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FanFic: Forgotten Wishes

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Wow... That was pretty funny, thanks for taking the time to explain it Sara. BTW: Posted some suggestions in the dorms as you asked.
    Hope it helps... Now, where to get an artist for me little critters...
  2. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    I never actually expected him to draw anything at all. I mean I asked, but I've asked others, and....well nothing to be honest. Even when I've paid for subscriptions to the website DeviantART ...and they promised me, I've gotten nothing at all. Out of maybe...8 or 10 subscriptions, I might have gotten one picture out of it. Not that I demand pictures, but most times they'll offer to do one.

    I guess I get too hyped on this type of thing. Then to see this, just springing out from casual converstation, I was FLOORED. It's now my comptuer's background, and I'm probably going to print it out and put it on my wall. ;)

    And you've probably seen my response in the dorms. Thank you so much. Or rather, thank Uncle Deadly for me. XD
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Don't worry, I will. And I'm rully glad you got that drawing from an MC'er. Kinda validates the warm fuzzies here.

    Well, hope you have a good night Sara.
  4. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    You see how late it is, huh? Yeah, I'm going to bed right now. More story tomorrow, hopefully.
  5. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Wow, that cartoon was so cute! It made me laugh so hard! Anyway, let's have some more story sissy. I've been waiting to get back on my computer so I could read an update! :)
  6. froggiegirl18

    froggiegirl18 New Member

    I also love the dialogue between the muppeteers. Just absolutely amazing! Keep up the writing! This is a great story!

  7. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter Fifteen

    It was quiet in the newsroom. Wontkins was pouring over some papers, when someone knocked on his door.

    "Come in, I'm not busy." He said, without looking up from his papers. A tall muppet man walked inside, and sat down in one of the chairs in front of Wontkin's desk. Another tall man, dressed completely in black sat beside him. Wontkins looked up and frowned softly.

    "What do you want? The morgue is down the street." He said sourly, as he took another sip of his drink.

    "Mr. Wontkins, because you haven't complied with the standards set by the City Council, in the way of renaming your local paper, we've gone over your head. You're being replaced."

    He spat out his drink, and glared at them. "WHAT? I'm being FIRED!?! This can't happen! It won't happen!!" He stood up, slamming his hands on the desk, and glared at the two men. The muppet man frowned a little, and leaned forward.

    "I would suggest you just pack your things, and leave without a fight, Mr. Wontkins. We'd prefer it that way. Mr. Takashi here, will be your replacement. And the newspaper's name will now the The Hensonville Observer. Please leave as soon as possible."

    Eli chuckled softly, and watched as Wontkins packed up his items and most of his files in his room. He stacked the three boxes on the desk, and frowned as he finally picked up his desk nameplaque and set that in last. Then, picking up his boxes, he left the room.

    As he turned around the corner, he knocked over somebody accidently. "I..I'm sorry." He said hurriedly, not looking back at who he knocked over. The muppet woman picked herself up from the ground, and realized she had lost her glasses.

    "Oh no...where are they?" She mumbled, patting the ground for them.

    "Where is she??" Eli frowned, as he walked down the hall, looking for somebody. He saw her, patting the floor for her glasses. He leaned down and grabbed her glasses, shoving them into her hands. "Here you go, Sadie."

    "Oh, thanks Eli. Did you get the job?" She asked, as she repositioned the glasses on her face.

    "Yes. Go get our stuff, then we'll find an office for you too. And hurry!" He said, as he slowly turned the corner back to his own office. He stood in the office, and smiled.

    "This is just perfect..." He mused for a moment. He heard a clatter of boxes and frantic excuses for what had happened. Walking out from the office, he saw Sadie standing amongst nearly five boxes that were all in the floor. Two of them had popped open, their contents spewed out all over everywhere. "...whatever is yours just set it over there, and bring my stuff in here, Sadie. I want to get this place up and running as soon as possible."

    She complied, and then went back to get her own stuff. Setting the single box in the room that was her own, she slowly started unpacking. When she was nearly done, she saw a beautifully framed picture. It was her husband, which she had not seen in a few years, and her children.

    "I miss you honey...I just wish I hadn't had to leave you like that..." She said quietly, her hand stroking the picture softly. Eli was standing in the doorway, and he frowned.

