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FanFic: Is That A Song There?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey... Wish you success down at the hospital. The chapter was good... Nancy and Eli... The wedding preparations...
    Hope you'll finish with whatever it is Gonzo did with Nancy's house.

    And no worries, we're here for you when you need us. Take care and loads of hugs.
  2. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Another great chapter, looking forward to what is next. I hope your surgery went all right and that you're feeling ok! Keep us posted as you can and take care of yourself!
  3. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Hey guys. I won't post more story until Monday, when I can get my thoughts collected and everything. But I'm finally home now. :) The (apperently) minor surgery was a success! Everything is fine, and they sent me home with some derma-whatever to help with the scarring when it finally heals up. I think it's like Maderma, that purpliey stuff that comes in a tube. XD So, very happy to know I have great friends here.

    Kinda weird though, it went from a full on transplant, to a minor transplant, to just a small removal. I'm starting to wonder about the doctors down in Gastrointesnial care. >> They don't seem to know one thing from another! Or at least the nurses were QUITE careless with what they told me.

    So, I didn't get to keep the laptop, apperently that also was my cousins' who lended it to me, and it went back to him eariler today. I came home about 9pm, and I've been sleeping for awhile, till I woke up a few minutes ago, and I can't go back to sleep.

    Also, watch out, their may be hints of BTTF in these last few chapters, or perhaps in the next story coming down the mental shoot. I've been enraptured (and mentally exhuasted) by the Trilogy the last few days!
  4. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    You've got some really deep and dark stuff with Skeeter in this story, Renee; and that type of stuff is what keeps the plot so captivating. Nice work.;)
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    BTTF? Well, just glad you're back where you belong Renee, safe and sound at your home. Rest assured your roomies are taken care of.

    And yeah, as far as those people in gastro-intestinal go... I've had my scrapes with 'em too. LMK if I should share.
    Oh well, hope to see you back after a restful weekend.
  6. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Back to the Future, and yes, I would like to know what's happened.
  7. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    You're a BTTF fan, Renee? Awesome!:D

    I'll be looking for those references then.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Great Scott! We're dealing with Muppet forces beyond our comprehension Sadie.
    Whoa, Doc Honeydew, this is heavy.

    Eh, I'll tell you about it a bit later, maybe through PM best. Look forward to another chapter as soon as you can.
  9. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Heck yes! I rented the entire trilogy this weekend, and I've been hooked on it. I've already seen Part I and Part II, because of the oscar that Part I attained, it was on TMC - Turner Movie Classics, then for some reason Part II was on TBS the next day. I had only seen Part III once, so I ended up renting the entire thing.

    I love Christohper Lloyd, and Michael J. Fox. Wow...they are FRIGGIN' AWESOME. So, not sure exactly how to incorparate elements of that story just yet, but yeah. You'll see hints in the newest chapter, on Monday.

    The DeLoeran, and..oh wow, they are just cool movies. And Ed?

    I didn't quite understand that. I'm kinda dense sometimes, so perhaps you could elaborate a bit more into that statement? I believe that is a play around some of the lines from BTTF, but I'm not totally sure. Personally though, I wouldn't see Honeydew as Doc Brown. But....well, he's pratically the only Muppet scientist around. I hate to do this...god, but another character could perhaps work. XD

    A muppet Doc Brown...geezus. I've gotta try to draw that, that would be so sweet.

    See ya'll on Monday.

    Love ya, Renee.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... Those were twists on a few of the most popular catchphrases from the BTTF trilogy. And maybe Dr. Phil van Neuter could serve as Doc Brown? Maybe Doc from FR since you've already brought him in? Anyway, would advise you just keep going with this story from where you left off, from what you think best cause it's worked this far. Maybe a Muppet version of BTTF could serve as a story on its own? Not sure, just some suggestions, your story and we hope for more soon.
  11. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    I've seen each of the movies in the BTTF trilogy several times. I know every line from the films (when I was four or five, I used to get into trouble for repeating some of the bad words while watching a scene) and I know all of the secrets to some of the special effects and all that "Behind the Scenes" type of stuff. I can't tell you how many times I've ridden that attraction at the Universal theme park.

