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The Spectacular Spidey/Muppets Celebration

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by muppetwriter, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member


    The premiere of the third crossover, titled "The Spectacular", has been moved from May 4th (the official release date of Spider-Man 3) to May 5th (this Saturday), because I won't be seeing the film until then.

    This is the last week of the celebration. Much of what I had promised to include hasn't made in it, mostly because I haven't had the time to get everything else done. But there will still be a few more interviews, a couple of more musical performances, and some "sneek peaks" of the story coming up this week.:)
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good... Post it soon please!
  3. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Gonzo: Hi, everybody. This your pal, Gonzo, here to sing one special song from the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. It's special to me because I think it tells a lot about my character, and it helps connect with my "inner weirdo".

    Floyd: You've got that right. Haha!

    Clifford: Hey, Gonzo. Let's just play the song, man. It's almost lunchtime, and I'm gettin' hungry.

    Janice: Yeah, like me, too.

    Dr. Teeth: Yeah, I'm having a huge Mac Attack right now.


    Gonzo: OK. OK. Let's start. This one's for you, Camilla!

    (Dr. Teeth begins with a smooth piano solo. Floyd, Janice, and Clifford move in with their guitars.)

    Gonzo: Whose eyes am I behind
    I don’t recognize anything that I see
    Whose skin is this design
    I don’t want this to be the way that you see me.

    (Animal kicks in with the drums.)

    Gonzo: I don’t understand anything anymore
    In this world that I’m tired of
    Is taking me right up these walls
    That I climb up
    To get to your story
    It’s anything but ordinary.

    Gonzo/EM: And when the world is on its knees with me it's fine
    And when I come to the rescue I get nothing but left behind
    Everybody seems to be getting what they need, where's mine
    ‘Cause you're what I need so very but I'm anything but ordinary!

    Gonzo: Can you save me from this world of mine
    Before I get myself arrested with this expectation
    You are the one look what you’ve done
    What have you done?
    This is not some kind of joke
    You’re just a kid
    You weren’t ready for what you did! NOOOO!!!!

    Gonzo/EM: And when the world is on its knees with me it's fine
    And when I come to the rescue I do it for you time after time
    Everybody seems to be getting what they need, where's mine
    ‘Cause you're what I need so very but I'm anything but ordinary!

    (Camilla walks in and Gonzo cuddles up with her.)

    Gonzo: I think I'm trying to save the world for you.

    Camilla: Oh, Gonzo. Bawk! Bawk!

    Gonzo: You’ve been saving me, too.

    (Coco comes in and passes by them; Gonzo looks at her in awe, making Camilla upset.)

    Camilla: Bawk? Bawk?!?! *pecks Gonzo repeatedly on the head before leaving* BAWK!!!

    Gonzo: Camilla! Wait! I wasn't looking that long! *Coco comes back in and approaches Gonzo*

    Coco: Coco! Coco!

    Gonzo: Uh...*sings nervously* We could just stay in and save each other.

    (Coco is captivated by Gonzo's singing and hugs him, staring into his eyes.)

    Gonzo: Oh, no. *runs away with Coco still clinging to him* CAMILLA!!!!

    Electric Mayhem: He's anything but ordinary!

    Animal: ORDINARY!!!

    Electric Mayhem: He's anything but ordinary!

    Animal: ORDINARY!! ORDINARY!!!

    (Music stops.)

    To hear and see the actual song, check it out here:Ordinary Music Video
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Groovy and funny all at the same time. If you haven't yet, please vote for Piggy in Round/Part 3 of the 2007 Muppet Presidential Elections, we need all the votes we can get!
  5. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Here is the first of a few "sneek peaks" of the third Spidey/Muppets crossover. It's my version of the 7-minute scene that aired one evening during a broadcast of Heroes on NBC.

    "The Spectacular" (Sneek Peak)
    "The Goblin Attack"

    After watching the meteorite shower from the roof of the new Boarding House, the group decided to head to Pete’s Diner, where they would meet with Peter for an “After Show Dinner.” They rode through Midtown Manhattan in Fozzie’s Studebaker, which seemed a lot rustier than it had when his hibernating uncle first loaned it to him—the ceiling had a massive dent in it (almost touching the heads of its passengers from the inside), the floors were sticky from honey spills, and springs were sprouting out from the seats. When they had passed through the construction site for Bitterman Plaza, Rachel Bitterman’s soon-to-be biggest mall in Manhattan, Lori just rolled her eyes at it.

    “That woman can never be satisfied until she’s made something larger than her own checkbook.” Lori said, while Kermit smirked with confidence.

