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If you were having a Muppet dinner party...

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Gonzo, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member


    I think of that every time I hear the commercial on the radio. I was surprised that Miss Piggy didn't say anything in response to bacon or sausage. I should have figured something would have got cut out. Now, let's see who would I invite.... Probably Miss Piggy, because I really like her, and also Janice so we'd have another female at the table. I'd definately want to invite Kermit and the Electric Mayhem, so we'd have some dinner music. Maybe not Animal though, because I'm still scared of him. Lol. I'd like to invite Rowlf the Dog. I'll try to think of more.
  2. The Great Gonzo

    The Great Gonzo Well-Known Member

    This is a fun thread!
    1. Gonzo. No dinner party could be complete without someone to make you laugh!
    2. Rizzo. He'd play off Gonzo and make him even funnier.
    3. Fozzie. Would be upsetting for him if Gonzo got more laughs, but would love to have such a sweet bear at my table.
    4. Scooter. If I forgot something at the grocery store, I'd need a gopher!
    5. Red. She'd get everyone playing games after dinner and would keep the party going.
    6. Pepe. I think he'd be fun, okay?
    7. Sam the Eagle. To get a little political discussion going.
    8. Kermit, the glue that holds it all together.

    No Piggy--I'm the diva at this dinner!
  3. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... I would invite

    1. Kermit - he's the great one after all!
    2. Piggy - just seeing her and Kermit interact would make me laugh and amuse me. Plus she's adorable ( I might have to flirt with her a little)
    3. Rowlf - My fav muppet! He could play some music
    4. Beaker - I'd give him a much needed rest from the torture of Bunsen's antics.
    5. Fozzie - I think he's funny!
    6. Sweetums - although I don't know how much he would eat!
    7. Doglion Beast - just because I think he's cool looking!

    Worried to big monsters at my party- would I have enough food!

    Gonzo and his buddy Rizzo and Sam the Eagle would top of my guest list! I love all of these guys!
  4. baby sinclair

    baby sinclair Well-Known Member

    I would invite more than eight characters .
    [/list] 1.kermit(With out him there would be no muppets)
    [/list] 2. Baby sinclair(cutest little Megalasaur around).
    [/list] 3.Junior Gorg(need a big eater)
    [/list] 4.Red(make junior mad)
    [/list] 5.Piggy(love her french)
    [/list] 6. Animal(let him cut loose)
    • 7.janice(need a dizzy brawed)
    8.Sweetums(so he can scare my sister)LOL!
    [/list] 9. Bean(little sister loves him).
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ok. Here is my list. (compiled with the, um, help of my big (and anoying) sister.

    1. Beauregard (To tidy up afterwards)
    2. Pepe (My sisters faverite)
    3. Sweetums (Because)
    4. Rizzo (To argue with Pepe)
    5. Miss Piggy (or Mrs the Frog)
    6. Gonzo (He can give us some entertanment with the Birthday cake and a bottle of shampoo)
    7. Dr Teeth (cause he is so coool)
    8. The Count (because I can't remember how many people I've invited.)

  6. HeraLirambar

    HeraLirambar Well-Known Member

    I'd invite:
    1. Animal. He's so cute. I'm going to keep him in a cage in my room. I promise I'll feed him! Uh... ignore that.
    2. Dr. Teeth. Featheeeeeeeer. *Swoon*
    3. Floyd. Mustaaaaaaaaache. *Swoon*
    4. Janice. Yeah, she's hot too.
    5. Zoot. He's just cool, okay? And hot. I dunno.
    6. Lips. I repeat...
    7. Gonzo. Um, because he's weird.
    8. Pepe. His voice is hot.

