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What was the last DVD you bought and why?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JJandJanice, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    We're Back : A Dinosaur's Story. It was 5 bucks at walmart and I remember liking it growing up. You dont see it very often and I knew if I didnt buy it I would kick myself
  2. ZeppoAndFriends

    ZeppoAndFriends Well-Known Member

    MST3K Vs. Gamera - Because I like MST3K and Gamera is really neat. :laugh:
  3. ZeppoAndFriends

    ZeppoAndFriends Well-Known Member

    Phineas & Ferb: Across the Second Dimension - Because I liked it on TV.

    Shrek - Because I finally found a widescreen copy! :electric:
  4. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Super Mario Bros 3: The Trouble with Koopas- As mentioned in a past post on this thread, I picked up "Super Mario Bros Super Show: Volume one" set and to be honest, it's a pretty bad show, much worse than I remembered. But my nephew loves it, so I got this as a gift for him, it was used for only 2 bucks. He had me watch a couple episodes with him, it's sightly better than Super Show.

    Disney's Dumbo Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack- Because it's of course a Disney classic. Just watched it eariler today actually.
  5. ZeppoAndFriends

    ZeppoAndFriends Well-Known Member

    Pete's Dragon: High Flying Edition - Because it's a great movie (You can't go wrong with Mickey Rooney).

    Disney's Dumbo DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack - Same reason as JJandJanice.

    Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace - Because it's a fun special.
  6. ZeppoAndFriends

    ZeppoAndFriends Well-Known Member

    Winnie the Pooh DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Copy combo pack - Because I love Winnie the Pooh and I had a Disney Movie Rewards coupon.

    Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks & Time and the Rani - I'm a Doctor Who fan.
  7. gonzosgirl1987

    gonzosgirl1987 Well-Known Member

    i bought the muppets wizard of oz and the great muppet caper because honestly i had never seen either one but i'm happy to have them in my collection :)
  8. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    I went to a blockbuster that was closing and got

    The Gate: Its really a cheesy movie, but I've only seen parts of it and wanted to see the whole thing
    Rob Zombie's Halloween: To replace my copy that was "lost"
    Sid and Nancy: Because I need more music related biopics in my collection :p
    Bandstand: My dad said I would like it :smirk:
  9. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    A Goofy Movie (1995)

    -- 'Cause I am a hardcore Disney fan, and one of my best friends wanted to see it with me. <3
    gonzosgirl1987 likes this.
  10. gonzosgirl1987

    gonzosgirl1987 Well-Known Member

    i just watched that movie about two weeks ago it never gets old :excited:
    LinkiePie<3 likes this.
  11. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    Heehee! Indeed! I'm hosting a Disney Night with my friends, and we're planning to watch A Goofy Movie, followed by Disney's Prince and the Pauper.
  12. gonzosgirl1987

    gonzosgirl1987 Well-Known Member

    sounds fun i love theme nights but i've never seen the prince and the pauper :o
  13. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    I think Prince and the Pauer is on YT, but I'm still rummaging store-to-store for the DVD. ;)
  14. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    As far back as I can remember (November):

    Muppet Christmas Carol/Muppet Treasure Island/Muppets From Space: The only Muppet movies (excluding SST ones) I was missing and they were pretty cheap

    It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie/Emmet Otter: Because I was on a slight "I need more Muppet DVDs" kick

    Pleasantville: We watched it in class and I really enjoyed it

    And waiting for them to come in the mail:

    The Muppets (2011): Do I even have to explain? I got the DVD/Blu-Ray in the event I find some method to play the Blu-ray disc.

    Teacher's Pet: The Move: From Disney Movie Rewards. It was pretty slim pickin's on that site and I hadn't seen it in years. It's not half-bad.
  15. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    [​IMG]"Immortals" with the new Superman.
    [​IMG]"Labyrinth" to complete my Henson Blu-ray collection.
    [​IMG]"Sarah Jane Adventures: Season Four" because Doctor Who is the man!
    [​IMG]"Justice League: Doom" because I at least know the animation will be beautiful and they won't dull any edges for the sake of a G rating.
  16. ZeppoAndFriends

    ZeppoAndFriends Well-Known Member

    The Secret of NIMH - Because I saw the last 2/3 on TV and wanted to see the full movie.

    Lady and the Tramp - Because I'm still working on my Disney collection.

    Doctor Who: Trial of a Time Lord - Doctor Who fan. No reason needed.
  17. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Puss in Boots-I love Shrek,and thougth I would enjoy it. It was the best thing involving Puss since Shrek 2. Much much much better than the Third and fourth Shrek movies.
  18. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    It's been a little while since the last time I posted here, but here are the last few I bought for my own personal collection (there might be a few I'm forgetting about, but it's probably none too important)...

    Disney's Winnie the Pooh: Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Copy- I actually bought this while ago, but don't think I've mentioned it until now, :confused:. I liked it quite a bit.

    Dinsey's Lady and the Tramp: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack- I wish I bought the one that comes with the digital copy, but I didn't, for some reason. Oh well, since trying to complete my Disney collection.

    Disney/Pixar's Cars 2 Blu Ray/DVD combo- I wasn't planning on buying this one, but when I reserved my copy of "The Muppets" at Toys "R" Us, it allowed me ten bucks off a Disney Blu-Ray, so I said why not.

    Disney's The Muppets (2011): Wocka Wocka combo pack edition (Blu-Ray,DVD, Digital copy, soundtrack)- Not really needed to explain why I guess, but I have to have it all with the Muppets. Plus, since it was at Toys "R" Us, I got a free 3D poster with it, which was really cool.

    Despicable Me: Blu Ray, DVD, Digital Copy- It was on sale at my place of work, Target, and it came with the little googles. I wanted to get this when it first come out, but didn't, so I went for it here. It's a pretty good movie and the only non-Disney one on my list, :) .

    Disney's The Lion King: Diamond Edition Blu Ray/DVD- When it comes to both Despicable Me and the Lion King, I wasn't planning on buying any more movies. But as mention Despicable me was on sale and there was a coupon for 25% off any Disney movie, combine that with my 10% discount, well, I had to get it.

    Plus I haven't gotten this one yet, but it's in the mail.

    Disney's Tinkerbell: Blu Ray- Not really one I wanted per say, but on the Disney Movie Rewards site, there's a deal for a free Blu Ray (sans the 3.95 for shipping), maybe I'm kind of a sucker, cause even though I didn't really want it, for only the cost of shipping, I figured why not. I have heard from even follow men that it's actually not that bad of a movie, but truthfully, this will probably be used to entertain my niece when she's older.
  19. ZeppoAndFriends

    ZeppoAndFriends Well-Known Member

    The Muppets: Wocka Wocka Value Pack - Do you really have to ask?

    Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen - The same reason I got all the other Doctor Who DVDs.

    Legend Films' House on Haunted Hill/Last Man on Earth Double Feature - Mostly because it had a widescreen copy of Last Man on Earth.
  20. Speed Tracer

    Speed Tracer Well-Known Member

    Well. The Muppets. Before that, the fourth season of The IT Crowd. Which is sort of brilliant (and blows The Big Bang Theory out of the water).

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