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FanFic: Forgotten Wishes

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... Simply perfect how it all ties in. Gonzo being called a glutton for pain as he lept down the stairs to go and check up on the mad scientists down below, funny.
    And some nice dialogue between Scooter and Uncle Deadly.
    But the conversation between the Muppeteers was rully great... So, those of us who live on Sesame Street and in Hensonville know that the Muppets are real. That's good enough for me, seeing as how I've got a nice little toy shop there now.

    Truly perfect how it's not until Chapter 13 that you get the scene from Grand Adventure In Life, poetic somehow. Hope for more as soon as you can post it to see how it keeps going.
  2. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    I'm straying away from the plotline that was recounted in "Grand Adventure". If you've read that story, you'll understand what I mean, in the latest chapter. Thank you.

    More later this morning. (as it's 2:20am my time.) Love you all. :)

    Also.....*sets out packets of tissues, muppet dolls, and small cushions for everyone.*
  3. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Well-Known Member

    So now we know why Doc and Marty were surprised at first to find the Muppets alive when they were supposed to be only puppets.
    This is a nice simple, subtle fantasy explanation. Now we know the time travel machine didn't really cross into a conflicting parallel universe. Like Ed said it's all coming nicely together Sara. You should be feeling pleased with yourself.
  4. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Renee, for somone who isn't that familiar with Sesame Street, you handled those characters really well, especially Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie.:) I really like the part where your character's talking with Big Bird about your mother's death; it was a perfect reenactment of the episode where the gang had to help Big Bird (and each other) cope with the fact that Mr. Hooper had passed away. It's cool how you can take memorable "Muppet Moments" like those and pay homage to them in other stories.:D

    I found the scenario of the muppeteers still performing the "puppet alter-egos" of the Muppets pretty funny. I love how Frank lives in fear of offending a character that he helped come to life. Funny stuff!;)

    Can't wait to read more.
  5. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Gosh I hate not being able to get on the computer at night anymore! Now that I've moved I can only get on during the day. And I hate it because I miss all these great updates! You've written some really great chapters since I last popped on here and I just don't even know where to start with comments! I loved that you brought Nanny into this story to tie into the other stories. I really liked the conversations between the Muppeteers. I got chills reading the part with Jim and Richard and the massages. You've got thrills, chills, humor, sadness and everything else in between in this story and it's really great! I'm going to keep doing my best to keep up with it!
  6. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    All right, sorry to post twice in a row.

    This is a message for all loyal followers of Sara's stories from the author herself. Her electricty went out so she can't get on her computer right now and post more of the story. As soon as it comes back on she will be back with more story. Until then, sit tight everyone! :)
  7. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    I'm BACK! Now....back to our already-in-progress story....
  8. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Fourteen

    The Muppets sat in silence in the theatre, as Sara came into the theatre with a bounding leap. She looked around, and smiled a little bit. Her smile fell when she saw Scooter stand up slowly. She sensed something wasn't right, and she walked over to him, and took his hand.

    "What's wrong sweetie?" She asked softly. He wrapped his arms around her, and opened his mouth. Nothing came forth, and he leaned his head on her shoulder and cried. Kermit was no where to be seen, Sara noticed. The same with Fozzie and Piggy.

    Clifford walked over, and patted Scooter's shoulder, and he just shook his head softly. "I guess...what he's wanting to say is that....a couple of friends of ours died last night."

    "...no..." Sara mumbled backing away, with Scooter still on her shoulders. She almost fell backwards, but Scooter grabbed ahold of her before she hit the floor. "...no...no it can't be..."

    Rizzo was saddened, but he tapped Clifford on his knee and waved him to lean down. "From what I'm seeing here, Cliffy. She dosn't know that it's Richard and Jim."

    Clifford nodded, and looked at her, a very softened frown on his face. "It was Richard and Jim, just so...you know."