    “I wouldn’t worry about whatever Rachel Bitterman has up her sleeve this time.” The frog stated. “As long as we’ve paid off that foreclosure of hers with all of the performances we’ve had at the Muppet Theater, it’ll be Christmas in 2019 before she ever troubles us again.” Lori and Sean smiled along with Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo, happily agreeing with his assumption. But Kermit began to smile for a whole different reason, as he looked from Lori and Sean to Gonzo and Fozzie.

    It had been at least four years since the five of them had all shared an evening together, and with Lori and Sean back in Manhattan with their six-year-old cousin, Stanley Thomas, it seemed like old times again. The only difference being that Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo were no longer working for The Daily Bugle, much to their despair. However, with the final performances of their sequel to their big Broadway hit in 1998, Manhattan Melodies, approaching very soon, going back into the world of journalism didn’t seem like such a bad idea to the three Muppets. The only problem would be deciding on where their journalistic skills, earned from years of working on the Bugle staff, would be needed.

    As soon as Fozzie turned down a street corner, something peculiar happened. The entire Studebaker began to lift off the ground and hover fifteen to twenty-five feet in the air. Its passenger started to feel a bit light-headed, as they looked out their window to the streets below, seeing how far up they were. The slightest opening of a door would lead to certain death, at least for the human passengers in the Studebaker.

    “Hey, Fozzie,” Gonzo said, “I didn’t know you modified your car to have hover-conversion capabilities.” Fozzie looked away from his window and at Gonzo strangely.

    “Gonzo, I drive a Studebaker, not a DeLorean!” Fozzie said, just before Sean rolled down his window and stuck his head out, letting the night air blow through his silky, black hair. Looking upwards, he noticed a man wearing a black suit with some green elements and a pair of reflective green goggles and a green mouthpiece, while riding a hi-tech snowboard-shaped glider. He was using a great amount of strength to lift up the Studebaker by a small hole that had formed on the rooftop.

    “Who are you?!” Sean asked the man, but he only replied by hurling the Studebaker and all of its passengers across the air, making them land hard on the rooftop of a nearby building, located in the midst of Sesame Street. Several residents of the neighborhood, from Gordon Robinson to Telly Monster, stuck their heads out from the windows of their apartments, as they heard the noise of metal crunching and car parts coming apart. They spotted the Studebaker on the rooftop, flipping and rolling ten times before it finally stopped, sitting in an upside-down position.

    “What on earth is going on?!” Maria Rodriguez asked.

    “It looks like a car accident.” Bob McGrath replied.

    “On the roof?” Gordon awkwardly said, while one of the heavily dented doors on the battered Studebaker fell off its hinges and landed on the hard surface of the rooftop with a loud clanging noise. Afterwards, Sean stepped out from the crippled vehicle first, having a large bruise on the right side of his forehead. He helped out Lori, who had a small, bleeding cut on the side of her head that made a section of her hair redder than it partially was, and then Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzie, who were all bruised and dazed from the surprise attack.

    “What the heck just happened?” Kermit asked, as Fozzie stared at the horrible wreckage that used to be his uncle’s Studebaker.

    “I know what’s gonna happen.” Fozzie said, and then quickly turned to Kermit and grabbed him by his sides, shaking him violently. “My uncle’s gonna kill meeeee!!!!!!!” He immediately stopped shaking Kermit, once he, his friends, and all of the Sesame Street residents heard a loud, fierce rocketing noise from above. They all looked up to see the man on the glider come towards Sean, Lori, Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzie, hovering only a few feet from the rooftop. The five stared at the stranger in confusion, wondering why (out of all the people living in New York) did he choose to attack them.

    “Who are you?” Sean asked them, right before he pressed a few buttons on a small keypad located on his wrist, which retracted his facial gear and revealed the stranger’s true identity to the group.

    “Harry Osborn?!?!” They exclaimed, while the Sesame Street residents just watched on, wondering who Harry was and why he attacked the small group of friends.

    “You were all in on it, weren’t you?!” Harry angrily inquired. “You all knew the truth!!!” While Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Lori seemed very confused over what Harry was talking about, Sean seemed to have an idea of it, recalling the events that took place on Roosevelt Island between his father, Norman Osborn (a.k.a. “The Green Goblin”), and his best friend, Peter Parker (a.k.a. “Spider-Man”). But never in his wildest dreams did Sean think Harry would go through measures similar to his father’s, just to get back at the ones responsible for his death.

    “What’re you talking about, Harry?” Lori innocently asked, only making Harry more upset than he already appeared to be.

