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Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 34

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Phillip, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sadly, I report that Season 34 episodes haven't started showing down here in Puerto Rico, they're still stuck on S33. Phil, or anyone else for that matter, do you know when S34 episodes will start up here in Puerto Rico? And if so, please tell me when those episodes are scheduled to start airing. Thanks for the help and have a good day.
  2. Crush Grovin'

    Wow...am I glad I grew up in the early seventies. With women like Gina and Gabby on the show I don't think I would have been able to pay much attention to the number of the day.


    Jus' teasin...Actually, this is a reference to the second episode of the season. Very cute. La-La La La, La-La La La - Elmo and Gina's World! LOL.
  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Today's episode was a slight dissappointment, but still good...

    The Elmo loves Gina thing (from what I saw) was a cute episode, just not as entertaining as yesterday.

    They showed the lame Frere Jaque bird animation again.

    JTE was pretty good, and I loved the classic Bert and Ernie Skit (this one revolved around Bert!!!) "Have you ever looked at a Paper Clip"

    The Number of the day was 2... so we actually got to see the classic 2 step cartoon with the farmer and his fiddle.... WOW!!!

    Instead of Global Grover, we were instead forced to see another rerun of the Hero guy segment were he makes a snowman.... I've seen it too many times to care.

    HOWEVER... The Elmo's world was quite good. Sadly, this must have been one of the last ones Michael Jeter filmed....

    I loved the Multiple Looney Tunes refferences (The shoe saying they should have made a left at Albequerque, and Elmo Mouse saying "I tought I heard a Puddy tat... Elmo DID!! Elmo DId hear a puddy Tat" The Elmo cat did look a lot like Sylvester anyway...
  4. Ryan

    Ryan New Member

    Grr...They are using old story lines. The Elom-Loves Gina bit was done in an early 1990's season. Oh, well...at least it's a new show..:smirk:
  5. One must always keep in mind with Sesame Street, that while "they did that in the 70s-80s-90s", my one to four year old hasn't seen it.

  6. FellowWLover

    FellowWLover Member

    Ok, ok, OK...

    Here are my thoughts, totally random, and here for your amusement...

    --- Last season, they showed a small street scene clip, with the long story following Monster Time, but for the first episode at least, they went right into the story, and put the short clip (in this case the moon song with Bob) in the middle. I think I like that, but it does leave me less time to dawdle at the beginning of the show.

    --- The first street scene was AWESOME (even if it did include a newly dyed Gina). Loved the characters in the background and all around. Emileigh pointed out the monsters from Monster Clubhouse. Also noticed a Prairie Dawn-esque girly Muppet who was looking cute on the wall.

    --- Wayne Brady was wonderful, and to those of you who thought that Snuffy and the Two-Headed Monster are "back", they were both in last season, Snuffy especially, although it was nice to see them as always.

    --- Telly and Alan... WONDERFUL, love them both with my whole heart. Shut-up Quinn.

    --- Global Grover really riveted Emileigh and I think it will be a terrific addition to the show.

    --- JTE is new in that it is no longer a visual search, but is now auditory. Meaning, the box is gone, and now we are hunting for a sound. Seems like a smart progression, and Emileigh noticed the differences in the segment immediately.

    --- Elmo's World is not any longer than usual, so just... get used to it.
  7. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Today's show used an awful lot of old clips, like the 2 you mentioned, and the "In My Book Song." I also liked the part of Elmo's World about the "rabbit ears". That was really funny! And also, if you were watching the end, during the closing playoff, they actually used the ORIGINAL END THEME MUSIC! For the first time in 10 years! Also, I also noticed that they are now showing the credit crawl at the end of EACH SHOW. Because since the show started, they only showed it on Friday episodes. But I've also noticed the credits are a lot shorter than they used to be. But I always thought it was kind of unusual to only show the credits once a week. Every other show has them at the end of each show.

    And about the "Elmo Loves Gina" bit, she actually dealt with it better than she did in 1993. She was explaining how they love each other, and the different kinds of love. It seems that they have re-done a lot of old shows in the past few years. Last year they did the final show where Oscar's road trip was delayed. It reminds me of a show back in 1991 where Oscar was delaying Gordon's trip to a basketball game. I also remember in Season 31, there was a scene where Telly and Rosita (I don't remember which characters) saw a box of flowers, and there was a sign that said not to pick them. Luis was there explaining it to him, and they did a similar thing in 1993. So I like the way they're doing it, and sometimes they do it even better than they did.
  8. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member


    <<JTE was pretty good, and I loved the classic Bert and Ernie Skit (this one revolved around Bert!!!) "Have you ever looked at a Paper Clip">>

    Gosh, now I wish I had watched it. I remember that song very well. I wish somebody would have posted the lyrics at the SSLA, because that was a good one.

    I also would really have liked to see all those Looney Tunes references.
  9. C'irdan

    C'irdan New Member

    nice second episode!

    It made me sad that they used the same letter of the day AGAIN! but the number of the day was nice and long because he only had to count to two! "They call me the Count, because I LOVE to play the organ!" was priceless...and that was a really cool looney tunes spoof with elmo playing bugs bunny, silvester, and a mouse that was supposed to be tweety bird! COOL!!! they should have put on another global grover though... I love that segment! Journey to Ernie is a lot more interesting than it used to be! I'm glad they got rid of the annoying little areas that got used OVER and OVER again. The two headed monster and Gladys were very big in this episode again too...

    "la la lala, la la lala, Elmo and Gina's world!" that was SO CUTE!

    but a really uncomfortable subject to cover...so it was really important that they delt with that issue...because a lot of kids make those kinds of mistakes!

