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FanFic Library Index

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by The Count, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi and welcome to the Muppet Central Fanfic Library Index (FLI), where you'll find a collection of fanfic stories featuring all of Jim Henson's Muppet characters and creations. Because of the new forum format, I'm updating the thread and links. You'll find easy access to your favorite fics, whether they're ongoing or completed, whether they're on the first page of this section or not. Also, I know some people might find the tactic a bit agrandizing, but I would appreciate it if an author notifies me as to the completion (or death) of their stories in order to add them here as I might not always be able to read every single story posted.

    Thanks for your continued contributions and support.

    The Best of Oatmeal, The Worst of Oatmeal: Finished Fanfics

    The Muppets: Muppetational Mayhem

    Dear Muppet Fanfiction Authors
    A little Fanart
    AlittleMayhem's Muppet Drabbles

    Aly (Gelfling Girl)
    Muppets Trilogy
    Untitled Fanfic
    Slightly Crazier than Usual:A Muppet Fanfic
    The Show Must Go On

    Arianne (Muppetfan44)
    The Moon Doesn't Look Like You
    One More Letter
    Muppet Beach Party

    Beginnings: When Ramona and Ashley Met The Muppets
    Super Muppets
    Super Muppets II: He's Baaaaaaack!

    And What's On The Other Side?
    Robin's Story
    Muppet Terror...
    Visions 1: Visions, But Only Illusions
    Visions 2: So We've Been Told
    Christmas Stars Glow Brightest

    Becky (Redsonga)
    Fraggle Rock
    Song Of A Midnight Place
    An All Hallow's Love (A Fraggle Rock Tale)
    But To Fly...(One Shot)
    Rock and Rain (A Fraggle Rock Tale)

    Beth (redBoobergurl)
    Sesame Street
    The Search for Bert
    We'll Miss You Mr. Hooper
    The Muppets
    Rowlf's Stories
    Book 1: Where Your Heart Leads You
    Book 2: The Tie That Binds
    Book 3: An Unbreakable Bond
    MiniBook 1: Magical Moments
    Book 4: In Love and Harmony
    Book 5: The Next Step
    MiniBook 2: A Father's Love
    Fraggle Rock
    Book 1: Love's Long Journey
    Book 2: Part Of Me

    Bob (superboober)
    Another Very Merry Muppet Family Christmas Story

    Under the Mistletoe

    Brian (Princeton)
    Penguin With A Dream
    Chamberlain's Visitor

    Catherine (Ruahnna)
    A Pig Out of Water
    Somebody's Getting Maried
    Getting Swamped
    Wearing O' The Green (For St. Patrick's Day)
    Err A-Parent
    Can't Help Lovin' That Frog of Mine
    Muppet Halloween: That's the Spirit!
    A Cure for the Common Valentine
    Cheeky Frog
    Muppet Hallmark Ornaments
    Cold Flippers, Warm Heart
    Purely Ornamental (One Size Fits Snug)
    What an angel
    That's Some Pig (Get a Room)
    Fancy Footwork
    You're Not the Boss of Me
    Hey there gorgeous
    Wrapping Up
    The Party of the First Part
    The Party of the Second Part
    After the Interview: Backstage at the Late Late Show
    Scrooge Revisited
    Yes D.E.A.R. Drop Everything and Read
    It's a Wonderful Count
    Restoration (PG-13ish, Please)
    Bargaining Chops
    Poem: Rainb'ode

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation
    Fraggle One-Shot: Tell Me A Story

    Christy (Christyb)
    Return to the Magic

    Claudia (BeakerSqueedom)
    Happy Anniversary, Beautiful!
    Bittersweet Christmas

    Cullen (Xerus)
    Battle of the Muppet All-Stars
    Muppets Meet the M&Ms Gang
    News Flash, The Fur
    Muppet Movie Theater Intro
    Muppets Visit Japan

    Dominick (Dominicboo1
    Miss Piggy And The Polly Esther Ghost!
    Paranormal Muppets
    Paranormal Muppets 2: End of the World?

