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Your Thoughts: New Green and Red Christmas CD

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Phillip, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Marky

    Marky Well-Known Member

    Is it all-new material?
  2. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Yup, all new, all awesome. It's the first completely original Muppet album in forever! I recomend it to everyone!
  3. The Whatevers

    The Whatevers Active Member

    I'd buy it... but I live in Australia. I doubt it'll come here.
  4. mrsieve

    mrsieve Well-Known Member

    Gotta love Pepes :rolleyes: background comments in North Pole Comedy Club :o.
  5. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    Janice doesn't start it...Lips sings "Well the barnyard is jumpiiiiiiiiiin'/Ev'rybody havin' a fling" (paraphrase, may not be 100% accurate)...and then Janice sings the 2nd part of the bridge, "Even Old MacDonaaaald/Had to do a little cornish swing"---if Lips weren't around, the whole bridge would've been Janice's. Some of my animosity here also stems from the fact that I've always had a bit of a grudge with Janice vocals being sacrificed for Floyd, and this time it's for Lips. Take "Can You Picture That?" for instance---does Dr. Teeth ask Janice to take a verse? No, he asks Floyd. So Floyd gets an entire verse all his own, where Janice only gets a couple of lines, and the bridge with Floyd. It's a terrific song, but I've always wished Janice sang more in it. One thing they even loved about Richard was his incredible vocal ability in singing, so whenever Janice is kinda glossed over in an EM song that perplexes me.

    Well, I don't overall "dislike" Scooter. I know the reality that because of obvious puppeteer limitations, not all of a person's characters will have equal screen time or presence. And while a few years ago Scooter really bugged me in regards to this, I've lightened up on it some. Sure I'll watch TMS and sometimes think "Man, if only they'd let Janice come in instead of Scooter for this backstage antic/scene", etc., but I know there are Rowlf fans and and Dr. Teeth fans and other fans who don't get what they want either. But then there's the issue of 2 of Frank's characters, Piggy and Fozzie, both being huge backstage presences...so if I think of that, then the lack of utilizing Janice backstage will annoy me more. lol

    And I totally forgot about my Rizzo boycott. LOL!


    I did!


    Well I don't care about Eren's Janice, only Richard's. That is the Janice I know and love. I remember a bit of Eren's Janice from childhood TMS re-runs on Saturday afternoons in the mid-80s, but I fell in love with Richard's Janice. That is Janice to me. In fact when I watch season 1 I so often think "Man, if only Richard had done Janice from the beginning...that's a whole extra season of Classic Janice we could have had...*sigh*..." And the fact she had so much screen time then too (since many characters hadn't arrived yet) is another kick in the Muppet-fur-covered pants.

    Your fraggle question is interesting---maybe in part because it's so unexpected, LOL. Well, I don't begrudge Cotterpin because, let's face it, Mokey has a WORLD of more screen time in comparison! Part of me used to be a little jealous though that Cotterpin was so attached to Red, and not Mokey. But then I just think that Kathy was "chosen" to play Cotterpin, so Mokey had to be sacrificed for just a bit. lol

    I do however not care much for Philo. I love Gunge. I find Gunge to be much more physically appealing to look at (as far as a rattish creature can be, LOL)...his big googly eyes are cute, and he looks good with his dark gray fur. Whereas I don't care for Philo's half-open eyes or his dull pink-mauveish fur. He just doesn't do much for me. And then when I got the Fraggle Rock season 1 set, I really didn't like hearing how Dave Goelz competed with Richard for the character (when it was conceived as 1 instead of 2). I was like, come on Dave, you have two major characters, Boober and Uncle Matt. Richard only has Junior, and he's not even in most episodes! So that didn't impress me about Dave and I didn't like that (yet I can't help but like Dave gernally when I see him in the bonus material). Which maybe added a bit more to my general apathy for Philo, but I don't "hate" Philo or anything, I just really dig Gunge. It is neat to have a 3rd Trash Heap gang member, but I wish they could have at least made him more pleasant to look at, lol.
  6. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that always bothered me too; I love Floyd but sometimes I wished I could hear Janice better! And my first thought was that Janice wasn't given equal time because she was a woman, lol. But that's probably not it, they probably just wanted to give Floyd more to do since he was Jerry's only main character.
  7. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    That's probably it, and I just need to remember that, although it won't make my Janice-craving that much better, lol. Richard at least had Scooter and Statler and Beaker as mainstays, whereas poor Jerry only had Floyd as his most-main character (and even kinda "lost" Statler to Richard).
  8. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    And also Jerry and Richard were so good at harmonizing in their songs.
    :flirt: :sing:
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    It is sad that Janice didn't sing more often. During the first season, she usually only sang back-up, and I think she sang a solo line in the Caberet number in the Joel Grey number. I think that Eren Ozker wasn't very comfortable with her singing (though she often sang as Wanda, who was supposed to be a bad singer, so it really didn't matter how good her performers singing was). Janice often sang solo lines in Electric Mayhem songs, but she really didn't have any solos or lead-singing numbers untill late in the shows run, when she sang I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends (probably the closest thing she had to a solo number, though the rest of the band appeared at the end), Rockin' Robin (the only Electric Mayhem number where she was the lead singer), and It's in His Kiss (not really a lead-singing number, but she shared vocals with Linda Ronstadt and two namesless back-up singers, and it's her only major number with a guest star, so that counts for something).