    “Don’t act like you don’t know!!!!” He screamed, as he rocketed towards the group, forcing them to run and duck in opposite directions. A couple of pumpkin bombs popped out from Harry’s glider, and he caught them instantly, just before he started hurling them at the fleeing people below him. The bombs went off as soon as they hit the rooftop, taking massive chunks out of it.

    “Harry!! Stop this!!!” Sean demanded. “You’re going to seriously hurt someone!!”

    “No…just you!!!” Harry began to fly towards Sean, who dived from the edge of the roof as soon as he noticed him coming and landed on a nearby fire escape. Harry rocketed over Sean’s head and disappeared afterwards. While Sean looked around to see where he had gone, his friends quickly joined him on the fire escape, looking very panicky.

    “Is there any reason Harry Osborn is trying to kill us?” Fozzie curiously asked. “What did we ever do to him?”

    Before Sean could answer the question, he and the others noticed how Peter Parker was riding through the street on his scooter. They looked down and attempted to scream out his name to get his attention. But before they could’ve, Harry swooped down towards Peter and snatched him off his scooter, while his facial gear was back on his face and obscuring his identity from Peter. The two nearly ran into an oncoming bus, as they grappled on the glider, punching and kicking and even slicing (Harry had retractable claws protruding from the side of his gauntlets that he scratched Peter’s stomach with, tearing a section of his shirt in the process).

    “Has he gone insane or something?!” Lori asked.

    They watched intensely as Peter was knocked from the glider and began to fall away from it. Lori and Fozzie shielded their eyes in reaction to seeing Peter fall, while Sean, Kermit, and Gonzo kept watch of the action, seeming to know what happened next. Peter fired a web strand towards the pole at the very top of the Chrysler Building, swinging around it while firing several web-balls at Harry. Lori and Fozzie unshielded their eyes and noticed immediately how Peter Parker was swinging on a web and doing things that was highly similar to what Spider-Man always did.

    “What the heck…?” Lori uttered in shock.

    “Is he doing what I think he’s doing?” Fozzie asked with surprise, and his eyes and Lori’s eyes locked on with those of Kermit, Gonzo, and Sean, who just shrugged with sheepish looks on their faces. Their eyes soon again returned to the fight that was taking place in the skies of Manhattan, as Harry cut the line of webbing and caused Peter to freefall uncontrollably towards the ground.

    But Harry didn’t let Peter fall for very long. Sean, Kermit, Gonzo, Lori, and Fozzie watched in surprise, as Harry tackled Peter in midair, causing him to fly right into the brick wall of the building that they were on. The five ended up being closer to the action than they had anticipated, watching Peter slowly recover from the incredible blow, as Harry hovered a few feet in front of him and retracted his facial gear again to reveal his true face to Peter, surprising him.

    “Harry?” Peter weakly said, as Harry grew angrier just from looking directly at him.

    “You knew this was coming, Pete!!!” Harry yelled, just before he rocketed towards Peter, attempting to strike a final blow. However, Harry was robbed of that opportunity, as Peter flipped his body upwards, causing Harry to punch through the huge dent that Peter made in the wall instead, digging his arm deeper into it. Seeing how avid Harry had become in killing Peter in revenge for what happened to his father, Sean quickly made an attempt to talk some sense into him.

    “Harry! Listen to me!” He desperately exclaimed. “I was there the night your father died…”

    “Which is why you’ll be next after Pete!!!” Harry looked away from a puzzled Sean and upwards, seeing Peter’s upside down body clinging to the brick wall, staring back at Harry.

    “I didn’t kill your father, Harry!” Peter shouted, but Harry wasn’t listening. He just continued to attack, swinging at him again but only left hitting the hard surface of the wall, while Peter dodged and clutched to another section of it, positioning himself in an upright position only a couple of feet to the left of Harry. “He was trying to kill me! He killed himself!”

    “SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!” Peter suddenly felt the entire wall that he was on shift and tilt, as Harry used his remarkable strength to detach it from the side of the building and cause Peter to fall with it. Harry rocketed downwards and crashed both him and his steel glider through both Peter and the wall, tearing it to pieces and leaving Peter freefalling again. Meanwhile, Sean, Kermit, and Gonzo started climbing down through the fire escape, while a befuddled Lori and Fozzie remained at the top.

    “Where are you three going?” Lori asked, and Sean stopped to look up at her, while Kermit and Gonzo kept moving down.

    “Stay there! We’ll be right back!” Sean ordered her, before he continued down the fire escape. Lori seemed very upset over his response, screaming at him, as he, Kermit, and Gonzo made it to the bottom and ran down a nearby alleyway.