    Sara nodded slowly, her mouth agape. "...oh god..." She finally fell back onto her butt, and Scooter fell on top of her. She hauled him to his butt, and she just placed her face into his chest, and started to cry as well. She'd known the men for nearly three years then, they were her mentors. "...I...I just...oh...no..."

    Scooter stifled his tears after a few moments, and gave Sara a huge hug, cuddling her tightly. It was devastating news. Scooter stood up, and helped her to her feet, and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

    "...l-let's go...." She whispered.

    "Go where?" He asked her softly, looking at her tear-stained face.

    "...the park." She mumbled.

    The two of them slowly walked out from the theatre, and started down the road, walking at an easy and slow pace. They saw the statue of Kermit and the children, and they stopped for a moment.

    "..I wonder how Kermit, Piggy, and Fozzie are doing." Sara said softly, tracing the words on the plaque with her fingertips. "I didn't...see them in the theatre."

    "I'm not sure. They've been gone since last night. We woke up, and they weren't in the house at all." Scooter said, as they started up walking once more. "I'm worried for them, Sara."

    They came to the pond, and sat down heavily on a bench. Sara leaned over onto Scooter's shoulder, and he wrapped one of his arms around her waist. The whole town felt slower it seemed. A small group of men were walking down the pathway slowly, Sara noticed them but didn't really think much of it. Plus her glasses were off, so she wasn't able to see easily.

    "I just can't believe it Dad..." A young man stated to an older black man, as they walked down the pathway. "They....they never even had a chance it seemed."

    The older black man merely shrugged his shoulders a little bit, frowning. One of the other men, gave the young kid a hug. They came nearer to the bench were Scooter and Sara were sitting. The young man saw the long red hair on the woman, and ran forward.

    "Sara?!" He yelled, as he ran up towards them, his messenger bag and camera slamming against his side with each thudding step. "Sara...?"

    Sara looked up, and she smiled softly. "Oh...hi." She sat up more, and smiled at him. Scooter gave her an odd look. "Don't worry, this is an old friend of mine, from The State, Scooter. Sean, he was my assistant, the photographer I kept telling you about."

    "The bumbler?" Scooter replied with a slight smirk. Sara went red then, pursing her lips together, as she slapped him on his shoulder. "What? You've called him that all the time."

    "Sorry, Sean. My husband apperently dosn't know when to shut up." She said, smirking over at Scooter. She sighed, and shook her head. "Have you heard?"

    Sean sat down beside them, and frowned deeply. "Yeah, I have. It's....I was there, you know."

    "You were?" Sara asked, looking over at him with soft astonishment clear on her face.

    "Yeah, I took some pictures too." He handed her his digital camera, and Sara flipped through the pictures quickly. She saw a small video in the listings, but she didn't think to look at it. Then she handed the camera back to him, frowning softly.

    "It's so hard to think....they...they were so healthy and everything!" Sara replied. As Sara, Sean and Scooter were talking the other men went and sat beneath a large oak tree that was behind the bench.

    "We should tell them, Jerry." Dave remarked, watching them closely. "That boy needs to know!"

    "Richard wanted to tell them though." Frank said closing his eyes. They were coming back from the morgue, and the images were fresh in his mind. He had been crying the entire time, some of his best friends were gone now.

    Kevin, the older black man reached forward and patted Frank's shoulder. They were all mourning, but they knew that Frank was hit hardest by it. "Maybe my boy will tell him."

    "Sean? No. He's always honored what I've told him. And I've told him not to say a word about that. It was only supposed to be Richard and Richard only who told that boy that relation to him." Frank said, frowning deeply. He watched the three and wondered just what they were talking about then.

    "How's your Mom?" Sean asked, setting the camera back into his bag. "I mean, Dad was going to go and try out the Clifford puppet with her finally. He's not sure if he got the tone right."

    Sara looked down for a second. "She died a couple of days ago, Sean."

