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Your Thoughts: The Muppet Show Season 2

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Phillip, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. TheJimHensonHour New Member

    Yeah he doesn't perform Kermit either but hey no ones perfect :p
    And yeah I know this it's not hard to get Jerry Nelson to come in and do Floyd with Animal.
    Yeah but didn't Animal hang around the rats before gonzo did?
    The whole Gonzo Rizo thing really didn't happen untill muppets tonight.
  2. ploobis Well-Known Member

    Gonzo & Rizzo's friendship began in The Muppet Christmas Carol. :concern:
  3. MWoO Active Member

    I'm sure Jerry would have done it if asked, but it seems they only wanted to pay two performers. I dunno. I still like them. I hope we see Gonzo and Rizzo and bunsen and Beaker on the next one. In fact, that would have been a great pair up for this one. I do love seeing Eric's Fozzie perform though. Best replacement ever!

    Oh, and not to turn this into a Steve's Kermit bashing thread, but I think he's not too bad. Though after seeing some of Jim Henson's stuff I wish Steve would try to not make Kermit so goofey and be more a dry wit character like he should be. Kermit was great because he wasn't all goofey and nuts. He delivered lines with great dry wit, almost as if he hadn't made a joke.
  4. SgtGonzoPepper New Member

    If they were gonna use Floyd (which wouldve been awesome) they would probably use John Kennedy because hes been playing Floyd lately.Still it wouldve been awesome to hear Jerry Nelson again! hes my favorite performer!
  5. Telly Active Member

    I like Steve's Kermit. The voice has grown on me. It's calming to me.
  6. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Wait... Do you know for sure that Link would have needed to be rebuilt? I know that he hasn't appeared in puppet form in anything new since Muppets From Space (though I haven't paid much attention to info on Muppet TV). I wouldn't be surprised if Lips needs to be rebuilt as well.
  7. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    If The Muppets on Muppets featured any of Jerry Nelson's characters, then I think we would have known for sure sooner whether it was made for the DVD or not, as Jerry Nelson has retired from performing his Muppet Show characters. I guess Nelson wasn't available for those interviews back when they were produced. It would have been great if Floyd, Robin, and Statler (with Waldorf, of course) were interviewed. I don't know if there were any concerns over character popularity, but those characters would have probably been just as familiar with casual fans as Johnny Fiama, Sal, and Bobo are.

    And I guess it makes sense that this was made earlier because of Brian henson performing Sal. Brian Henson hasn't performed for the Muppets much since Disney bought the Muppets (though it seems like he was performing Muppets less in the last few years before the sale). He's been running The Jim Henson Company, and I guess focusing on Puppet Up! and the possible upcomming Tinseltown and Late Night Buffet shows (though Bill Baretta's also been involved with some of those productions). I don't know if Brian Henson has performed Sal since The Muppets Wizar dof Oz (where he only performed the voice). I hope that Brian Henson does perform his characters again soon (and not just Sal, but also Dr. Phil van Neuter and especially Nigel, Seymour, and The Newsman).
  8. MWoO Active Member

    Well, if the interviews weren't made for the DVD, what would they have been made for? Has anyone seen them before?
  9. Barry Lee Active Member

    Supposedly they were made as intersitials for the Odyssey Channel, similar to the Muppetisms, but they were never used, hence, thats why we have them on this set.
  10. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I wonder if this is a cost-cutting move. Both of the Dinosaurs sets are like this as well (and the first onew as released almost a year after The Muppet Show: Season One). I haven't seen any other season sets released by Disney, but could Disney have made this kind of change for all of it's season sets?
  11. MWoO Active Member

    Oh I see. That would explain Frank Oz performing. I was hoping it was done just for this set and he happened to want to come back and do some stuff. Oh well, I still like them and I had never seen them.
  12. Barry Lee Active Member

    Hah yeah unfortunatley he wont be coming back anytime soon. But Eric is doing really really great, especially after the Americas Got Talent appearance, his Piggy is almost spot on.
  13. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I wonder if there is any additional unbroadcast/ unreleased to the public material that us hardcore fans haven't even heard of that will be included on future sets.