    “Sean Thomas! You come back here and tell me what’s going on!!!” But Sean, Kermit, and Gonzo were no longer in earshot by the time she made her demand.

    “So are we just going to stay here?” Fozzie asked, and Lori turned to him with a determined look.

    “No,” She replied. “Follow me.” The both of them began to move down the fire escape at rapid speed.

    Sean, Kermit, and Gonzo ran through alleyways and sidewalks, trying to keep up with the fight between Harry and Peter, as Harry repeatedly punched Peter as he fell, bouncing him up and down. Harry then commenced in grabbing Peter by the ankle and slamming his body against several windows, before hurling him against the window of one office building, making him crash against one on the other side of it and start falling towards the ground again.

    “Wow. Harry sure has been taking his vitamins.” Gonzo said, and Kermit couldn’t believe the comment he made, staring at him strangely.

    “Gonzo! Stay focused, will ya?!” Kermit urged him, as Sean watched Peter get tackled by Harry again, grappling with him on his glider. He was able to web Harry’s facial gear, blinding him long enough to throw him off the glider. As soon as Harry was off and falling towards the ground, Peter fired two web strands and connected them to the edges of two different rooftops, catapulting himself off the glider and towards the street, heading in their direction. Sean had soon realized that Peter had accidentally lost a small object that looked just like a wedding ring.

    Meanwhile, the freefalling Harry removed his webbed facial gear, just as his glider returned to his feet and allowed him control over it again. He tackled Peter once more while he was swinging towards the wedding ring, making him fall directly onto another rooftop. Luckily, Peter had caught the ring before Harry tackled him, but he was left running from him again, as he was rocketing in his direction, coming in for another fierce blow. Several pipes and chimneys snapped and crumbled on impact with Harry’s glider, and Peter ducked in time to avoid becoming another victim of it.

    Down below, Lori and Fozzie had come out of an alleyway, just in time to see Peter swinging on several web lines, trying to get away from Harry. The two weren’t certain what was more puzzling: the fact that Harry Osborn had become another version of the Green Goblin or the fact that Peter Parker was the real Spider-Man. They watched him closely as he swung into an alleyway across from the one that they just came out through.

    “Oh, brother. I am just really confused right now.” Fozzie nervously said.

    “Don’t worry, Foz. We’ll get our answers.” Lori determinedly said, and she then crossed the street, without even looking left and right for the oncoming vehicles. Both she and Fozzie dodged in between several buses and taxicabs, in order to get to the other side. And once they had, they immediately bumped right into the path of Sean, Kermit, and Gonzo, knocking them all to the ground. When Sean looked up to see his sister in front of him, he was anything but pleased.

    “I thought I told you to stay behind!!” Sean angrily yelled.

    “Oh, yeah. Like I’m really going to do what you say.” Lori sarcastically remarked, before getting serious and furious at the same time. “I can’t believe you’ve been keeping such a big secret from me!” Sean was about to explain his reasons before she got to her feet and dashed into the alleyway, bringing Sean, Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzie to do the same. All of them all continued following in on the action, as Harry pulled a small green sword from his back that he intended on murdering Peter with.

    “I’m still here, Peter!!!” Harry shouted, as Peter briefly looked behind him to see Harry hot on his tail, slashing through several metal objects that stood in his way as he chased him. Harry made one bold move in his attempt to annihilate Peter by leaping high in the air, executing a complete somersault, and trying to jab his sword into the swinging Peter, who got out of his way in time to leave him jabbing the sword into his own glider that he landed back onto. Meanwhile, back on the concrete, the Thomas siblings and the Muppets continued running, watching Harry as he pulled out another pumpkin bomb from his glider.

    “Man! What is it with these Osborns and their bombs?!” Sean asked, while Harry threw the bomb at Peter. The bomb had instantly transformed into a metallic bat as it soared through the air, flying towards a panicking Peter as he continued swinging through the alleyway. Harry then followed that one pumpkin bomb with four others that had done the exact same thing.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Gonzo exclaimed in surprise.

    Peter stopped swinging momentarily and allowed himself to soar freely through the air, in order to turn and fire some web balls at the metal pumpkin bats, disarming them and forcing them to fall uselessly to the ground. Fozzie stopped running for a moment to pick up one that landed near him. As he continued running with his friends, Peter in the meantime caught one pumpkin bat with his web and hurled it back at Harry, causing it to pierce his shoulder. After removing with much force and through much pain, Harry continued pursuing Peter. However, he was soon caught by surprise from a line of webbing that had come into his path and clotheslined him off his glider.

