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Vic Romano's Weekly Creative Muppet Visuals

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Vic Romano, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Very cool Dave! I like the idea of the contest, will definately look for it this fall. I like the Muppet Beach party too even if it doesn't make much sense. :)
  2. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    HAHA! I love the Karate Pig one, and the beach party, I like the shadows, totally cool. And the contest seems neat too, hope it gets off the ground. And Pepe CRACKS ME UP!! Too funny! It's too bad that next week is the last one for awhile... *sniff* Aw well, I'm sure it'll be splendid.

    Btw Dave, I sent an e-mail to the MFG print e-mail address, just making sure you know. :D
  3. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    Awesome! "Lost" stuff is so fun to look at! Thanks for bringing an awesome visual (even if we weren't supposed to see it)!
  4. unclematt

    unclematt Well-Known Member

    Dave loved seeing them and upset that you are going on break
  5. anytimepally

    anytimepally Well-Known Member

    Fiery Pepe looks neat! :cool:
  6. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Interesting stuff there Vic, interesting stuff!
  7. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    Burn, baby, burn!:rolleyes:
  8. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Another winner, Dave! We will suffer without you while you are in rehab, um, on hiatus.... (KIDDING! I was KIDDING!) There is no cure for muppet form-over-substance abuse! Hugs to you and yours while you are storing up creative juices for next fall.
  9. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member


    Hi everyone, got an e-mail from Dave that he is really sick today with a stomach bug, so the final visual is being postponed to when he's feeling better, possibly over the weekend. Sit tight!

    In the meantime, anyone care to join in on a sing along? The more we get together, together, together, the more we get together, the happier we'll be.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Either that... Or if someone could maybe post a descript for last week's visual, that'd be great too. Thanks.
  11. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I wonder if it's that same stomach bug my mom and I had a couple of months ago... if so, I'm afraid it's going to be a lot longer than "possibly over the weekend" for him to be feeling any better.:sympathy:
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh... And I take it that was your own little gift to Vic before leaving the 3976&½? J/K.
  13. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Visual description of last week's art

    Okay--here's my inexpert description of the pictures Dave so lovingly bestowed on us:

    The first one is called "Halloween Pepe" and shows Pepe with a flame as long as his torso whipping around his head in place of his carefully-coifed hair. It reads: Halloweed 2005's visual was jam packed with macabre muppets and gruesome gags. One of those was the flaming prawn that never got a chance to ignite the scene!
    (Well, Pepe always did say he was one "hot" property!

    The second one is called "Muppet Paradise Beach Party" and shows, against the backdrop of a magnificent sunset, the dark silhouettes of (from left to right) Kermit, Gonzo--doing a break-dancing sort of move and propped on one hand, a Fraggle (please someone specify) and Big Bird. Here's Dave's verbiage: This piece was seen all the way to completion until it was realized it made no sense and served no purpose! It was scrapped with the intention of being reworked, but never came to realize its full potential.

    The third is a lovely shot of the empty muppet theatre, just as seen in the opening credits, but sans muppets. The red curtains are gorgeous, and the rainbow-hued individual setbacks for the characters make this very pretty. Dave comments: EMPTY THEATER Not exactly a lost visual. It's the empty theater from the MC show II. It's here to show how simple it really it.

    THe fourth one is a picture of Statler and Waldorf sitting with coffee. (Note to those who care: Waldorf appears to take cream in his coffee--Statler appears to drink his black--at least to Ru's eye.) The caption says, "Are you %@$#ing kidding me?!" Dave says, " THis isn't actually a lost visual, but actually a promo for a contest where members would find a picture online and submit it with a funny caption. Look to see that contest come around in the fall. This was my example for submission.

    The last one is simply the poster from "The Karate Kid" with the faces of Ralph and Mr. Miyagi looking at each other over it. The wording has been changed to read "The Karate Pig." Dave comments: THe Karate Pig: Obviously, this one didn't even get off the ground, but try and picture Piggy in place of Ralph Macchio and either Beaker or Rizzo in place of Mr. Miyagi. The problem here was the lack of high quality profile shots of any muppet. A valiant attempt and good intentions just didn't cut it though."

    HOpe that helps!