    Regarding Floyd, while he was much more major on The Muppet Show and in the movies, he really didn't have many great scenes in the movies, while the other members had more memorable lines and scenes. There's so much to talk about regarding Janice in the movies, such as her talking about running around naked on the beach, saying she doens't take her clothes off for anyone, arguing with Gonzo, tunning up her harp, sunbathing at the Happiness Hotel, where with Floyd, there's just him introducing the band, taking Animal for a walk, suggesting that hot mustard gets put on the bars, and letting Animal cut in front of him in the bathroom line.

    To try to get this subject back on topic, I was wondering if the booklet includes photos of Janice or any other characters who don't sing on this album.
  10. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    From what I remember, no. I think it's Kermit, Piggy, and the Swedish Chef. Maybe Fozzie or Rowlf, but I would have to go out to the car to check, and I'd have to put my shoes on to go do that, and I've have to get up from the couch to go do that, and, well, you see where this is going...

  11. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    She also sang the choruses with Floyd on "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", and with him on "Sam's Song", aside from the solo-line ones you mentioned and the ones you didn't. I consider both "I Get By" and "Rockin' Robin" solo numbers for Janice (Dr. Teeth's "Go bird go!" and Animals' tweets hardly make that a "group" number for me---IMO they're pretty much just accompanying Janice, who sings practically the entire song herself---and I love every minute of it! :flirt: ).

    Yeah, I'm sorry to have kept this thread off-topic, :o, but I've really enjoyed the discussion. :)
  12. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    I really like Janice's rendition of "I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends." Actually, the whole sketch is kinda sweet the way the rest of the band comes to rescue her.

    Sorry for the off topic again!
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I forgot about those two numbers that I forgot to mention (though I think Janice is hardly noticable in Sam's Song). Yeah, I do consider Rockin' Robin to be sung by Janice with the band accompanying her. And hey, that's one of the few songs Janice sang in where Floyd didn't even get any vocals. And it features a great Lips solo, upstaging Floyd and Zoot (though I consider Lips' best moment on The Muppet Show to be his presence in the song Whenever I call You friend in the Melissa Manchester episode).
  14. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    I do. But then again, I love her so much that I'm always listening for her, lol. But really, she and Floyd are the only vocalists on it, and on my MP3 of the song you can hear her. And of course on the show you can see her, so it's easy to see where she's singing too. True, in some parts not as heavily volumed as Floyd (unlike "Can You Picture That?" where they're equal on the bridge), but still.

    That is a good trumpet line...and just when I thought Janice finally had the EM member spotlight all to herself in the Lynda Carter episode with "I Get By", they went and gave Floyd a solo number in the same show! Ugh...I hated that. I was like come on, for one time, just let Janice be the only EM member to shine throughout the whole show. *sigh*...
  15. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Interestingly, Dave said Philo and Gunge's characters are the same. But when I watch, it seems to me that Gunge is always a little more tough and reckless than Philo. He's the one who first decides to leave the TrashHeap, and the first to be obsessed with stardom (as the Doozer's king).

    As far as appearance, I thought Philo looked better personally. But it's not that important. :)
  16. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it bugs me when someone involved directly with something like that doesn't see it like we fans see it---arrgh!

    You have got to be kidding me!


    You have!

    Okay, fine, fine, you have your own opinion...but I'm afraid I cannot room with you at a Muppet convention. :p
  17. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Well, that's pretty typical. Actors perform a much of characters and move on. And while they may enjoy it, it's the fans who latch on and notice details. And I also think Dave was trying to be modest and give Richard credit for creating the character.

    Aw, but I liked second season Janice too! Actually, she's the one of the few female fictional characters I've ever liked. I tend to like males (I guess for the attraction and all). Though, I guess it helps that she's a Richard character.
  18. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Does the album booklet even have lyrics printed? Kermit Unpigged didn't, and the last few Muppet CDs (TMS 25th Anniversary, The Best of The Muppets)didn't, either.
  19. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo Well-Known Member

    Nope, no lyrics. :sympathy:
  20. Frogster

    Frogster Well-Known Member

    The CD wasn't all that bad... I guess the Muppets now are a combination of what they used to be and the Muppet Babies. For some reason, when I listen to the old tracks the Muppets had, with brief dialogue in between songs, I pictured the actual Muppet puppets... with Kermit Unpigged and on, I just 'see' cartoon characters. Plus, Dr Teeth/Rowlf just remind me too much of Bobo to picture who they're supposed to be. But I will say that the songs for Dr. Teeth were suited for him, and the song for Rowlf was suited for his character as well. And it was awesome to know Jerry did Floyd again! I did enjoy Rizzo and Gonzo's song... probably the two worst tracks were the Swedish Chef's and Fozzie's. And as an old Fozzie fan, I tried so hard to 'bear' it, but in the end I had to go on. And then there's Piggy's singing. Umm, yeah. They coulda had a couple more songs; with Jerry Nelson there, I'd figure Robin woulda had a song with Kermit (or even Sweetums, aka John Henson).

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