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Canadian Collectors Support

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by bc-fraggle, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. Sideroad

    Sideroad Active Member

    All I can say is keep checking and calling. The week the EBs here in Ontario got them in, all I could find on the shelves of five different stores was one Fozzie, one Harry and one blue Floyd. Yesterday I did some calling around and found that the stores had indeed got more on the shelves. Not a lot but some. I managed to snag a EM playset, red and blue floyd and I saw at least a couple of everything else. One store I went to had nothing, but out of four others all of them had at least four or five figures, even if some were multiples. I think I may have got the last EM playset in Ontario though, well at least at EBs. So don't give up hope yet, they may get more in yet and we still haven't seen CH Gonzo, so I'm thinking they just might get in a buch of various figures in when they get him. Next Time I am definately placeing a pre-order for everything. Does anyone know when we can pre-order series three?
  2. GPrime1

    GPrime1 Well-Known Member

    I dunno bcfraggle, the EB in Burnaby got their pre-ordered stuff in. I only pre-ordered the playset tho' since I kinda anticipated they'd be getting some of the figures in as well. I managed to snag a Floyd from the guy, but the rest were on hold. I did see a Fozzie and Blue Floyd on the shelves at the EB in Coquitlam Centre, but again, the store got only one case so it's most likely that someone had put a hold on the other figures. oh well, I'm going down to California for the next week and a half, hopefully I'll be able to find some down there. Too bad tho', the Eb's around here have been selling the figs for $9.99 Canadian, so I'll be basically paying for twice the amount for the figures down south than I would here. Arrggg...
  3. MahnaMahna

    MahnaMahna Well-Known Member

    EB USA is selling their figs for $7.99 and the playset for $19.99. I had to order them from EB.com!

  4. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    Yeah!!! Some of my muppets finally arrived today at my EB. It was weird though cause I ordered them in September and all that was there for me was Fozzie, Floyd, and Harry. No Gonzo or animal. The guy had the case by the till and in the box I saw a Gonzo and a blue shirt Floyd. I wonder why the computer says that my Gonzo hasn't arrived when they had some already. Perhaps they were other orders, I don't know... So now I wait longer for the playset and Gonzo. I am once again happy!
    But still confused as to how EB does things!
    Oh... funny thing the cashier guy was at least in his 30's and didn't know who Fozzie was! I had to help him pick him out of the case! Heck he grew up in the 80's! Everyone knows who Fozzie bear is, fan or not.
  5. Stryder Wolfe

    Stryder Wolfe Well-Known Member

    EB is a strange beast...their preices are the best, but it's a lot of hassle.I STILL am missing my red floyd....but they assure me that they will be getting more figures in still....they just got a few preliminary figures thus far, and apparently alot of damaged goods too (not from palisades, but from the EB warehouse to the store, there was a lot of damage, apparently).

    hmm..I've also seen series 2 on racks at two different EB's, so them "only ordering preorders" is nto neccessarily the case. Each EB makes their own decision about that, there's no unifying policy...
  6. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    I wil check in at my EB later on in the week - Friday
    and I will see what they have on the shelves. I am really looking forward to the last two of series 2 that I am missing... Gonzo and Animal. I may see about pre-ordering series 3 as I am so hyped about Rowlf and the Kitchen. The folk at my EB are great people I just wish info on their computers was more up to date. Was the Blue Floyd the chase figure for series 2. Can't recall....

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you get a Muppet collectible under your tree!
  7. VancouverMuppet

    VancouverMuppet New Member

    looking for animal!

    I wasn't specifically on the lookout for series two yet, as I wanted to wait until after christmas but last thursday I snatched up Floyd in blue, crazy harry, and gonzo at the EB in Guilford mall.

    I purchased the first series at TRU in metrotown for 14.99 so I was actually happy to find them for 9.99$ at EB. Still looking for animal though. If you haven't found floyd yet, he's available at the lougheed EB!

    talk to everyone later
  8. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    Hey VancouverMuppet! I'll probably head over to Guildford Mall on Friday myself... a little impatient about not getting my Gonzo, and wondering if the Langley EB sold it by mistake to someone else as the clerk just randomly grabbed my prepaid figures out of the case - no names were marked on them. Weird! In case anyone wants to know... all of series 1 was available at the Langley TRU except for the lab... still might have some left. No animal sightings down here in my area of the Lower Mainland. Where is Mega Beaker? Is he available yet?
  9. Lunatic Daring

    Lunatic Daring Active Member

    Hi all!

    A few questions/comments etc...

    1. I have finally got my grimey little hands on all the fig's that are available here in Toronto, including the playset, and I have a US friend working on the blue shirt Fozzie and the Gonzo exc. from EBX. Here's my question: To get the red shirt Fozzie, can you only order it from Toyfare online, or does the figure exist in any actual stores anywhere? And is anyone else carrying the red shirt Foz?