    "Oh no..." He turned around, and saw Frank and the others sitting underneath the tree; he frowned softly for a moment, before turning back to Sara and Scooter. "Have you told Frank yet?" He whispered.

    Sara's eyes went wide, she had forgotten to even call him. He was her step-uncle, and she completely forgot to call him about it. She felt absolutely horrible just then. "I...I forgot, Sean. I was so wrapped up in so much, then...it just went over my head. I'd better tell him myself." She stood up from the bench, and walked over to the men, and Frank smiled a little when he saw her.

    "Hey there. How ya doing, my irish sweetie?" Frank said, as she settled down onto the grass between Frank and Jerry. Sara frowned softly, and fiddled with her fingers for a moment, she just wasn't sure how to tell him. "Something's wrong with you. You and Brenda always do that when you're worried." He said softly, looking at her, through his thick glasses.

    "U-Uncle Frank? Um..." She stammered, taking her own glasses off again, and rubbing her eyes softly. "My mother...your step-sister, she died a few days ago. I...I completely forgot to call you, I was so wrapped up in trying to get to Sesame Street with my sisters, and then we were too late and she had died, and I felt..well we all felt so horrible, and..."

    Frank patted her shoulder, and frowned softly. "...I already know. You need to calm down, sweetie, and take a few breaths. You're gonna hyperventilate or something."

    Sara did take a few deep breaths, and she leaned against the tree, taking a deep sigh. "I'm SO sorry! Kim even said something about calling you on the way there, but we were just so....worried and everything, it never crossed our minds after that."

    "Heh...kinda ironic." Frank chuckled at something he was thinking of just then.

    "What's ironic, Uncle Frank?" Sara asked, looking over at him her wide green eyes barely sparkling with her tears then.

    "Scooter apparently realized the way you three girls are, that calling me would just be the last thing on your minds. So he called Richard, and told him about what happened to your mother. He had told us she was in the hospital, after having a heart attack." Frank said, a soft smile on his face. "So, I had a feeling..." He touched his chest, where his heart was. "...in here. Brenda was never a strong woman, even when she was little; she was always sick with something. I knew a heart attack would just do her in most likely. It would have been a miracle if she was alive now."

    Sara nodded sadly, and stayed leaned against the tree. Scooter and Sean then came over and joined her. The whole group was quiet, enjoying the peaceful setting of the park, the late fall blossoms falling off from the trees. Along with the early leaves slowly gliding from the sky like small parachuters. Sean had his camera out, taking a few pictures of the scenery, in it's pristine beauty. He saw something green being hurled across the park. He wondered what it was. Then Sean pulled out his longreach lens, and snapped it on, focusing on the other side of the park. He saw something quite interesting.


    "I can't believe it, Kermit!!" Miss Piggy yelled, as she stood over Kermit's body on the ground. "HE TOLD YOU HE DIDN'T FEEL GOOD!!"

    "The man's a vegetarian, Piggy! How was I supposed to know he'd drop dead in two hours after that phone call!??" Kermit yelled back, as he stood up. Piggy would have snatched him up by his shirt, except he had none, so she grabbed his collar instead. He winced in her powerful grip.

    "If Jim said he had the sniffles, and a sore throat, you should have gone to see what had happened to him! A man that healthy, should not BE SICK IN ANY WAY!" She bellowed at him, then she slung him even farther down the parks lawn. He actually bounced once, before he came to rest on the ground, face down. He was still for a second. The light seemed to turn on in her head, as she realized just what she was doing to him. "...Kermie? Oh no! Kermie!! Are you okay!?" She ran over and kneeled down beside him, picking him up gently.

    He coughed a few times, and spat some grass out, but otherwise he was fine. "...Piggy...if you want to hurt someone in retaliation, please...please, pick Fozzie!" He shouted, glaring at her closely. She nodded, and watched as Fozzie ran over to them.

    "Where were you?" Piggy asked, as she sat on the open grassy field, with Kermit beside her. "We've not seen you since we came here."

