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True or False

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bill Bubble Guy, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Make a statement? What is this, a courtroom?

    False, there was only Doc and Dopey, so that's two.

    True of false. Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance actually were best friends in real life.
  2. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    I mean make a true or false statement Snowthy. :)

    Congratulations on your answer. You are a Disney expert.:D

    Somebody else please feel free to answer Snowth's statement. I'd only be having another guess anyway.;)
  3. wwfpooh New Member

    Same, as I wouldn't know the answer to that one.
  4. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Snowth got it right first Pooh. But thank you for spelling the answer out like that.
    I had considered doing that myself, but didn't. I must have sub-consciously felt somebody else would. :D ;)
  5. wwfpooh New Member

    And you were on the money, there!
  6. Colbynfriends Active Member

  7. D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Correct, they weren't exactly friends, but they weren't exactly rivals either; their television alter-egos may have always been the best-of-friends, but off camera, their real-life personalities didn't really click too well. Apparently, Vivian even once said "I'm going to have to learn to love that b!+c#"

    And for the record, Vivian Vance and William Frawley actually hated each other in real life as well, Frawley apparently has said that Vivian's voice annoyed him more than anything else in the world.
  8. Colbynfriends Active Member

    Wow, I didn't know that.

    True or False: The videogame Resident Evil 4 has no zombies in it.
  9. Ilikemuppets New Member

  10. wwfpooh New Member

    That's very interesting.
  11. ryhoyarbie Active Member

    I heard Lucille Ball got worse when Desi was messing around with other women during the last few years of "I Love Lucy" which drove Lucy off her rocker.
  12. D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Desi Arnez WAS a bit of a womanizer, that's no lie; in fact, it's been said that their marriage was already on the rocks before I Love Lucy, and that they both agreed to do the show in hopes that it would save their crumbling marriage, but again, eventually, he was still a bit of a womanizer.
  13. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Very interesting. But I'd just like to bring Colby's statement back to our attention.
    Ilikemuppets says False. Is he right Colby?
  14. Colbynfriends Active Member

    He was incorrect. RE4 dose not have any zombies, but infected villagers called Ganados (among other weird and scary things)
  15. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Can I join this game of yours? :D
  16. Ilikemuppets New Member

    Sure! but I think it's still Colbynfriends turn in less he would like to give somebody else one.
  17. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    That's just what I was going to say. Of course you can play Sargey. :D

    The rules are that Colby gets a second turn because William guessed the answer wrong. If he says he would like to forego for somebody else, or if he doesn't reply in any case within 4 days, anybody else may feel free to make the next statement. We'd be happy to have you join us Sargey. :)
  18. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

  19. Colbynfriends Active Member

    Someone else can have a turn. happy true-or-false-ing everyone.:D
  20. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    All rightey.
    Mort Walker's famous comic strip character Beetle Bailey has always been a soldier.

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