    As always, kissy kissy to Dave for his inspired sense of fun and the willingness to share it with us!
  14. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Hope you get to feeling better Dave. We all feel for you. Just get some rest and quite from now on. Sweet little dreams Daaaa-vvvveey.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Aargh! Missed out on catching up with the ever-elusive Ruahnna.

    Thanks, that vas vonderful! Rully would like to know more about the rest of the Halloween 2005 visual if it's packed with so much spooky goodness as Dave claims. The Muppet paradise is one he should work on and post, it's a good one as is and reminds me of one of the stills from the closing credits of Muppet Babies. That empty theater will be filled up with more cast members when MCS3 rolls around. Statler and Waldorf enjoying their morning coffee, thanks for the extra details Ru, that'll serve us all for future fanfic inclusions. Hope you're feeling better Dave, have a great summer!
  16. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    I'm feeling like a Monday, but someday I'll be Saturday Night!
  17. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Well-Known Member

    Writing on the Wall

    First off, thank you Beth for the announcement, and thank you Catherine for the write up!

    And so we come to the end of another season of Vic Romano's Weekly Creative Muppet Visuals. Thanks to all of you, I've enjoyed creating and displaying all 54 visuals in this thread which has grown to almost 100 pages and has been viewed well over 40,000 times! It's also come to my attention that visuals like "Slanderous Junk Weekly" magazine has snuck into a couple of fan-fics, and I just think that is the absolute coolest thing and I thank you for the honor.

    I also want to thank all of you who've been so supportive and excited about these visuals and I hope I can exceed your expectations in the future. Super mega-huge hugs and thanks to Catherine, Beth, Ryan, Ed, Beau, unclematt, Kyle, Kevin, D'Snowth, crazed gonzo fa, wes, Barry Lee, Lisa, Mrs. P, Anthony, Christy, Angie, Katie, Teddy, Bryan, Kimp, anythingmuppet, Fragglemuppet, MuppetDude, Beakerfan, Kathy, Marc, Keith, Brian, Justin, frogpuppeteer, zns, Layla, Tabi, RD, Sara, Luke, Dan, Byron, Harvey Towers, and everyone else who's given me such beautiful accolades and best wishes.

    And so it comes full circle! All of you, these visuals were made for your entertainment! But you haven't been the only ones who've seen them. But who else has?

    Writing on the Wall
    Be sure to click the image for a "full view" :)

    Muppet Central Morsels
    • This visual is the special print that several members recieved when they ordered a copy of "A Muppet Family Gathering".
    • The stains on the sidewalk were made with Photoshop brushes that are supposed to be used for blood splattering!
    • This is the only piece of my art I have hanging on my walls.​

    Check out all VRWCMV here!

    Look for the visuals to return again this Fall!
  18. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Oh. My. Gosh. I... wow. Words cannot express, Dave. It's absolutely gorgeous, and absolutely... YOU! It reeks of you! (In a good way.) MAN! That's just so... WOW. I can see why you would hang it on your wall. This is definitely one of my favorites, Dave. The possitively perfect way to end a season of VRWCMV that is possibly the best ever. Thanks Dave, for bringing us drooling Muppet fans the absolute best Muppet fan art ever. Kudos to you Dave. And look for more fan-fic mentions, from me anyway, soon. :D

    (On a sidenote, I e-mailed the MFG e-mail, and still haven't gotten a response. Just making sure you got the e-mail.)
  19. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    Wow Dave, it's beautiful. How lovely and poignant! And absolutely cute. **hugs the new visual** I like how it's a tribute to yourself, since you always tribute the muppets! Just wonderful. It gave me a warm, squishy, happy feeling. Which is good. ;)

    p.s. I expressed interest in buying a mfg print... I might be able to order one very soon! If there are any left, could you let me know? Thanks a million. ^_^
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey... Great work Dave, though I'd rully like a descript to fully hexpress myself on this last masterpiece of the season.
    Also, I happen to know the names of some of our MC friends you quoted by screen name, if you'd be interested to know them.
    And if you could dig it up from the cemetary of visuals past, I'd rully like a full descript of the Halloween 2005 visual that the flaming Pepe was meant to be a part of, especially since I've got some Muppety Halloween project stored away in my mind and would like to know about this monsterpiece of yours to see how, if possible, it'd help with what I'm scheming.

    Thanks again for some great visuals Dave and have a great weekend.

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