    "Quit pining after Richard! You've got work to do, got it!?!" He barked out at her. He reached for the picture, and she pulled back.

    "You will NOT get this picture, Eli!! It's the only one I have of his!" She then slammed the picture into the file cabinet. Pulling out her laptop, she started to work.

    "....you've got a lot to do, Sadie. Now, I've got an old friend to visit soon. When you're done, go straight home, and do not wander around Hensonville." He said cruelly. "You're still under my care, until you can get your own house, got it!?"

    "I understand, Mr. Takashi." Sadie said softly, as Eli left her tiny office, and eventually the newsroom. He was headed out to see an old friend, that was for sure.
  8. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter Sixteen

    It was quiet in the old theatre. The lights were dimmed, and it was relatively empty. Only Uncle Deadly, and the sounds of the night were around. A few old bats, however, were flying around the attic; but then...even they were gone. Gone to catch their midnight dinner. Deadly was muttering, walking around the backstage area, holding his old, battered copy of 'Hamlet' in his clawed hands. He was looking at it every now and again, reciting random lines out of it.

    "I wish that frog would do some real Shakespere in this theatre. I dreadfully miss the wonderful plays of the bard." He said to himself, as he sat down in a chair backstage. He was deep in thought, when the back door flung open suddenly. "Who is there!?!" He yelled, bolting up to his feet.

    "Just an old friend, you spook. I need some answers." A silky voice said from the alleyway, as they walked inside from the nipping cold.

    "How do you know where this place is? And I am not your 'old friend'. Tell me who you are, or I will drive you out of this place." Deadly said with a sneer, as his upper lip curled on his brow. He was ready to fight, if need be. He felt the person's presence, and he wasn't pleased by it one bit.

    "You're a fool, Deadly Devonshire. You do not remember your old partner?" The man said, as he gingerly took off his black hat, then slipped off his blackened trench coat. He was a tall man, with jet black hair, a sharp business suit on. Another man was behind him, dressed in a military fatigue, with his heavy boots clunking on the floor. "I need some answers, and you will tell me all that you know."

    "Eli." Deadly said, as he slammed his book on the desk beside him. The military man laughed, and made a face at Deadly from behind Eli. "You brought that spectral abombanation with you as well? You will leave at once. You have NO place to be here in my theatre!!" He yelled, as he made his way towards the two men. The military man suddenly whipped out a semi-automatic gun and pointed it directly at Uncle Deadly's chest, obvilous to the fact that Deadly was a ghost as he was.

    Eli turned to the military man, and sighed; putting his hand over his eyes for a moment. "Steve." The man didn't budge, a crazed grin on his face, as he cocked the gun about to shoot. "STEVE!! He's DEAD! The most that'll do is rip the decaying flesh off of his bones! It will NOT stop him at all! Put that thing away!"

    Steve frowned, then decocked the gun, and slipped it back into it's holder. He then went and stood by the door, watching them both closely. He coughed slightly, then ducked outside to watch out there. Eli smiled at Deadly, and walked over; grabbing a chair to sit in.

    "My dear old friend." He stated, smirking softly. He pulled out a slim silver cigarette case, and pulled one out. "Care for one?" He offered. Deadly waved it away, frowning still.

    "I've never smoked, and I never will. Ghastly stuff that is." He said, looking slightly away from Eli. Eli shrugged and lit the cigarette already in his hands. "Now...what kind of answers do you seek, you foul demon?"

    "The boy, Deadly." He stated simply. "You wish to know about...Eleanor, don't you?" He said, softly; leaning in towards Deadly's face, blowing a billowing fog of smoke into it. Deadly waved the smoke away, and backed up towards the outer edge of the desk, away from Eli.

    "...What do you know of her?" He finally said, a sneer quite evident on his fanged jaw. "Tell me, now!"

    "Ah, ah, ah.....my old friend. Uncle Deadly, we simply cannot be too....hasty in these negotations now can we? I want to know about the boy. He's about to married, so I've heard." Eli stated, leaning back in his chair.

    "I thought you were out of that poor woman's life forever. How do you know about it?"

