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The Muppet Show Season 2 Cover Art

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by King Prawn, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. I like 3, but i wish it was more like classic looking like season one. like her cloths with her necklace on the top or something.:mad:
  2. MWoO

    MWoO Active Member

    Yeah I think these will be the characters to make up the covers. Fozzie's tie for sure and Gonzo's nose, though i guess that will have to be in profile. I'm also guessing Animal's torso or face. They could alternate face and torso shots.

    I wish Disney would do their job and pick a cover on their own. One that actually fit a themei nstead of throwing up a poll with 2 covers that don't fit the established theme of season 1.
  3. number 1 was my favorite, but as long as I get the DVD I won't be too upset about it.
  4. I can't believe that they will be using Piggy on the front of season two. Fozzie Bear was really coming into his own by the second season and deserves to adorn the front. I did prefer the 3rd Piggy cover even tho they have chosen shots of her that bears no resemblance to how she looked during that season. Again, Disney can't stop trying to fix what isn't broken.
  5. Whatever

    Whatever Active Member

    Kissy kissy to Beau and Kevin.
  6. I voted for the first one just have to wait and see which one will be on the cover

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