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Muppets Season 1 releases Aug 9, 2005

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by GelflingWaldo, May 20, 2005.

  1. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan Well-Known Member

    Well, that makes two of us.
  2. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    It's...we've got...hold on!

    If they can show the unedited shows on TV, why can't they put them all on the DVD?? Somebody tell me about that! :(
  3. Douglas Fir

    Douglas Fir Well-Known Member

    Well when it comes to songs often in older shows they were only licensed for television broadcast and the songs have to be licensed again for home video distribution - usually when the cost or re-licensing the song is excessive they simply choose to edit shows or use different songs.

    As for why things like Muppet Newsman sketches are being cut... ?!?!?
  4. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    And some music isn't clearable at any price - AFAIK it isn't currently possible to clear Beatles recordings at all. Whether this also applies to cover versions of Beatles songs is something I don't know - hopefully not, or else a lot more Muppet Shows are gonna be cut.

    What's odd about this is that several of these shows have been released uncut in the US fairly recently. Either the rights situation has changed since then, or else Disney are being especially cheap...

    Probably a screwup - see my post above.
  5. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    They lopped rather a lot out, didn't they :-(
  6. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    All I can say is MAYBE, just maybe Disney put in the wrong masters and DIDN'T mean too! We all just cant pin-point right?!? Some one just needs to get a hold of Disney/MHC like GW, by the way where has he been?, and ask why. No need to be angry :) I'm sure theres an ancer, and i STILL plan on buying my set along with MWoO on tuesday! ;)
  7. I just e-mailed GelfingWaldo, asking him these questions.

    If/when he replies, I'll post what he wrote to me.
  8. Douglas Fir

    Douglas Fir Well-Known Member

    It reminds me of the limited edition Walt Disney Treasures tins that have been released over the last few years (which I have a complete set of!) - even though those sets were supposed to be archival sets for enthusiasts featuring uncut material they occassionally used the wrong masters and at least a few classic shorts are now preserved in slightly edited versions!... it kinda sucks but they're still nice sets - I'm sure it will be the same with TMS
  9. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

    oddly no :smirk:

    here's a copy of the press release from ultimatedisney.com:

  10. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    Argh! Stink stink stink! I mean, I haven't seen a number of these episodes in many years anyway, so I'll be glad just to have them and see them, but I wish that things like this didn't have to happen. Why can't they work out copyright law to make issues like this go away? It doesn't seem fair to be able to use a song in broadcast and not on video. Then again, if the rights to the songs would have cost so much that the price of the dvd sets would have gone up significantly, it may be a necessary evil. They need to keep the price down so that consumers beyond the hardcore Muppet fans will pick this up and want to buy more. Still, it's very annoying to know that some episodes are incomplete.

    I hadn't known that the retrospective would be dropped either. This may already be covered somewhere--can anyone refresh my memory or point me in the right direction? Is this something that might still appear on future sets?
  11. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    I'm finishing up a review of the set. It will be posted over the weekend. I'm going through the episodes one by one and compiling a list of the cuts.
  12. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

  13. Sean Gaffney

    Sean Gaffney Member

    The main questions I want to ask Disney (politely, of course):

    1) Are the cuts due to music rights isues, or something else?
    2) If something else, is it something that can be fixed with replacements?
    3) If it is due to music rights, will this be an issue with future season sets?
    4) While the words uncut were not featured in the publicity, it was expected; couldn't you have broken the news gently prior to the DVDs being shipped?

    If it *is* music rights, it's very odd that almost all of the affected shows are right near each other (barring Vincent Price). Does anyone know if there was music featured in the JG newsman segment, or the Jim Nabors Danceros skits?
  14. G-MAN

    G-MAN Well-Known Member

    Man, everybody seems to be getting it before me, and all these cuts are definately lowering my interests in this release. I've never seen some of the 1rst season episodes and to hear that certain skits are being cut especially from a couple that i've never seen before (Jim Nabors, Charles Aznavour) disenhartens me somewhat.
  15. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    This is starting to not sound like oversight. Either there were problems with the masters, like deterioration, or the cuts are deliberate.

    Now I know I'm not buying this.

    And now I'm worried about "Fraggle Rock", but fortunately there are no music rights issues, not to mention that FR is in Henson's hands, and not Disney's.

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  16. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    No way...All of me is cut? i have waited YEARS to see that!!!

    Looks liek we will have to keep trading pirate copies after all...man this sucks...

    Still, i'm happier than with nothing...or am I...
  17. Ernie101

    Ernie101 Well-Known Member

    Of course you are! Isn't this an improvement from what we did have? I mean like you said, "Better than nothing". Now that we have a little, stretch for a lot.
  18. Exatron

    Exatron Member

    The cuts wouldn't bother me nearly as much if Disney hadn't used the phrase "completely restored" and simply said that there were rights issues. Now all I expect from them is to fix the problem, regardless of the cost.
  19. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    You are right...i am not going to cancel my order, but...

    I have been looking forward to seeing how that lovely crazy song "All of me" which I have on Mp3 plays out. Now I'll have to live wondering...or get a copy from someone else. I was thinking this DVD set would solve the trading problem...
  20. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Sorry to post twice, but this from Gelfling Waldo:

    Will any skits or segments be cut due to issues with character or music rights?This has not been 100% confirmed yet, but I’ve been told that Disney has worked on all the legal stuff to keep the episodes in tact. Although some episodes/skits feature characters that are owned by other companies or feature music owned by other companies, Disney wants to release the show uncut and hopes to do so. We’ll have to wait until the press release (or maybe even until the actually release) to know for sure if the episodes are uncut, but I’ve been told not to worry about this.

    Well, now we are worried about it, :)

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