    I guess you can say that I'm sort of a BTTF geek at heart.;)
  12. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Yeah, I was a bit suprised by the cussing in those movies, I mean, dealing with PG rating for all three. Now I'm not totally against cussing of course, I tend to have my head a bit far into the porthole, if you know what I mean. But for a PG rating, it really shows how lack (or too strict) ratings have gotten nowadays. I've seen some movies which garnered a PG rating, only to see the weirdest stuff in it. Then some who only have like...PG-13, when to me, in my own opinion, looks like a G or PG movie!

    It's just weird nowadays. Oh well, more story in a little bit hopefully.
  13. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member


    Piggy and Kermit pulled up to Nancy's house, the backyard was trimmed and fixed up. All of it was covered and draped in white lace and banners. Kermit looked a bit nervous, as he stepped out of the studebaker, which had "Just Married" written across the back of it. Piggy flounced out, happy as could be. She walked over and suddenly picked up Kermit in her arms.

    "Ready, moi cherie?" She cooed to him, as he just gulped a little bit, smiling nervously. He looked back at his friends.

    Scooter was standing beside Skeeter, smiling widely; while Fozzie was blowing his nose into a hankerchief. Gonzo was laughing happily, and Sadie was helping the Chef haul the cake out of the back seat of the Mayhem's bus.

    "Ready as I'll ever be, Piggy.." He said, smiling a little bit. She laughed softly, and she carried him into the house, and she left the door open, for Sadie and Chef to bring the huge cake inside. The both of them walked to the nursery, and Piggy set him down. She looked around for a moment, and made sure no one could see or hear them.

    "I am sure, Kermie." She said to him, taking off her veil, and setting it gently on the windowseat.

    "No license? Just...that ceremony? It wouldn't be any different then in the movie you know." Kermit asked her, worried about why she was acting so differently now. She had been demanding a marriage license from him, after he suggested they just do it for show; but now, she was turning it completely around on him.

    "Well....I know. I still love you, and I still want to be with you. But....let's just wait a little longer for that license. We'll do that when we're perfectly ready to."

    "Your not the pig that I know, Miss Piggy." Kermit stated, watching her as she started to pull of her gloves, and slip the dress off, revealing a slim pants suit underneath it. She laid the dress over the couch then.

    "I know, this is so unlike me isn't it?"

    "Well, yes!! You've been begging me to marry you! Forever!! And now...now you don't want to get married!? I mean...legally!?"

    She laughed a bit, and walked over to him, she picked him up in one hand; smiling, that devious glint in her eyes that he knew so well.

    "I am married to vous, I'm just not taking your NAME yet. That's all it is. Plus, we live together anyways, what's the difference? I'm not the type of pig to be bound just yet."

    Kermit laughed a bit, watching her expressions change from anger to sweetness. He always seemed to love watching her face when she got angry. "You didn't want to be hogtied, huh?" He knew he was going to get it, but he didn't really care.

    Her face twisted into anger, she hated comments like that. "WHAT!?" She then yelled, and karate-chopped him across the room, he landed upside down in the armchair.

    Kermit sat up, and he smiled. She's just the same as she always is. Eventually, they'd go and privately get their marriage license. But for now, their friends believe that she just didnt' want to take his last name, so they left it at that. He thinks Scooter knew what they planned, but he probably wouldn't say anything. Lest he invoke the wrath of Miss Piggy.

    Sadie walked inside the nursery. "Hey, Miss Piggy! Kermit! You guys need to cut your cake, you haven't done that yet!"

    "Oh...the cake, Kermit!" Piggy exclaimed, as she and her frog walked into the kitchen.

