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Youtuber taking others puppet work and claiming as own

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by Frogpuppeteer, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    i feel like something might be wrong with him...like he isnt all there, it would make some sense
    but he seems well and good what he is doing
    ive seen his family and friends post on his stuff as if they approve so makes me think he is just lying people about his stuff..youd think they would tell him otherwise
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  2. Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

  3. Alvin Active Member

    OMG...this guy is nuts. And he keeps using my name....I told him to take my name off of anything to do with this stupid so called show. I have warned everyone on facebook...tried to message Heather Henson...and I cannot believe he actually thinks he is gonna go on ABC TV with what he has...I have even tried to contact his supposed first guest...and warned her he is using her name. I mean just to read his WIKI page...he can't type..he is very unprofessional...OMG...this is so weird.
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  4. Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

  5. Alvin Active Member

    Uh hello....this guy is crazy.
  6. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    It's the Shmuppet Show! ugh!
  7. Alvin Active Member

  8. Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    i mean i feel sorta bad...i dont like being the guy to ruin peoples dreams but then again he stole from almost all of us,...and tried conning the rest....its like no one tells him what he is doing is wrong its fine to have a dream to have a tv show but not like this
    frogboy4 likes this.
  9. Alvin Active Member

    Yeah...conning yes...lying yes...I just don't understand how he don't get it. I wouldn't want to take someones dreams..but geez...this ain't the way
    frogboy4 likes this.
  10. kessto Member

    this guy is disturbing!
    frogboy4 likes this.
  11. Alvin Active Member

    You should try dealing with him...he is very unprofessional and weird at communicating. Can't type to save his life..and its just overall freaky and yeah...disturbing
  12. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I think he may be impaired in some way. Of course that doesn't give him license to steal properties and services from people.
    Frogpuppeteer likes this.
  13. Alvin Active Member

    Nope...shame he won't listen to anybody...although he has taken everyones stolen stuff down...or at least mine.
  14. Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    even if impaired...his family doesnt say "hey joe..lets get you your own puppets"

    either way just got a fb email from him saying he is making his own show..no other details
  15. Alvin Active Member

    LOL OMG...anyone know ABC's phone #...lol...I have even messaged that Arial Grande or whatever her name is...and told her he is using her name and asked if she knew him...but no response.
  16. Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    he just posted this on freddy's wall too

    "hi Freddy do u want 2 be in our christmas movie ?"
  17. Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    He kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and would play on things I knew and no one really took it seriously. Maybe that's what's happening with this guy? Nobody's really holding him accountable because they don't take it as seriously as we do?
  18. Animal31 Active Member

  19. DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    Ummmm... Does he expect this to be taken seriously. Its like he filled in a muppet mad lib. I find it interesting that it says Muppet Performers in there too. Wow. Weird stuff. I'd almost be laughing if it wasn't for the fact it sounds like he stole so much from some of you (I thankfully haven't filmed anything worth stealing in over a year :) )
  20. Animal31 Active Member

    Guys, I want to pitch a show for January 2012................................."Mr. Smith's Community". A guy goes home on his lunch break to hang out in his favorite sweater, there he talks to the camera (children watching) and they can visit the World of Imagination.............................

    Anyone want to volunteer logos, puppets or cash to the project???
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