    "My sister, dear Deadly. She still speaks with them, and you should know that. We still have a wonderful friendship, and it's going strong. She finds out about them, she tells me, and I know. So...how is the boy doing?" His expression became dark, as he leaned in closer, to glare at Deadly.

    "He's healthy. Your plan is failing, Eli. Now, leave, before I do you in like I've done to other nighttime intruders!" Deadly growled, as he moved closer to Eli. Eli stayed still until Deadly was only a couple of feet away from him. He lashed out and grabbed Deadly by his jacket's collar.

    "You old fool of a dragon! Try anything to warn the boy, and I'll find your precious love, and I will MAKE SURE YOU NEVER SEE HER AGAIN!!!! You will help me with the boy, and you will also make sure the boy's uncle is never able to pay me back. You understand? I want that boy!"

    Deadly wrenched himself out from Eli's grip, and brushed his tattered jacket off. He huffed loudly, and glared at Eli, his golden yellow irises seeming to bore into Eli's red eyes. His left hand was crackling with blue energy.

    "Leave my theatre now, you demon spawn from down below. Or I will send you home, dead." He gritted his teeth, and growled, lifting his left hand upwards, revealing the bright blue lightning in his palm; ready to strike if need be. "Leave now....or you will be DOOMED!!"

    Eli's eyes widened when he saw the old spook was serious. He pursed his lips together, and stood his ground. "Try me old friend." He stated, opening his arms outwards, daring Deadly to try his worst. Deadly ran forwards, and slammed his left hand into Eli's chest, igniting the evil man's clothing with a single flash of the deadly blue lightning. His jacket, and shirt were gone, revealing his bare chest within a single moment. Deadly charged again, driving the lightning even deeper.

    Eli didn't feel the pain coursing through his body, he felt nothing. He laughed. He laughed a cruel, cold, chilling laugh. Picking up Uncle Deadly, he grinned wildly; staring right into his 'old friends' eyes, and he laughed once more.

    "Do not think I will forget this. You had best watch your back, old spook. I will strike...when you least expect it." He laughed once more, and dissapeared in a puff of black wispy smoke. His body seemed to change, shifting into the black, formless smoke that had billowed around his body before. The formless smoke bolted out of the door quickly. Then the sound of a single pair of boots were heard, thudding down the street.

    "HEY!! Eli!! Wait up for MEE!!" Steve was heard yelling, as he ran after the spirited Eli.

    Deadly stood still where he was. He saw the flamed shards of Eli's jacket and shirt, and he saw the hat and trenchcoat on the desk. He was a little worried. But...why should he worry? He was already dead...and he figured although Eli was evil...he couldn't hurt them anymore then had tried with him. He worried for Eleanor, and what Eli would be capable of doing. His heart yearned for her, but what could he do?

    Walking slowly, he picked up his book once more. Then he walked out to the empty stage and smiled softly. He saw the small spotlight on the stage, and walked out to it. He wondered why they left a light on so late at night. But it wasn't a stage light at all.

    It was the moon, casting it's beloved moonlight on the stage, he loved it; and he loved the eerie glow it cast all about the stage, on that lonely night of nights. He kneeled on the stage, and imagined his beloved, Eleanor standing in front of him, as they were....so many years ago on that very same stage.

    The End.
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You know... It was a wonderful pair of chapters...
    The gap's bridged what with Eli taking over the newspaper and our first glimpse of J.P. quavering under the power of his business partner... And our first sighting of Sadie... Loved how she fought to keep the picture of her family, shoving it into the filing cabinet away from Eli.
    And the chapter in the theater with the confrontation between Deadly and Eli, what can I say... Simply Muppetationally marvelous with all of its imagery.Few spelling errors like "wre" instead of "were" when the bats leave for their dinner, the word you used should be corrected to "lightning", and demon spawn are two words, not one unless hyphenated... But none of these detracted from the glory of the chapter.
    Though it was a stirring scene when Steve threatened Deadly, shouldn't he have known the gun wouldn't hurt the dragon since the colonel's a free-roaming spectre himself?

    And though you say it... Just feels like there should be a last touch for it to truly be the end. Unless you're happy with it, that's the important thing...Maybe a few lines, maybe a bit more soul-searching by the phantomly dragon of the theater, maybe nothing at all.