    2. And this may be verrrry bad news, so be sure you are seated. My aunt is a very avid figure collector and is a major EB Games gal. Yesterday she was asking about whether they were getting in more series 2 characters and I think they were, but she said the guy who worked there told her that EB games was, going forward, NO LONGER GOING TO CARRY ANY TOYS AT ALL!!! I don't know if that's just a Canadian decision, nor if it is 100% true, but the guy seemed pretty convinced. So...should this grievance be true, and ToysRUs is no longer going to carry the fig's, we will be exposed to the overpriced SilverSnail or other comic store mark up's for the fig's and have no other alternative for the upcoming series. EBGames is only charging 9.99 for series two which is even cheaper than the last series, and although they are often banged up and hard to track down, you can't beat the price! Anyway, I guess we'll see if this comes to pass...but if it does, it won't be pretty!!!
  10. Sideroad

    Sideroad Active Member

    I hope thats not true.
  11. Stryder Wolfe

    Stryder Wolfe Well-Known Member

    I am guessing it is...I've heard lots of rumours about it, and noticed every EB in my area having a 2 for 1 clearance sale on most toys, with only the ones from this month being regular price (well, somewhat regualr..they lowered prices on them as well). Also new toys have gone from pages i nthe computer to one or two lines when I ask them to check...I doubt EB gonzo will ever see the light of day in canada, even (although it may...)
  12. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    Sad and discouraged

    This is very sad news indeed for me to hear. Just when I was getting all hyped about finally collecting a line of figures from the start, now I am dealt this big blow. This explains the lack of insight from EB, as to where my last two figures are that I preordered... seems a few others are having the same problem.

    Why is TRU not carrying them... is this confirmed.

    If all of this is true them I may have to start to rethink my collecting habits... which means less muppets ( sorry Palisades) if I have to turn to buying online... the prices aren't bad, it's the shipping cost!
    $30 is what I paid for one figure... ouch! To think I am so close to getting a Rowlf figure!
  13. Lew Zealand

    Lew Zealand Active Member

    I know what you mean, BC-fraggle, if I have to order them online, I may just have to stop collecting them. I hate unfinished collections, so I'll probably have to sell the ones I have too, this will also lesson the blow when I hear of new stuff coming out. My webpage may die as well. This sucks. EB blows.
  14. GPrime1

    GPrime1 Well-Known Member

    My suggestion then would be to get in touch with your local comic shop, they usually carry a variety of toys, and I know that if they deal through Diamond, which most retailers do, they can order the Muppet figures for you. Perhaps you can make some kind of arrangement with them. I know that Series 4 of the Muppet line is being solicited in the latest issue of Previews, which a lot of retailers use, and it is still likely that you could get a line on Series 3. Don't give up yet!
  15. MahnaMahna

    MahnaMahna Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh people! You're giving up because Eb and TRU aren't carrying them anymore? That's silly! I read somewhere that a national US retailer will be carrying Series 3. I'm guessing WalMart. If that is the case, we could be OK up here.

  16. Sideroad

    Sideroad Active Member

    I too feel very bad about the possible loss of EB. I won't stop collecting the figures but I am worried about prices. At local comic shops I have seen the figures marked up anywhere from 50 to 100%! Thats insane. EB was the only place with reasonable prices for me. Online gets way to expensive with shipping, unless we get a good Canadian on-line reatailer, like EB or Amazon but Canadian. Wal-mart Canada is a separate entity from the US one so don't get your hopes up there.
  17. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys for your insight.
    I am not going to stop collecting the muppets all together should EB and TRU's stop carrying them. I am though going to not buy all of the figures from each series as I have been. I was planning on having one of each from each series, but know it looks like I am only getting my favourites, and so far that looks like Rowlf.

    Why is it that here in Canada we are having trouble with big name retailers carrying the Muppets? I also agree that it looks a little dim about Canadian Walmarts carrying the line. If they do, I still don't think they'll pre-order them.

    As for my local comic shop... he is carrying mostly Games Workshop stuff now - pewter minatures, LOTR, ect...
    The only place I have seen them (series 1) was at Golden Age, and with only a few comic book stores selling them, there is going to be slim pickings! + high prices!

    I still have some hope... although only a little. The New Years for us Canadian collectors is starting off on a sour note! Sorry guys!
  18. GPrime1

    GPrime1 Well-Known Member

    Hey bcfraggle, if it comes to this I may end up heading down to Bellingham when I hear the new series are being released, so you're more than welcome to hitch a ride down. I guess we'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens...
  19. Stryder Wolfe

    Stryder Wolfe Well-Known Member

    why not order them form a candian online place all at once and get reduced shipping?
    Or else talk to a comic store and get them to hold for you...it's only 15 bucks each, which is what you'd pay in the states too (10 USD). Really, it's not that candians are getting ripped off from series 3 on, but rather that we've gotten a really good deal for series 1 and 2
  20. Sideroad

    Sideroad Active Member

    I wish I could do that but I've worked it out. There is no cheaper way. My local store sell each figure for 17.99 each not 15. I've found no on-line store that works out cheaper with shipping. we are getting shafted.

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