite moments were. One of mine happened in the audience when the young lady next to me got sick of the stories audience members were telling INSTEAD OF ASKING QUSTIONS and she finally said "what is this? The Rikki Lake show?"

    Anyway - rock on - it was a great event.
  6. Neil565

    Neil565 Well-Known Member

    I was in seat 410, row GG if anyone here was near me.

    I totally forgot about Tully, but it's been ages since I've seen sesame street. That was one of my favorite moments, I Think.

    Although I also loved the 'Masterpiece Theater' Moment with Oscar and Elmo.... Elmo saying, 'Aww Come ON!' was priceless! One reason why I REALLY wish that someone taped the event.

    Was anyone who worked at the event here? Lots of cute women there, but I was too nervous thinking of chatting up Frank Oz that I didn't have the guts to talk to anyone :)..
  7. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    Overall, this was an amazing event. It was awesome to see all these great performers and folks who put SST together put I must say meeting everyone at MC was just as good! I sat next to MeepBorkMeep, I got to talk to fragglemuppet and Muppet Newsgirl before the show, talked to maniaical muppet for most the show afterward and someone else whose username I didn't get (I was right behind you! The one in the Kermit jacket!). And I got to shake hands with Steve Swanson himself! Which was pretty **** awesome and I consider the next best thing to meeting any Henson employees. Michael Davis was an incredibly nice man, like wow! Sonia was also just as wonderful. I also got to talk to Marty Robinson for 5 seconds after the show before security had to take him out the other way. Too bad, he really seemed to want to talk to everybody. :smirk:
  8. ploobis

    ploobis Well-Known Member


    I had a great time! I got to meet Jane Hunt (Richard Hunt's Mother). I gave a drawing I did of Richard's Muppet Characters and she love it. ;) :eek: :flirt:

    I got to ask two questions at the Q&A session. I asked Caroll to talk about Bruno The Trash Man and I asked Frank about him originally getting the role of Big Bird but turned it down. He didn't seem to remember that at first but I brought up the fact that he did not like doing big characters ever since The La Choy Dragon. He said "That was a long time ago". It was so great getting to talk to Caroll and Frank at the Q&A Session!

    Oscar, Elmo and Telly were hilarious too! I was laughing so hard at Telly! LOL!

    I loved it when Oscar was asked what turns him on and he pointed at Sonia (Maria) and said "I'm sitting right next to her!" LOL! I'll never forget that!

    It was a great Unforgettable night!
  9. CoOKiE

    CoOKiE Well-Known Member

    First off... its 2:51am... n i just got home. SO SO SO TIRED! I'm so sorry that i missed out on the event of meeting everyone... as planned and hoped. I, as i had said... GOT LOST! That and the car rental took over 2 hrs. It was nuts.. i almost didn't make it. So, it turned out to be an adventure after all.

    I wanna thank SesameScenes SO much for the tickets. I originally thought she meant $40 per ticket... and i was mistaken. She offered a GREAT deal on $40 for 2 tickets. But i felt like i was robbing her so i gave her extra money. She was a really nice person to meet and i got to say goodbye to her when she was heading out. Thank you so much for a great night.

    I have to also thank Ploobis for asking one of my questions. I was actually the guy behind the guy behind you in line for questions. While i was there in line... millions of questions ran through my mind. That Bruno question was the first and strongest for awhile. If anyone remembers me ever mentioning... i kinda replicated Bruno and Oscar for a halloween costume... and i learned so much about how it works. Its CRAZY! One thing he didn't tell the audience... he operates Bruno's mouth as well... by a string attached to the rim of the can, which he'll pull with Oscar's hand.

    But what i didn't get to ask... which i was 3rd in line when they stopped taking questions... and thats my fault for hesitating about going up... was i wanted to hear Carroll say hi to me... in Big Bird's voice. Seeing how the whole trip was to make the child in me happy.