    Ed "The Count"
    One Little Star
    A Muppet Family Gathering
    Muppet Moments
    Be My ValennTomb
    Spring Chicken
    For Richard or Poorer
    Music of the Night
    Calendar Oneshots
    January Joy
    February Bliss
    March Mushy Muddy
    April Showers
    Mayflower Muse
    Junebugs & Hot Sparks
    Hot July Tenniversary
    August Festival
    September Schooling
    October Haunts
    November Reunions
    December Delights

    Erin (Muppet Newsgirl)
    A Little Knight Music
    Flight of the Golden Albatross
    Frights, Camera, Action: A Muppet Mystery

    Florian (ilovemusic)
    She learnt me to see

    Gina (WebMistressGina)
    The Muppets
    Meeting at Schotsky's
    Monday Monday Series
    Monday Morning Meeting
    Monday Dinner Date
    It Happened on Monday
    We Bought It on Monday
    Monday Post Production
    A Monday's Production - Murder Over My Muppets
    Accident on Monday
    Pool Hall Series
    Eight Ball Rhumba
    Seven Ball Tango
    Six Ball Merengue
    Five Ball Cha-Cha
    Four Ball Foxtrot
    Miss Piggy's Muppet Adventures
    The Great Beartender
    Motocross Mix-Up
    The Bogen County Beauty Brouhaha
    One Shots, Parodies, & Trailers!

    Jaz (Miss Kermie)
    Muppet Teen Series
    The First Week of Friendship and Romance
    A Relationship built off of death
    The Daydream Believer and the Prom Queen
    When Love Ends
    Too Smart
    The End
    Miss Piggy Finds Out About Muppet Central
    A Day To Remember
    Fozzie, Fozzie, #9
    The Curious Case of Kermit The Frog

    Jes (PuppyLuver)
    The Scoop of the Century

    Josh (Convincing John)
    The Best Neighbor
    The Ride

    Just J
    TMS Fanfiction: Broken Dreams

    Justin (Super Scooter)
    Sesame Street
    Sesame Street: A Musical Play in Two Acts
    The Muppets
    Scooter's Story
    Muppets of the Caribbean
    A Day for Sweetums
    A Link to the Past
    The Super Goofs!
    Gonzo's Origins: A Fairy Tale Beginning
    Fraggle Rock
    The Wimp Monologues...
    The Fiendish Fraggle
    The Fraggle Cave
    Beau Fraggle

    Kelly (RedPiggy)
    Comeback Chronicles
    The Mighty Megalosaurus
    Fridge Day
    Dinosaurs: Writer's Block
    Fraggle Rock: Elder Clan Adventures
    Because I'm a Villain
    The Comeback King Saga
    Jareth's Summer Bash (Dorm fic)
    And If That Diamond Ring Turns Brass (Tinseltown)
    Dinosaurs: Casting Pearl
    Silent Hensonville
    The Reunion
    Hensonville Theater Presents: Dino and the Beast
    I'm the One that Won
    Skeeter Rock
    The Blossoming Fraggle
    Maybe It's Not Too Late After All
    RTL Universe
    From the Waters of the West I Come
    Short Stories
    Father's Day in a Trash Can
    Newsie's Choice
    The Worst Time of the Year
    Flicks Fics
    Spring Forward: A Dinosaurs' Tale
    The Digit Code
    Game Fics
    Kingdom Hearts: Pangaea
    Fraggle Rock: The Video Game

    Kim (Slackbot)
    The Muppets
    Before Gonzo was Great
    Bein' Blue (An MFS Fic)
    Muppets from Earth
    Monsters from the Past
    Growing Together
    Brothers and Sisters
    Cooking with Boober
    Fraggle Rock
    To Serve Fwaggles
    A Radish for You
    Commonplace Miracles
    The Mamas and The Papas
    A Wandering Heart
    Trials and Tintinnabulations
    Red Versus Blue
    A Spicy Story
    The Minstrel's Path
    Animated Series
    Fraggle Rock Fic: Sidebottom Butts In
    Fraggle Rock Fic: Boober Strikes Again
    Muppet Babies fic: The Muppet from Mars
    Slackbot Draws Stuff
    Slackbot's Text Sketchbook

    Kris (newsmanfan)
    Newsie's Stories
    Minibook 1: Tidings of Comfort and Joy
    Book 1: Love Reign O'er News
    Minibook 2: Blintzes in Birdland
    Minibook 3: History Lesson
    Book 2: Death and the Matron
    Book 3: So We'll Go No More A-Roving, for Fear of Furry Monsters
    Minibook 4: I've Got My Muppet to Keep Me Warm
    Minibook 5: Uncredited Performances

