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Muppet cartoon by Lowercasegods

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by lowercasegods, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. lowercasegods

    lowercasegods Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the encouragement!
  2. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    You should make one about if some minor or forgotten characters after the Muppet show. for Example the Afghan Hound and Lenny the Lizard were dating, Some Frackles could get a job as barbers, waiters, or flight attendants. but it's just a thought.
  3. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh Well-Known Member

    That's a very interesting proprosition Kuriboh.
  4. lowercasegods

    lowercasegods Well-Known Member

    Well, no doubt a lot of background Muppet characters will pop up in my Gorch strip one way or another!
  5. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    Anyway Keep up the effort! ;)
  6. Ignorance

    Ignorance Well-Known Member

    These are all so awesome. =]

    How did you guys make them?
  7. AnimatedC9000

    AnimatedC9000 Well-Known Member

    Guess who has a birthday today?

    Happy birthday, LCG (if I can call you that)! Have an amazing birthday! Give yourself a break from your artwork for a while and enjoy all the cake and presents!
  8. lowercasegods

    lowercasegods Well-Known Member

    I took a much enjoyed break! Thanks for the kind birthday wishes!
  9. lowercasegods

    lowercasegods Well-Known Member

    Oh, I made 'em all myself! I just wrote them, drew them by hand and colored them in Photoshop!

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