    As i didn't get to talk to him at all.. i Did get to talk to "Maria" and Micheal. I was trying to get a picture with Marty (which btw i took his and Kevin's name tags that were on their seats lol) but the security didn't let me. But i got a picture with Maria.. and talked to her. I asked if she was ever offered to be a puppeteer... and she said yes... but refused it because she didn't think she could do it as well as the other performers. Also had her sign my program and book.. which i guess she was telling people she couldn't because Micheal was signing his book only... Lucky me i guess :)
  10. KerMatttheFrog

    KerMatttheFrog Active Member

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet up with the board-folks due to being with a rather good sized group myself. I agree that this night was really special and I was honored to have made it.

    I thought the videos of Richard's performances were really great and to hear near 1000 people rolling in laughter at Forgetful Jones' attempts at EEEEEEEEEE-Klahoma was a perfect illustration of why Sesame Street works on so many levels. The panel was extremely entertaining and although seeing Elmo and Zoe performed was great, Telly was a laugh riot, especially when seeing the smaller Zoe. Seeing Oscar flirt with Maria in person was just the best! :grouchy: Sonia was extremely personable in her signing afterwards and Michael laughed and agreed when he and I briefly chatted about how good the Muppetcast is. He mentioned Sonia might be on soon? (Steve can you confirm this?)

    My only criticism, like another poster, was the nature of some of the folks who got the opportunity to ask questions. I agree, the opportunity to personally thank some of our heroes is a chance you don't pass up. At the same time, we all paid to see and hear the stories and conversations of the panel members and not the background stories of those asking questions. We could have fit in three or four more questions if people were less about who THEY were. My one exception to that complaint was the woman who brought up that her son was deaf and that Linda Bove's appearances helped her child's increased social acceptance.

    I did think that initially David Rudman was announced as appearing, but while he was on the website and some of the pictures, there was no info in the program listings of the lecturers. Terry Geiss did do a quick Baby Bear impression while telling about his hibernation sketch.

    I am still revelling in the memories of seeing Oscar the Grouch live. Carroll Spinney seemed to be all too happy to let that bit of mischief out of our favorite grump. I think I could see the sparkle in his eye from my near-last row seat. I would have liked to hear a little more about Will Lee from the panel and maybe we could have all loosened up a bit more and allowed Bob to lead us in "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" through the verse rather than trailing off.

    Oh yeah... and Elmo said his favorite naughty word is "poopie" LMAO... his rapport with Oscar in that "Actor's Theater" bit was priceless.
  11. ploobis

    ploobis Well-Known Member

    I also thought it was so cute that this little girl in front of me asked the question about what happened to Betty Lou. Smart girl!

    I also laughed at the part when Oscar was asked "If heaven existed what would you like to hear God say?" and Oscar said "How did you get here?" LOL! I laughed so hard at that one!

    Again, It was a night I'll never forget!
  12. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    I had no clue where I was sitting (I even forgot where). I thought it was a great way to spend the night. The tribute to Richard was nice (though, I wish they had shown more clips from other things).Tony's story idea about the four bears hibernating was hilarious! I hope that makes it onto the actual show. I loved when they brought the puppets (especially Oscar and when Telly was stuck in his bag). And my mom was howling at the line - "How did you get up here?" And Elmo's expression when everyone "awwwwed" at his cutesy answers. And just so ya know, I was the boy who asks the performers about the wight of the puppets! And you should've heard what a guy behind me said when Marty mentioned the "Dead Muppet Wall" to the 9-year old girl! It was also interesting to see the various things people brought to have signed, like some lady in front of me brought SS records, a guy behind me was wearing an Ernie and Bert shirt and I saw someone twoard the front with a Richard fan art picture.

    And, was it me, or the roads BACK from the place have more holes in it than Swiss cheese?
  13. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    Oh, wow. This was one of the most amazing events I've been to in a long time.

    Met Kate (Fragglemuppet) and her mom at Brother Bruno's, and we all shared an order of zeppoles, and at the event itself I saw BobThePizzaBoy, heralde, MelissaY1 and StreetScenes, and I finally met Steve at last. Guys, it was amazing to finally meet some of you in person.

    It was a real thrill to meet Jane Hunt - I spoke to her a little bit as she was being escorted into the theater, and then after we had found our seats, I chatted with her and some friends for several minutes. She's a really nice woman, very witty. And it turns out that I indirectly know one of the Hunts' friends, a woman named Geni Sackson; she teaches in one of the schools that I cover for the paper.

