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American Idol

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Don'tLiveonMoon, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Active Member

    The judges told her she just didn't have the "pop" voice. Is that what music is now a days, just pop? If I went on that show, and if I could sing, I'd be singing old rock songs from bands like Boston or The Doors before I'd sing something that came out a couple of years ago or five or so years ago. Now those guys knew how to rock, and I've listened to their music and have seen their videos. Great stuff.

    And yes, I don't care for the contest either, but I like to watch the auditions because I like to see people make fools out of themselves.

  2. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    You can always tell a good singer by their humility and a bad one by their arrogance. That's the formula for these contestants before they even open their mouths to sing.
  3. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's the "quiet confidence" factor. Of course, there have been a couple of blowhards in the past two weeks who ended up having pretty decent voices. That married guy who made Paula dance with him, for example... But for the most part, I think you're absolutely right about the attitude thing.
  4. Don'tLiveonMoon

    Don'tLiveonMoon New Member

    So do they get a free plane ticket to Hollywood if they go through, then? :confused:
  5. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure they do. So, if nothing else, they get some TV time and a free trip. In the words of one briefly famous contestant, "Not too shabby."
  6. sugarbritchez

    sugarbritchez Active Member

    This is my first season for even watching any of them
  7. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Active Member

    That would be horrible if American Idol didn't give those people a plane ticket to go out to Hollywood. Some of those people may not have that much money.

    Randy: Your performance today was amazing. I say yes.
    Paula: Loved your singing. You have talent. Yes.
    Simon: Definitely yes. I think you might be the next american idol.
    Randy: Welcome to Hollywood!
    Contestant: Ya, alright, woohoo!!!!!!!

    *Contestant jumps around for joy and then calms down*

    Contestant: So does this mean you guys are paying for my plane trip and hotel to Hollywood?
    Randy: Oh dawg, I'm sorry. You have to pay for everything.
    Conestant: But you said I might be the next american idol.
    Simon: Well you could have been if you were to be in Hollywood. But if you can't afford to get there, then I guess it sucks to be you then. If you had the money, you could have gone to Hollywood, and who knows, you might have made it all the way to the end and would have got a record contract and that would have gave you millions of dollars and you would have been rich.
    Contestant: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Frogster

    Frogster Active Member

    Why did Simon Cowell walk out the other night? My boss was telling me about it cuz I work when it's on.
  9. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

  10. Don'tLiveonMoon

    Don'tLiveonMoon New Member

    Hehe. Yeah, that would be a pretty crummy deal...
  11. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    Oh, just some petty bickering between him and the other two. I think they really played it up on the show, but it just looked like they were all getting a bit testy and/or cranky.
  12. sugarbritchez

    sugarbritchez Active Member

    Why did this thread die?
  13. Don'tLiveonMoon

    Don'tLiveonMoon New Member

    Hmmm, good question. Well, I like the top 12, but once again I liked more guys than girls so I don't like the half and half thing. The guys who went this week were really good, I think. "Bobby Brady" was just so cute, and Gideon was really soulful. I think my favorite is Taylor; he's just so enthusiastic and really unique. But I think it's a really strong top 12.
  14. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    I'm disappointed that Gideon and Ayla won't be coming back. I liked them both, and thought they were better singers than a couple of the singers who held on. In general, I think the guys are far more interesting this year (with the exception of one or two of the ladies).
  15. sugarbritchez

    sugarbritchez Active Member

    Taylor and Kelly Pickler are my favorites!!!
  16. Smiles

    Smiles New Member

    They've voted off most of my favorites already, it's very dissapointing. I do like Paris alot though so I at least have some hope.
  17. Don'tLiveonMoon

    Don'tLiveonMoon New Member

    Halfway through the show right now. Man, is everybody on target tonight! :cool:
  18. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    I saw the first one and when Kelly Clarkson won in front of over 56 million viewers, my only thought was that she now will be the female equivalent of Elvis and so far her second album has only rivaled the biggest selling female currently who in Maria Carrey, not bad.
  19. Don'tLiveonMoon

    Don'tLiveonMoon New Member

    This is an especially good season I think, though #2 is my favorite! Really hard to say who will win this time around, but I think I'm gunning for Taylor and Chris. Of the girls, Katharine and Paris have a good shot too, I think.
  20. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    Well, somebody has to bump this thread to the top again. So, the finale... We had been rooting for Chris, Elliot, and Paris throughout, but I gotta say I was really happy with the result last night. Of the two finalists, we definitely thought Taylor should win.

    As for the show itself--wow! I was really surprised by how entertaining it was--usually I haven't found the two-hour finales to be the greatest, but everyone seemed to be having such a good time.

    And Clay showed up! That duet was the greatest part--I saw it coming a mile away when they brought out that fakin'-Aiken, but I think that kid was legitimately surprised. The look on his face was priceless! :excited:

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