    The cake was a sight of beauty. Jim had really outdone himself this time. A beautiful sugar sculpture of Miss Piggy and Kermit was sitting atop the cake, it was resplendent in white, with pink flowers, and white sugar pillars supporting the cake. The entire thing could be eaten, decorations and supports.

    Chef handed Piggy and Kermit the knife, and they both held it. They looked into each others eyes, that beautiful glint came from them. They knew they weren't offically married still. But...they still loved each other, and to them, that's all that mattered.


    From the hall, the two spirits watched; and they smiled, they had done right.

    "You see, Nancy. They are doing fine."

    "What will Gonzo do with the house, Eli? Do you have any idea? They've not said a word about it inside of these walls."

    "I believe I overheard him talking of simply using this as an overflow, or for storage. Good uses, because this house really cannot be used for what he originally had thought of, an orphanage. It was too small he had found out."

    Nancy nodded, and smiled as she saw Piggy and Kermit playfully putting cake in each others mouth. She almost laughed as she saw Skeeter then shoving a piece in her brother's mouth, laughing manically. Scooter had cake all over his face, it ended up in a cake fight, with a piece actually flying towards their spot.

    The flying piece of cake went straight through them, and it actually hit a piece of ceramic, and it went shattering to the floor, with an almighty crash. Everyone turned to see what had broken.


    "....Nanny?" Fozzie was the first to utter, as they stared at the spectral beings standing in the doorway to the small room that was opposite the kitchen.

    She looked over at Eli, her expression got a little bit worried. "They can hear me?" She then turned back to her charges and their friends. "You can hear me?"

    "We can hear and see you, Nancy." Sadie replied, and started handing out towels for everyone, without letting her eyes leave Nancy and Eli. "We thought you had...I guess gone to the other side?"

    "I...I was about to. But I stayed to see what was happening with all of you. I was....I was worried. And I wondered what Gonzo was going to do with my house."

    Gonzo looked down for a moment. "I'm sorry I'm not able to use this....for good things."

    "Gonzo. If it's used at all, that's a good thing. This was an old house when I bought it. It's even older now. It's good that it's being used for something. And....Piggy, Kermit. Congratulations!"

    Kermit blushed a little bit, rubbing the back of his neck. He pulled away a chunk of cake, and let it drop from his hand to the floor. "Nancy...thanks."

    "I guess I must be going then. I've seen that you can truely take care of yourselves without me, and...you're doing perfectly fine."

    Piggy looked a little confused. "But we did fine without you anyways."

    It was Nancy's turn to look a little confused then. "Everyone always called me, for every little thing. You may not have thought of it, but you still relied quite heavily on me."

    They watched as Nancy sat down on the countertop, and started speaking to all of them, in her soft tone that she always used. "Kermit seemed to call about something, nearly everyday. Fozzie was always trying jokes out on me, Gonzo would ask about how safe was this, or how safe was that. And Scooter would just need some support, as all of you did. You still relied on me, and I could not leave until I knew you were going to be alright."

    Everyone nodded, they never realized it, but they did still relie on her for support. The least that anyone would call her was about once a month, the most; which was usually Kermit the day before the show, he would call nearly every hour. When she died, everyone felt an empty spot in their hearts. But they learned something. Nancy smiled, watching them.

    "You learned to relie on yourselves. And your friends. And because of that, I'll be finally taking my leave of this plane, children."

    "Will you be gone...forever?" Scooter asked her, he was feeling still a little guilty for what had happened before.

    She floated over to Scooter, and knelt down, placing both hands on his shoulders, she gave him a kiss on the forehead. "No. I won't be gone forever, Scooter. I'll always be around to check up on you, and everyone. If you ever need me, just come here; to this house."

    She stood up, and gave Piggy and Kermit a hug together. Then she walked over and gave Fozzie a hug, and Gonzo one as well. She nodded, silently, and what seemed to be permaent, she and Eli left.

