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New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Phillip, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. Sequelcast

    Sequelcast New Member

    Thanks! I will definitely post about my podcast covering the Muppets on the "On The Web section. My wife and I have had a real fun time watching all seven theatrical Muppet films over the past several weeks to prepare for the show. The deleted scenes in THE MUPPETS (2011) were a real treat, too.
  2. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Yippeoo! I was mentioned!
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  3. Monstermaster

    Monstermaster New Member

    Well I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Nathan aka monstermaster13 and i've been a fan of the Muppets since I first got the dvd sets and through a friend of mine.

    I've decided to join this forum as a means for meeting other Muppet fans.
  4. Vincent Liu

    Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums! You'll sure meet a lot of Muppet fans here. Hope you'll have fun being crazy! :zany:
  5. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Yes, welcome Nathan! As the song goes (sort of), you'll fit right in at Muppet Central Forum!!!!!!
  6. TarahS

    TarahS New Member

    Hi my name is Tarah. Yes that Tarah (my friend spliced together that awesome pic) and I just signed up here! I finally decided to join because I just saw the trailer and became aware of the I am Big Bird project and want to support it! Carroll is and everybody on SS is my family, him especially though. When I first started I had such stage fright he actually took me aside and talked me not as a kid but as a person about how to not be scared, but to shine. Over the years on the show I heard many stories of is life his travels and he once came to my birthday party as a kid and shouted a goodbye when he left in big birds voice that blew all the kids minds! Yes I know I am rambling so I shall hush now thanks for taking the time to read this.
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  7. Vincent Liu

    Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums! Don't worry, almost everyone done that at some point.
  8. Evan

    Evan New Member

    Greetings fellow Muppet Lovers.
    Brand new member saying Hi. My wife first told me about the forum and after several months I just remembered to sign up so I'm here. -waves-
  9. Vincent Liu

    Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to Muppet Central Forums! [waves]
    I promise you'll have a great time here! :zany:
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  10. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    As with all new members this is how I welcome you!

    Oh, there's no fire in the fireplace
    There's no carpet on the floor
    Don't try to order dinner
    There's no kitchen anymore
    But if the road's been kinda bumpy
    And you need to rest a spell
    Well, welcome home to Happiness Hotel :) :D
  11. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Welcome Evan and Tarah! Hope you like it around here!
  12. Bliffenstimmers

    Bliffenstimmers Active Member

    Hello folks, the name's Quentin.
    Though I have browsed this site for many years, it is only now that I become a part of the online Muppet fandom.
    Ever since I was a kid, I loved watchig Sesame Street and the Muppets on video tape.
    I still love all of Henson's works to this day. (My newest obsession is with Fraggle Rock!)
    Being a cartoonist and Muppet nerd, I often draw the Muppets whenever I have nothing else to draw...
    My signature includes links to websites where I post my muppet drawings and other things.
  13. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! Welcome to the forum!
  14. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    I was considering changing my avatar to that very scene yesterday! One of the best episodes of Fraggle Rock right there.

    :sigh: "They mock me, they despoil my blanket..."

    Welcome aboard!
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  15. Bliffenstimmers

    Bliffenstimmers Active Member

  16. fozzie rules

    fozzie rules New Member

    Hey I am really HAPPY to be a member now xxx

    p.s. this is fozzie rules
  17. Vincent Liu

    Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Hi, and welcome to Muppet Central! You don't really have to sign all your posts as the system automatically does that for you.
  18. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Welcome, welcome fozzie rules! That username is great cause fozzie rules! We hope you have a great time, fozzie rules! When am I going to stop ending my sentences with fozzie rules?
  19. Wookie Monster

    Wookie Monster New Member

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I just found it yesterday and have already used a tip I found on here for boiling faux fur and it worked great! As I plan to make more muppets, I figured I'd better join so I can actually ask questions. I've made one muppet and am working on my second. I plan to make a few more over the next year.
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  20. Vincent Liu

    Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Hello, and welcome to Muppet Central Forums! Don't forget to show photos of your puppet.

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