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Muppet Show Song Ideas?

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Ryan, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Greengables95

    Greengables95 Well-Known Member

    I would REALLY love to have seen Miss Piggy sing Material Girl!
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  2. Ignatz

    Ignatz Well-Known Member

    Sweetums singing 'If you could see her' from Cabaret to a female guest star.
    Statler and Waldorf singing Style by Frank Sinatra, possibly with a third guest star singer.
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  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Good one, Greengables95! My mom, Jane, is a Madonna fan, but I am not sure if I am. I thought that this pig was more of a Judy Garland or a Madonna kind of a blond hair woman.
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  4. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Ooh ooh! More ideas!!!

    Lady Marmalade (The original Patti Labelle version. NOT the stupid Christina Aguilera/ Moulin Rouge version)- Miss Piggy and a female guest star (Perhaps Patti Labelle herself?) backed up by The Electric Mayhem. (Lips gets a trumpet solo!) Miss Piggy and the guest star are dressed up as showgirls in a Las Vegas burlesque setting. (*I know the Muppets have spoofed Moulin Rouge in "Very Merry Muppet Christmas")

    The Joker (Steve Miller Band)- Gonzo and/or Floyd. If it's both, then Gonzo would attempt to be more "flirty" towards Camilla or one of the other chickens (or more than one) and Floyd would offer Gonzo advice on "pullin' the moves on the ladies."

    Rock Lobster (The B-52)- Polly Lobster backed up by a trio of female lobsters

    A Waltz For Eva and Che (from Evita)- Miss Piggy and Floyd. I have ALWAYS dreamed of these two sing this. Maybe when they get into a major disagreement/ argument that leads Floyd to go against her.

    Stuck On You (Lionel Richie)- Floyd with Janice accompanying him. (*Sort of along the lines of how "Blackbird" was performed) Sort of Floyd serenading Janice. :sing::flirt:

    Jazzman (Carole King)- either a female guest star or Annie Sue accompanied by Zoot and either Rowlf or Dr. Teeth (Zoot is a necessity for this number, as there is a saxophone solo here! :cool: )

    You're So Vain (Carly Simon)- Kermit, in a disagreement with Miss Piggy.

    Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival)- Kermit, also playing this on banjo. He's sitting in a swamp setting and sings to a group of frogs. At the end of the song, it starts raining.

    Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival)- Uncle Deadly accompanied by The Electric Mayhem

    Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley)- Floyd and Dr. Teeth

    That's all I could come up with right now.....this is so much fun!!! :halo:
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  5. Greengables95

    Greengables95 Well-Known Member

    Midnight Special (Creedence Clearwater Revival)- Electric Mayhem
    Hero (Enrique Iglesias)- Wayne singing to Wanda
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)- A Female Guest Star (Maybe Cyndi herself) and a bunch of female Muppets (Janice, Miss Piggy, Annie Sue)
    Shoppin' A to Z (Toni Basil)- Miss Piggy
    Soul Man (Blues Brothers)- Floyd and Dr. Teeth
    Welcome to the Jungle (Guns 'N Roses)- Electric Mayhem
    You Better Run (Pat Benatar)- Sweetums
    Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)- Miss Piggy and Kermit
    Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)- Electric Mayhem
  6. Piggy The Frog

    Piggy The Frog Well-Known Member

    Funny that you should mention Floyd serenading Janice. Earlier today, I was listening to...

    Who Put the Bomp (Barry Mann)- I got to thinking about how Floyd could sing this, looking at Janice during the speaking part. :sing::flirt:
  7. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Funny...I thought this was song covered on The Muppet Show already.....It was in the Hal Linden episode)

  8. Hayley B

    Hayley B Well-Known Member

    If Oscar can count. He can sing "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace.
  9. Piggy The Frog

    Piggy The Frog Well-Known Member

    Ohhh, right, I forgot about that... Oops!
  10. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Wait wait wait....I got more!

    Let's Hear It For The Boy (from Footloose)- Miss Piggy or Janice in cheerleading attire.

    Rich Girl (Hall and Oates)- Floyd, taunting Miss Piggy

    Buenos Aires (from Evita)- Miss Piggy, backed up by chorus boys

    Rhianon (Fleetwood Mac)- Skeeter or Janice, backed up by the Electric Mayhem

    The Cell Block Tango (from Chicago)- (It's really supposed to be the girls singing it, but it'd be even funnier if the guys to sang it, just like this video below. If they have to, they'll just swap the guys names to girls names.) My choices: Rizzo (Liz/Pop), Gonzo (Annie/Six), Fozzie (June/Squish), Beaker (*Just to make it even more random) (Hunyak/Uh Uh), Kermit (Velma/Cicero), Floyd (Mona/Lipschitz)
  11. Ignatz

    Ignatz Well-Known Member

    :) Now the moment you've all been waiting for the Great Gonzo sings George Gershwin.
    :concern: Geeeorge Geeershwiiiiiiiiiiin
  12. Piggy The Frog

    Piggy The Frog Well-Known Member

    I Like You Very Much (Carmen Miranda)- Miss Piggy (dressed like Carmen Miranda, including a fruit hat) sings this. She's backed up by the Electric Mayhem. At the end of the song, Animal gets hungry and tries to eat Piggy's hat.