    Layla (Leyla)
    Two's a Couple... But Muppets Come in Crowds
    Scenes From Behind the Scenes
    After the Fireworks

    Lisa (TogetherAgain)
    Destination: Home!
    Chasing Robin
    Summer in the Theater
    Swamp Call
    A Gift
    Christmas Cheer
    Twinkle Talk
    A Cup of Kindness
    Never Gone Completely
    Behind the Brave Mask

    Maddie (ZootyCutie)
    Mayhem Matters
    Life is My Highway
    Without Love
    Diamond Cities A Muppet's Best Friend

    Maria (Gold Demona)
    The Fraggle From Outer Space

    Melissa (Java)
    Breaking Back In
    The Great Desire

    Short Stories
    Rock of Broadway (An Electric Mayhem Story)
    CinderJanice and Pigerella
    The "Rully" True Story Of Why Janice and Zoot Broke Up...
    Greased Muppets
    Saturday Night Sequel
    Stormy Mayhem
    I Don't Wanna Be A Bride
    16 Bars and 16 Kisses
    The End Of The Cliff Valley (PG-13)
    Lips's Wedding and A Room For Two

    As Long As You're Mine

    Just As Stars In Night Do, Naturally (In Memory Of Jerry Nelson)
    Floyd and Janice's Date Night Drabbles and Oneshots
    Fooling Around (VERY PG-13)
    Taking It Slow
    Naturally So
    More A Treat Than a Trick
    A Night At The Opera
    A Christmas Request

    Let Us Entertain You (Crossover with Kids Incorporated)

    Everybody Has a Song

    Silence For Six Years
    Robin's Welcome to Muppet Theaters
    A Prologue to The Muppets 2011

    Voiceless (Dedicated to Richard Hunt)

    Plaid Fraggle
    Fraggle Rock Fic: The Princess and the Pickle
    Fraggle Rock Fic: Loneliness and the Lily Creature

    An Unlikely Reunion

    Ryan (theprawncracker)
    A Muppet Wedding Trilogy
    Book 1: Men Are Pigs
    Book 2: Pre-Wedding Jitters
    Book 3: Weddings Are Disastrous
    Sesame Street
    The Revenge of Elmo
    The Great Rubber Duckie Caper
    How Prawnie Kicked His Stress Back
    Street Smarts
    The Muppets
    Muppet High
    Sometimes It's Better to Go
    Gone But Not Forgotten
    We Know That It's Probably Magic
    Muppet High Revisited
    It Feels Like Christmas
    Old Friends Who've Just Met
    Cool and Friendly Like
    Don't Trip the Driver
    Days of Auld Lang Syne
    Magic Garden
    Fraggle Rock
    Fraggle Rock: Where the Magick Began
    Perfect Harmony

    Sara (ReneeLouvier)
    Sadie's Stories
    Book 1: The Bonds Of Family
    Book 2: Forgotten Wishes
    Book 3: Remembering The Good Times We've Had
    Book 4: The Search For Sadie
    Book 5: Demon's Delight
    Book 6: Is That A Song There?
    Book 7: A Grand Adventure In Life!
    Happiness Comes in Countable Packages
    Love is Neverending
    Clipboards and Glasses
    The Train of Thought

    Muppets IN Space: A Gonzo story

    Tony (Winslow Leach)
    Sweeney Lefty: The Demon Barber Down Fleet Street
    Da Poil - a musical play
    Lefty in Love - a Romance

    Another Muppet Family Christmas
    The Muppets Celebrate 40 Years of Sesame Street
    He'll Never Be Dead In My Heart
    The Muppets at the House of Mouse
    9/11: From the Muppets' Point of View

    We Got Us
    They've only Got One Another

    The Meeting Of The Storytellers
    The Life Of A Frig

    Yva Minstrel
    The Power of Friendship (Labyrinth)


    Storyteller's Hut: Unfinished Fanfics

    Alpha Centauri

    Who said that every wish... (MFC short stories)
    Rainbows Have Nothing to Hide
    Wished on a Morning Star - (A Sam and Janice story)
    Bride of Labyrinth

    Becky (Redsonga)
    The Muppets
    Swedish Chef Can Cook!
    Fraggle Rock
    Those Of The Black Snow
    Everything Seems To Sing

