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Your Thoughts: Kermit and the Muppets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by Phillip, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. CousinLuke

    CousinLuke Well-Known Member

    Who is doing animal tonight? I realize that it's not Frank, but the voice is so off. It sounds like me doing animal (the only muppet Frank Oz voice I can do is grover). I must say, on my TV The comic who was in Iraq is talking. I wish the earlier late night shows would have kermit for a week. If Letterman (or Leno) gets sick maybe he could guest host, or even just even have him on as a guest. However, I do have to say that at least Kimmel is making the week a tribute to the muppets almost. I would have guessed that he woujld think the Muppets were too childish.
  2. jediX

    jediX Well-Known Member

    As I just said, even I can outvoice that guy and I'm not a Henson employee nor do I do voice acting. lol, in fact, I think I'm going to record some voices now .....
  3. jediX

    jediX Well-Known Member

    Alright, as a product of boredem and the fact that I get to sleep in tomorrow (no class till 1, yay), I recorded a few of my voices. Anyway, let me know how you think the Kimmel appearance Animal compares to mine...thanks.

    GAAAH!!! I can't directly link to the file...here's a link page.

  4. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    It's better, but not great.

    The green room bit was cute.

    What does it mean when the network your show is on misspells your name? (Jimmel Kimmel)
  5. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    At least Kermit kind of bit back tonight. when the name of one of the kid's skateboard tricks sounded a bit profane, Kermit said," So that's why you were booked on the show." LOL! Cute kid. His ears sticking out of his helmet cracked me up. Who lets their little kids do that kind of stuff though. Man!

    Animal was performed well as far as movement and personality. The voice wasn't right at all, but it was nice to see him there. I don't think Animal has a permanent performer at the moment. I could see the performer a few times and it looked like Bill Barretta. His movements were also kind of Barrettaish. :halo: :rolleyes: :)

    I don't see why Letterman hasn't had Kermit on the show. He's had Beavis and Butthead, Homer Simpson and other such icons. Kermit beats them all in my opinion. Personally I'd like to see Letterman with Miss Piggy, Pepe or Johnny. They have more of a bite to their humor that would keep him on his toes.
  6. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    I haven't watched it yet, but it must have been John Kennedy who voiced Animal. That was him who did that Animal that didn't sound right in the Mastercard commercial. And John, if you're reading this no offense. We're not trying to put any negativity towards you. It's just that Animal might not be your character. Anyway, I'll have to listen for that when I get a chance.
  7. NikZane

    NikZane Well-Known Member

    I wasn't at all impressed with tonight's Kimmel. Why are there no guests that get excited about meeting Kermit (with the exception of Darryl Hannah, who was purportedly a friend and admirer of Jim Henson)?

    They all either ignore him or make snide remarks. To paraphrase the awful 'comic', "Kermit the Frog? What, couldn't you get the Robot from Lost in Space?". What a jerk.

    Sorry for the negative comments, but I really feel for Steve and Kermit having to endure these people. I'm loving seeing Kermit, but for his sake, I can't wait for this week to be over.

    I agree with the Animal remarks too, his voice was too far removed from what I consider to be Animal's. Otherwise, it was nice seeing him there.

    That little skater kid was great tho, being a skateboard myself, I really enjoyed his segment. He gets extra points for Rodney Mullen being his favorite skater ;)

    Kermit's green room skit was cute too :)
  8. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    "He said 'RETIRED'. "

    "Oh, sorry....sure sounded like he said it though. Guess I need to switch from the cheap tapes back to the Sony ones... "

    LOL!!ahaha! what a hoot! yeah I was wondering? When and why did they say that word?! Now if you think about it, gosh how teriable would that have been if they said that?! A silly mix up though! :)
  9. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I kind of agree with what you said. I sort of expected the skateboarding kid to be excited about seeing Kermit, since quite a few kids like the Muppets. But he wasn't. (I guess a lot of kids these days are more into Pokemon or Yug-i-Oh and don't even know who Kermit the Frog is.)

    About Animal, I agree he didn't sound right. But compared to how he sounded in the Mastercard ad, that was quite an improvement. Besides, he didn't say much. He was just playing drums. I'm guessing that it probably wasn't John Kennedy who performed him, like I previously guessed since it didn't sound like his Animal. Who had the source guide that said it was Bill Barreta who performed Statler this week? I think whoever it was could tell us who performed Animal.