    The panel itself was - wow. Everyone got a nice round of applause as they came out on stage ("They love you, Frank."), and they were in a good comedic mood that night. It's like Davis said, no doom-and-gloom remarks about the economy that night.

    I got a kick out of Bob's remarks on dealing with Ralph Nader. "The consumer advocate is a person in your neighborhood..."

    Oscar was such a lecher! I mean, the way he kept looking at Sonia: "So why'd ya marry Luis?"

    I nearly died laughing over Telly freaking out over being trapped in a plastic bag, and going on about how he and Marty had a Jekyll and Hyde relationship, and lamenting that Zoe was so small. "Now she's too young!"

    I loved all that they had to say about Richard, how he was generous, and kind, and just this side of insane - and the audience cheered when Michael called Richard "a son of New Jersey." Loved the clips; I hadn't seen Forgetful Jones' turn in "Oklahoma" in years. And it was really touching when Michael announced that the panelists had all waived their speakers' fees, and donated a portion of it to Sesame Workshop "in the name of their colleague and friend, Richard Hunt."

    Got on line to have my copy of "Street Gang" signed. We'd have stuck around for a bit afterwards, but the WPU staff were shooing everyone out of the auditorium so they could start cleaning up.

    Again - wow.
  14. zhelder

    zhelder Member

    Wow. Sounds like it was a good night!

    A couple more questions...

    Did the entire panel do signings or just Michael Davis?

    What was the day event for teachers? How did you sign up for this? How much did it cost to get in to that event?

    I'll have to keep my eyes open to make sure I get to the next big Sesame Street/Muppets event in this area!
  15. Neil565

    Neil565 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know what time the event was finished? Despite the blood getting cut off in my veins with the small seats, the event really did go by fast..

    It had to of been at least 2 hours...
  16. CoOKiE

    CoOKiE Well-Known Member

    Probably about 2 hours... i was at the top of the stairs, in line for signed autographs (btw zhelder, Micheal Davis and Sonia "Maria" who signed books.) So... i wasn't first... but i wasn't even in the middle of the line. But i didn't get out till 10.. and seeing it didn't start at exactly 7... it could have been a little over 2 hours. Which was great n worth the trip.

    Tho i was 3rd to have the chance to ask a question... i can't complain about people getting personal. You have to understand that these people are saying thanks with reasons, when they're talking personal. So, tho they took my chance to ask something... i can't blame them.

    I can blame those who asked more then one question... because Micheal had asked everyone to make it brief. One kid there almost argued with Micheal about not getting to ask his second question lol and Micheal just kind of pushed him out of the way.
  17. Neil565

    Neil565 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm really glad that kid didn't push the issue and make a blank out of himself trying to ask the second question. I remember thinking, come on kid, don't make an idiot out of yourself through nerves :)....

    I hadn't seen SS in years, as mentioned previously, but as soon as I saw Maria, it brought back instant memories of Follow That Bird, and I didn't get the guts to ask if Bob was also on Super Password with Burt Convey. At least I think that was him. Would have love to of chatted with him about that..
  18. CoOKiE

    CoOKiE Well-Known Member

    zhelder... i forgot to tell you... Someone had asked the crew if they would come down to... i believe Ohio? And Marty had said... something like this has NEVER happened before and that "this is it."

    Thats why, despite the fact i live so far away... but not so far as alot of other fans... but i had to come down and see the show. Something like this MAY happen again sometime... Anything CAN happen... but i don't think you can get the same group together like that.
  19. Neil565

    Neil565 Well-Known Member

    So, I take it no one tried to get into the manor party other than me and one other couple around 50 or 60? :)
  20. KerMatttheFrog

    KerMatttheFrog Active Member

    Telly in the plastic bag! How could I have forgotten to mention that? Anyone else think in retrospect how great Marty would be on Puppet Up! ?

    Once again, Oscar.... Boy did Spinney have me howling with laughter.

    Anyone have issues with that **** snow squall on the way home? One minute you can see, the next it was like a total white out for 20 minutes.

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