    So basically I'm inviting eye candy and ear candy.
    Oh, well. *Goes off to download pics of The Electric Mayhem*
  7. Manda:-D

    Manda:-D Well-Known Member

    Since I don't HAVE a significant other, does that mean I can include another Mupppet???
    1.Rowlf-In case it isn't REALLY obvious by now, I LOVE Rowlf!!! I'd love to talk to him!!! (AND sing with him!!!)
    2.Beauregard-I LOOOVE him!!!
    3.Cantus-It'd be pretty interesting to talk to him!!!
    4.Snuffy-Just cuz I love his laugh!!!
    5.Red-She'd be my best friend if I knew her!!
    6.Dr. Teeth-Just because of his awesomeness!!! (Plus, I wanna see how he & Cantus'd get along!!!)
    7.Robin-My 2nd favorite character!!! How could I NOT have him???
    8.Gobo-I don't want Red to feel out of place, even though she'd be the only girl besides me!!! (And PLUS, I'd probably fall in love w/him if he weren't a Fraggle!!!)
    If I COULD have a 9th dinner guest-Sir Didymus (from Labyrinth) He is still the FUNNIEST character to me!!!
    ....This was HARD, Quinn!!! Instead of a DINNER party, I'd probably just have a great big party, and in THAT case, the more, the merrier!!! :D But, given the rules, these were all I could fit!!!
  8. The Flying Sheep

    The Flying Sheep Well-Known Member

    My Girlfriend and both shara a passion for the Muppets.

    Rowlf: I love him so much! (Not in a romatic Sence) I just want to hug him! Besides, maybe some after-dinner entertainment

    Wembly: My Favorite Fraggle. I just love him.

    Fozzie: I need some genuine sweetness at the Talbe

    Gonzo: Just Cause. And i love his sence of Humor

    The Storyteller's Dog: He rocks, Okay?!

    The Swedish Chef: We'd talk in Mock Swedish

    Flyod Pepper: My Favorite guy to Groove with.

    Janice: Becuase I have a chrush on Her, and she's Tracy's (my GF) idol.
  9. foofoocakes

    foofoocakes Well-Known Member

    This one is really fun to think about. Here is my list.

    1) Kermit- Its not a party with out the frog.
    2) Grover- I looove Grover!
    3) Rizzo- to give the party some edge and to clean up leftovers afterwords
    4) The penguins- whats a party without flying penguins.
    5) The Electric Mayhem- I know that counts as 4 but you have to have a band.
    6) The swedish chef- I think I might start to understand him after a few drinks . But he is definetly not cooking!!
    7)One of the Mystics. I don't know their names individualy. I bet they could do cool magic tricks.
    8)The Bear from The Big blue house-He can really shake his groove thing.
    9) Ernie- Always up for a good time
    10)Rowlf-intelligent coversation and able to step up to the piano if the mayhem get out of control.
  10. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't invite Cookie Monster, fer sure!
  11. That Announcer

    That Announcer Well-Known Member

    Well, I'll chip in my two cents, and provide character smilies once in a while:

    1) Dr. Bunsen- if we ran out of pasta, we could eat sharpened bananas!
    2) ;) Scooter- while we sit at the table, he serves his job as a "gofer" and refills our plates.
    3) :attitude: Sam Eagle- he'd calm down everyone else, and show proper etiquette- and with luck, he might tag along Wayne and Wanda!
    4) Beauregard- one of the funniest Muppets of all time
    5) Janice- she has an all-around great personality and could provide organic food advice
    6) Angus MacGonagall- although he's a Whatnot, he probably could give advice on sausage cooking and provide entertainment at the end of the party
    7) :sing: Floyd- someone to crack jokes and keep everybody cool
    8) Robin- one heck of a frog
  12. Muppetta

    Muppetta Member

    1. Kermit - You couldn't have a Muppet dinner without him
    2. :o Fozzie - I love watching his ears wiggle.
    3. :halo: Animal - That way you don't have any dishes to clean. LOL.
    4. : Beaker - Love to hear those meeps.
    5. :sympathy: Rowlf - To have some piano music
    6. Jaunice - Have to have another female there.
    7. Miss Piggy - To make the night interesting.
    8. Lew Zealand - So him and Rowlf can do that backwards Tea for Two.

  13. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Well-Known Member

    Muppet Dinner Party

    Good question,here's my 8:

    1. Kermit
    2. Dr. Teeth
    3. Janice
    4. Gobo
    5. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
    6. Clifford
    7. Red
    8. Gonzo
  14. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    I am hoping that by bumping this thread, I can inspire others to keep it going.