    All that was left was two twin whisps of smoke against the wall.
    And the smell of roses and brimstone.

    ~-~-THE END-~-~
  14. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    This is the end of the stories that I have written in this vein. I also need ya'lls help with an overall title for these four stories that I have finished/completed now.

    "Remembering the Good Times We Had"
    "The Search For Sadie"
    "Demon's Delight"
    "Is That A Song There?"

    Thank Goodness.

    I didn't think I'd figure out a somewhat decent ending to this story! On top of being at the hospital and stuff, I was stumped completely about how to finish this story out! So...all and all, these four stories...are a lot of stuff. XD
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yep... And a lot of good stuff they are. Thanks for the journey you've taken us on, look forward to your next contribution to the FanFic archives.
  16. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Thank you, Ed. :) Any Ideas for an overall title to these stories?

    Also if anyone would like to aquire a professional-style printing of these stories, then PM me your address, business or home, and within the next month or so, I will be shipping out copies of these stories in a book-style form; completely for free.

    My personal address:

    Sara Elisabeth Vines
    280 Crystal Springs Dr.
    Lexington, SC 29073

    I will be also sending Jim Henson Company three different copies, with intent to be sent around the offices/muppeters. I just figured I would lend it out to anyone who would like to have a personal copy of these stories for themselves.

    ALSO: Again, if anyone can lend an artistic hand towards my way, I will be featuring the cover artwork in front of this book of stories, as the cover page, around the title, which is yet to be created/found. Any help is greatly appreciated. You will be sent a copy of these stories as well, and you will be personally acknowledged and thanked in the front cover/dedication page.
  17. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    *standing ovation* Another job well done! I LOVED the ending! I like how Piggy was ok with just the wedding being for show and not needing the marriage license. I also liked the nice closure with Nancy. Anyway, this was a truly great story, I hope you don't stop writing because you are very good!
  18. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Thank you so much Beth!!! I was worried how to end it, and that ending came to be last night while I was sleeping!

    Also, the overall title has been confirmed, by myself!

    Intertwined and Together Again:
    Four Muppets Journey Through Life, Love, and Zanyness

    I'm really glad you loved the ending, once more, Beth. And Ed, when you read this, if you would like to have a copy as well, just PM me your address.

    *trying not to sound mean or anything* I know you probably won't be able to read it, but I figured you might would like to have a hard copy of these stories perhaps. :D

    Notice To Everyone Reading This Thread: This is what will come with every copy of "Intertwined and Together Again."

    • Hand-Signed by the author, Sara Elisabeth Vines.
    • A personal written letter to the recipient of this book.
    • A certifiacate of authinicty, indicating the number of the book that was printed.
    I stress, yet again. I will not be making money off of this book.

    It is for the personal enjoyment of my friends here at Muppet Central Forums. For the people who have supported me, and have enjoyed my stories as I have presented them here.

    Please note: The stories may be slightly altered as I see fit: Spelling corrections, grammar corrections, etc. From what was presented here on the forums. These stories will otherwise stay in original condition as seen here.
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You know... The ending was probably one of the better parts. Piggy showed another side of her and I'm OK with how you wrote it, her being calmed with just the pomp and circumstance of the wedding... The fact the after party's at Nanny's house is another nice touch. And the intermingling of roses and brimstone at the end... That's powerful.

    As for an overall arc title... Rully should be your decision, just look for elements all four stories share and try to come up with a title that reflects that piece, and how it can be demonstrated in each.
    But here's one suggestion I've been thinking of... A Muppet Family Reunion.
    Hope this helps, we'll see what comes next...
  20. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member


    Holy crap. As usual, I will give a quick lowdown on this story.

    Prologue, 40 chapters, Epilogue - techinally 42 chapters all together.

    This clocks in at 39,316 words. By itself.

    And it also clocks in at 57 pages, at Arial 10pt.

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