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The Glorified Sock Puppet Contest!

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by bezalel, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. SesameKermie

    SesameKermie Well-Known Member

    It would depend on how your office network is set up. It can be set up for a shared address or it could be individual ones.
  2. dsarver

    dsarver Active Member

    I made the top 10, with Snoop Otter Otter!

    All the puppet are great. I am looking forwrd to seeing the other 17.
  3. bezalel

    bezalel Well-Known Member

    No problem, renegade. And SesameKermie is right it all depends on the network set-up. Give it a try at work, if the network settings are such that it doesn't allow you to register your vote, then vote at home. :)

    We've registered over 300 votes in all so far. So for the most part everything is working smoothly. As mentioned before, if anyone is having trouble registering their vote contact us through the contact page at Project Puppet.

    dsarver, one of the other puppets is already up on the Project Puppet Blog! Check it out! Great job on Snoop, by the way.

    Also, we've recently added an email subscription to the blog. This is different from Project Puppet Updates which you can sign up for on the main page of the website. You can sign up for the email subscription to the blog on the right hand side of the blog page - just scroll down a bit. The email subscription to the blog will keep you up to date with every new post to the blog. That way you don't miss a thing!
  4. BorkBork

    BorkBork Well-Known Member

    Naaaw, Pippin is the cutest one of all the entries i have seen. Very good job by Emmalee. Esp since it's her first one too! This one would have gotten my vote if it was in.
  5. puppetise

    puppetise Well-Known Member

    Almost Time!!!!! *sits eagerly
  6. bezalel

    bezalel Well-Known Member

    The people have spoken! The winners of Sock Search - The Glorified Sock Puppet Contest have been posted! Check out the Sock Search Awards!
  7. renegade

    renegade Well-Known Member

    Congrats to the two winners!!! great job !
    Bezalel Thanks for throwing such a great contest!!
    I had a blast checking everyones take on such a great pattern!
  8. BorkBork

    BorkBork Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to the winner! Great job. It was fun to participate, and i'm looking forward to more challanges like this.
  9. puppetise

    puppetise Well-Known Member

    yeah congrats......
  10. Phantom

    Phantom Well-Known Member

  11. pherzmom

    pherzmom Member

    um... ok, I'm very late coming to this topic. Was there a link to view the entries somewhere?
    I made a nice blue horsie head out of a sock about 5 years ago. funny, my 8 year old had it on his foot yesterday. "neeeeighhayhay"
  12. pherzmom

    pherzmom Member

    D'OH! I think I missed some pages!! Found 'em! WOW! They're GREAT!

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