    "I was..." He was a little breathless, then he wiped his brow. "Wow, fur and heat do NOT mix! Woah...okay, I was over there, doing some comedy and slapstick for some nice people." He pointed back to a small group of adults and children who were waving at them, before they dispersed to wherever they had to go for the day.

    "They actually liked it?" Kermit asked, smiling as Fozzie sat down beside them.

    "Oh yeah! They really did, wocka wocka! The little kids loved the slapstick I was doing. They were laughing so hard!" He said smiling. Piggy heard some running footsteps, and saw Sara running full tilt for her.

    "Sara! Honey!!! Piggy does that all the time!!! Kermit's FINE!!!" Scooter was yelling after her, running after her, his jacket had flown off now, and he was trucking to keep up with her.

    Sara skidded to a halt on her knees in front of Piggy, and glared at her. She grabbed Piggy into a tight hug, and sighed. "You're alive!! You've both alive!!!" She said, as she grabbed Kermit in a hug as well. Scooter stopped short of them, and leaned over placing both hands on his knees.

    "What is with you, honey? You act like you're mad at her for...for doing that...then you hug her?" He asked, looking up at her, before sitting down beside them.

    "...I was just so worried about Kermit, then I realized it wasn't hurting them. Then I was so relieved to see they were okay. It really...really freaked me out when I didn't see them this morning in the theatre." She said, as she let them go.

    Kevin was running behind his son, Sean; and the rest of the muppeters were behind him. They were worried something was going to happen, then like Scooter they stopped short seeing her hug Miss Piggy. Sean smiled, and sat beside his Dad; and the others sat around them.

    "I'm going to miss them." Kermit finally said, after a few minutes of silence.

    Everyone else agreed quietly, and they laid back on the lawn, watching the clouds pass by. It was something the two men who had infleunced their lives loved to do.
  9. MeepBorkMeep

    MeepBorkMeep Well-Known Member

    *sniff* This is so beautiful. *Sniff* Your Richard rully rully sounded like him, it was almost scary. ;) Your Dave too. And the Miss Piggy scene was hilarious for some reason, despite it being about Jim's death. Odd.
  10. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Wow....this was a powerful chapter. Jim and Richard and oh gosh. And all the other familiar names....good gosh! I can't wait for more though!
  11. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I honestly wrote that as something of an ice breaker for all the sadness.
  12. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    That was impressive, Renee.;) I liked how you incorporated my character into the story like that. Being a photographer, your assistant, and Kevin's son is quite a full resume to hold up in one story.:) It also gives me a great idea for the Muppets/DC Comics story that I'm doing soon. All of what I'm getting from your stories is giving me good ideas to incorporate into my stories, as well as the stories of other members, including the one that Muppet Newsgirl has been doing recently.

    That chapter was really a nice B-Day gift from you to me. Thank you very much, Renee.;)
  13. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I invisoned you as 16 years old, and boundless energy. :) But I realized you're now older then I am. (until August the 6th.)
  14. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    That's funny, because I've been telling everyone today that it feels so good to be 20 now. It was a nightmare for me in my teens (and it might be an even bigger nightmare in my twenties). I remember what life was like for me as a 16-year-old...Drama class, Spider-Man released in May (and grossing extremely in its first weekend), and some other stuff that I won't get into.

    A lot of years and a lot of memories...and a lot more to come.:smirk:
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OH... So that's who Sean or Shawn was. Nice encorporation of him into the story.
    Rully good chapter, just serene in the emotions presented there in the park after Jim's and Richard's deaths... Keep it coming.
  16. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Yep, that's me (as a 16-year-old).:) It was R.L.'s thoughtful way of saying "Happy Birthday" to me.

    And, according to most sources, the Irish spelling of the name "Shawn" is S-E-A-N. There are only a handful of people that I know who spell it that way whenever I tell them my name.
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good to know... That way I won't get it wrong should you decide to join the dorms.
  18. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Can't write more tonight, but figured I'd give this for you guys to see:

    Jay, otherwise known as Lowercasegods, drew this for me today!