    “Ouch!!!” Lori exclaimed, as she, Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Sean stopped, watching Harry’s body bounce off of several metal objects, such as a pipeline and a dumpster, before hitting the concrete hard. When they saw Harry’s body lying there lifelessly, they began to panic, rushing to his aid, while Peter (shocked by what he had done to his friend) jumped from the wall he was clinging to high above. Lori and Fozzie looked over their shoulders and spotted him, as he slowed down the speed of his fall by firing a web strand into the air and connecting it to a section of the wall. Once he had landed on the ground, he approached the group as they attempted to revive Harry.

    “Is he alright?” Peter asked, and Gonzo looked up at him worriedly.

    “You just knocked him off his glider, twenty feet in the air,” The weirdo replied, “How do you think he’s doing?” Peter watched on in anxiety, as Lori performed CPR on the unconscious Harry Osborn.

    “Come on, Harry!” She cried. “Breathe, you crazy son of a…”

    There'll be another scene coming soon, so stay tuned.:)
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Again you astound me sir.

    Few little things...
    Instead of "were in no longer in earshot", try getting rid of that first "in" so it reads "were no longer in earshot" or "were no longer within earshot".
    When Lori bumped into Sean, it should be "she got to her feet", that "had" before "got to her feet" isn't necessary.
    Instead of "the five of them" use "all of them", it flows better.

    Also, you have the first sentence of the sneak peak repeated, not sure if that was on purpose.
    And I meant to say this, the first sentence of Chapter 13 of the Amazing Sequel doesn't make any sense as it's lacking a subject refering as to who performed the action stated therein.
    In Chapter 14, when Kermit leaves with his friends and Piggy, me thinks you meant to say "fleed" instead of "fleeted".
    There's an instance where it says Shego's growing left han when I think you ment glowing.

    Anyway, I'm very psyched for the third story... Hope it gets started soon.
  7. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    It isn't exactly repeated. I just had the word "after" mentioned two times in the sentence, once referring to the meteor shower that the group watched on the roof of the Boarding House and again when I was referring to the dinner that they were going to have at Pete's after the Manhattan Melodies performance that evening.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK, sorry. Seems my reading controls got a bit screwy there for just a sec. Anyway, I'm expecting big things out of this crossover and can't wait for it to get started!
  9. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member


    A while back, in the "What's Next...?" thread, I announced that the upcoming third Spidey/Muppets crossover would be the last story for the Marvel/Muppets fanfic series that I'd write for a while. But after handling this celebration, finding out that there's going to be an "extended cut" to Ghost Rider on DVD this June, and watching that full trailer to Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, I feel like I want to continuing with the series after Spidey/Muppets 3.

    I intend on working on that Labyrinth/Storyteller/Ghost Rider crossover after I've finished with "The Spectacular", and then moving on with the second F4/Muppets tale after that.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    It's good to set goals for yourself buddy. Learning a bit of that myself as I make some decisions as to my own path to follow.

    Have you seen the ESPN Baseball Tonight promos hyping FF2? They end just as funnily as the main part at the beginning. And remember we're here to bat around some suggestions if you need inspiration should the Ghost Rider movie version not meet up to your Marvel-ous hexpectations.
  11. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    The next sneak peek from the third Spidey/Muppets crossover is based on the subway battle that's supposed to take place in the film between Spidey and Sandman. Only my version includes a few more villains and heroes.

    I feel that I should warn all of you though that this "sneak peek" does give away some information as to which classic Muppet villains are going to become classic Spidey villains in the story.

    "The Spectacular" (Sneak Peek)

    The Muppets had never anticipated on Holiday and his henchmen becoming just as more super-powered than Marko was. Beauregard, Fozzie, Lew Zealand, and Rizzo tried desperately to avoid Darla, as she chased them down a dark, damp tunnel and unleashed powerful, concentrated, vibrating air blasts from her gauntlets.

    “LOOK OUT!!!” Fozzie screamed, and they all dodged out of the way, just in time for the blasts to come in contact with a section of the wall, which crumbled to pieces on impact. Fozzie, Beauregard, Rizzo, and Lew went down another tunnel, but they didn’t expect to cross paths with Gonzo, Camilla, Scooter, and the Electric Mayhem, who were all being chased by a massive tidal wave that Marla transformed herself into.

    “GANG WAY!!!!” Gonzo shouted, just as they were all caught by the wave and were splashed against a wall. Had the wall not given way on impact, throwing everyone into another section of the underground subway, Marla could’ve drowned them with her tidal wave attack.

