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Wanted: Unedited Muppet Family Christmas

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by petrieboy, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. The Count Moderator

    Hi and welcome to the forums. Actually, A Muppet Family Christmas (or MFC for short) was released commercially both on VHS and DVD. The thing is that both releases were heavily edited, so if you purchased either one it would lead to a disappointing viewing. However, there are people here who have full unedited copies and are reputable names among the community when it comes to tape trading. Would recommend you contact fellow forum member KermiClown to see if he can help. Enjoy and have a good time exploring the rest of the forums. :batty: :search:
  2. vaati64 Member

    I also have the special BetsyB. I'ts the full unedited one, and is reallt good quality too! If you would like me to send it to you, I need your email address.
  3. erinbev New Member

    That sounds great! Forgive me for butting in, but I might message you, too! ;)
  4. Redsonga Active Member

    Oo, oo! :excited: *hops up and down like a fraggle on a hot tin roof* Me to! Me to! Please? Pretty please with bubblegum ice cream?
  5. vaati64 Member

    lol sure! no problem. I think I already have your emial Redsonga. It might take me a while to get it to you guys though, because I am trying to finad an uploader service that will let me upload 700mb, (any suggestions?) and my family and I are doing stuff all day tomorrow. As soon as I get that problem solved, I'll get this to you guys! (I also have the unedited version of the christmas toy if anyone wants that as well):)
  6. The Count Moderator

    Instead of uploading it, you could always burn it onto a DVD. Hope that helps. Maybe you can contact KermiClown and he can give you some tips on how to do that vaati. :)
  7. vaati64 Member

    ok, thanks Count! I think I shall do that:)
  8. erinbev New Member

    Wow, thank you! You are so nice/awesome! :)
  9. vaati64 Member

    ok, so heres what I can do. I cannot find an uploadng website that will let me upload 700 mb of space. If you want, I can put it onto a dvd for you, and maybe charge a small fee, but at that point, you may just wanto to contack kermiclown. its up to you.
  10. vaati64 Member

    ok, so I finally got it figured out! I am now ready to send you guys copies of muppet family christmas! Redsonga, Erinbev, and Betsy B, let me know if you guys still want it, and if you do, give me your email addresses, and I'll send it to ya right away:)
  11. Colbynfriends Active Member

    Can I have it too, I'll PM my Email adress to you?
  12. vaati64 Member

    PM replied to:)
  13. vaati64 Member

    sorry guys! I can't send you the program. It turns out that th guy that told me about the website turned out to be a spammer, so my dad advised me to not use the website anymore, and as it is, I may have a storm of spam comming my way! I'm really sorry about this guys! If you still want this, I would suggest contacting Kermiclown
  14. Jeffers New Member

    I am actually in the same boat as Betsy, trying to find a good, unedited copy of the original 1987 broadcast of this great Christmas special. Unfortunately, mine from my childhood has been lost. If anybody has a copy they'd be willing to share, please let me know!
  15. The Count Moderator

    Hi and welcome to Muppet Central Jeffers. Would recommend you contact either KermiClown or vaati64 as they can help you get a copy of the special. Hope this helps and have a good time exploring the rest of the forums.
  16. vaati64 Member

    hey jeffers! Because I am having trouble finding a website that will let me upload 700 mb of video, I can put it onto a dvd for you (although at that point, I would contact kermiclown), or, if you download torrents, I can tell you where you can download it
  17. eoleson New Member

    I don't dl torrents, but perhaps some file sharing sites would have it? do you know of any?
  18. vaati64 Member

    unfortunately, I don't. I was directed to a website, but now I believe it to be a spam website, because it turns out that the person who told me about it was a spammer here at mc
  19. vaati64 Member

    I have got it taken care of now. Let me know if you still need it, and I'll send it to you. I'll just need your email address:)
  20. vaati64 Member

    heres a link to download a muppet family christmas fully uncut in 5 parts! Enjoy! Let me kow if the link expires, and I'll re-upload the file http://www.sendspace.com/file/jfiw4p

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