    1. Gonzo, because he is my favorite, and vary entertaining.
    2. Piggy, because I think Kermit would enjoy some time to himself.
    3. Floyd, because he is so wonderful, and he could sing.
    4. Janice, so she wouldn't get jealous with Floyd so far away, and she could see that my love for him is just as a devoted fan. Plus, she could also sing, and I also like to live naturally.
    5. Rowlf, for his calm presence, and so he could play the piano, assuming I had one.
    6. Robbin, because he is so sweet!
    7. Scooter, because he would do anything for you, and he also has a sence of humor.
    8. Beauregard, because he is also so sweet and innocent, and although I would help, he would be more than willing to clean up.
    9. Beaker, because his brand of speech is so cute.
    10. Bunson, because he would provide some interesting conversation, and serve as a sort of translater for Beaker, without making him feel self/conscious.
  15. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    1. Gonzo: A little after dinner entertainment.
    2. Pepe: If our oven broke he could serve bologna sandwiches. Hokay?
    3. Piggy: I hate leftovers, do I need to say more.
    4. Grover: He's so polite.
    5. Fozzie: If we have over ripe tomatoes...:o
    6. Beauregard: He'd feel obligated to clean up.
    7. Rowlf: He's one of my favorite characters.
    8. Rizzo: To help Piggy with the extra food.
    9. Dr. Teeth: He could keep us all smiling.
    10. Scooter: He'd warn us when it was fifteen seconds to show time, oh wait...
  16. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    *Big Bird
    *Cookie Monster
    *Bert and Ernie
    *The Electric Mayhem
    *All the Fraggles
  17. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    thought it was supposed to be 8? meh, what the hey.

    alright, here goes..... only eight?

    1.) Kermit. Because... well because he's Kermit!
    2.) Robin. He's just so adorrrrrrrrrrrrable, and I just looooooooooove him so much...... I mean he's so sweet and innocent, and I just wanna give him a kiss on the top of his head! And a hug! And speaking of huggable Muppets...
    3.) Rowlf. (oh come on, he's so furry, how could you not hug him?) And he plays piano, and... you know, this may sound crazy, but I sort of think I'm most like him of all muppets. Except of course that I'm female, human, and can't play piano nearly as well.
    4.) Fozzie. he's another huggable one. Not sure whether or not I would show him my collection of teddy bears though.
    5.) Floyd. Because. He is the hippest of the hip. He has a room for life at the home for the chronically groovy. How could I not invite him.
    6.) Gonzo. Because I wanna see how long I can go without grabbing his nose a la MTI and saying "Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Jim Jim Jim Jim! You've always been a decent sort, to old Billy Bones..."
    7.) Janice. Because like, ok, I mean, she's rully cool!
    8.) Miss Piggy. Because if she heard that the host of the dinner party was female and Kermit was coming... well, let's just say I'm trying to save Kermit (and possibly myself) from getting karate-chopped.

    And then I pull one of these: please bring a friend or two. And then I can get Rizzo, Camilla, Animal, Dr. Teeth, Zoot, Sweetums, maybe a rubber chicken, and who knows who or what else... maybe even a couple penguins!
    ...or is that cheating? oh well. I WIN!!!!!!!!!!
  18. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    Man, I've been here for years and haven't repsonded to this thread yet!

    1.) Rowlf the dog-he's my favorite character
    2.) Zoot-second favorite character. Would like to know more about him since he is always quiet
    3.) Kermit-why not
    4.) Ernie-I've always liked him
    5.) Oscar-also another favorite Sesame Street character
    6.) Janice-seeems like she would be fun to have around
    7.) Sam-like to know his 2 cents on today's politics
    8.) Fozzie-gotta have some comedy in there somewhere

  19. HPDJ

    HPDJ Well-Known Member

    1. Kermit
    2. Fozzie
    3. Waldorf
    4. Statler
    5. Gonzo
    6. Rizzo
    7. Janice
  20. BEAR

    BEAR Well-Known Member

    I guess I would invite...(I picked 10 cuz it is a better number, sorry.)

    Sam Eagle
    The Count

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