    Beth (redBoobergurl)
    The Muppets
    Together Again: A Muppet FanFic

    Caitlyn (AnimatedC9000)
    A Robotic Heart
    The Shadow of the Moon at Night

    Catherine (Ruahnna)
    Kermie's Girl (ushy-gushy fanfic)
    DC Almost Alive and Well

    A Nest Divided: A Sam the Eagle Story

    Christy (Christyb)
    Avoiding Destiny
    Saving the Dream
    Return to the Magic 1: The Awakenings

    Claudia (BeakerSqueedom)
    Time Tracked To The Future
    Jailhouse Rock!
    M i s s i n g ///A Muppet Comic
    Missing--> Fan-fic (Altered storyline)
    The Odd Proposal!
    The Book
    Nora in Wonderland: A Dark Fairytale
    Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Muppets Night At The Museum// Revised

    Collette (Muppetfan24/7)
    Remembering Jim Henson

    Gina (WebMistressGina)
    Three Ball Salsa

    Muppet Songs And Poetry

    Kim (Skeeter Muppet)
    You'll Be In My Heart

    Layla (Leyla)
    Something Worth Waiting For

    Lisa (TogetherAgain)
    Flippersteps in the Sand
    Say Cheese!
    A Heart of Gold
    Amazon? Moi?
    Change of Heart
    Half of the Stairs are Missing

    Maddie (ZootyCutie)
    Never Been a Group of Friends Like This

    Melissa (Java)
    Reflections in Foam

    Nicolette "Nicee" (green stuff)
    Happily EVER after?

    Ryan (theprawncracker)
    The Muppets' Mid-Age Crisis

    Sara (ReneeLouvier)
    The Predicament

    The Muppets Celebrate John Denver


    Together Again: Completed Collaborative Fanfics

    Beauregard, Justin (Super Scooter), Pezbalubah, Salmoto, and Sarah_Yzma
    The Muppets Vs. Las Vegas

    Beauregard, Lisa (TogetherAgain), and Ryan (theprawncracker)
    A hidden Juhl...

    Caitlyn (AnimatedC9000) and Kelly (RedPiggy)
    When Architecture Met Technology


    You Cannot Leave The Magic!: Unfinished Collaborative Fanfics

    Aaron and Catherine (Ruahnna)
    Picking Up The Pieces

    Jes (PuppyLuver) and Maddie (ZootyCutie)
    A Green and Red Christmas

    Ryan (theprawncracker) and Lisa (TogetherAgain)
    The Time the Muppets Beat Time


    Fire's Burnt: Dead Fanfics

    Beth (redBoobergurl)
    Sesame Street
    A Hollywood Adventure
    The Way Things Were

    Claudia (BeakerSqueedom)
    Hard Knock Life for Dew!
    Muppets Night at the Museum
    One Thing Led to Another (A POTC FanFic)
    My Kidnapper, I Thee Wed

    Justin (Super Scooter)
    Seymour and Pepe: Beginnings (okay)

    Nicolette "Nicee" (green stuff)
    Once Upon My Heart

    Sara (ReneeLouvier)
    The New Arrival

    Tony (Winslow Leach)
    Man In the Fog - A Mystery Play

    The Shoebox Coffee Shop

    FLI Librarian/Management.
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Another thing to add might be which franchise(s) is(are) involved, or a very brief idea of what it's about.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    True... But I'm trying to get all the links in for now, that takes me a double edit to my original post. If others wish to supply a short synopsis of their tomes archived here, then by all means, feel free to help the FLI.
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    LOL ... it took me THIS long to figure out what FLI meant. :D
  5. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    So it's only a list of the well known older authors :(? I'm not saying this for my own sake but...Isn't a library meant to have all books within it? Or at least all good books?
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    No worries about that... That was all I could do until deciding to take a break. I am after all, only human. Unless they decide to replace me with an android version of myself directly plugged into the net and MC and who can do all this url copy/pasting/title replacing in the blink of a click. J/K.

