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Discussion in 'Henson People' started by ReneeLouvier, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Nekoshema Member

    neat link Fletch, i wish they had more of Richard heckling, that was funny ;)
  2. FletchySRF3088 Active Member

    Me too! I'm hoping in the future there'll be more behind the scenes footage released. I know Steve Whitmire's mentioned his "home movies" that there's a bunch of that he still hopes to release. Just have to get the right clearances and what-not. I think a couple did end up on the Fraggle Rock DVD though.
  3. Fersureitsjess Active Member

    Yup! Saw Richard in Steve's Home Movies recording a song... it was awesome :)
  4. heralde Well-Known Member

    Cool Fletchy, loved seeing Richard leading the singing at the end, lol.
  5. FletchySRF3088 Active Member

    Oh, he was leading the song at the end? I never actually noticed that lol
  6. Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    Wow, it's certainly changed a bit around here. It's the first time I've logged on since the changes started. Looks fab, though.

    Yeah, the behind-the-scenes stuff is always fun, whenever they include it on a DVD or something. All the work that goes into making an episode, how the magic happens - and the outtakes, oh the outtakes. Really love the gag where the special effects guys rigged up a confetti bomb on Dave and Steve, and where everyone was reeling with laughter. "Now we know who's really afraid of everything!"
  7. heralde Well-Known Member

    Yeah I actually really like the new format. :)

    Oh yeah I remember that, lol, need to watch that again.

    You know the other day I was looking at old RHLC posts from circa 2007, brought back a lot of nice memories. ;)
  8. Fersureitsjess Active Member

    Hey guys!
    So Of Muppets & Men finally came in the mail today! I love the story, about Richard recording, and the story about him entertaining the children ;) so adorable!
  9. heralde Well-Known Member

    Glad it arrived in good condition! Yeah great stories, and I actually did agree with him that having the character be all pompous was funnier, lol. Having the character be a wimp made the joke too hard to explain.
  10. Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    I loved the stories about him entertaining the school groups - that one chaperone must have been freaked out, I tell you.

    Been away for a while - I just came home from our second annual Canada trip - it was Toronto last year. This year, we did Vancouver. And yes, we were there for the hockey riots - holy cow.
  11. Fersureitsjess Active Member

    Cool! Being Canadian, I've been to Toronto a couple of times. Last time we went, we visited the science center and Canada's Wonderland.
  12. Fersureitsjess Active Member

    Never been to Vancouver though... ha!:p
  13. GoboDeadly95 Active Member

    Hi people! Sorry I've been sooo busy. Luckily I've had Muppets to keep me sane though out my exams. :p
  14. heralde Well-Known Member

    Aw, I definitely remember how comforting that can be, lol. Good luck with exams!
  15. GoboDeadly95 Active Member

    Oh their over now. Now, I have ACT prep. *blech*
  16. Fersureitsjess Active Member

    Ugh I remember having to take an ACT prep course.... glad that's over! So happy that it's summer... no more exams to worry about!
  17. GoboDeadly95 Active Member

    Yeah. It's bad. I don't mind the Reading but the other 3 sections I HATE! With a passion.
    However, I have been taking time to write. It's been sort of a relaxer. I have the urge to go watch some Muppet movies right now. I just might.
  18. heralde Well-Known Member

    I never took the ACT, what are the sections?
  19. Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    I think the ACT is something like the SAT, but different - I never took the ACT either. I did, however, take several AP courses, so I had to sit the exams for those at the end of the school year - and got both a sore brain and a sore wrist.

    GoboDeadly95, you have our permission, and our blessing, to go do some serious relaxing with a few Muppet movies. In fact, we shall be quite cross with you if you don't... ;)

    But seriously, do take some time for yourself. In fact, our pal Richard once told an interviewer, "I decided to make a career of resting," after he found that radio was not his ideal career path.
  20. heralde Well-Known Member

    Oh definitely, during a difficult time in my life I got by by watching the Star Wars episode of Muppet Show, lol. Even today, watching it will take me back to how it made me feel better. :)

    During stressful times like exams, it really helps to have some kind of outlet to ease the stress.

    Wow, I haven't thought of that in awhile, lol, thanks MN! ;)

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