    I know Carol Channing already sang a small part of this, but it would be an interesting sketch to see! It could actually be any song by Carmen Miranda, not necessarily this one.
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  13. Ignatz

    Ignatz Well-Known Member

    Another Carmen Miranda song she could do would be South American Way maybe surounded by pigs in brightly coloured outfits.
  14. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    It'd be really cool to see Miss Piggy cover a Carmen Miranda number. :halo:
  15. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    More ideas.........
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar)- Gonzo, getting attacked by anything thrown at him.

    21 Guns (Green Day (*The "American Idiot musical" version))- Everyone (This song would make a wonderful group number!)

    Cold as Ice (Foreigner)- The Electric Mayhem (Dr. Teeth on lead vocals) (The setting is, ironically, on a tropical island but a blizzard shows up in the end)

    I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper (Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip)- Miss Piggy (in her Pigs in Space outfit) and The Female Singers (http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/The_Female_Singers) (They could be singing this either on Planet Koozebane or on board The Swinetrek)

    Dream On (Aerosmith)- The Electric Mayhem (Floyd on lead vocals)

    You're Beautiful (James Blunt)- Gonzo, singing to Camilla

    Movin' Out (Billy Joel)- Scooter (or maybe Floyd, but I'm leaning towards Scooter on this one)

    It's My Life (Bon Jovi)- The Electric Mayhem (Floyd on lead vocals)

    Tunnel of Love (Bruce Springsteen)- Floyd, serenading Janice (Animal is also in this on drums. *Same situation as "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"* )

    Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (Bruce Springsteen)- The Electric Mayhem (Floyd, Dr. Teeth, and Janice on vocals. *Zoot and Lips are gonna play a key part in this song*)
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  16. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Alright....a few more ideas...

    American Pie (Don McLean)- The Electric Mayhem (with Floyd on lead vocals). Unfortunately, Sam the Eagle steps into the numbers, misunderstanding the song. (In a sorta situation to "Mack The Knife")

    Don't Stop Believing (Journey)- starting off with Kermit and Miss Piggy, but soon are joined by everyone.

    Hurts So Good (John Cougar)- Gonzo, trying out a rockstar makeover. The electric guitar he tried out then explodes on him in the end.

    Footloose (Kenny Loggins)- Scooter, trying to be a bad boy, backed up whatnot bad girls.

    I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)- Annie Sue or (maybe) Miss Piggy, in a Cinderella-esque situation (or something similar to the setting to "Stayin' Alive"). The "Prince" either one dances with could be either Link Hogthrob or a random pig.

    9 to 5 (Dolly Parton)- Miss Piggy, Janice, Skeeter, and other female characters/ whatnots as they check in to and get ready for the show one evening.

    Something Stupid (Frank and Nancy Sinatra)- Kermit and Miss Piggy (This would be a GREAT duet for them, in my opinion)

    Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys)- Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, Scooter, Rizzo, Floyd, Beaker, and Animal (In acapella, similar to the Wilson Phillips version of the song)

    Wouldn't It Be Nice (The Beach Boys)- (in a flashback) a teenage Miss Piggy, persuading teenage Kermit to fall in love and marry her.

    Lollipop (The Chordettes)- Three lollipops (a grape flavored, a cherry flavored and a lemon flavored), and a candy-loving whatnot (whom eats the lollipops at the end of the song)

    Lay All Your Love On Me (ABBA)- Miss Piggy, singing to Kermit (and karate chopping a few women out of the way) OR Floyd and Janice, flirting with each other (similar to the version in "Mamma Mia")
  17. Ignatz

    Ignatz Well-Known Member

    Who Wants To Be A Millionare - Kermit singing to the other Muppets trying to covince them to stay after being offered lots of money to leave the Muppet Theatre, the Muppets would reply with 'I do' instead of the 'I don't' within the song.
  18. Duke Remington

    Duke Remington Well-Known Member

    "Mamma Mia" (ABBA) - Sung by the gang in an Italian restaurant or pizza parlor, with a female character or female guest star singing the lead vocals.

    The title song of "Rock-A-Doodle", sung by T.R. the Rooster, accompanied by the chickens.
  19. Ignatz

    Ignatz Well-Known Member

    I've always liked the idea of FLoyd and Janice doing a duet of 'When the River Meets the Sea' backed by the Electric Mayhem.
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  20. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Squee! As a floydxjanice supporter I would love that!
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