    Also, I didn't get the whole show on tape. I think something went wrong with my local TV station and part of the show got cut off. What did I miss after the segment with that roller-skating kid?
  10. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm a big kid (26 going on 5), and I would have been thrilled to meet Kermit! :) It didn't seem like the little boy was unenthusiastic to me--I just thought he was shy. I can understand... If I actually met Kermit, I'd probably freeze up completely and sputter incomprehensibly. I might blurt out "greeny flippy bulgy-eyed one" or something like that, but nothing coherent.

  11. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    LOL!! That's why I love them.

    Anyway, what happened last night was I got up, broke My Quisp Bobbing head in the process (the stupid propellor shattered when it hit the ground at like 2 feet, and it was PLASTIC!!! ) at one am just to see it, and for some *&^% reason, the show doesn't start at 1:06 am, but rather ends at that time. I only got to see a few minutes before it was over. And the sound was on so low, I couldn't tell who was performing Animal, I couldn't even hear him.

    I do an okay Animal, myself, it's okay, not great...
  12. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    AMAZING! When they came back from the break after Jimmy's little SNL news thingy...boom! There was Animal with his e mayhem drum kit, and Kimmel was asking him some questions. Then came out Kermit to the tune of this cool TMS theme cover, and Kermit went up to Animal and exchanged some banter. Its been a long while since I saw Muppet to Muppet interaction in an offbeat/live(or near live) Setting, so this was so cool.

    You know, I have to say this...I know some folks will sit there and go "OMG, that's not how Animal sounds, OMG that doesnt sound like S&W, hey Kermit sounds off"...it's 2003...so sit back, kick up your feet, and just be a fan like everyone else viewing it. Muppets evolve in look and style(well cept the electric mayhem minus Animal) But heck, Animal has a newer voice, dresses hip all in black, its all good.

    Yes, Kermit once again dips into the more racier topicshe had a thing talking about porn) but this is late night, and like the Land of Gorch stuff, its more risque.

    But this was so important, this whole week. The Kermit on the stret segments were brillaint. Last night's green room sketch was funny. But just seeing Animal and Kermit in this hip enviroment, wow. I truly truly see a very hip edgy new Muppet show so clearly.
  13. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Originally Posted by Crazy Harry
    He said 'RETIRED'.

    I wish Jimmy Kimmel was more like Johnny Carson.
    You mean charismatic?
    No, retired.
    I remember that part now. I couldn't figure out where people thought they said "retarded". I got that joke immediately. Why would they have called Johnny Carson retarded? I guess some members don't remember who Carson is. :( I feel old.
  14. SO glad Animal was on the show last night, but the tape stopped recording after the "6-Year Old Skating Sentation" did his first trick. Was there any good :), :sleep:, :boo: or :halo: stuff I missed?

    By the way, isn't that kid to young for Jimmy Kimmel?
  15. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    That's the exact same thing that happened to me. Philo, do you happen to live in the Northeastern-Central Pennsylvania area? Maybe, it wasn't the tape. Maybe, something just went wrong with the TV station at the time. I'm just guessing though.

    Yeah, that's the part I missed. I saw Kermit talking to Animal at the beginning of the show, but I didn't see their interaction later on. Hopefully, who ever runs the "toughpigs" website will provide a transcript of that.

    Good point. A six-year-old on a TV14 rated show. That might not set a very good example.
  16. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member


    After watching the part with Jimmy introducing Animal (Thanks to Ryan) I am inclined to say that Bill Baretta was performing him.

    When he is shouting "KIM-MEL KIM-MEL!" I can hear Howard Tubmans voice coming through.

    So there ya have it, Now lets just wait for the source to come through with the correct answer.

    see ya
  17. Stryder Wolfe

    Stryder Wolfe Well-Known Member

    watched tuesday's ep last night and thought that the parts with kermit were great, especially "on the street", but the rest of the show was poor poor poor....
  18. And on late night at that!
  19. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I so want Pepe to set Jimmy straight. Or Johnny to call up some friends. :)
  20. pezbalubah

    pezbalubah Well-Known Member

    it's Late night TV not church. Go to sleep if you don't like it. These appearances are helping the franchise get back into the adult public eye to remind them that the Muppets are meant for adults too and not just the characters they grew up with on Sesame Street. Kimmel or at least his producers realize that Muppets can entertain adults thus booking them, Letterman most likely would not have them on because he doesn't realize there's an audience for them other than families.

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