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What was the last Henson thing you bought?

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Kiki, May 27, 2008.

  1. Mark Johns Member

    I got a Muppet Show puzzle from the 70s today. and a plush Kermit thats at least 20 years old.
  2. Scooterforever Active Member

    Just bought this sweet tee today. I believe it's the 3rd Labyrinth shirt I've bought from Teefury.[IMG]
  3. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Rocky Mountain Holiday with John Denver and The Muppets DVD. I literally just ordered it on Amazon. :D
  4. TheWeirdoGirl Active Member

    Do the Kermit earbuds have good sound quality? I've been looking to get a new pair of earbuds, since mine only work in one ear now.

    My mom and I went to Target a week or two ago, and came home with a Muppets From Space DVD :p and a Muppet notebook that I now use to record how much violin practicing I've done.

    Also, I was at Walmart the other day, and they had a bunch of Muppet and Sesame stuff. Mostly t-shirts and stuff like that. I got a pair of pink sweatpants that has Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie, Animal and the words "The Muppets" on it.
  5. CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh, They are GREAT! I got them last Christmas, and they are so good! Blocks out outside noise, and sound quality is awesome!
  6. PuppetMad Member

    A couple of months ago I got a Kermit space hopper from a car boot sale here in the U.K, it was only £5 but it has no markings on it so I dont know anything about it.
  7. TheWeirdoGirl Active Member

    Hmm. Then I might have to get myself a pair sometime when I have a little more money. :)
    CaseytheMuppet likes this.
  8. Mark Johns Member

    The earbuds work fine. And they are fairly cheap too. Less than $15. Finally bought my Muppet Whatnot yesterday. Looking forward to putting it together later.
    CaseytheMuppet likes this.
  9. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    I'm having a Kermit & Piggy hoodie made!! So excited!!! :D
  10. CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Nice! Post pics when you get it!
    Pinkflower7783 likes this.
  11. PuppetMad Member

    Just picked up a 1976 soft kermit toy for a £1 at a charity shop, great bargain ( no matter how many kermits you have).
    Pinkflower7783 likes this.
  12. grovelwood528 New Member

    Two weeks ago I went to my local flea market and found a Build A Bear Cookie Monster for $1. He needed some grooming and his eyes were scuffed but he is good as new. Now he needs an outfit. Funny how much they go for at Build A Bear and I got mine for like nothing.
  13. Mark Johns Member

  14. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Some Muppet stickers for a birthday card. :)
  15. Mark Johns Member

    Found a supper rare Muppet Babies drum in great condition. I've never seen it before anywhere, not even on Ebay. I have a feeling there is a rare find.
  16. CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Where'd you get it? I've heard about this, it's on Muppet Wiki somewhere. :)
  17. Mark Johns Member

    A local Antique shop. Its amazing.
  18. CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

  19. sweetums action figures
  20. Mark Johns Member

    I scored some nice items at a few antique shops today. I got a muppet Disney world popcorn bucket. A set of muppet hallmark note cards from 1979. A miss piggy ceramic candy dish. I now have over 500 pieces in my muppets collection. I really need to post some pics.

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