    And remember... I did say in my first post that the list is by no means taxative—containing the exclusive entirety of all works posted here at the forums—, and if you have fanfics that were omitted, please post here in order to make the library listing that much better for everyone involved. Hope that helps answer your question.
  7. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Great idea Ed, and wow, what a task! I do hope it helps point people in the directions of the many wonderful stories written by some very talented authors!
  8. Princeton

    Princeton Well-Known Member

    Just a friendly reminder, Ed: my Lindy stories (Penguin With A Dream and Chamberlain's Visitor).
  9. AnimatedC9000

    AnimatedC9000 Well-Known Member

    Also, most of the links aren't links to the actual stories. There's only names.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Okay... After a bit of checking, it seems I've done it wrong. Was gathering the url links to each story, pasting them into my post, and then replacing the link http text with the story title itself. Ideally, it should be done the way Prawny did in his post above. I'm gonna need to contact him to figure out how to do this correctly and then redo the first post of this thread. Since I don't know how to manage it here when posting, I'll take care of emboldenning the authors' names in my Wordpad file. Also, each author's tomes are separated from each other by one space/line, but if you think it should be two lines instead that can be taken care of in my Wordpad file as well.

    Take care... Will hopefully tend to this tomorrow.
    *Hits sac... Then falls asleep.
    Count down.
  11. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    Also, maybe if we put finished fanfics on one side of our lists and WIP or dead fics on the other it might help matters...although, if we could edit our posts without a time limit this would be so much easier.
    There are a few older fraggle rock fics started years ago by authors that did only a few fanfics that are/look like dead stories now *sigh*... So sad, I think I will gather them together for memories sake...
  12. Yva Minstrel

    Yva Minstrel Well-Known Member

    Hey Count, this is really good work you're doing with this. Hope that everyone's ideas get used for the index, but maybe we should be a bit patient while you get it put together.

    Just keep at it, and I'm sure that when you get all of this up, that it will be fantastic. :D
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for understanding Yva. Actually... The only stories that I know for a fact are dead are some by Claudia (BeakerSqueedom) because she told me so and some of my own. The only reason I attach the R.I.P. designation is because those particular unfinished stories have been abandoned and I have no better a guess than you or the original author if they will be continued/completed, but that's why I listed the "Current Status" line before the link to the title/story, but that needs to be redone anyway. The reason that's there before the link is because if I place it after or beneath the link, when it gets posted, there'll be a space/line between them and that'd create even greater confusion. Additionally, the stories are meant to be listed in order of completed, unfinished, and then dead; and if applicable, in serial order listed alphabetically by author name.

    Would it be better if the completed stories were listed first alphabetically by author title, then move on to the unfinished/dead stories?
    And Prawny, if you're reading please PM me instructing me on how to link stories the way you did in your first post here. Thanks.
  14. Yva Minstrel

    Yva Minstrel Well-Known Member

    IMO indexing by author's title is a good idea. That's generally how most are done, and I think it will make finding the stories a lot easier. But, it's your call. You've been around a lot longer and probably know the best possible way to go about it.

    Will look forward to seeing how it's gotten along when I get home Sunday.

    Have a great week.:)
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi... Is that FR game developing out as an actual storied fanfic? Just asking cause I'm not entirely sure. BTW: Worked on this all day yesterday, and there are still some authors to track down. Will hopefully post again later.
  16. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, I haven't gotten very far, just beginning the intros, really. There will be a beginning, middle, and end. I plan on leaving some stuff available for others to work into any CYOA stories they want to do. It's basically a narrative/script for the main missions. I'm exhausted from doing all that research for Comeback King ... I just wanted to do a simple story for once. :D
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Phew! Okay, so there are still some authors missing... But hopefully this version of the index is better assembled visually for all of you reading. Will add more later, tired for now.

    And I ask that authors of unfinished stories please notify me via PM as soon as their stories are or should ever finish.
  18. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Wowwww....that's awesome Ed. Great work, thanks for doing that. Really, it's awe inspiring. I just hope I can get to my unfinished fics one of these days!
  19. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Well-Known Member


    SWEENEY LIVES ! ! ! ! :p:scary:

    I taught dat fic was long forgotten...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

    I assumed it was residin' in da same plot as *coughcoughLeftyJuicecoughcough*

    Anyway, this is a very handy-dandy way to make it through the fics! Great work, Ed!:D
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Nah... Yous crum-bum is confusing da great Sweeney Lefty from da completed fics wit Leftyjuice, which nevah even got started. Riiight. And hey... If only I could do fic writing as great as the rest of yous mugs... *Sigh.

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