    Mr noodle was especially awesome today...but I feel sorry for him because they're so mean to the guy!!!

    so how often has Barkley been on lately? I have fond memories of Big Bird in China and I miss the huge fluffy calico dog.
  10. SillyRed

    SillyRed Member

    U miss Barkley??
  11. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Re: Reply

    Well, the "left turn at Albequerque" would be hard to follw, unless of course you are a Looney Tunes enthusiest, and seeing that you are, you would have picked it up and quick. The cat and Mosue thing with the "Tot I heard a Puddy Tat" thing is a little easier for the kids to get.

    I was dissappointed, becaue, they were talking about ears, and I thought they'd make a refference to Mr. Spock....
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Phil, here's some breaking Sesame Street News from Puerto Rico! Season 34 started as of today, Wednesday, April 9, 2003. So, we're two days slow or behind the rest of the US when it comes to the new season of Sesame Street. Here are some of my thoughts.

    1 The instrumental theme song played a bit too long during the Street story segment.
    2 All the karaoke songs were shortened versions.
    3 Bob singing "Don't want to live in the Moon" was also shortened.

    1 Finally got to see the Bert & Ernie sketch everyone's raving about, thought it was kind of cool.
    2 Finally got to see the letter N Cookie of the Day segment. Good stuff with both Cookie Monster and Super Grover.
    3 The way that they showed the letter N and the number 7 at the end of the episode.
    4 Wayne Brady's performance, and if you thought that was good you should check out his mat skills on Whose Line is it Anyway?

    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  13. muppetfan620

    muppetfan620 New Member

    I'm absolutely LOVING the new season!

    I think the new JTE is great! Quite an improvement over last season. You'll hear no complaints from me :)

  14. CookieFan

    CookieFan New Member

    "Me glutton, Me no liar!"


    (Random thoughts) I like the Street segment being in one piece right at the start. The format seems a bit looser. I wonder if Monster Clubhouse will be making an appearance again since it's still in the opening sequence. Like Gina's "Michelle Pfieffer" haircut, makes her look older. My 20 month old is upset w/the new JTE because she can't scream BOX! DUCK! at the top of her lungs (although Mommy is VERY happy about that!!!!)

    Strange....we get 4 PBS affiliates on or DirecTV. 2 are playing season 34, one is a day behind and one is inexplicably playing repeats from a few seasons ago (eps. 3916 & 3926 were played this week). Go figure.
  15. dcfboss

    dcfboss New Member

    cookie fan...

    i get the same thing ... it used to be where i am that they showed SS 4 times ... 7am and 9:30am were the same and the 12pm and 5pm were the same. but now with the new season, it's a little different.

    now the new ones are on at 9:30am, and the last 3 days they showed older shows (which i haven't seen cuz i've recently been following the last 2 seasons). it was one where it was Baby Bear's b-day and everyone made him stuff and telly didnt know what to get him. and today's was the one with Gina and Hannah and telly was worried that she couldnt be a vet and an aunt at the same time. i know the B Bear one was old cuz Ernie introduced the letter and number of the day. they also showed a clip that i thought was cool ... i think his name was baby fats domino and he sang the blanket blues, lol. that was cool.

    today's episode was great. gotta love cookie hood even if he looked more like allistare cookie, lol. but i got mad at snuffy being so mean, lol. big bird too, but at least he apologized, lol. and Grover in a towel was just hilarious. he is so puny and whimpy and always out of breath, lol. but u gotta love the G Man, lol.
  16. FellowWLover

    FellowWLover Member

    We must have the same cable thing going on. I get five PBS channels, though, two, NJ, two Philly, and one NY. The NY one is showing the old season eps.
  17. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    I think this season is off to a GREAT start! :)

    I loved Cookie Hood today, and it's great to see the classic characters stay in the spotlight they were given last year. Journey to :p is much more comfortable and polished this year--now if only they could get Sherlock Hemlock to help Big Bird find him one of these days...

    All in all, I'm really excited by the beginning of this year's Sesame Street!

    :p :( :grouchy:
  18. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    They didn't use as many classic clips today as they did yesterday, but I'm sure there are more to come.

    FellowWLover, where do you live, and what 5 PBS stations are all the ones you mentioned? It seems to be a popular thing here along the East Coast. Because I get 4 PBS stations. WGBH 2 and WGBX 44 out of Boston, WENH 11 out of New Hampshire, and WSBE 36 out of Providence, Rhode Island. As far as I know, they are all playing the current season. Here's the way it works:

    WGBH 2 airs it at 6 AM and 10 AM.
    WGBX 44 airs it at 9 AM, as well as WENH 11.
    WSBE 36 airs it at 7:30 AM.
    And what it looks like, the one at 10 AM is the one that currently airs on that day, nationwide. And all the others are one day behind.
  19. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Love the new season

    :cool: Man was it cool to see Cookie Monster spotlight again. I had an idea. They need Steve W. to do more erine and bert and do some new kermit skeatch with other charatcers and maybe some new songs as well. I saw a skeatch that they redid with the song "Furry Happy Monsters" but I was surprised to see it again with different monsters. Loving the New Season Can't wait to see more episodes. I've been recording every one. 2 reason. first is I go to work at 9:00. It comes on at 11.00 in my country. second reason is I want to have them to share with others. :D LOVING IT!!!!!!!! COOKIE!!!!!!
  20. FellowWLover

    FellowWLover Member

    I get "Broadcast Basic" cable, which is basically the networks, Fox, UPN, the WB, three Spanish channels, a few other errant channels, and what seems to be four PBS channels (I was including NJ12 in my first count, and that apparently is strictly local news, not PBS).

    I can get:

    WNJT (Trenton, NJ)
    WNET (NY, NY)
    WHYY (Phila. PA)
    WNYE (Brooklyn, NY)

    ... for $8.95 a month, I can't complain.

    And I live at the Jersey Shore.

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