    With the difference in features between the first two sets, it is fun to speculate what might be on the next set. Could there be surprises in store? Would Disney pay for the rights to something like The Tonight Show or Larry King Live episodes that were hosted by Kermit? Would we get something like Mupet Classic Theater, or maybe the Muppet Time or Mupetism insertials? Would we get something that's weirdly out of place like The Making of Mupet Treasure Island (The Disney Channel special, which wasn't included on either Muppet Treasure Island DVDs)? And I wonder if Disney will start a trend for each season set to have a Muppet music video. We could get the first-ever commercial releases of She Drives Me Crazy and Wild Thing, and possibly also Kokomo.
  14. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    One feature that might have been great for these sets, but hasn't been on either. The Rocky and Bullwinkle season sets have features where you can preview the next season. One or two chapters in a certain storyline are featured. This might have been good for these season sets. Maybe a "preview the next season" feature, featuring one or two sketches from the next season, or maybe even a complete epsiode. And for the fifth season, maybe a "preview MuppeTelevision" or "preview Muppets Tonight" feature could be included.
  15. TheJimHensonHour New Member

    ah sorry I tend to forget about the disney Movies you got me there. ;)
    I agree Eric's Fozzie is pretty darn close and I also agree about your comments about steve's kermit I know it will never be the same but it wouldn't kill him for him to study jims kermit a bit.

    Yeah he's one of mine as well! :)
    Yeah his kermits voice is ok it's grown on me as well in a sense that I'll never have the same kermit back ever but it's the way his kermit acts not talks that bothers me.
  16. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Okay, I'm sorry, but if there's one thing I absolutely cannot stand, it's Steve bashing, I don't want to start a fight or anything here, I just need to make a point. Do you realize that Steve Whitmire worked right alongside Jim Henson AND 'his' Kermit for more than ten years? I don't know about you, but I think that's a pretty decent amount of studying.
  17. SgtGonzoPepper New Member

    Steve is Awesome! He does fantastic w/ all the characters hes taken over especially Kermit. :):eek::boo: (Id put Ernie here too but thatd be 4)
  18. ploobis Well-Known Member

    Yeah Steve does a great job with Kermit!
  19. TheJimHensonHour New Member

    I'm not bashing him his kermit just isn't like jims is watch them both and you can see Steve is adding his own personality into it.
    I have no problem with steve witmire but I know plenty of other people who can do a much better job.
    He does plenty of other wonderfull character he just doesnt do kermits personality correctly in my book and wish he would have stuck to his own characters and btw I'm not stupid I'm a huge muppet fan and I know he was pretty much Jim Hensons understudy and just like with some brodway shows you get an understudy when the normal person is sick or what not you either enjoy them or you don't some times you can enjoy them more.
    I happen to think Steve is finally getting the voice pretty good it still sounds like kermit is going through puberty at times but other than that its pretty darn good.
    But like I said I'm not bashing the guy he does his own kermit not jims and I'd much rather see that no need to get all hostile.
    He does a much better job with ernie than he does kermit in my opinion.and I'm sorry you all can think I'm bashing him or being mean but I never hide what I feel and am always honest it's something I learned from jim and the muppets even if other don't agree with me at least it's my own thought.
  20. spcglider Member

    Actually, what really struck me as I watched the Valentine Special was how much KERMIT changed over the years. If I didn't know it was Jim Henson doing Kermit in the Valentine show, I MIGHT think it was someone doing an impersonation. Kermit went from being a lilt-y voiced guy to a very matter-o-fact guy in the Muppet Show. He used to drag out his vowels quite a bit. And the difference is kinda shocking.

    So, it's not like the characters have been a million percent consistent over their lifetimes. Their voices and characters changed and grew as they went. Why not accept that Steve's Kermit is just the next growth?


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