    The section of the subway that they found themselves in was located forty feet beneath a set of subway tracks. As the horrendous sound of the train rolling against the tracks roared overhead, the group of terrified Muppets got to their feet, while puddles of water moved all around them and came together to form the slender body of Marla. Animal wiped the water out of his eyes and noticed how she was coming in for another attack, with her fluid fists increased to a massive size.

    “BAD WOMAN! BAD WOMAN!” Animal yelled, just before he leaped high into the air and soared towards Marla’s upper body. When he was just a couple of feet away from her, Marla punched him with one of her giant fists, knocking him into a set of wooden poles that supported the subway tracks.

    “That was for trying to hit on me back at the Mallory Gallery, you…animal!!” Marla angrily said.

    The other Muppets attempted to escape, while Marla’s attention was distracted on Animal, but they stopped when they noticed Kermit nearby, dodging the attempted blows from the cybernetic tail attached to scorpion-like armor worn by Nicky Holiday. The frog couldn’t have been more afraid of the sharp, metal hook that was connected to the tail, which Nicky used fiercely to shred him to pieces.

    “Nicky, please! Don’t do this!!” Kermit pleaded, as the hook came in contact with one of the poles, severing it instantly. Nicky’s mouth was drooling and his head was sweating through his metallic helmet, which he was using to mentally control his cybernetic tail.

    “Ten years I spent at Riker’s, Frog! TEN YEARS!!!” Nicky swung again, that time near Kermit’s feet, missing him by an inch and creating fiery sparks as the metal hook scrapped against the concrete. “No way am I gonna back away from this opportunity!!!” Nicky was about to come at him again, until something large, swift, and black swung his way and kicked him from behind, sending him flying fifteen feet across the air and crashing into several poles before landing roughly against another set of tracks. “What the…” When Nicky looked up to see what hit him, he noticed the black-suited Spider-Man, clinging to a wall and glaring at him. “I’m gonna get you for that, wall-crawler!!”

    “Leave the muppet alone, Holiday! Your fight is with me!!” Spidey viciously said.

    “NO!!!” Holiday snapped. “I’ve spent too many years in prison to lose them now! Killing them means everything to me!!”

    “JUST AS THE MAN YOU SHOT IN COLD BLOOD DID TO ME!!!!!!!!!” Spider-Man screamed wildly, as he fired two web strands that connected to the chest plate of Holiday’s armor and pulled his body off the wall with superhuman strength, sending him flying towards Nicky at incredible speed and kicking him off the tracks. Nicky’s screams echoed throughout the underground subway, as he fell back towards the very bottom. But they were soon drained out by the vicious screams of Spider-Man, as he fell with Holiday and grabbed him roughly, throwing his body towards Marla. As soon as his body hit hers, she splashed away, leaving Nicky to fall into a puddle of her watery remains.

    Meanwhile, Spider-Man was caught by surprise from a hard blow that knocked him off the tracks. As his black-shrouded body soared through the air, he snatched a pole and briefly swung around it, holding onto it as he looked to see who it was that attacked him from behind. When he realized it was Flint Marko, who had one hand formed into a large, rock-solid fist, his anger began to increase.

    “You’re next on my hit list, Marko!!” Spider-Man declared.

    “I don’t think so, web-head!” A feminine voice exclaimed from down below, and Spider-Man looked down to see Carla, using her electrical abilities to singe the pole that Spidey was on to ash. Before the electrical charge could’ve reached him and the section of the pole he was holding onto, Spider-Man leaped from it and started falling towards Carla, attempting to pounce on her. But she countered his attack with one electrical punch to his torso, which sent him flying through the air and landing on the highest set of tracks.

    Both Marko and Carla expanded their bodies to great lengths, in order to reach the set of tracks that Spider-Man was on. Once they were near him, Spidey didn’t hold back. He unleashed a powerful punch that connected to Carla’s face, sending out a massive amount of electrical sparks from the side of her head on impact. With Carla knocked down, Spidey then focused on Marko, who tried pulverizing the web-slinger with the rock hard, hammer-shaped fists that he morphed his hands into.

    After a few swings from Marko and a few dodges executed by Spider-Man, Spidey then fired a web into the air and swung out of harm’s way. For a moment, he disappeared from Marko’s sights, but within a split second, he appeared again, swinging in towards Marko and knocking him into a passing train. Clouds of dust came out from Marko’s body, just as he smacked against the side of the moving train. He fell to the ground for a moment and was then picked up again by Spider-Man, who rammed his head against the moving train, causing several grains of sand to fly in all directions from it. Marko screamed in a mixture of anger and pain as that happened.

    Another "sneak peek" will be coming soon. Stay tuned.:)
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Loved it as usual...