    "Scooter's Dad"

    Personally....Sadie wouldn't look any better then if I had drawn her!!! Plus, it's just LOL so much!!!
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Huh? Scooter's Dad? But isn't Sadie his mom? Unless it's a drawing of Richard...
    BTW: Sadie's seen again in my fic's latest bit...
  20. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Ooh! No, he didn't actually use Richard as his Dad. It's kinda a joke as Scooter clearly has yarn hair. XD He drew Sadie with normal hair, same color though, and same glasses/head as him. But she was holding a picture of Raggedy Andy in her hands.

    Sadie is sitting on the couch, regular hair, holding up a picture of Raggedy Andy in her hands. She's saying: "When I was in college, I had a brief but passionate love affair with Raggedy Andy..."

    Scooter's sitting on the stool, and he says: "Well, that explains why I have yarn for hair..."

    I just about FELL out of my seat when I saw that picture!! If he's read my stories (not sure, as he hasn't commented) the "love affair" could be reffering to she is married to Richard, but had an affair with Rag Andy. (Dosn't seem right though.) Or that she just isn't married at all, and just basically had an affair with the rag doll for kicks, so to speak.

    Either way, I LOVE IT COMPLETELY. It started, because I commented on his Lost Wilkins Coffee Commercial picture.

    Here's the exchange during eariler today.

    RL: This is the best ever. Sweet, simple, and to the point. Plus: Muppets and farting jokes. My favorite!

    LCG: Thank you! It's good to hear from you again. Without Vic Romano around Muppet Central these days, it's been kinda lonely. I'm so glad you're still around, ReneeLouvier!

    RL: Oh, and I'm hardly on DA anymore. I really just use MC a whole lot now. That reminds me, I need to update my stories. And place them in order too.

    LCG: I'll keep that in mind. I'm actually glad to hear you're more on Muppet Central, since you're amongst the core few that I feel I kinda know on that site. I appreciate your thoughts on my work, too. The well's kinda run dry on Muppet cartoon ideas lately (though it will replenish soon no doubt) but I still try to whip off one every so often for people like you, Vic and Beauregard. You guys rule!

    RL: Wow....I'm honestly flattered, Jay! Thank you!! Not to sound pushy or anything, I mean you have a life as well, but....I would love to see that anime picture of Scooter. Even if it's not done, I can mentally fill in the gaps I believe, and I would love to see just how it looked over all. I think I posted it in a thread on MC, but I'm not sure if you got it or not.

    LCG: I'll see what I can do. To be absolutely honest, anime and I don't always see eye to eye. I've enjoyed a few offerings from that genre from time to time, but by and large I've avoided it since everyone else seems to be doing it these days, plus it seems to be flooding the animation/comic book industry. But I did once draw an anime version of the core Disney characters, so I may be able to whip something up for Scooter. Keep posted!

    RL: That's awesome, and I just realized something. I'm not sure, but I don't think it was you who did the AniMuppets. :eek: I think it was Vic who did that. But...wow, that's awesome man! I'll be happy with anything you draw. heck, even your sketches are awesome!

    LCG: Come to think of it, it probably was Vic who did the animuppets. He's nuts for anime. As for me, you're more likely to find me doing cartoons about lesser known or long forgotten Muppet properties, like the Gorch characters or Sam and Friends. That's just where my interests lie, on the Muppet road less traveled!

    RL: Anything with Scooter and I will gush till Gladys comes home! :) You're a wonderful artist, Jay. (This is cornball, I know but it comes from the heart, trust me.) Never let anyone crush your dreams or anything. You're a wonderful artist and never let anyone else tell you differently.

    That was all we spoke about. Then here comes me later tonight...BAM! Picture with Scooter and his Mom!! EEE!

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