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New Nanco Fraggle Plush

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Foodie, May 24, 2006.

  1. CoOKiE Member

    David, the 14' Fraggles with DVDs (Gobo, Red, and Wembly) can only be bought at Target, for $12.99 or Newburry Comics for $19.99. They're Target exclusives.

    I bought both sizes... but Mokey will not be made for the 10' size. She will, however, and so will Boober, and Uncle Traveling Matt, be made for the 14' in Spring. If possible, i'd return the 10', unless u really want it... and buy the 14'

    I think the small ones are really nice, n i wish they made Mokey, but the big ones are the same, with a DVD, the're goin to have 2 more Fraggles, plus they're bigger n they're only like $2 more.
  2. Foodie Active Member

    Return? How can anyone even think to return a fraggle anywhere? ... 'cept maybe to their special shelf in your room. :smirk: :excited:
  3. Foodie Active Member

    For some reason Gobo's the hardest to find of the DVD set. I finally saw one at Target for the first time this very morn.

    This on-line store http://www.playfulplushtoys.com/FraggleRock-plush-toys.html has the DVD ones. However they cost about $5.00 more than at Target.

    But, the 10" Sababa ones are nice too. * Mutates into a dork * Like the Pokemon, I gotta catch 'em all.
  4. Emosewa New Member

    Oi, hehe I actually gotone of the bigger fraggles at the fair just recently. ^_^ I never saw it before. Stupid thing cost me a bundle cause the game seemed so simple, and I already had half hte points I needed for the prize in my first dollar. Isn't that the way? I actually like my wembley doll though, and he is big! Then again, I'm easy to please. ^_^
  5. Foodie Active Member

    How big? :smirk:
  6. Emosewa New Member

    Oh, its the 22 inch one from Nanco. ^_^
  7. Faylo Member

    I got a 10 inch Nanco Boober at The Ex, which is a big fair during August in Toronto. I won him during a game, so he really only cost me two dollars. :excited:

    I wish I could get fraggle plush here.. They only have one 10 inch Sababa Gobo at a store here, and he's 21.98! :smirk:
  8. mrsieve Member

    I haven't seen these in my area at all :sympathy: . I guess the games people at the CNE bought them all ;) . As much as the original Fraggles didnt look close (face mostly, size) to the actual Fraggles, a lot of attention was made to clothing, and "feel". When I look at these new ones, they do look closer to the characters, but I feel some of the details like clothing. For example, Wembley. Sure his face looks like more of the actual Fraggle, but his shirt and esp. his hair (is that a bad perm. or has he stuck his fingers into an outer world electrical socket!?).
  9. Faylo Member

    ^ Yeah, that's why I got Boober, he was the closest to the puppets. He's a bit too blue though. It was either that or Raggedy Ann Red.
  10. Foodie Active Member

    Aw man! Me want! Hopefully they'll show up on eBay one of these days. :smirk:
  11. DavidRock New Member

    You guys are lucky.

    The only place selling the Sababa (or actually any) Fraggles here was Forbidden planet...and I saw some the other day in one of their stores. There was a Gobo, Wembley and Boober but they were all thrown in this huge basket with other random plushes...which of course meant they were all damaged and still $30.00!! :smirk::(

    Thankfully it's cheaper online and eBay.
  12. CoOKiE Member

    theres no Target stores around? i mean, dont call me stupid but i know some stores are international, not sure if Target just may be one of them.
  13. Faylo Member

    ^ I'm not sure if the UK have Target stores, but I think there's only a few in Canada.
  14. DavidRock New Member

    Im not offically sure but I've never seen a Target store anywhere...but I've been able to get some from eBay.

    I got the Gobo 10" ;) and Red and Boober 10" too. And I was able to get the Wembley 14" exclusive with DVD. It hasn't arrived yet but I was quite pleased to get it for $20.99 all in. I'm gonna see what he's like and possibly try and get the other 14" one's too. :flirt:
  15. Foodie Active Member

    Isn't Target based out of France?:smirk:
  16. Foodie Active Member

    How were they damaged? :smirk: :excited:
  17. DavidRock New Member

    Hey Foodie.

    Well their tales were seriously out of shape, probably because they were just lying under huge Gizmo's and other plushes, the lables were creased...they didn't look very clean either. Boobers scarf was practically falling off .:smirk:

    They only had a Boober, a Gobo and a Wembley 10" so apart from that wasn't off putting enough there weren't any better ones.

    The Fraggle plushes are sooo cool. I also have the Red and Boober fun pack - they are sooo cute. ;)
  18. Foodie Active Member

    Poor things.
  19. CoOKiE Member

    David, do you have have Targets (stores) near you?
  20. DavidRock New Member

    No...well as far as I know I haven't ever seen any near me.

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