    It should be "the wall gave way" instead of "given way" in the battle scene with Darla and Marla.
    It should be "when he was an inch away from her" when Animal jumps up to meet Marla, there's a bit of gender confusion with the pronouns as to which character you're refering.

    So... Nicky Holiday has taken the place of Mac Gargon, Marla is playing the role of Maury Bench, Carla has succeeded the Red Skull's birth son (forgot his ral name)... But who is Darla supposed to be? She's the only one I don't recognize.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Keep posting!
  13. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Maxwell Dillon was Electro's real name.

    And Darla is a female version of Shocker (a.k.a. Herman Schultz).:)
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Um... We might be getting our characters confused. While you may be correct in that Maxwell Dylan was Elektro's true identity, the one I know of is the one from the 1992 animated series, where the Red Skull's birth son became Elektro.

    And on a related note... Were Elektro's powers/attacks based on electricity? If not, then is it Carla who's a female version of The Shocker? Asking because it was she who had an electric based shortout in that sneak peak you posted. Darla had air blasting gauntlets, so I'm not sure what Spidey villain she's supposed to be.
    Hope we can get this settled soon. Take care.
  15. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Yes, Electro's powers are based on electricity. Shocker's is based on high frequency shock waves (which, if I'm correct, can wipe out the symbiote in a quick moment).

    Darla is supposed to be Shocker, because she has the same type of gauntlets that he uses in the comics. Carla is Electro, because she is genetically altered to become a living bolt of electricity.
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for clearing that up. Now for some news I just finished reading.
    Sam Raimi has confirmed there will indeed be a Spider-Man 4, all he needs to get things started is a script. Alvin Sergeant, who scripted Spidey 2 and 3, is reportedly off the team opting himself to pass on scripting the next one as both he and Raimi said they'd need someone new. Also, it seems that a character who dies in Spider-Man 3 merely pulls off the ilusion, or is as the term first coined in The Princess Bride, nearly dies. There's a difference between the two as Miracle Max pointed out.
    After watching Spider-Man 3, you can go to www.filmforce.com and either vote for or submit your thoughts on which character that dies will be the one returning to NYC in the next movie.

    Hope this helps, I know you've probably read this already at SHH. Have a great day.
  17. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Well, it's good to hear that they're now considering a fourth film, because that means more appearances from more Spidey villains or anti-heroes. It's too bad that Alvin Sergeant won't be coming back, because he really did a great job with the second film (which can only mean the third is just as great).

    And I think I have a good idea which character it'll be who "nearly dies" in the third film. I'll be sure to go on there and vote after I see the film this Saturday.

    Might want to fix the link you provided there, because when I clicked on it, it gave me the "Page Cannot Be Displayed" message. You just forgot to put the "L" in between the "I" and "M" in "filmforce".:)
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks. Fixed it, my JAWS sometimes doesn't keep up with the speed at which I write and I have to spend extra time checking my own posts for mistakes like that. You know, I'm going to have to change my sig once the current MC BB/LS challenge is over and a new monicker for my SS namesake is decided upon. And it'll be a sig you'll recognize fright off the bat, as it'll reflect on my new-found enhancements.

    BTW: Got an idea of what Alissa Lori Thomas looks like... But could you please provide a descript for everybody else who might not be able to see the images you posted for some reason or other? And what movie actress, animated character, or diva would you say she resembles best from your vast field of franchises?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
  19. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Kermit: Hi-ho, friends. Kermit the Frog back again for another interesting interview. And this one should be really interesting for you fans of The Great Muppet Caper, because with me now is the villain of that "Muppet Movie" and the soon-to-be villain of the next Spidey/Muppets crossover, Nicky Holiday. *starts to get a little nervous* And, uh, to keep any horrible altercations from happening, we set up this nice, protective sheet of bulletproof glass to keep us separated.

    Nicky:*furiously* Don't think this glass can hold me for very long, Frog! I will get back at you for putting me in prison!!

    Kermit: Oh, come on. Give it a rest, Nicky. I was just doing my job as hero, like you were just doing your job as the villain.

    Nicky:*calmly* Yeah, I guess you're right. *sort of angrily* But I am going to get you back in this upcoming story!

    Kermit: Fine. Fine. Let's just move on with the interview, shall we?

    Nicky: Sure. Whatever.

    Gonzo:*steps in on cue* Someone call for me?!

    Kermit: No, Gonzo. It was just a running gag that's getting old. No trouble here...*looks at Nicky*...at least not yet.