    All I know is that it's been a great story, and at least now you can move on to another story idea... Or mayhaps Book 8?
  10. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Thanks, Ed. I loved writing them. And I'm also so happy I was able to get the work I had done from the dying laptop before it completely died. It would have been so hard to rewrite such beauty.
    Yes, I loved writing all of that. But I must ask...where did you see J.P.? I never intended to include him in this chapter directly. Eli talked of him, but no real part in it. Yes, Sadie....meek Sadie. I felt so horrible for Sadie when I wrote that. But yeah, that's really the only thing so far she'd fight for. He's broken her spirit so much.
    Fixed the spelling errors. See above chapter once more for the corrections.
    When I wrote that...I completely forgot Steve was a spirit as well. I've corrected it above, with some minor adjustments, to indicate that Steve is a spectre as well. He has so far sided with Eli.

    Again, I corrected it. I re-read what I had typed, and I too felt it wasn't all that well done. So I've slightly changed some lines, and I've added more.

    X_X Don't TEMPT me, Ed!! Just a suggestion like that, and I'll be on another 4 day type-a-thon. But....I must ask......

    Any ideas for further stories my dearest friends? Maybe make this into an 8 book deal?
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    The little details... Amazing how much they add to help finish off a grand work. And the way the last lines were redone, it flows much better into what we'll witniss in Remembering the Good Times We've Had.

    Few corrections:
    uncocked the gun and put it back in his (or its) holster.
    "chards", though it more aptly applies to broken glass or jagged pieces, guess it could work... maybe "burnt rags of what were once Eli's jacket and shirt"?
    couldn't hurt them any more than had tried with him? Needs something to make the expression understood clearly. Mayhaps "couldn't hurt them any more than others had tried to"?

    As for Book 8... If you ask it, they will answer... A resounding Yes! Maybe wrap up the loose threads from the Muppets/BTTF crossover? As it leads into a nice little time-rippling effect to restore the goodness of present-day Hensonville? Something like that, or something else you may come up with.
    UD: Thank you dearest Sara... Your stories have truly touched this non-existent black heart of mine.
    *Bows before Sara.
  12. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    And don't you feel so honored, Uncle Deadly? All of this...just because of you, and my tiny little thought one day, while watching the Vincent Price episode of The Muppet Show:

    I wonder what Uncle Deadly's wife would be like, if he had a wife?

    I'm still honestly suprised about...all this that I've written. X_X 175,290 words...geezus.

    I'm going to printing it out one more time (all 187 pages of it.) It's in a supertiny type 8 pitch arial. It's as tiny as I can read it w/o a magnifying glass. XD So...see how it looks, and try again with uploading it one more time to www.lulu.com and get it working right.

    That reminds me...I desperately need to write the permissions to send to Disney for the story. I haven't done that yet. X_X God. Then I've got to work on cover art. I'm going to ask lowercasegods if I can use "Scooter's Dad" for the cover. Slightly altered to fit with the stories.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    UD: Yes... And I thank you for reuniting my Eleanor and I in the theater...

    And I think that drawing would make a vonderful cover art image, modified as you see fit.
    Good night.
  14. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Great ending sissy, I wish I could write more but I've barely had time today as it is, but I'm glad I at least got to read the end of it. Don't push yourself for the 8th book unless you really want to write it, I'd love to see more, but I know how hard it can be to come up with stuff sometimes. Anyway, great job, can't wait to see the book in print!
  15. Smiles

    Smiles New Member

    Nice. You did a fantasitical job of tieing up all the loose ends. I'm looking forward to whatver you decide to write next.
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Here's the second book of Sadie/Sara...

    Such a lovely yet memorable moment at the end, Uncle Deadly searching his memories for that long ago time...

    Loved this one too, this story helps bridge the gap between Bonds of Family and the other stories which were written before it.

    9 novellas to while away the time.
  17. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Wow...okay, I was terribly tickled at your inclusion of the Muppeteers as charatcers, and the explanation of the "puppet" Muppets was genius...and then you throw a curveball! The reactions to their deaths made me sniffle...and that's not easy to do. (I'm fairly jaded.) A powerful installment! The young man touching the Muppeteers before they die put me much in mind of the Reapers on "Dead Like Me." Eager to read more of this saga!

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