    Gonzo: At least I'm getting some "Internet Time". *walks off*

    Kermit: Well, Nicky, you sure have come a long way from stealing valuable jewelry from your own sister. According to that "sneak peek" we all just read last night, you become one of the most dangerous foes in the Amazing Spider-Man's rogue gallery.

    Nicky: Yes, I become a super villain in this next tale. One better known as "The Scorpion".

    Kermit: And Marla, Darla, and Carla seem to be super-powered as well, becoming more feminine versions of Hydro-Man, Shocker, and Electro. Does that in any way make you feel uneasy knowing that your henchwomen are just as powered as you?

    Nicky: What? You think they're going to turn on me, when I least suspect it? Oh, come on. My girls are loyal to me. Always have and always will be. Besides, if there's anyone who's more powerful than them, it's me. I have the large tail with the huge, sharp hook, remember?

    Kermit: Yeah, but the suit you wear for your powers and abilities only come from mental commands through the helmet on your head. Whereas, two of the girls have been genetically altered to become living water and electricity.

    Nicky: Uh....what?

    Kermit: Never mind. So, it's obvious that your main goal in this tale is to do away with us, The Muppets.

    Nicky:*angrily* Yes! You all ruined my life, after the attempted robbery at the Mallory Gallery! I had to spend years in prison, seeing the lives and careers of you foamed freaks come alive on television, with your Muppet shows and movies! Well, it's payback time!

    Kermit:*gulps* Well...uh...you're not the only one in this story looking for revenge. Peter Parker's looking for vegeance over his uncle's death by the hands of your partner in crime, Flint Marko (a.k.a. Sandman).

    Nicky: Hey, I wasn't even in the first story when that happened! I was too busy sharing a prison cell with a Colonel Sanders reject and his lame assistant!

    Kermit:*shivers* Don't remind me of those two.

    Nicky: I just don't see why Spidey has to come at me for that.

    Kermit: Well, even though you weren't actually in the first story, Nicky, the timeline of all three proves that you and your henchwomen were there when Uncle Ben was killed. The only question that remains is which one of you had pulled the trigger?

    Nicky: Look at the trailers for the movie! Look at the clips! It was Marko; not me! Would I ever pull a gun on someone?

    Kermit: You pulled one on me at the climax of The Great Muppet Caper!!!

    Nicky: Yeah, but I didn't pull the trigger.


    Nicky: And your point is?

    Kermit: You've changed drastically since "The Caper", Nicky. You've become nothing more than a murderous maniac bent on revenge.

    Nicky: Yeah. Cool, eh?

    Kermit:*shakes head and sighs* I'm trying to figure out what your goal was in killing Uncle Ben. We hardly even knew Peter at that point in the series.

    Nicky: Don't worry. You and everyone else will find out the reason, once you read the story.

    Kermit: Well, I hope so. Because your character's getting more and more complicated each second we wait for this story to come. You even team up with Rachel Bitterman in this story, don't you?

    Nicky: Rachel is one marvelous woman. She provides me with the suit that gives me the scorpion-like powers and abilities that I use to hunt down you Muppets in the story.

    Kermit: And I've also heard that Professor Krassman, the mad scientist who tried to turn my brain into guacamole in The Muppet Movie, is working for Rachel in this story also.

    Nicky: Well, first of all, I'm not working for anyone but myself. And, second, Krassman is a weirdo!

    Gonzo:*steps in again* Now I know someone called me this time!

    Kermit: Sorry, Gonzo. It's that old running gag again.

    Gonzo:*frustrated* If I hear the word "alien", you guys are in trouble. *walks off again*

    Kermit: Anyways, Krassman is pretty much the reason a lot of characters change radically through the course of the story, from yourself to the character based on the series' writer, Sean Thomas.

    Nicky: We all change in this story for one reason and one reason only: to annihilate those that stand in the way of our main goals.

    Kermit: Tough words coming from a guy sitting behind a sheet of glass.

    Nicky: OH, YEAH?!?!?!

    (Nicky charges at Kermit, only to smack his head against the glass really hard and knocked himself out cold.)

    Kermit:*laughs* He might be the next Scorpion, folks, but he'll always be the same stupid crook who we defeated once in The Great Muppet Caper. But can we defeated him again, especially since he's now more super-powered and chaotic? It'd take a remarkably Marvelous Muppet to handle such a villain. And you'll have to see which Muppet that'll be this Saturday, as "The Spectacular" (the third Spidey/Muppets crossover) comes to Muppet Central. Stay tuned, 'cause there's more to come.:)
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yaey! We need more of this... Great storytelling and great Muppet fictional adventures. Please, may we have some more? Soon?

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